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Indiana Physicians, 1900

We do not have any genealogy information on the people listed on this page, but we do have some interesting reprints concerning the health conditions in Indiana in 1900. We can also send you a hard copy of the listings below so that you will have it for your genealogy files.

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A-G Surnames     H-P Surnames     Midwives   


Q - S Surnames T - Z Surnames
Quick, J.C.		Muncie, IN
Quick, J.M.		Muncie, IN
Quick, John H.		Brookville, IN
Quick, L.L. 		New Waverly, IN
Quick, R.H.		New Waverly, IN
Quick, W.R.		Edna Mills, IN
Quickel, D.S.		Alexandria, IN
Quillen, Sam'l. N.	Linton, IN
Quincy, Wm. C.		Lowell, IN
Race, R.A.		Lafayette, IN
Radcliff, Floyd E.	Burket, IN
Ragsdale, Claud		Trafalgar, IN
Ragsdale, M.H.		Glendale, IN
Rainey, H.W.		Indianapolis, IN
Rains, George W.	Seymour, IN
Raisden, C.E.		Bedford, IN
Ralph, Alfred J.	New Bellville, IN
Ralston, Aug.		New Corydon, IN
Ralston, H.H.		Lanesville, IN
Ralston, Wm. T.		Evansville, IN
Ramsbrook, C.R.		Huningburg, IN
Ramsey, D.C.		Mt. Vernon, IN
Ramsey, G.P.		Newtown, In
Ramsey, J.P.		Vincennes, IN
Ramsey, R.B.		Greenfield, IN
Randolph, D.F.		Waldron, IN
Ranger, J.N.		Evansville, IN
Ranke, J.W.H.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Rankin, T.B.		Odon, IN
Rannells, J.N.		Rochester, IN
Rannells, W.S.		Argos, IN
Rarick, Isaac		Parker, IN
Ratcliff, J.T.		Morris, IN
Ratliff, B.		W. Newton, IN
Ratliff, L.H.		Lawrence, IN
Raubadeaux, L.B.	Springville, IN
Ravdin, Marcus		Evansville, IN
Rawlings, J.V.		Wirt, IN
Rawlings, S.O.		New Harmony, IN
Ray, C.C.		Arcadia, IN
Ray, Daniel P.		Gessie, IN
Ray, F.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Ray, Franklin E.	Fairland, IN
Ray, J.W.		Emison, IN
Rayburn, I.W.		Kokomo, IN
Rea, Chas. L.		Falmouth, IN
Rea, Oliver A.		Culver, IN
Read, H.G.		Tipton, IN
Reade, J.		Traders Point, IN
Reading, G.O.		Irvington, IN
Reagan, A.W. 		Mooresville, IN
Reagan, J.S.		Plainfield, IN
Reagan, Jesse		Plainfield, IN
Reagan, Jesse S.	Lebanon, IN
Reagan, R.M.		Monon, IN
Reagan, Theo		State Line, IN
Reasoner, O.I.		Muncie, IN
Reaves, D.P.		Patoka, IN
Reavis, Wm. J.		Evansville, IN
Recker, L.H.		Morocco, IN
Recobs, R.M.		Tipton, IN
Record, J.N.		Franklin, IN
Records, R.S.		Lawrence, IN
Records, Saul		Lawrence, IN
Redlon, D.M.		Holton, IN
Redman, L.H.		Scipio, IN
Reece, James N.		North Liberty, IN
Reed, Andy		Kossuth, IN
Reed, D.E.P.		Portland Mills, IN
Reed, H.B.		Montpelier, IN
Reed, J.H.		Monticello, IN
Reed, John		Marion, IN.
Reed, John H.		Hammond, IN
Reed, L.D.		Hope, IN
Reed, U.W.		Topeka, IN
Reed, Wilson		Indianapolis, IN
Reeder, Joseph C.	Montezuma, IN
Rees, H.O.		Thorntown, IN
Rees, Omer H.		Indianapolis, IN
Reese, Geo. B.M.	Owensberg, IN
Reeves, J.L.		Edwardsport, IN
Reeves, John L.		Union City, IN
Regannas, E.G.		Hope, IN
Reid, S.M.		Muncie, IN
Reiff, C.W.		Frankfort, IN
Reiff, N.G.		Albion, IN
Reilly, J.H.S.		Sardinia, IN
Reisinger, Edw.		Abington, IN
Reitz, P.C.		Evansville, IN
Renner, M.E.		Urbana, IN
Renner, Uriah		Ft. Wayne, IN
Rennoe, Callie A.	South Bend, IN
Repp, G.R.		Tipton, IN
Resoner, Wm. S.		Point Isabel, IN
Reusser, Amos		Berne, IN
Revis, George		Lafayette, IN
Reyer, E.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Reynard, E.G.		Union City, IN
Reynard, G.		Union City, IN
Reynolds, D.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Reynolds, F.A.		Kendallville, IN
Reynolds, F.M.		Montpelier, IN
Reynolds, Geo. R.	Plymouth, IN
Reynolds, J.N.		Memphis, IN
Rhodes, C.C.		Whiting, IN
Rhodes, Eden E.		Rochester, IN
Rice, Alfred		Columbus, IN
Rice, C.W.		New Albany, IN
Rice, Clair M.		De Motte, IN
Rice, E.S.		Wallace, IN
Rice, J.T.		Attica, IN
Rice, N.L.		Bloomington, IN
Rice, S.M.		Terre Haute, IN
Rice, T.R.		Petersburg, IN
Rice, W.G.		Muncie, IN
Rice, Wm. H.		Spencer, IN
Richards, F.B.		Taylorsville, IN
Richards, John		Laud, IN
Richards, S.D.		Patricksburg, IN
Richards, Thos. J.	Mooney, IN
Richardson, John	Fulton, IN
Richardson, W.H.	Vernon, IN
Richer, J. D.		Warsaw, IN
Richey, Samuel R.	Donaldson, IN
Richmond, W.B.		Brazil, IN
Richstein, J.J.		Evansville, IN
Rickard, Wm. A.		Muncie, IN
Ridenour, D.C.		Peru, IN
Ridpath, H.W.		Indianapolis, IN
Rife,			Boston, IN
Rife, J.J.		Boston, IN
Riley, Chas.   		Macy, IN
Riley, Chas. C.		Indianapolis, IN
Riley, E.T.		Greensburg, IN
Riley, Jas. L.		Artie, IN
Rine, Edgar W.		Winchester, IN
Ringle, Chas. A.	South Bend, IN
Ringle, T.F.		Tippecanoe, IN
Ripperdan, J.H.		Magnet, IN
Risinger, W.		Abington, IN
Ristine, W.H.		Crawfordsville, IN
Ritter, C.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Ritter, H.O.		Orangeville, IN
Ritter, James K.	Seymour, IN
Ritter, Jas. K.		Marion, IN.
Ritter, John A.		West Baden, IN
Ritter, T.B.		Orangeville, IN
Roads, Anna E.		Tipton, IN
Robbins, Clark		Mooresville, IN
Robbins, J.T.		Wheatland, IN
Roberts, A.S.		Indianapolis, IN
Roberts, Elizabeth	Connersville, IN
Roberts, Gilmour	Lake, IN
Roberts, J.D.		New Albany, IN
Roberts, S.A.		Salem, IN
Roberts, S.R.		Oxford, IN
Roberts, W.H.		Terre Haute, IN
Robertson, D.W.		Deputy, IN
Robertson, J.F.		Indianapolis, IN
Robertson, John		Westport, IN
Robinson, A.J.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Robinson, Andrew	Ft. Wayne, IN
Robinson, F.B.		Monticello, IN
Robinson, F.H.		Delphi, IN
Robinson, G.M.		Loogootee, IN
Robinson, H.C.		Martinsville, IN
Robinson, J.L.		Wheatland, IN
Robinson, J.M.		Moores Hill, IN
Robinson, W.B.		Indianapolis, IN
Robison, J.E.		Geetingsville, IN
Robison, T.B.		Rossville, In
Rock, Geo.		Auburn, IN
Rockafellow, W.A.	Laughrey, IN
Rodecap, G.W.		Middletown, IN
Rodenhuis, Evert	Lafayette, IN
Rogers, Aaron G.	Parker, IN
Rogers, Henry C.	Indianapolis, IN
Rogers, Henry C.	Rockville, IN
Rogers, J.B.		Michigan City, IN
Rogers, J.G.		Logansport,IN
Rogers, Otto F.		Bloomington, IN
Rogers, Rebecca W.	Indianapolis, IN
Rogers, S.T.		New Albany, IN
Rogers, Samuel G.	New Castle, IN
Roland, Wm. C.		Brazil, IN
Roney, D.C.		Milan, In
Roope, A.H.		Columbus, IN
Root, Chas. C.		Indianapolis, IN
Root, Chas. C.		Leach, IN
Rose, B.A.		Linton, IN
Rose, Ben S.		Evansville, IN
Rose, Madison H.	Thorntown, IN
Rosenberg, I.A.		Independence, IN
Rosenkrans, H.S.	Bridgeton, IN
Rosenthal, I.M.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Rosenthal, M.I.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Ross, David		Indianapolis, IN
Ross, Geo. A.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Ross, J.C.		Lafayette, IN
Ross, J.C.		Muncie, IN
Ross, J.H.		Kokomo, IN
Ross, J.K.		Cayuga, IN
Ross, John C.		Nashville, IN
Ross, John G.		Portland, IN
Ross, L.H.		Ekin, IN
Ross, N.B.		Muncie, IN
Ross, R.H.		Cassville, IN
Ross, Ren Orman		Indianapolis, IN
Ross, W.H.		Veedersburg, IN
Rous, Hannah C.		Vevay, IN
Row, G.S.		Indianapolis, IN
Rowe, L.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Rowe, T.C.		Coal Bluff, IN
Rowland, Calvin		Alfordsville, IN
Rowland, Geo.		Covington, IN
Royse, Jas. G.		Indianapolis, IN
Rubin, B.		Michigan City, IN
Rubsam, Jos.		Logansport,IN
Rubush, D.P.		Sharpsville, IN
Rubush, Thos. R.	London, IN
Ruby, Samuel B.		Union City, IN
Ruckel, John F.		Hammond, IN
Rucker, Jesse W.	Shelbyville, IN
Rucker, O.P.		Newburgh, IN
Rucker, Thos. H.	Arlington, IN
Ruddell, Benson		Frankfort, IN
Ruddell, I.N.		Jeffersonville, IN
Ruddick, Lindley	Seymour, IN
Rudolph, O.F.		Corunna, IN
Runcie, G.U.		Poseyville, IN
Runice, J.W.		Fort Branch, IN
Runnels, O.S.		Indianapolis, IN
Runnels, Sollis		Indianapolis, IN
Runyan, J.F.		Alexandria, IN
Rupert, A.M.		Attica, IN
Rupp, Peter E.		South Bend, IN
Ruse, A.O.		Clermont, IN
Rush, M.A.		Anderson, IN
Rusk, Anna		Richmond, IN
Russell, Geo. A.	Tipton, IN
Russle, C.W.		Riley, IN
Rust, Wm. F.		Holland, IN
Rutherford, C.E.	Peru, IN
Rutherford, R.S.	Galena, IN
Ryan, J.A.		Valparaiso, IN
Ryan, Wm. B.		Indianapolis, IN
Ryan, Wm. E.		French Lick, IN
Ryker, Chas.		China, IN
Rynearson, B.F.		Prairietown, IN
Saddler, Wm. C.		Indianapolis, IN
Sage, Ira T.		Redkey, IN
Salb, John P.		Jasper, IN
Sale, F.H.		Aurora, IN
Sale, F.H.		Dillsboro, IN
Sale, J.H.		Dillsboro, IN
Salinger, S.F.		Indianapolis, IN
Salisbury, W.H.		Morocco, IN
Sammons, Eva C.		Indianapolis, IN
Sammons, L.C.		Shelbyville, IN
Sampson, Wm. H.		Brookston, IN
Sanders, F.E.		Perrysville, IN
Sanders, Ira N.		Adams, IN
Sanders, J.M.		Gentryville, IN
Sanders, Louis A.	Hazelrigg, IN
Sanderson, Thos.	Kent, IN
Sandy, Wm. J.		Gosport, IN
Sanford, James H.	Shelbyville, IN
Sarber, Wallace C.	Argos, IN
Sargent, T.C.		Lafayette, IN
Sarver, A.J.		Blocher, IN
Sarver, F.C.		Blocher, IN
Sassaman, F.W.		Valparaiso, IN
Saule, Sarah A.		Indianapolis, IN
Saunders, C.B.		Pennville, IN
Saunders, D.R.		N. Vernon, IN
Saunders, G.C.		Alexandria, IN
Saunders, J.E.		Pennville, IN
Saunders, J.M.		Taswell, IN
Saunders, Jesse E.	Petroleum, IN
Saunders, Joel E.	Nottingham, IN
Saunders, Jos.		Anderson, IN
Sawyer, Frank M.	South Bend, IN
Saylor, F.L.		Elwood, IN
Scales, H.W.		Boonville, IN
Schaeffer, A.R.		Alexandria, IN
Schaffer, Geo. C.	Bloomington, IN
Schaffer, Lee		Sandborn, IN
Schaible, Emil		Lafayette, IN
Schaub, Daniel		Muncie, IN
Scheddell, W.A.		Crown Point, IN
Scheib, J.P.		Marion, IN.
Schell, F.A.		Spencer, IN
Schell, Walker		Terre Haute, IN
Schellhase, F.W.	Celestine, IN
Schenck, Fred'k.	New Corydon, IN
Schenck, H.F.		Oatsville, IN
Schenck, Luella M.	Indianapolis, IN
Schenk, C.H.		Berne, IN
Scherer, S.P.		Indianapolis, IN
Scherfee, J.F.		Fairland, IN
Schick, Martin F.	Ft. Wayne, IN
Schilling, Carl		Ft. Wayne, IN
Schilling, John		Ft. Wayne, IN
Schillinger, R.		Richmond, IN
Schirack, J.A.		New Corydon, IN
Schliecker, A.G.	East Chicago, IN
Schlotterback, E.L.	Ligonier, IN
Schmadel, J.W.		Vincennes, IN
Schneider, A.L.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Schofield, J.V.		Greensburg, IN
Schofield, R.K.		Reynolds, IN
Scholl,C.E.		Camden, IN
Schooley, W.A.		Guilford, IN
Schoonover, W.R.	Warsaw, IN
Schouse, Ch		Peru, IN
Schrader, W.F.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Schrock, H.W.		Lagrange, IN
Schrock, J.J.		Scott, IN
Schuck, John H.		Weltes, IN
Schults, Guy A.		Lebanon, IN
Schultz, Wm. A.		Lebanon, IN
Schultze, Theodore	Evansville, IN
Schulz, A.F.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Schum, Chas.		Brookville, IN
Schurtz, C.D.		Alexandria, IN
Schuyler, P.S.		Evansville, IN
Schwartz, C.W.		Huningburg, IN
Schwartz, Wm. D.	Portland, IN
Schweizer, J.J.		Santa Claus, IN
Schwier, Wm. C.		Wheatfield, IN
Scott, Benton H.	W. Harrison, IN
Scott, Caleb		Monticello, IN
Scott, D.V.		Borden, IN
Scott, J.M.		Iona, IN
Scott, J.T.		Indianapolis, IN
Scott, J.W.C.		Hecla, IN
Scott, John C.		Talma, IN
Scott, Noble W.		Huntington, IN
Scott, W.F.		Linwood, IN
Scott, W.L.		Hartford City, IN
Scudder, C.P.		Washington, IN
Seal, Frank E.		Mt. Carmel, IN
Seal, I.N.		Hackleman, IN
Seale, Jos. P.		Fairmount, IN
Seaman, J.B.		Indianapolis, IN
Seaman, J.B.		Osceola, IN
Searcy, Benj. N.	Quercus Grove, IN
Searcy, Geo. H.		Muncie, IN
Searight, H.W.		Upland, IN
Searles, Joseph D.	Huntington, IN
Sears, A.H.		Anderson, IN
Seaton, Chas. 		Martinsville, IN
Seaton, G.W.		Clayton, IN
Seaton, Guy		Martinsville, IN
Seawright,Sam'l.	Lafayette, IN
Sebring, D.A.		Auburn, IN
Secoy, S.H.		Jeffersonville, IN
Sedman, Marshall D.	Indianapolis, IN
Seidler, Anthony	Dyer, IN
Selfridge, W.R.. 	Worthington, IN
Selfridge, W.T. 	Jasonville, IN
Seller, T.P.		Indianapolis, IN
Sellers, John		Montpelier, IN
Sellman, A.G.		Indianapolis, IN
Selman, J.W.		Greenfield, IN
Selvey, Sam'l. S.	Dunkirk, IN
Sensenich, A.A.		Wakarusa, IN
Servoss, Geo. L.	Indianapolis, IN
Sessions, S.K.		Evansville, IN
Setser, H.H.		Leavenworth, IN
Sevens, Annie M.	Ft. Wayne, IN
Severin, Louis		Bluffton, IN
Severinghaus, E.A.	New Albany, IN
Sexauere, C.F.		Hartford City, IN
Sexton, Charles E.	Fountaint'wn, IN
Sexton, Chas. E.	Portland, IN
Sexton, John C.		Rushville, IN
Seymoure, C.A.		Wawaka, IN
Shackelford, T.J.	Warsaw, IN
Shadday, John H.	Moorefield, IN
Shaefer, C.K.		Indianapolis, IN
Shafer, O.B.		Economy, IN
Shafer, O.B.		Muncie, IN
Shafer, W.S.		Rochester, IN
Shaffer, Abner H.	Huntington, IN
Shaffer, Phillip	N. Manchester, IN
Shaley, F.W.		Terre Haute, IN
Shananhan, A.A.		Jalapa, IN
Shane, Thos. A.		Columbus, IN
Sharer, W.F.		Delphi, IN
Sharp, H.C.		Jeffersonville, IN
Sharrer, H.E.		Hammond, IN
Sharrer, J.C.		Francesville, IN
Shartess, A.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Shaul, Monroe		Pelzer, IN
Shaw, Samuel L.		Moody, IN
Sheets, Oscar B.	Ft. Wayne, IN
Sheets, W.H.		Jeffersonville, IN
Shelburne, W.T.		Zionsville, IN
Shellheimer, D.C.	Wabash, IN
Shepard, S.D.		Anderson, IN
Shepherd, G.W.		Redkey, IN
Shepherd, John P.		Judson, IN
Shepherd, Lewis		Quaker, IN
Shepherd, V.		DuPont, IN
Sherbondy, G.W.		Silver Lake, IN
Sheridan, Anna T.	Sullivan, IN
Sherman, W.C.		Brownsville, IN
Sherrow, W.E.		Ashley, IN
Sherwood, B.M.		Linton, IN
Sherwood, E.T.		Linton, IN
Sherwood, W.C.		Bedford, IN
Sherwood, W.C.		Loogootee, IN
Shetterly, Wm. R.	Indianapolis, IN
Shewman, E.B.		Wymansville, IN
Shields, E.A.		Muncie, IN
Shields, Jacob S.	Milledgeville, IN
Shields, James		Jonesville, IN
Shields, Jas. M.	Seymour, IN
Shiffer, B.S.		St. Joe, IN
Shill, C.W.		Lafayette, IN
Shilt, J.L.		Cicero, IN
Shipley, John B.	Goblesville, IN
Shipley, John B.	Marion, IN.
Shipman, N.N.		Seymour, IN
Shirley, H.W.		Shoals, IN
Shirts, Elmer		Lyons, IN
Shively, A.H.		Yorktown, IN
Shively, D.M>		Yorktown, IN
Shively, M.T.		Marion, IN.
Shoaf, F.A.		Veedersburg, IN
Shobe, W.A.		Ligonier, IN
Shoemaker, D.M.		Muncie, IN
Shoemaker, G.L.		Nappanee, IN
Shoemaker, R.C.		Muncie, IN
Shoemaker, S.		Poneto, IN
Shoen, Phillip H.	N. Middletown, IN
Shonkwiler, F.M.	New Market, IN
Shook, N.J.		Kendallville, IN
Short, I.W.		Elkhart, IN
Short, J.L.		Lagrange, IN
Short, R.B.		Bedford, IN
Short, R.B.		Union Mills, IN
Short, W.H.		Lagrange, IN
Showalter, J.E.		Waterloo, IN
Shreve, Eva		Indianapolis, IN
Shreve, F.		Wabash, IN
Shreve, Franklin	Marion, IN.
Shreve, Franklin 	Indianapolis, IN
Shreve, Franklin 	Peru, IN
Shreve, Franklin	Frankfort, IN
Shrever, Franklin	Warsaw, IN
Shriefer, J.H.		Prospero, IN
Shrout, J.W.		Blue Ridge, IN
Shrout, J.W.		Moscow, IN
Shrout, Wm.F.		Blue Ridge, IN
Shuey, George E.	Medora, IN
Shultz, J.B.		Logansport,IN
Shultz, J.H.		Logansport,IN
Shultz, J.J.		Delphi, IN
Shumaker, W.F.		Butler, IN
Shuman, O.V.		Columbia City, IN
Shutt, John M.		Spencerville, IN
Shutt, Lewis C.		Sheldon, IN
Siddons, J.O.		Marion, IN.
Siegfried, J.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Siegler, R.R.		Ramsey, IN
Sigler, Daniel		Elwood, IN
Sigler, Geo. A.		Indianapolis, IN
Sigler, J.N.		Geetingsville, IN
Sigmon, E.L.		New Albany, IN
Sigmond, H.W.		Crawfordsville, IN
Simison, John		Romney, IN
Simison, John F.	Romney, IN
Simmon, L.H.		Kokomo, IN
Simmons, E.		Laurel, IN
Simmons, W.D.		Farmland, IN
Simmons, Wm. D.		Desoto, IN
Simon, Joshua		Ft. Wayne, IN
Simons, C.M.		Schnellville, IN
Simons, J.S.		Lyons, IN
Sims, Israel C.		Portland, IN
Sims, J.A.		Alaska, IN
Sims, J.N.		Dover Hill, IN
Sims, S.B.		Frankfort, IN
Sinclair, I.P.		Terre Haute, IN
Sinclair, I.P..		Lafayette, IN
Sinclair, Isaac		Ft. Wayne, IN
Siner, F.M.		Diamond, IN
Sipe, John A.		Carthage, IN
Sipe, R.W.		Orange, IN
Sisson,  E.R.		Maxwell, IN
Sledd, S.D.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Sloan, John N.		Spencer, IN
Sloan, Wm. W.		French Lick, IN
Slocum, S.		Eden, IN
Sluss, Jno. W.		Indianapolis, IN
Sluyter, S.D.		Chalmers, IN
Smail, Geo. W.		Veedersburg, IN
Smalley, J.K.		Hartsville, IN
Smick, S.M.		Terre Haute, IN
Smith, A.C.		Mt. Vernon, IN
Smith, A.D.		Angola, IN
Smith, A.D.		Dana, IN
Smith, A.F.		Waupecong, IN
Smith, A.J.		Fishers, IN
Smith, Alex C.		Indianapolis, IN
Smith, Andrew J.	Metamora, IN
Smith, Arthur D.	Winchester, IN
Smith, Bartley		Indianapolis, IN
Smith, Benj. R.		Lancaster, IN
Smith, C. B.		Logansport,IN
Smith, C.F.		Brooklyn, IN
Smith, Calvin		Farmland, IN
Smith, Carter H.	Lebanon, IN
Smith, Chas. W.		Selma, IN
Smith, DeLaskie		Lebanon, IN
Smith, E.		Carrolton, IN
Smith, E.A.		Newt. Stew'rt, IN
Smith, E.D.		Leo, IN
Smith, E.E.		Hammond, IN
Smith, Earl C.		Indianapolis, IN
Smith, Edwin		Aurora, IN
Smith, Flora W.		Bremen, IN
Smith, Frank		Arlington, IN
Smith, Frank L.		Kokomo, IN
Smith, G.C.		Poseyville, IN
Smith, G.F.		Weisburg, IN
Smith, Geo. B.		Brook, IN
Smith, Geo. H.		Greensboro, IN
Smith, H.B.		Olio, IN
Smith, H.H.		Oakland City, IN
Smith, H.M.		Vincennes, IN
Smith, J.A		Brownsville, IN
Smith, J.A.		Wolcott, IN
Smith, J.H.		Birdseye, IN
Smith, J.H.		Newt. Stew'rt, IN
Smith, J.L.		Clarksburg, IN
Smith, J.L.		Hoagland, IN
Smith, J.M.		Lafayette, IN
Smith, J.S.		Galveston, IN
Smith, J.S.		Logansport,IN
Smith, J.T.		Brookston, IN
Smith, J.T.		Glezen, IN
Smith, J.W.		Vevay, IN
Smith, Jacob F.		Brazil, IN
Smith, Jas. S.		Warsaw, IN
Smith, John W.		Gosport, IN
Smith, John W.		Plymouth, IN
Smith, Karl H.		Morocco, IN
Smith, L.F.J.		Wabash, IN
Smith, Lulu M.		Metamora, IN
Smith, Marie		Orland, IN
Smith, Martha I.	Indianapolis, IN
Smith, Mary		Indianapolis, IN
Smith, Milton S.	Laporte, IN
Smith, N.		Marion, IN.
Smith, N.G.		Columbus, IN
Smith, Nelson B.	Ft. Wayne, IN
Smith, R.H.		Kokomo, IN
Smith, Robert A.	Greensboro, IN
Smith, Russell J.	Indianapolis, IN
Smith, S.E.		Richmond, IN
Smith, S.W.		Leesville, IN
Smith, T.D.		Bremen, IN
Smith, T.G.		Brownsburg, IN
Smith, T.J.		Noblesville, IN
Smith, Tom W.		Wabash, IN
Smith, W.A.		Hoagland, IN
Smith, W.C.		Rushville, IN
Smith, W.F.		Vincennes, IN
Smith, W.H.		Bedford, IN
Smith, W.H.		Rushville, IN
Smith, W.J.		Servia, IN
Smith, Walter 		Indianapolis, IN
Smith, Ward A.		Otterbein, IN
Smith, Wm.   		Emison, IN
Smith, Wm. A.		Jonesville, IN
Smith, Wm. F.		Bippus, IN
Smoot, D.B.		Glendale, IN
Smullen, Chas. L.	Raleigh, IN
Snapp, J.A.		Goshen, IN
Snider, John W.		Fairland, IN
Snodgrass, B.D.		Cammack, IN
Snodgrass, B.K.		Union City, IN
Snodgrass, D.B.		Marion, IN.
Snodgrass, Mary J.	Marion, IN.
Snodgrass, N.E.		Cammack, IN
Snodgrass, S.J.		Burket, IN
Snoke, David H.		Indianapolis, IN
Snowden, Jesse		Indianapolis, IN
Snyder, Aaron W.	Indianapolis, IN
Snyder, B.F.		Camden, IN
Snyder, E.D.		Onward, IN
Snyder, Leander		Lafayette, IN
Solt, W.J.		San Pierre, IN
Somes, J.F.		Vincennes, IN
Sommer, Chas.		Muncie, IN
Sommer, Edgar F.	Indianapolis, IN
Sommer, M.B.C.		Muncie, IN
Songer, Frank		Hillsboro, IN
Souder, C.L.		Columbia City, IN
Souder, Ralph		Larwill, IN.
Sourwine, John D.	Brazil, IN
Sowder, C.R.		Pittsboro, IN
Sowers, J.H.		Disko, IN
Spark, M.W.		New Albany, IN
Sparklin, C.C.		Goshen, IN
Sparks, J.F.		Yeddo, IN
Spaulding, Jno.		Indianapolis, IN
Spaulding, L.A.		Bluffton, IN
Spaulding, Thos.	Terre Haute, IN
Spear, Robert		East Chicago, IN
Spears, A.H.		Edwardsport, IN
Speedy, W.S.		Branchville,IN
Spees, B.N.E.		Glenns Valley, IN
Speitel, H.B.		Frankfort, IN
Spelbring, B.F.		Bowling Green, IN
Spencer, A.C.		Stinesville, IN
Spencer, E.V.		Mt. Vernon, IN
Spencer, J.L.		Tippecanoe, IN
Spencer, M.J.		Indianapolis, IN
Spicer, J.W.		Acton, IN
Spickerman, H.R.	Muncie, IN
Spillman, F.J.		Andersonville, IN
Spilman, F.J.		Connersville, IN
Spink, Mary A.		Indianapolis, IN
Spinning, A.L.		Michigan City, IN
Spitler, C.S.		Mooreland, IN
Spitler, Chas. E.	Saratoga, IN
Spitzmesser, J.L.	Elwood, IN
Spohn, G.W.		Elkhart, IN
Spooner, Jared		Peru, IN
Spoor, John S.		Brooklyn, IN
Spotswood, E.T.		Terre Haute, IN
Spradley, L.G.		Dickeyville, IN
Spradley, N.M.		Selvin, IN
Springstead, A.E.	Bluffton, IN
Springstun, C.E.	Selvin, IN
Sprinkle, W.B.		Oaktown, IN
Sprowl, John S.		Warren, IN
Spurgeon, A.N.		Kossuth, IN
Spurgeon, C.A.		Kossuth, IN
Spurgeon, Wm. A.	Muncie, IN
Spurrier, John   H.	Rushville, IN
Squier, E.A.		Frankfort, IN
Squier, Geo. E.		Brookville, IN
Squires, J.W.		Churubusco, IN
Squires, W.B.		Worthington, IN
Stackhouse, F		Silverwood, IN
Stafford, C.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Stafford, H.G.		New Castle, IN
Stafford, James A.	Millville, IN
Staley, L.B.		Bicknell, IN
Stalker, B.F.		Borden, IN
Stalker, J.B.		Borden, IN
Stallings, F.L.		Caborn, IN
Stanford, H.H.		Lapel, IN
Stanley, J.M.		Eaton, IN
Stanley, Jesse C.	Ogden, IN
Stanley, John M.	Indianapolis, IN
Stanley, Logan		Fincastle, IN
Stanton, D.S.		Portland, IN
Stapp, Simeon		Hope, IN
Stark, W.I.		Fontanet, IN
Starr, W.L.		New Albany, IN
Stauffer, E.R.		Hammond, IN
Steele, W.D.		Alamo, IN
Stemen, C.R.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Stemen, Geo. B.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Stemen, Geo. C.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Stemen, Harriet F.	Ft. Wayne, IN
Stemm, Wm. H.		N. Vernon, IN
Stephens, Anna T.	Marion, IN.
Stephens, J.H.		Sheridan, IN 
Stephens, R.C.		Plymouth, IN
Stephenson, J.C.	Indianapolis, IN
Stephenson, R.		Hedrick, IN
Stephenson, T.J.	Lapel, IN
Sterne, A.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Sterrett, J.E.		Logansport,IN
Steven, B.C.		Logansport,IN
Stevens, A.E.		Maxinkuckee, IN
Stevens, H.C.		Star City, IN
Stevens, O.T.		Indianapolis, IN
Stevens, V.C.		Gas City, IN
Stevens, V.C.		No. Madison, IN
Stevenson, D.W.		Richmond, IN
Stevenson, G.A.		Rising Sun, IN
Stevenson, Geo.		Marion, IN.
Stewart, C.S.		Garrett, IN
Stewart, Clark E.	Vincennes, IN
Stewart, F.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Stewart, Geo. 		Brooksburg, IN
Stewart, H.W.		Rosedale, IN 
Stewart, J.W.		Logansport,IN
Stewart, J.W.G.		Wabash, IN
Stewart, John B.	Shelbyville, IN
Stewart, Jonas		Anderson, IN
Stewart, L.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Stewart, M.B.		Logansport,IN
Stewart, O. H.		Syria, In
Stewart, W.B.		Indianapolis, IN
Stewart, W.F.		Wabash, IN
Stick, Jesse		Albany, IN
Stieler, Marie		Evansville, IN
Stiers, Francis R.	Redkey, IN
Stillson, J.O.		Indianapolis, IN
Stine, D.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Stipp. F.E.		Bedford, IN
Stock, L.K.		Terre Haute, IN
Stockberger, E.		Milford, IN
Stockhrdt, P.E.		Elwood, IN
Stockton, C.W.		Bluffton, IN
Stockton, Sarah		Indianapolis, IN
Stockwell, J.S.		Charlestown, IN
Stockwell, Sarah F.	South Bend, IN
Stoddard, Oren		Merom, IN
Stoltz, Charles		South Bend, IN
Stone, Frank L.		Pendleton, IN
Stone, Mary C.		Indianapolis, IN
Stone, O.M.		Oakland City, IN
Stone, R.F.		Indianapolis, IN
Stone, Solomon		New Albany, IN
Stoner, Geo. D.		Marion, IN.
Storch, L.A.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Stork, H.W.		Holland, IN
Stork, J.H.		Stendal, IN
Stork, J.W.		Inglefied, IN
Stormont, R.M.		Stewartsville, IN
Stotelmeyer, C.I.	Hagerstown, IN
Stotler, G.N.		Indianapolis, IN
Stout, H.H.		Cicero, IN
Stout, O.L.		Upland, IN
Stout, W.H.		Covington, IN
Stoute, C.M.		Middletown, IN
Stover, Chas. J.	Eaton, IN
Straghan, J.W.		Parkersburg, IN
Straghan, K.K.		Waveland, IN
Stranz, L.V.		Hanover C't'r., IN
Stratford, Alfred	Indianapolis, IN
Strauss, L.M.		Alexandria, IN
Streaker, L.H.		Logansport,IN
Strickland, Geo.	Francisco, IN
Strickler, S.S.		Boggstown, IN
Strong, A.M.		Belleville, IN
Stroube, Chas. N.	New Maysville, IN
Stroup, Chas. C.	Mishawaka, IN
Stroup, N.J.		Rome City, IN
Strouse, J.P.		Garrett, IN
Stuard, Robert		Spiceland, IN
Stuart, A.A.		Fortville, IN
Stuart, John T.		Monon, IN
Stuckey, Thos. E.	Indianapolis, IN
Stuckman, E.D.		New Paris,IN
Stucky, Fred V.		Gosport, IN
Stucky, John M.		Gosport, IN
Studley, Jos. W.	Marion, IN.
Study, J.N.		Camb'dge City, IN
Study, John M.		Indianapolis, IN
Stults, Jos. E.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Stultz, J.A.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Stunkard, T.C.		Terre Haute, IN
Sturdevant, G.		Chestnut Hill, IN
Sturgis, L.T.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Stutesville, S.W.	Grand View, IN
Styles, H.J.		Anderson, IN
Sugg, H.H.		Mt. Vernon, IN
Suhre, E.F.		Forest, IN
Sullivan, O.H.		Alexandria, IN
Sullivan, W.H.		Rising Sun, IN
Summers, H.C.		Amo, IN
Summers, H.C.		Daleville, IN
Summers, J.B.		Milton, IN
Summers, Wm. T.		Raccoon, IN
Sumners, Osa R.		Middletown, IN
Surber, A.C.		Muncie, IN
Sutcliffe, J.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Sutherland, O.L.	Laporte, IN
Sutherland, P.N.	Angola, IN
Sutherlin, J.F.		Lebanon, IN
Suttner, C.N.		Elwood, IN
Sutton, H.A.		Marion, IN.
Sutton, H.H.		Aurora, IN
Sutton, S.F.		Huntington, IN
Swabey, J.B.		Lima, IN
Swails, J.A.		Acton, IN
Swain, Fremont		Indianapolis, IN
Swain, Rachel		Indianapolis, IN
Swales, H.W.		Logan, IN
Swales, W.H.		Logan, IN
Swan, F.E.		Hanover, IN
Swank, L.		Williamsport, IN
Swank, W.G.		Crawfordsville, IN
Swarts, D.J.		Auburn, IN
Swarts, V.M.V.		Auburn, IN
Swarts, W.W.		Poe, IN
Swarts, Wm. W.		Balbee, IN
Swartz, H.P.		Crown Point, IN
Swartzel, Jos. L.	Vincennes, IN
Sweeney, I.F.		Milton, IN
Sweet, E.M.		Martinsville, IN
Sweezy, John M.		Cross Plains, IN
Sweringen, B.Van	Ft. Wayne, IN
Swift, C.E.		Maysville, IN
Swift, Ed. D		Macy, IN
Swinehart, M.H.		Ashersville, IN
Swisher, W.H.		Richmond, IN
Swisher, W.N.		Indianapolis, IN
Swope, A.A.		Crawfordsville, IN
Tabor, Frank A.		Terre Haute, IN
Taggart, J.F.		Solon, IN
Taggart, R.S.		N.Washington, IN
Taggart, W.J.		Georgetown, IN
Take, John F.		Whiting, IN
Talbott, J.E.		Linton, IN
Talbott, J.M.		Terre Haute, IN
Talbott, J.N.		Crawfordsville, IN
Talbott, Jno. H.	Indianapolis, IN
Tallman, H.H.		La Paz, IN
Tarkington, J.A.	Greensburg, IN
Tarr, John W.		Loyd, IN
Taylor, Claire		Peru, IN
Taylor, E.A.		York, IN
Taylor, Eliz. P.	Sullivan, IN
Taylor, J.E.		Leopold, IN
Taylor, J.E.		Richmond, IN
Taylor, J.N.		Crawfordsville, IN
Taylor, Jas. A.		Montpelier, IN
Taylor, Jas. H.		Indianapolis, IN
Taylor, John F.		Sulphur Hills, IN
Taylor, Mary J.		Greencastle, IN
Taylor, O.S.		Indianapolis, IN
Taylor, Oscar S.	Whitestown, IN
Taylor, T.H.		Evansville, IN
Taylor, T.W.		Fountain City, IN
Taylor, Wm.R.		Clark's Hill, IN
Tea, R.S.		Lafayette, IN
Teaford, S.F.		Spurgeon, IN
Teague, A.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Teague, Mabel E.	Indianapolis, IN
Teal, Geo. A.		Kendallville, IN
Tebault, W.P.		New Albany, IN
Tebault, Wm. P.		Indianapolis, IN
Teeter, G.W.		Boxley, IN
Tennant, L.H.		Pierceton, IN
Tepe, G.W.		Evansville, IN
Terhune, R.W.		Whiteland, IN
Terrell, B.J.		Irvington, IN
Terrell, Luther B.	Anderson, IN
Terrell, W.H.		Stilesville, IN
Terry, Charles C.	South Bend, IN
Terry, P.E.		Rochester, IN
Test, Erastus		Lafayette, IN
Test, F.C.		Lafayette, IN
Teters, B.J.		Middlebury, IN
Tevis, E.R.		Brooksburg, IN
Tevis, J.L.W.L.		Moscow, IN
Tevis, Robt. M.		Brooksburg, IN
Thain, George		Ft. Wayne, IN
Tharp, Levi		Boyleston, IN
Theorell, John J.	Porter, IN
Thiebaud, Hugh M.	Vevay, IN
Thixtun, E.D.		Sullivan, IN
Thomas, C.L.		Logansport,IN
Thomas, C.M.		Haubstadt, IN
Thomas, Chas. E.	Leesburg, IN
Thomas, E. Rose		Redkey, IN
Thomas, E.B.		Indianapolis, IN
Thomas, Elvira R.	Marion, IN.
Thomas, Ephraim		Redkey, IN
Thomas, G.A.		Linton, IN
Thomas, H.A.		Marion, IN.
Thomas, Harvey C.	Kokomo, IN
Thomas, J.J.		Winamac, IN
Thomas, James		Evansville, IN
Thomas, M.H.		Huntington, IN
Thomas, M.H.		Indianapolis, IN
Thomas, Martha V.	South Bend, IN
Thomas, P.B.		Decatur, IN
Thomas, R.M.		Greensburg, IN
Thomas, Sam'l. C.	Milroy, IN
Thomas, W.H.		Elkhart, IN
Thomas, W.H.		Indianapolis, IN
Thomas, Wm. E.		Clarksburg, IN
Thomas, Wm. T.		Marion, IN.
Thompson, D.A.		Elizabethto'n, IN
Thompson, D.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Thompson, E.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Thompson, F.B.		Lafayette, IN
Thompson, G.W.		Stockwell, IN
Thompson, G.W.		Winamac, IN
Thompson, H.H.		Terre Haute, IN
Thompson, J.F.		Garrett, IN
Thompson, J.F.		New Castle, IN
Thompson, J.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Thompson, N.H.		Wabash, IN
Thompson, R.R.		Indianapolis, IN
Thompson, T.E.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Thompson, T.J.		Otterbein, IN
Thompson, T.L.		Irvington, IN
Thompson, W.H.		Hartford City, IN
Thompson, W.H.		Winamac, IN
Thompson, W.N.		Sullivan, IN
Thompson, Wm. L.	Mooresville, IN
Thoms, A.		Scott, IN
Thornburgh, F.L.	Middletown, IN
Thorne, J.C.F.		Kokomo, IN
Thornton, F.G.		Knightsville, IN
Thorp, Robert		Scipio, IN
Thraillkill, J.D.	Plevna, IN
Thralls, R.T.		Hymera, IN
Threlkeld, J.H.		Gent, IN
Throckmorton, G.K.	Lafayette, IN
Throckmorton, O.E.	Battle Ground, IN
Thurston, E.H.		Hagerstown, IN
Thurston, H.E.		Dunrieth, IN
Thurston, H.E.		Williamsburg, IN
Thurston, J.M.		Richmond, IN
Tichenor, J.B.		Lexington, IN
Tidrick, R.O.		Michigant'wn
Tidrick, Reuben R.	Bringhurst, IN
Tidrick, Ruskin O.	Bringhurst, IN
Tilford, A.Salem	Martinsville, IN
Tilford, Benj. W.	Martinsville, IN
Tillotson, A.G.		Michigan City, IN
Tillson, H.		Centerville, IN
Tilney, W.D.		Crawfordsville, IN
Timmerman, E.		Batesville, IN
Tinch, E.T.		Freetown, IN
Tindal, Edward F.	Muncie, IN
Tindall, C.A.		Shelbyville, IN
Tingley, W.Scott	Indianapolis, IN
Tinkham, M. W.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Tinsley, F.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Tisor, Wm. R.		Rural, IN
Titus, C.		Warrington, IN
Tobias, A.W.		Elwood, IN
Todd, L.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Todd, R.N.		Indianapolis, IN
Toliver, J.A.		French Lick, IN
Tolley, Wm.G.		Indianapolis, IN
Tolliver, M.P.		Elnora, IN
Tolliver, Wm. J.	Elnora, IN
Tomlin, W.S.		Indianapolis, IN
Tomlinson, C.H.		Cicero, IN
Toner, Harry M.		Shelbyville, IN
Toney, J.M.		Altanta, IN
Torplett, C.E., Jr.	Morocco, IN
Torplett, C.E., Sr.	Morocco, IN
Tourner, Frank  F.	Bloomington, IN
Tourner, John P.	Bloomington, IN
Towey, J.T.		Covington, IN
Towles, A.N.		Irvington, IN
Townsend, R.C.		Osgood, IN
Townsend, S.B.		Milan, In
Townsend, S.M.		Madison, IN
Trach, J.M.		Frankfort, IN
Trainor, C.E.		Montgomery, IN
Trask, Jos. H.		Matthews, IN
Traylor, G.W.		Ireland, IN
Trees, I.W.		Indianapolis, IN
Tremain, M.A.		Clifty, IN
Trenary, D.F.		Julietta, IN
Trent, Isaac N.		Muncie, IN
Trent, J. H.		Dresser, IN
Tressider, J.T.		Tipton, IN
Tressider, Sarah E.	Tipton, IN
Tresslar, Jacob G.	Bargersville, IN
Trobaugh, Wm. A.	Cutler, IN
Trotter, Geo. S.	Bicknell, IN
Trout, R.E.		Oaktown, IN
Trowbridge, D.L.	DuPont, IN
Trueblood, Chas. 	Anderson, IN
Trueblood, J.C.		Loogootee, IN
Trueblood, J.W.		Monroe City, IN
Trutt, Ruliff L.	Hartford City, IN
Tucker, A.R.		Noblesville, IN
Tucker, A.W.		Logansport,IN
Tucker, D.W.		Boonville, IN
Tucker, F.A.		Noblesville, IN
Tucker, G.W.		Dana, IN
Tucker, G.W.		Indianapolis, IN
Tucker, H.G.		Cromwell, IN
Tucker, J.E.		Elizaville, IN
Tucker, T.C.		Ben Davis, IN
Tucker, W.W.		Greencastle, IN
Tull, Edward M.		Fairland, IN
Tulley, A.F.		Brazil, IN
Tulley, J.A.		Pendleton, IN
Tulley, P.C.		Kennard, IN
Tully, Lee H.		Liberal, IN
Turman, I.L.		Cynthiana, IN
Turner, Agnes		South Bend, IN
Turner, H.E. 		Indianapolis, IN
Turner, James A.	Martinsville, IN
Turner, Porter		Elkhart, IN
Turner, Sam'l R.	Hammond, IN
Turner, Thos. S.	Lebanon, IN
Turpin, James		Evansville, IN
Turpin, James		Rockport, IN
Tuttle, Jno. R.		Wheeling, IN
Twichell, Alice E.	Indianapolis, IN
Tyler, J.L.		Otterbein, IN
Tyner, S.L.		Boonville, IN
Tyrrel, A.D.		Connersville, IN
Ulmer, D.R.		Alexandria, IN
Umberhime, C.D.		Rees Mill
Umberline, C.D.		Reese Mill, IN
Urquhart, R.T.		South Bend, IN
Utter, J.A.		Crawfordsville, IN
Utz, H.C.		Altanta, IN
V.DeWalker, J.C.	Hammond, IN
Van Hummell, H.		Indianapolis, IN
Van Hummell, Q.		Indianapolis, IN
Van Matre, C.E.		New Castle, IN
Van Nuys, D.H.		Shelbyville, IN
Van Osdel, J.W.		Indianapolis, IN
Van Osdol, D.D.		Rushville, IN
Van Pelt, Geo. W.	Vevay, IN
Van Riper, A.N.		New Carlisle, IN
VanBuskirk, A.E.	Ft. Wayne, IN
Vance, C.E.		Gas City, IN
Vance, V.G.		Akron, IN
Vance, W.O.		New Albany, IN
Vancleave, R.H.		Alum Cave, IN
VanCleve, M.B.		Terre Haute, IN
Vanderburg, J.M.	Albany, IN
Vandivier, H.R.		Clay City, IN
Vanhorn, J.R.		Clay City, IN
VanNuys, M.M.		Lebanon, IN
VanPelt, Geo. F.	Connersville, IN
VanSant, W.P.		Brooklyn, IN
Vanzandt, T.A.		Bloomfield, IN
Varier, James A.	South Bend, IN
Varner, G.W.		Evansville, IN
Varner, W.T.		Evansville, IN
Vaughan, I.J.		Topeka, IN
Vaughn, Martin		Hammond, IN
Vawter, F.L.		Gessie, IN
Veach, Patrick H.	Staunton, IN
Veazey, T.R.		Milan, In
Veazey, W.M.		Avilla, IN
Veazy, A.M.		Medora, IN
Ver Wayne, Ed. J.	Evansville, IN
Vermiulya, J.C.		Medora, IN
Vest, M.C.		Forest Hill, IN
Vick, W.V.		Green Hill, IN
Viehe, C.G.		Evansville, IN
Viehe, C.H.		Evansville, IN
Vigus, C.B.		Rigdon, IN
Vincent, A.W.		Valparaiso, IN
Vincent, E.B. 		Indianapolis, IN
Vincent, Edwin		Indianapolis, IN
Vincent, S.R.		Indianapolis, IN
Vinnedge, W.W.		Lafayette, IN
Vinton, A.E.		Muncie, IN
Vitou, Henry E.		South Bend, IN
Vizard, J.W.		Pleasa't Mills, IN
Vogt, Wm. A.		Oldenburg, IN
Von Osinski, Jos.	Crown Point, IN
Voris, S.M.		Columbus, IN
Votaw, R.A.		Marion, IN.
Voyles, H.		Bedford, IN
Waddell, Charles	North Judson, IN
Wade, F.C.		Lima, IN
Wadsworth, A.		Castleton, IN
Wadsworth, Chas.	Rocklane, IN
Wadsworth, W.W.		Muncie, IN
Wagner, A.L.		Hillisburg, IN
Wagner, Albert L.	La Paz, IN
Wagner, E.F.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Wagner, Theo. A.	Indianapolis, IN
Wagoner, W.J.		Millersburg, IN
Wahl, Geo. F.		Bremen, IN
Waide, Robert 		Indianapolis, IN
Wainscott, C.O.		Peru, IN
Walch, Alice C.		Marion, IN.
Walden, C.H.		New Market, IN
Waldron, Joel H.	Ft. Wayne, IN
Waldron, W.M.		Newburgh, IN
Walers, P.J.		Indianapolis, IN
Walker, David R.	Lebanon, IN
Walker, Ed		Evansville, IN
Walker, Edward		Delphi, IN
Walker, Isaac C.	Indianapolis, IN
Walker, J.H.		Floyd Knob, IN
Walker, Jas. H.		Henryville,IN
Walker, W.H.		Portland, IN
Walker, W.S.		Lafayette, IN
Walkinshaw, Wm.		Stillwell, IN
Wall, David		Indianapolis, IN
Wall, F.M.		Warren, IN
Wall, M.M. 		Marion, IN.
Wallace, J.C.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Wallace, James		Newport, IN
Wallace, Jane		Dale, IN
Wallace, S.L.		Bunker Hill, IN
Wallace, W.B.		Franklin, IN
Wallage, Geo. W.	Middletown, IN
Waller, W. H.		Angola, IN
Waller, W.J.		Elkhart, IN
Walls, Geo. W.		Mitchell, IN
Walls, J.A.		Richmond, IN
Walls, John W.		Eckerty, IN
Walmer, E.L.		Fremont, IN
Walser, J.A.		Anderson, IN
Walters, C.A.		Lawrenceburg, IN
Walters, S.E.		Marengo, IN
Wampler, J.M.		Richmond, IN
Wands, Wm.		Indianapolis, IN
Ward, A.O.		Indianapolis, IN
Ward, C.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Ward, H.H.		Alum Cave, IN
Ward, J.O.		Peru, IN
Ward, J.P.		Vevay, IN
Ward, James B.		Geneva, IN
Ward, James G.		Bean Blossom, IN
Ward, Jas. N.		Indianapolis, IN
Ward, John M.		Kewana, IN
Ward, S.H.		Terre Haute, IN
Wardner, Horace		Laporte, IN
Ware, C.M.		West Liberty, IN
Ware, W.H.		Bowers, IN
Warford, F.M.		Cicero, IN
Warham, J.W.		Gilead, IN
Warner, M.E.		Carlisle, IN
Warner, Wm.		Fairmount, IN
Warner, Wm.		Vera Cruz, IN
Warner, Wm. H.		Crothersville, IN
Warren, C.L.		Chesterton, IN
Warren, F.R.		Michigan City, IN
Warter, Phillip		Evansville, IN
Warvel, J.L.		Sidney, IN
Wasburn, J.M.		Kewana, IN
Washburn, D.M.		New Richmond, IN
Washburn, E.P.		Buffalo, IN
Washburn, G.W.		Lafayette, IN
Washburn, G.W.		Star City, IN
Washburn, H.A.		Shirley, IN
Washburn, I.B.		Rensselaer, IN
Washburn, Ira M.	Rensselaer, IN
Washburn, S.T.		Lafayette, IN
Waters, M.H.		Terre Haute, IN
Waters, S.C.		Middletown, IN
Watson, A.A.		Earl Park, IN
Watson, J.R.		W. Lebanon, IN
Watson, Jos. C.		Hobart, IN
Watson, W.D.		Tennyson, IN
Watt, I.E.		Evansville, IN
Watts, E.K.		Richmond, IN
Way, E.A.		Franklin, IN
Wayman, John C.		New Castle, IN
Waynick, J.B.		New Carlisle, IN
Weathers, J.F.		New Albany, IN
Weaver, D.W.		Greensburg, IN
Weaver, O.S.		Terre Haute, IN
Webb, James B.		Perrysville, IN
Webb, W.H.		Adams, IN
Webber, I.B.		Warsaw, IN
Weber, Louis		New Albany, IN
Webster, Elery C.	Marion, IN.
Webster, J.T.		Colfax, IN
Webster, John c.	Lafayette, IN
Webster, M.W.		So. Whitley, IN.
Wedding, M.F.		Rome, IN
Weed, C.W.		Kokomo, IN
Weeks, E.J.		Mech'icsb'g, IN
Weeks, Joseph		Mech'icsb'g, IN
Weer, H.H.		Indianapolis, IN
Weever, J.B.		Evansville, IN
Wegner, Wm. G.		South Bend, IN
Weindel, Wm. J.		Patriot, IN
Weinstine, J.H.		Terre Haute, IN
Weinstine, L.J.		Terre Haute, IN
Weir, Chas. T.		Bloomington, IN
Weir, R.M.		Bloomington, IN
Weir, S.D.		Terre Haute, IN
Weiser, D.D.		Tyner, IN
Weiser, W.A.		Bourbon, IN
Weiss, E.G.		Indianapolis, IN
Weist, H.H.		Richmond, IN
Welborn, G.W.		Stewartsville, IN
Welborn, J.Y.		Evansville, IN
Welch, D.W.		Mt. Vernon, IN
Welch, J.A.		Letts Corners, IN
Welch, John A.		Lena, IN
Welch, Oliver F.	Westport, IN
Wellins, Sarah E.	Martinsville, IN
Wells, A.A.		Lafayette, IN
Wells, Catherine J.	Laporte, IN
Wells, H.O.		Andrews, IN
Wells, H.O.		Terre Haute, IN
Wells, I.E.		Kirklin, IN
Wells, M.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Wells, Wm. Y.		Laketon, IN
Welmann, E.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Welsh, M.D.		Shirley, IN
Wenger, N.R.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Wermuth, A.F.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Wertz, Edward		Nineveh, IN
Wertz, Tohirer		Evansville, IN
Wescott, Jos. B.	Goodland, IN
West, E.A.		Folsomville, IN
West, James F.		Brookville, IN
Westfall, A.B.		Lafayette, IN
Westoer, R.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Wetherill, R.B.		Lafayette, IN
Whalen, T.H.		Lafayette, IN
Wharton, J.O.		Exchange, IN
Wharton, W.L.		Matthews, IN
Wheat, W.W.		Mecca, IN
Wheeler, J.T.		Rockport, IN
Wheeler, M.M.		Noblesville, IN
Wheeler, Wm. H.		Hartford City, IN
Wheelock, K.K.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Wherry, Mary A.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Wherry, Wm. P.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Whippy, Geo. A.		Ligonier, IN
Whippy, W.A.		Goshen, IN
White, A.R.		Indianapolis, IN
White, Arthur		Rockport, IN
White, Ben S.		Greensburg, IN
White, C.A.		Danville, IN
White, Daniel O.	Knox, IN
White, David		Tobinsport, IN
White, E.G.		Lagrange, IN
White, F.W.		Summitville, IN
White, H.Q.		Grand View, IN
White, J.W.		Summitville, IN
White, John T.		Grand View, IN
White, John W.		South Bend, IN
White, L.E.		Montpelier, IN
White, M.M.		Bristow, IN
White, R.B.		Montpelier, IN
White, Reid A.		Lafayette, IN
White, S.G.		Warsaw, IN
White, S.R.		Laud, IN
White, Samuel S.	Indianapolis, IN
White, T.A.		Frankton, IN
White, T.A.		Noblesville, IN
White, W.H.		Amo, IN
White, W.H.		Edinburg, IN
White, Wm.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Whitehall, Sam'l.	South Bend, IN
Whitehead, W.E.		Brownstown, IN
Whitenack, J.H.		Crawfordsville, IN
Whiteny, H.M.		Muncie, IN
Whitesides, L.L.	Franklin, IN
Whiting, U.G.		Wadesville, IN
Whitledge, G.A.		Anderson, IN
Whitner, B.F.		Goshen, IN
Whitney, E.A.		Muncie, IN
Whitney, W.D.		Muncie, IN
Whitsitt, S.A.		Kent, IN
Whitson, Eli M.		Jonesboro, IN
Whitson, John S.	Jonesboro, IN
Whitted, F.F.		Bloomington, IN
Whitted, Wm. L.		Bloomington, IN
Whittinghill, B.F.	Hillham, IN
Whittinghill, J.L.	McCutch'vlle, IN
Wickham, W.A.		South Bend, IN
Wickman, W.W.		Goshen, IN
Wideman, F.E.		Terre Haute, IN
Wiggins, D.S.		Losantville, IN
Wiggins, E.L.		Elwood, IN
Wiggins, E.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Wilcox, F.H.		New Albany, IN
Wilcox, F.T.		Laporte, IN
Wilcox, H.E.		Memphis, IN
Wilcox, S.C.		New Albany, IN
Wilcox. Helen B.	Hammond, IN
Wilde, G.O.		Boonville, IN
Wildman, W.A.		San Jacinto, IN
Wiles, F.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Wiley, Harriet		Portland, IN
Wilfany, C.O.		Chesterton, IN
Wiliams, Alice B.	Columbia City, IN
Wilkerson, H.L.		Idaville, IN
Wilkerson, W.W.		Idaville, IN
Wilkings, S.V.		Roanoke, IN
Wilkinson, J.J.		Orland, IN
Willbern, E.L.		Union City, IN
Williams, C.F.		Madison, IN
Williams, C.M.		Whiteland, IN
Williams, C.S.		Columbia City, IN
Williams, Chas. F.	Summitville, IN
Williams, D.A.		Marion, IN.
Williams, F.A.		Cuba, IN
Williams, G.P.		Huningburg, IN
Williams, G.T.		Browns Valley, IN
Williams, J.A.		Patricksburg, IN
Williams, J.B.		Anderson, IN
Williams, J.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Williams, J.M.		Owensville, IN
Williams, Jas. R.	Indianapolis, IN
Williams, Jesse B.	Wabash, IN
Williams, John H.	Bowling Green, IN
Williams, K.H.		Cope, IN
Williams, L.J.		Terre Haute, IN
Williams, L.L.		Brazil, IN
Williams, L.O.		Anderson, IN
Williams, Lewis		Marion, IN.
Williams, Luther	Coatsville, IN
Williams, M.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Williams, M.H.		Indianapolis, IN
Williams, N.A.		Bristol, IN
Williams, O.B.		Andrews, IN
Williams, Q.L.		Folsomville, IN
Williams, T.B.		Angola, IN
Williams, W.H.		Dale, IN
Williams, W.H.		Lebanon, IN
Williams, W.O.		Indianapolis, IN
Williams, W.R.		Greenville, IN
Williams, W.S. 		Kendallville, IN
Williams, W.T.		Fort Branch, IN
Williams, Wm. N.	Indianapolis, IN
Williamson, A.A.	Kingman, IN
Williamson, A.A.	Wallace, IN
Williamson, H.		Marion, IN.
Williamson, P.E.	Sweetser, IN
Williamson, R.B.	Paragon, IN
Williamson, W.N.	Kingman, IN
Willian, Carl		Trafalgar, IN
Willian, E. B.		Trafalgar, IN
Willian, R.Day		Trafalgar, IN
Williford, G.W.		Washington, IN
Williford, Wm. C.	Washington, IN
Willis, J.H.		Evansville, IN
Willis, James R.	Terre Haute, IN
Willson, S.C.		Anderson, IN
Wilmans, F.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Wilmuth, C.S.		Noblesville, IN
Wilson,  M.V.		Medora, IN
Wilson, A.M.		Frankfort, IN
Wilson, Anna		Wabash, IN
Wilson, C.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Wilson, C.L.		Ewing, IN
Wilson, C.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Wilson, D.C.		Kendallville, IN
Wilson, Dalton		Yankeetown, IN
Wilson, H.T.		Bunker Hill, IN
Wilson, H.W.		Michigan City, IN
Wilson, J.B.		Ladoga, IN
Wilson, J.F.		Indianapolis, IN
Wilson, J.R.		Hebron, IN
Wilson, J.R.		Prairietown, IN
Wilson, J.W.		Macy, IN
Wilson, James		Wabash, IN
Wilson, L.D.		Hartford City, IN
Wilson, M.C.		Lafayette, IN
Wilson, N.H.		Guionsville, IN
Wilson, R.		Shirley, IN
Wilson, R.E.		Solitude, IN
Wilson, R.S.		Berne, IN
Wilson, Ralph		Shirley, IN
Wilson, Rich J.		Salem, IN
Wilson, T.W.		New Harmony, IN
Wilson, W.B.		Rolling Prairie, IN
Wilson, Wesley		Yankeetown, IN
Wilson, Wm. M.		Scipio, IN
Wilton, Isaiah		Evansville, IN
Wiltshire, J.W.		Bloomington, IN
Wiltshire, K.A.		Moores Hill, IN
Wimmer, G.G.		Mt.Etna, IN
Winans, H.M.		Muncie, IN
Winders, L.C.		Elisabeth, IN
Winstanley, W.C.	New Albany, IN
Winston, L.V.		Knightstown, IN
Winter, Carl G.		Indianapolis, IN
Winton, C.F.		Washington, IN
Wise, J.B.		Frankfort, IN
Wisehart, O.H.		North Salem, IN
Wisehart, W.H.		Colfax, IN
Wiseman, B.W.S.		Culver, IN
Wishard, E.E.		Noblesville, IN
Wishard, Ernest E.	Indianapolis, IN
Wishard, J.N.		Greenwood, IN
Wishard, John G.	Indianapolis, IN
Wishard, W.H.		Indianapolis, IN
Wishard, W.N.		Indianapolis, IN
Wisner, W.E.		Columbus, IN
Witham, S.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Witt, Lazarus		Indianapolis, IN
Witting, A.P.		St. Joseph, IN
Witty, B.W.F.		Perth, IN
Wolf, George 		Manchester, IN
Wolf, J.H.		New Albany, IN
Wolf, Jaboc G.		Morristown, IN
Wolfe, C.H.		Clay City, IN
Wolfe, F.E.		Lanesville, IN
Wolfe, L.O.P.		Mauckport, IN
Wolfe, Z.C.		Corydon, IN
Wolford, C.T.		Indianapolis, IN
Wollenmann, A.G.	Ferdinand, IN
Wood, Anna		Terre Haute, IN
Wood, Elmer U.		Columbus, IN
Wood, Geo. C.		Windfall, IN
Wood, H.D.		Angola, IN
Wood, J.C.		Franklin, IN
Wood, J.M.		Greensburg, IN
Wood, Levi		Indianapolis, IN
Wood, N.S.		Anderson, IN
Wood, Noah S.		Indianapolis, IN
Wood, O.S.		Valparaiso, IN
Wood, T.F..		Angola, IN
Wood, W.W.		Angola, IN
Wood, Wm. F.		Mishawaka, IN
Woodard, M.F.		Bloom'gdale, IN
Woodard, N.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Woodburn, Fred'k	Indianapolis, IN
Woodburn, J.H.		Indianapolis, IN
Wooden, Edw. I.		Rushville, IN
Wooden, J.		Gosport, IN
Wooden, W.H.		Greensburg, IN
Woodruff, C.A.		Ligonier, IN
Woody, Geo. C.		Annapolis, IN
Woolery, Perry		Heltonville, IN
Woollen, G.V.		Indianapolis, IN
Woollen, Levin J.	Vevay, IN
Worden, Jas. W.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Work, J.A.		Elkhart, IN
Work, W.F.		Charlestown, IN
Worrell, J.P.		Terre Haute, IN
Worrell, Wm.B.		Hobart, IN
Worsham, S.		Evansville, IN
Wray, J.T.		New Albany, IN
Wright, A.F.		Nineveh, IN
Wright, B.C.		Indian Spr'gs., IN
Wright, C.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Wright, C.R.		Frankton, IN
Wright, Chas. L.	Huntington, IN
Wright, D.M.		Hudson, IN
Wright, E.D.		Scipio, IN
Wright, Ervin		Huntington, IN
Wright, Frank M.	Indianapolis, IN
Wright, George		Indianapolis, IN
Wright, J. F.		Columbus, IN
Wright, J.E.		Camb'dge City, IN
Wright, J.W.		Kokomo, IN
Wright, Mark R.		Knox, IN
Wright, S.V.		Greensburg, IN
Wright, Shelby		Bracken, IN
Wright, Thos.		Boonville, IN
Wright, U.A.		Mt. Meridian, IN
Wright, W.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Wyatt, A.R.		Lagrange, IN
Wyeth, Charles		Terre Haute, IN
Wylie, B.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Wynn, F.B.		Indianapolis, IN
Yager, E.J.		Graysville, IN
Yancey, S.P.		Fortville, IN
Yarling, J.E.		Peru, IN
Yeager, J. Wm.		W. Lafayette, IN
Yencer, M.W.		Boston, IN
Yencer, M.W.		Boston, IN
Yenne, Chas. H.		Washington, IN
Yerhan, H.H.		Union City, IN
Yingling, Daniel	Huntington, IN
Yockey, David H.	Blountsville, IN
Yocum, Boaz		Coal City, IN
Yocum, M.G.		Mentone, IN
Yohn, Edwin F.		Hebron, IN
Yoke, Chas.		Bridgeport,  IN
Yoke, Chas.		Bridgeport, IN
Yost, Harry E.		Vallonia, IN
Youkey, W.P.		Lafayette, IN
Young, Chas. C.		Elnora, IN
Young, Dudley		Pawnee, IN
Young, G.M.		Evansville, IN
Young, M.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Young, M.H.		Harmony, IN
Young, M.V.		Frankfort, IN
Young, S.J.		Terre Haute, IN
Young, T.J.		Indianapolis, IN
Young, W.L.		Edinburg, IN
Young, W.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Youngblood, E.M.	Boonville, IN
Younge, John W.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Youngkin, J.N.		Wingate, IN
Youngkin, J.W.		Wolcottville, IN
Yundt, A.M.		Mulberry, IN
Zaring, Clint F.	Greencastle, IN
Zaring, P.A.		Tampico, IN
Zeliak, A.L.		Haubstadt, IN
Zeliak, J.E.		Haubstadt, IN
Zeller, F.A.		Union City, IN
Zenninger, H.A.		Lucerne,IN
Zimmer, E. G.		Upland, IN
Zimmerman, C.A.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Zimmerman, C.F.		Terre Haute, IN
Zimmerman, J.		Lynnville, IN
Zimmerman, Jno. 	Princeton, IN
Zimmerman, W.W.		Richmond, IN
Zinn, C.A.		Michigant'wn, IN
Zinn, Geo.		Covington, IN
Ziteke, J.F.		Batesville, IN
Zitzlaff, C.J.		Indianapolis, IN
Zuerner, Joseph		Jeffersonville, IN




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