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The books and publications listed here are in our library. They include genealogy, local history and more!
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United States & Canada


College Alumni

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Alabama Genealogy

Alaska Genealogy

Arizona Genealogy

Arkansas Genealogy

  • Annals of Arkansas, Biographies Free Lookups

  • 1923 Beebe High School Yearbook Free Lookups

  • Christ Church, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1839-1947 For Sale

California Genealogy

Colorado Genealogy

Connecticut Genealogy

Georgia Genealogy

Illinois Genealogy

Indiana Genealogy

Iowa Genealogy

Kansas Genealogy

Kentucky Genealogy

Louisiana Genealogy

Maine Genealogy

  • 1873 & 1894 Bellingham Tax Book & Town Report Free Lookups

  • 1921 Bates College Class in 1926 Free Lookups

  • 1926 Colby College Yearbook, The Oracle Free Lookups

Massachusetts Genealogy

  • 1864 Congregational Churches Report (If you are interested in the Civil War check this one out)

  • 1873 Bellingham Tax Book

  • 1906 Mansfield Property Tax & Poll Tax Book

  • 1925 MIT Yearbook, Technique

  • 1888 Berkley, MA Congregational Church 150th Anniversary Free Lookups

  • 1903 Men of Massachusetts Free Lookups

  • 1922 Massachusetts Agricultural College Yearbook, The Index Free Lookups

  • 1925 North Shore Blue Book Free Lookups

  • 1928 & 1929 Atlantic Union Yearbook, Lancastrian. Free Lookups

  • 1934 Atlantic Union Yearbook, Minuteman. Free Lookups

  • Greenwood Memorial Church, Its Ancestry and Growth with the Neighborhood For Sale

  • Pictures from Prison Life, Massachusetts State Prison 1870 For Sale

Michigan Genealogy

  • 1922 Detroit Biographies (2 volumes)

Minnesota Genealogy

  • 1850-1940 Mayors of St. Paul Free Lookups

Missouri Genealogy

Montana Genealogy

  • 1962 Livestock Brands for Glacier, Toole, Pondera and Liberty Counties Free Lookups

Nebraska Genealogy

  • 1928, Lincoln High School Yearbook, The Links Free Lookups

Nevada Genealogy

New Hampshire Genealogy

  • 1840 Dartmouth College Catalogue

  • 1913, 1914 & 1916 Webster Tax Books Free Lookups

  • 1883 The Poets of new Hampshire Free Lookups

  • History of Pittsfield, New Hampshire For Sale

New Jersey Genealogy

New York Genealogy

North Carolina Genealogy

  • The Yackety Yack, 1931 Yearbook UNC For Sale

Ohio Genealogy

Oregon Genealogy

  • 1922 Linfield College Yearbook, Oak Leaves Free Lookups

Pennsylvania Genealogy

Rhode Island Genealogy

South Carolina Genealogy

  • 1901 ME Pastors Biographical Sketches Free Lookups

  • 1932 Methodist Preachers Biographies Free Lookups

South Dakota Genealogy

Tennessee Genealogy

Texas Genealogy

  • What's Cooking in Fairfield, 1970 For Sale

Vermont Genealogy

  • 1904 Vermonter Magazine

  • History of Montpelier Seminary For Sale

  • 1907 Successful Vermonters Lamoille, Franklin and Grand Isle Counties Free Lookups

Virginia Genealogy

  • Holston Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church, Ministers, 1906  (These two Holston Conference listings include many from Tennessee.)

  • 1928 Virginia Polytechnic Yearbook, The Bugle

  • Virginia Intermont College, Alumnae Profile 1975 For Sale

  • Washington Genealogy

    West Virginia Genealogy

    Wisconsin Genealogy











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