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Indiana Physicians, 1900


We do not have any genealogy information on the people listed on this page, but we do have some interesting reprints concerning the health conditions in Indiana in 1900. We can also send you a hard copy of the listings below so that you will have it for your genealogy files.

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H - L Surnames M - P Surnames
Haag, E.L.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Haas, H.C.		Peru, IN
Habermel, Clara L.	Bradford, IN
Hacker, W.P.		Bloomington, IN
Hackleman,  F.M.	Rockport, IN
Hackleman, F.G.		Rushville, IN
Hadley, Edgar		Indianapolis, IN
Hadley, Evan		Indianapolis, IN
Hager, Walter A.	South Bend, IN
Haggard, E.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Haggerty, R.L.		Elkhart, IN
Haifley, W.H.		Amboy, IN
Haines, H.C.		Sims, IN
Hale, Levi A.		Martz P.O., IN
Hale, M.N.		Wabash, IN
Hale, N.T.		Wabash, IN
Hall, A.S.		Arlington, IN
Hall, H.J.		Franklin, IN
Hall, J.E.		Alexandria, IN
Hall, John W.		Portland, IN
Hall, M.L.		Newport, IN
Hall, Silas		Vincennes, IN
Hall, Stephen A.	Advance, IN
Hall, T.J.		Mt. Vernon, IN
Hall, T.R.		Elkhart, IN
Hall, Willis M.		Pennville, IN
Hallahan, Jos.		Logansport,IN
Halloway, A.G.		Decatur, IN
Halloway, M.L		Decatur, IN
Halloway, W.O.		Logansport,IN
Halton, John		Muncie, IN
Hamilton, A.A.		Marion, IN.
Hamilton, A.W.		Waynetown, IN
Hamilton, C.N.		Kokomo, IN
Hamilton, F.C.		Hudson, IN
Hamilton, H.C.J.	Clear Creek, IN
Hamilton, J.A.		Advance, IN
Hamilton, J.S,		Kyana, IN
Hamilton, R.A.		Clark's Hill, IN
Hamilton, R.A.		Cloverdale, IN
Hamilton, R.A.		Linden, IN
Hamilton, R.A.		Westfield, IN
Hamilton, R.J.		Darlington, IN
Hamilton, Robert	Medaryville, IN
Hamilton, S.N.		Connersville, IN
Hammel, John		Buckskin, IN
Hammer, N.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Hammersley, W.L.	Frankfort, IN
Hammond, A.K.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Hammond, F.E.		Helix, IN
Hammond, J.H.		Anderson, IN
Hanahan, J.H.		Strawtown, IN
Hancock, C.F.C.		Jeffersonville, IN
Hancock, Geo. W.	Campbellsb'g., IN
Hani, Wm. F.		Elkhart, IN
Hanlon, Elizabeth	Diamond, IN
Hanna, James L.		Paris Cross'g., IN
Hanna, Levi M.		Greencastle, IN
Hannahan, John		Elwood, IN
Hansel, Chas. E.	South Bend, IN
Hansen, M.J.T.		Indianapolis, IN
Hansen, R.W.		Hammond, IN
Hansford, W.G.		Oakland City, IN
Hanslmair, J.M.		Evansville, IN
Hanslmair, J.M.		Terre Haute, IN
Haradin, Alfred		Hartford City, IN
Harbaugh, C.A.		Lafayette, IN
Harbert, John P.	Indianapolis, IN
Harden, Mrs. C.A.	Gas City, IN
Hardesty, J.C.		Millville, IN
Harding,Geo. W.N.	Manchester, IN
Hardman, R.H.		Converse, IN
Hardman, W.E.		LaGro, IN
Hardwick, R.L.		Mt. Vernon, IN
Hardy, C.F.		Kendallville, IN
Hardy, J.S.		Lebanon, IN
Hargan, H. C.		Worthington, IN
Hargan, H.C.		St. Joseph, IN
Hargis, W.T.		Derby, IN
Harold, A.R.		Indianapolis, IN
Harold, A.R.		Lafayette, IN
Harold, C.N.		Indianapolis, IN
Harold, I.S.		Richmond, IN
Harold, N. E.		Westfield, IN
Harold, N.G.		Carmel, IN
Harp, F.W.		Indianapolis, IN
Harper, Jas. A.		Shelburn, IN
Harper, John		Mt. Vernon, IN
Harpole, C.B.		Evansville, IN
Harrah, Jno. M.		Switz City, IN
Harrell, M.H.		Noblesville, IN
Harrell, Samuel		Noblesville, IN
Harrie, S.H.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Harris, A.H.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Harris, C. Edward	Bloomington, IN
Harris, Cyrus M.	Bourbon, IN
Harris, F.M.		Vincennes, IN
Harris, John E.		Bloomington, IN
Harris, Oliver K.	Ellettsville, IN
Harris, R. W.		New Albany, IN
Harris, R. W.		Algiers, IN
Harris, Robert 		South Bend, IN
Harris, Walter W.	Ellettsville, IN
Harrison, Harlan	Union City, IN
Harrison, Jas. A.	Spurgeon, IN
Harrison, R.G.		Hillsdale, IN
Harrison, S.L.		Vincennes, IN
Harrison, Wm.		Kokomo, IN
Harrod, John		Ft. Wayne, IN
Harrod, Morse		Ft. Wayne, IN
Harrold, John R.	Roll, IN
Hart, Douglas		New Albany, IN
Hart, E.H.		Tennyson, IN
Hart, Millard M.	Indianapolis, IN
Harter, Harry T.	Newtonville, IN
Harter, J.H.		Anderson, IN
Harter, W.P.		Anderson, IN
Hartloff, C.W.		Evansville, IN
Hartly, T.H.		Terre Haute, IN
Hartsell, W.W.		Rensselaer, IN
Hartsock, Will		Greenwood, IN
Harvey Jessie B.	Indianapolis, IN
Harvey, D.B.		Cumberland, IN
Harvey, J.W.		Russellville, IN
Harvey, Wm. D.		Indianapolis, IN
Harvey, Wm. F.		Brightwood,  IN
Haslep, Marietta	Indianapolis, IN
Hassenmiller, M.	West Baden, IN
Hasting, W.E.		Mt. Vernon, IN
Hastings, A.H.		Muncie, IN
Hasty, Geo.		Indianapolis, IN
Hatch, E.M.		Logansport,IN
Hatch, H.S.		Madison, IN
Hatch, J.A. 		Kentland, IN
Hatfield, B.F.		Union, IN
Hatfield, I.N.		Bluffton, IN
Hatfield, J.F.		Moran, IN
Hatfield, Wm. A.	Kokomo, IN
Hattery, A.H.		Raglesville, IN
Hattery, B.D.		Logansport,IN
Hauck, J.H.		Terre Haute, IN
Hauenstein, G.W.	Elkhart, IN
Haughton, Ada		Linn Grove, IN
Haughton, Asa		Kieps, IN
Haughton, R.E.		Richmond, IN
Haun, Maria		Marion, IN.
Hause, Wm.		Westport, IN
Hauser, Zack H.		Columbus, IN
Hauss, A.P.		New Albany, IN
Hauss, Q.R.		Sellersburg, IN
Hawes, J.K.		Columbus, IN
Hawkins, E.P.		Elkhart, IN
Hawkins, Eugene		Greencastle, IN
Hawkins, Robt. W.	Brazil, IN
Hawkins, Z.T.		Swayzee, IN
Hawley, K.D.		Columbus, IN
Haworth, M.C.		Noblesville, IN
Hayden, A.M.		Evansville, IN
Hayden, John H.		Stout, IN
Haydon, D.N.		Vevay, IN
Hayes, Geo. C.		Hillsboro, IN
Hayhurst, A.S.		Evansville, IN
Haynes, J.R.		Indianapolis, IN
Haynes, W.H.		Indianapolis, IN
Hays, D.W.		Valley City, IN
Hays, Florence W.	Terre Haute, IN
Hays, John W.		Albion, IN
Hays, T.A.		Burns City, IN
Hazard, S.D.		Prather, IN
Hazel, James T.		Whitehall, IN
Hazelwood, F.W.		English, IN
Hazelwood, G. R.	English, IN
Hazelwood, John		New Albany, IN
Hazlewood, G.		Chambersb'g,IN
Heady, E.E.		Uniondale, IN
Heady, W.S.		Jamestown, IN
Hearn, H.O.		Marysville, IN
Heath, F.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Heath, J.P.		Fishers Switch, IN
Heath, S.H.		Huntington, IN
Heath, W.M.		Anderson, IN
Heavenridge, A.		Stilesville, IN
Heberer, J.M.		Evansville, IN
Heckman, W.H.		Bedford, IN
Hedrick, John T.	Alfordsville, IN
Hedrick, Wm.H.		Odon, IN
Heffley, J.W.		Mentone, IN
Heil, Chas. P.		Indianapolis, IN
Heimlich, A.F.		Hammond, IN
Heiner, E.K.		Hagerstown, IN
Held, H.W.		Vincennes, IN
Helfrick, H.J.		Clark's Hill, IN
Heller, Fred		Brownstown, IN
Heller, O.		New Palestine, IN
Helm, C.J.		Peru, IN
Helm, W.M.		Williamsburg, IN
Helming, T.W.		Indianapolis, IN
Heltman, Jeff K.	Oaklandon, IN
Hemphill, T.H.		Seelyville, IN
Hendershot, C.T.	Cannelton, IN
Henderson, A.H. 	Knox, IN
Henderson, J.P.		Hammond, IN
Henderson, J.T.		Covington, IN
Henderson, S.C.		St. Phillips, IN
Henderson, S.T.		Amboy, IN
Hend'kson, A.M.D.	Magnet, IN
Hendricks, J.L.		Lebanon, IN
Hendricks, W.E.		Martinsville, IN
Henkle, Jas. S.		Indianapolis, IN
Henley, Alpheus		Fairmount, IN
Henley, Glenn		Fairmount, IN
Henry, Edgar P.		Monticello, IN
Henry, J.W.		Richmond, IN
Henry, Wm. C.		Aurora, IN
Hensler, E.H.C.		Hensler, IN
Henson, Theo		Martinsville, IN
Hermani, Wm. A.		Altoga, IN
Hermann, A.J.		Logansport,IN
Hermann, F.J.		Logansport,IN
Herold, Henry		Switz City, IN
Heron, Nathan		Connersville, IN
Heron, Nathan		Ft. Wayne, IN
Herr, Henry		Washington, IN
Herring, Fred		Goshen, IN
Herrold, R.P.		Peabody, IN
Herron, T.W.		Lesterville, IN
Hershey, F.C.		Carmel, IN
Hershey, K.C.		Carmel, IN
Hervey, E.V.		Indianapolis, IN
Hervey, Minetta		Richmond, IN
Hervey, S.W.		Fortville, IN
Hesler, Robt. F.	Kingman, IN
Hess, Frank C.		Cadiz, IN
Hess, M.M.		Morristown, IN
Hessler, Robert		Indianapolis, IN
Hessler, Robert		Logansport,IN
Hester, Geo. F.		Tocsin, IN
Hester, Laura		Bloomington, IN
Hester, Robert F.	Bloomington, IN
Hetherington, J.P.	Logansport,IN
Hetrick, Jacob		Ft. Wayne, IN
Hetsler, O.I.		Blountsville, IN
Hettinger, I.B.		Indianapolis, IN
Hewitt, Homer S.	Mishawaka, IN
Hiatt, C.C.		Winchester, IN
Hiatt, John A.		Ridgeville, IN
Hibbard, F.M.		Marion, IN.
Hibberd, Jas. F.	Richmond, IN
Hibbs, I.W.		Nineveh, IN
Hibbs, Irwin		Martinsville, IN
Hickam, Wilford		Spencer, IN
Hickman, C.J.		South Bend, IN
Hickman, T.L.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Hicks, C.		Mt. Vernon, IN
Hicks, J.L.		Arcadia, IN
Hicks, J.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Hicks, J.P.		Indianapolis, IN
Hicks, J.R.		Rosston,IN
Hicks, James M.		Huntington, IN
Hicks, John C.		Napoleon, IN
Higbee, Geo. W.		Sullivan, IN
Higbee, J.L.		Sullivan, IN
Higgins, John		Crown Point, IN
Higgins, Otis C.	Lebanon, IN
Higgins, R.G.		Princeton, IN
Hildrup, J.R.		Windfall, IN
Hill, A.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Hill, Clarence		Frankfort, IN
Hill, Frank E.		Muncie, IN
Hill, Geo. A.		Athens, IN 
Hill, H.B.		Logansport,IN
Hill, H.C.		Darlington, IN
Hill, Jacob W.		South Bend, IN
Hill, Jesse L.		Lowell, IN
Hill, L.B.		Seymour, IN
Hill, W.D.		Martinsville, IN
Hill, William		Rochester, IN
Hillis, J.D.		Lafayette, IN
Hilsmeyer, F.E.		Velpen, IN
Hilsmeyer, L.H.		Stendal, IN
Hinchman, C.S.		Marion, IN.
Hiner, F.T.		W. Lafayette, IN
Hiner, Leo A.		Warsaw, IN
Hines, F.M.		Auburn, IN
Hines, W.L.		Warsaw, IN
Hinkle,  E.I.		Goldsmith, IN
Hinkle, J. S.		Worthington, IN
Hinkle, J.R.		Sullivan, IN
Hinshaw, Otis W.	Lynn, IN
Hinshaw, T.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Hinshaw, Wm. H.		Bartonia, IN
Hirst, Luther S.	Brazil, IN
Hite, Edward A.		Kokomo, IN
Hitt, J.Y.		Greensburg, IN
Hitt, S.B.		Greensburg, IN
Hixson, Wm. H.		Farmer, IN
Hoadley, W.J.		Danville, IN
Hoag, J.H.		Marshfield, IN
Hoag, Jas. H.		Veedersburg, IN
Hobbs, Alice L.		Indianapolis, IN
Hobbs, H.C.		Salem, IN
Hobbs, Orville W.	Ogden, IN
Hockett, C.P.		Jonesboro, IN
Hockett, C.P.		Kouts, IN
Hodges, E.F.		Indianapolis, IN
Hodges, W.A.		Freedom, IN
Hodges, W.A.		Oaktown, IN
Hodgin, E.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Hodson, Geo. 		Evansville, IN
Hoffman, Geo. E.	Rochester, IN
Hoggatt, W.W.		Oliver, IN
Holaday, R.L.		Newt. Stew'rt, IN
Holcomb, J.H.		Barber's Mills, IN
Holcome, A.W.		Kokomo, IN
Holder, R.E.		Columbus, IN
Holder, Union H.	Washington, IN
Holderman, E.		Wakarusa, IN
Holladay, Thos. F.	Mooresville, IN
Holland, P.C.		Bloomington, IN
Hollenbeck, B.W.	Westville, IN
Holliday, D.A.		Fairmount, IN
Hollinger, I.C.		New Albany, IN
Hollingsworth, A.	Edwardsport, IN
Hollingsworth, M.P.	Princeton, IN
Hollingsworth, J.S.	Indianapolis, IN
Hollingsworth, A.S.	Urbana, IN
Hollingsworth, S.G.	Maysville, IN
Hollis, Ella A.		Hartford City, IN
Hollis, Samuel		Hartford City, IN
Hollister, Geo. S.	Culver, IN
Holloway, D.B.		Richmond, IN
Holloway, Jas. C.	Indianapolis, IN
Holloway, Jas. P.	Oxford, IN
Holloway, Jos. H.	Butler, IN
Holloway, L.E.		Spiceland, IN
Holloway, O.E.		Henry County
Holly, A.C.		Attica, IN
Holmes, H.D.		Scircleville, IN
Holmes, T.F.		Pickards, IN
Holton, W.M.		New Harmony, IN
Holtzendorf, H.C.	Mishawaka, IN
Holtzendorff, A.C.	Plymouth, IN
Holtzendorff, C.F.	Plymouth, IN
Holtzman, W.R.		Stinesville, IN
Homer, R.H.		Knightstown, IN
Hon, Amzi W.		Bloomington, IN
Hon, Ulrich H.		Bloomington, IN
Honeycutt, W.J.		Scalesville, IN
Hontz, W.C.		Syracuse, IN
Hood, T.C.		Dana, IN
Hood, T.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Hooker, H.H.		Oakdam, IN
Hoopingarner, G.W.	Elkhart, IN
Hoopingarner, J.J.	Milford, IN
Hoot, Prentiss L.	Rochester, IN
Hoover, John E.		Indianapolis, IN
Hoover, John M.		Goshen, IN
Hoover, Josephine	Goshen, IN
Hoover, L.		Decker, IN
Hope, C.F.		Coatesville, IN
Hopenwrath, W.H.	Elwood, IN
Hoper, J.H.		Milltown, IN
Hopkins, R.R.		Richmond, IN
Hopkins, Wm. G.		Fort Branch, IN
Hopper, Geo. H.		Logansport,IN
Hopper, I.J.		Milltown, IN
Hopper, M.S.		Lafayette, IN
Horn, Amos H.		Putnamville, IN
Horn, William C.	Pennville, IN
Hornaday, W.H.		Forest, IN
Horne, Brose S.		Bluffton, IN
Horne, J.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Horne, S.S.		Jonesboro, IN
Horne, W.M.		Anderson, IN
Horner, J.A.		Hancock, IN
Horner, R.H.		Knightstown, IN
Hornocker, S.D.		Silverville, IN
Horrall, Wm.A.		Washington, IN
Horron, Geo. W.		Hatfield, IN
Horton, Edwin R.	Bluffton, IN
Horton, F.W.		Monrovia, IN
Horvat, Wm. F.		Hammond, IN
Hoskins, George		Whiting, IN
Hoskins, W.D.		Indianapolis, IN
Hoss, J.V.		Indianapolis, IN
Hossman, Wm. E.		Akron, IN
Hostetler, A.J.		Shipshewana, IN
Hough, Wm. A.		Marion, IN.
Houghland, C.S. 	Milroy, IN
Houghl'd., M.E.M.	Vienna, IN
Houghton, Lloyd		Huntertown, IN
House, G.H.F.		Indianapolis, IN
House, John W.		Lawrenceburg, IN
Houseman, Kate		Muncie, IN
Houser, B.A.		Somerset, IN
Houser, E.K.		Amboy, IN
Houser, J.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Houser, Jas. A.		Marion, IN.
Houser, S.K.		Winamac, IN
How, John T.		Bremen, IN
Howard, C.L.		St. Paul, IN
Howard, F.M.		St. Paul, IN
Howard, J.L.		French Lick, IN
Howard, J.W.		St. Paul, IN
Howard, L.N.		Indianapolis, IN
Howard, M.A.		Velpen, IN
Howard, N.P.		Greenfield, IN
Howard, S.B.		Kossuth, IN
Howard, T.M.		Boonville, IN
Howard, W.M.		Grass Creek, IN
Howard, W.R.		Troy, IN
Howe, R.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Howe, Wm. F.		Indianapolis, IN
Howell, J.W.S.		Hammond, IN
Howell, John Q. 	DeLong, IN
Howland, Morton		Markle, IN
Hoy, B.F.		Syracuse, IN
Hskinson, A.		Indianapolis, IN
Hubbard, W.H.		Monrovia, IN
Huber, J.G.		Evansville, IN
Huddleston, A.F.	Winchester, IN
Hudelson, R.L.		Richland, IN
Hudson, B.F.		Montezuma, IN
Hudson, L.H.		Little York, IN
Hudson, O.L.		Princeton, IN
Huff, O.N.		Fountain City, IN
Huffman, D.C.		Craigsville, IN
Huffman, W.G.		Richmond, IN
Huggins, R.		New Albany, IN
Hughes, Wm.		Lima, IN
Hughes, Wm. L.		Matthews, IN
Hull, Wm. H.		Center, IN
Hulsizer, E.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Humphreys, F.B.		Angola, IN
Humstone, M.L.		Goodland, IN
Hunt, Bader S.		Winchester, IN
Hunt, F.P.		Leipsic, IN
Hunt, Gideon		Westfield, IN
Hunt, J.S.		W. Terre Haute, IN
Hunt, J.W.		Anderson, IN
Hunt, May H.		Logansport,IN
Hunt, Stephen		Coatesville, IN
Hunt, Thos. N.		Dunkirk, IN
Hunt, Tilman		Plainfield, IN
Hunt, W.A.		Lynnville, IN
Hunter, Abram C.	Raub, IN
Hunter, Chas. A.	Reddington, IN
Hunter, F.S.		Bedford, IN
Hunter, John R.		Bippus, IN
Hunter, T.C.		Kokomo, IN
Hunter, W.M.		Petersburg, IN
Hupe, Charles		Lafayette, IN
Hupp, Samuel		Warren, IN
Huron, F.H.		Danville, IN
Huron, W.B.		Tipton, IN
Hurst, E.M.		Cloverdale, IN
Hurst, S.H.		Laconia, IN
Hurt, George K.		Thorntown, IN
Hurt, W.J.		Waynetown, IN
Hurty, J.N.		Indianapolis, IN
Hutchason, R.H.		Cannelton, IN
Hutchens, H.C.		Portland, IN
Hutcheson, W.R.		Greencastle, IN
Hutchings, B.F.		Crawfordsville, IN
Hutchings, W.D.		Madison, IN
Hutchinson, J.A.	Salamonia, IN
Hyde, Loren A.		Greensburg, IN
Hylton, A.J.		Indianapolis, IN
Hylton, Allen J.	Mooresville, IN
Hyten, W.H.		Parkersburg, IN
Ibach, P.G.		Hammond, IN
Iddings, H.L.		Merrillville, IN
Ihrig, F.M.		Goshen, IN
Ijams, Thos. F.		North Grove, IN
Illing, A.F.		Evansville, IN
Imel, E.S.		Algiers, IN
Ingleright, A.J.	South Bend, IN
Inks, John A.		Nappanee, IN
Inlow, Geo. J.		Blue Ridge, IN
Inlow, J.N.		Blue Ridge, IN
Ireland, J.M.		Francisco, IN
Ireland, Martin		Columbia City, IN
Irick, Geo. Wm.		Indianapolis, IN
Irwin, A.T.		Goshen, IN
Irwin, L.M.		Lafayette, IN
Irwin, S.G.		Crawfordsville, IN
Jacks, James R.		Catlin, IN
Jackson, A.C.		Goshen, IN
Jackson, F.B.		Muncie, IN
Jackson, John H.	Pleasantville, IN
Jackson, Jury		McCutch'vlle, IN
Jackson, L.D.		Hammond, IN
Jackson, Mary E.	Hammond, IN
Jackson, Rose B.	Kokomo, IN
Jackson, Sarah C.	Jeffersonville, IN
Jacobs, Harry A.	Indianapolis, IN
James, Chas. S.		Radley, IN
James, J.R.		Buffaloville, IN
James, Oliver		Cory, IN
James, T.S.		Shelbyville, IN
Jameson, Henry		Indianapolis, IN
Jameson, P.H		Indianapolis, IN
Jamieson, R.A.		Patriot, IN
Jaquith, O.S.		Lawrenceburg, IN
Jay, Milton T.		Portland, IN
Jeffers, F.M.		Lafayette, IN
Jeffrey, H.S.		Upland, IN
Jeffries, W.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Jenkins, J.M.		Cortland, IN
Jenkins, J.R.		Shelbyville, IN
Jenkins, Jennie		Indianapolis, IN
Jenkins, W.O.		Terre Haute, IN
Jennings, Caswell	White Lick, IN
Jennings, W.L.		Bridgeport,  IN
Jennings, W.T.		Millersburg, IN
Jennings, Wm. L.	Bridgeport, IN
Jerman, L.W.D.		New Point, IN
Jerome, J.M.		Evansville, IN
Jessup, John T.		Curtisville, IN
Jessup, R.B.		Vincennes, IN
Jeter, C.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Jeter, Frank		Indianapolis, IN
John, B.B.		Gentryville, IN
Johns, Elmer D.		Zionsville, IN
Johns, Stephen M.	Indianapolis, IN
Johnson, A.R.		Atwood, IN
Johnson, C.H.		Chesterton, IN
Johnson, E.M.		Knightstown, IN
Johnson, E.W.		Union City, IN
Johnson, H.		New Point, IN
Johnson, J.E.		Marion, IN.
Johnson, J.H.		McCutch'vlle, IN
Johnson, J.H.		Rockport, IN
Johnson, J.S.		Indianapolis, IN
Johnson, John M.	Burlington, IN
Johnson, John R.	Obi, IN
Johnson, L.B.W.		Ireland, IN
Johnson, Luther		Bourbon, IN
Johnson, M.P.		Ekin, IN
Johnson, O.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Johnson, O.B.		Lizton, IN
Johnson, Silas C.	Rensselaer, IN
Johnson, Thos.		Clarksburg, IN
Johnson, W.A.		Wawaka, IN
Johnson, Wm. A.		Falmouth, IN
Johnson, Wm. N.		Indianapolis, IN
Johnston, A.		Akron, IN
Johnston, D.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Johnston, H.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Johnston, M.A.		Oaktown, IN
Johnston, M.F.		Richmond, IN
Johnston, W.R.		Charlottsville, IN
Jolly, John C.		Lake, IN
Jones, A.B.		Burnettsville, IN
Jones, A.H.		Whitewater, IN
Jones, Alfred B.	Lebanon, IN
Jones, C.		Charlestown, IN
Jones, C.A.		Palestine, IN
Jones, C.R.		Jonesboro, IN
Jones, C.T.		Gentryville, IN
Jones, Cyrus V.		Kniman, IN
Jones, E.P.		Marion, IN.
Jones, F.C.		Frankfort, IN
Jones, F.M.		McCutch'vlle, IN
Jones, F.M.		Stephenson, IN
Jones, G.E.		McCutch'vlle, IN
Jones, Geo. B.		Rushville, IN
Jones, H.C.		Hall, IN
Jones, H.G.		Medaryville, IN
Jones, H.V.		Anderson, IN
Jones, Henry W.		Spiceland, IN
Jones, J.G.		Versailles, IN
Jones, J.H.		Bowling Green, IN
Jones, J.H.		New Albany, IN
Jones, J.J.		Medaryville, IN
Jones, Jesse M.		Cataract, IN
Jones, John H.		Gowdy, IN
Jones, Levi M.		N. Ind'polis, IN
Jones, N.I.		Indianapolis, IN
Jones, O.H.		Crawfordsville, IN
Jones, Oscar		Indianapolis, IN
Jones, P.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Jones, R.E.		Hall, IN
Jones, T.B.		Pine Village, IN
Jones, Thos. B.		Lynnville, IN
Jones, W.R.		Bicknell, IN
Jones, Wm. E.		McCutch'vlle, IN
Jordan, D.W.		Anderson, IN
Jordan, Ira H.		Indianapolis, IN
Jordan, J.S.		Indianapolis, IN
Jordan, M.A.		Logansport,IN
Judah, M.T.		Gent, IN
Julian, E.T.		Maysville, IN
Julian, J.P.		Wilkinson, IN
Julian, Jas. F.		Gaston, IN
Jump, S.G.		Selma, IN
Junkin, S.B.		N. Webster, IN
Justice, J.H.		Greenfield, IN
Justice, W.H.		Eden, IN
Kahlo, Geo. D.		Indianapolis, IN
Kahn, D.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Kalllbfleisch, A.H.	Peru, IN
Kammon, S.H.		Seymour, IN
Kane, F.C.		Logansport,IN
Kannel, J.W.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Kaple, John D.		South Bend, IN
Kaszer, Jacob		Plymouth, IN
Kauffman, A.G.		Goshen, IN
Kauffman, D.E.		Monroeville, IN
Kautz, John		Wabash, IN
Keefer, F.R.		Andrews, IN
Keefer, F.R.		Hammond, IN
Keefer, T.R.		Coesse, IN
Keegan, C.J.		Canal, IN
Keegan, E.W.		Crawfordsville, IN
Keeler, J.C.		Silverwood, IN
Keene, D.P.		Marion, IN.
Keesler, G.		Orland, IN
Kegley, John L.		Stones Cross'g., IN
Keim, P.S.		Mexico, IN
Keim, Peter S.		N. Manchester, IN
Keiper, G.F.		Lafayette, IN
Kell, S.		Liberty, IN
Kellams, S.W.		Birdseye, IN
Kellar, F.G.		Alexandria, IN
Keller, A.R.		Indianapolis, IN
Keller, H.E.		Decatur, IN
Kelley, D.M.		Brookston, IN
Kelley, G.C.		McCutch'vlle, IN
Kelley, James C.	Mitchell, IN
Kelley, Jno. F.		Livonia, IN
Kelling, Jas. E.	Sulphur Hills, IN
Kelly Luke H.		Chesterton, IN
Kelly, C.M.		Winchester, IN
Kelly, F.M.		Vincennes, IN
Kelly, Geo. W.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Kelly, J.N.		Westville, IN
Kelsay, Clarence 	McCutch'vlle, IN
Kelsey, A.I.		Indianapolis, IN
Kelsey, R.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Kelsey, T.W.		Francesville, IN
Kelsey, Thos. W.	Converse, IN
Kelsey, W.C.		Monterey, IN
Kelsey, Wm.		Monterey, IN
Kelso, E.E.		Eminence, IN
Kelso, Ulysses G.	Dubois, IN
Kemble, Lovenia 	South Bend, IN
Kemp, G.W.		Russiaville, IN
Kemp, J.W.		Roanoke, IN
Kemper, A.T.		Muncie, IN
Kemper, G.W.H.		Muncie, IN
Kempf, E.J.		Jasper, IN
Kendall, C.W. 		Pine Village, IN
Kendall, John T.	Argos, IN
Kendall, P.A.		Austin, IN
Kendle, G.C.		Princeton, IN
Kendrick, N.C.		Butlersville, IN
Kendrick,Wm. N.		Indianapolis, IN
Kennedy, A.C.		Patricksburg, IN
Kennedy, C.E.		Freetown, IN
Kennedy, D.P.		Martinsville, IN
Kennedy, John		Paragon, IN
Kennedy, John Y.	Shelbyville, IN
Kennedy, Sam. A.	Indianapolis, IN
Kennedy, Samuel		Shelbyville, IN
Kennedy, T.C.		Shelbyville, IN
Kennedy, T.W.		Sullivan, IN
Kent, C.V.		Hope, IN
Kentling, Jos. 		Smithville, IN
Kercheval, C.F.		Greensburg, IN
Kern, Aaron		Wabash, IN
Kern, C.R.		Lafayette, IN
Kern, L.		Kokomo, IN
Kerr, J.D.		Green's Fork, IN
Kerrigan, J.J.		Michigan City, IN
Kersey, J.B.		Ple's'nt Plain, IN
Kersey, Jas. B.		Marion, IN.
Kersey, S.H.		Centerville, IN
Kesler, A.J.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Kessinger, C.A.		Martinsville, IN
Kessinger, Ellis	Sandborn, IN
Kessinger, Wm. E.	Scotland, IN
Kessler, G. B.		Kirklin, IN
Kester, A.a.		Wolcottville, IN
Ketcham, Chas. L. 	New  Alsace, IN
Ketchum, F.G.		Valparaiso, IN
Ketchum, G.V.		Claypool, IN
Keyes, Otis M.		Dana, IN
Kidd, G.P.		Roann, IN
Kidd, W..J.		Burlington, IN
Kidder, Jas. F.		N. Mt. Pleas'nt, IN
Kidder, John J.		Salamonia, IN
Kiefer, Chas.		Newburgh, IN
Kilander, W.J.		Markle, IN
Kilgore, F.T.		Yorktown, IN
Killgore, Frank		Ingalls, IN
Killion, John N.	Cornettsville, IN
Kilmer, Samuel L.	South Bend, IN
Kimball, A.D.		Nat. Mil. Home, IN
Kimball, G.D.		Marion, IN.
Kimball, M.C.		Converse, IN
Kimball, T.C.		Marion, IN.
Kimberlin, A.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Kime, J.T.		Petersburg, IN
Kimes, D.W.		Birdseye, IN
Kimmel, A.J.		Angola, IN
Kincaid, S.F.		Taylorsville, IN
Kindelberger, W.	Indianapolis, IN
Kinderman, A.		Eugene, IN
King, C.H.		Wabash, IN
King, Edward		Five Points, IN
King, F.B.		Windfall, IN
King, H.O.		Pierceton, IN
King, J.E.		Richmond, IN
King, J.M.		Greencastle, IN
King, Jas. R.		Roanoke, IN
King, Milo  O.		Rochester, IN
King, N.W.		Taswell, IN
King, R.F.		New Ross, IN
King, W.R.		Greenfield, IN
King, Wm. F.		Columbia City, IN
Kinneman, J.G.		Goodland, IN
Kinsey, David S.	Portland, IN
Kinsey, J.H.		Richmond, IN
Kiplinger, Wm.		Burket, IN
Kirk, Albert E.		Parr, IN
Kirk, Elmer E.		Spiceland, IN
Kirkpatrick, A.M.	Columbus, IN
Kirkpatrick, D.		Larwill, IN.
Kirkpatrick, G.W.	Lafayette, IN
Kirkpatrick, J.B.	Indianapolis, IN
Kiskaden, H.S.		Huntington, IN
Kister, Geo. H.		Elberfeld, IN
Kister, Geo. H.		Fort Branch, IN
Kistler, F.M.		Royal Center
Kistner, Frank B.	Indianapolis, IN
Kitchen, John M.	Indianapolis, IN
Kithcart, N.I.		Columbia City, IN
Kitson, Frank S.	N. Manchester, IN
Kizer, James H.		Inwood, IN
Klein, H.P.		Huningburg, IN
Kleiser, A.J.		Waveland, IN
Knapp, A.B.		Washington, IN
Knapp, A.J.		McCutch'vlle, IN
Knapp, George		Vincennes, IN
Knapp, S.O.		Indianapolis, IN
Knapp, V.		Ferdinand, IN
Knapp, W.T.		Vincennes, IN
Kneale, W.W.		Anderson, IN
Knepper, E.W.		Ligonier, IN
Knepple, Wm. H.		Wakarusa, IN
Knepples, LaMar		Kokomo, IN
Knerr, C.B.		Indianapolis, IN
Knerr, Chas. J.		Indianapolis, IN
Knerr, Leonora E.	Indianapolis, IN
Knight, J. C.		Jonesboro, IN
Knights, Jas. H.	Morgantown, IN
Knott, D.C.		Plymouth, IN
Knox, E.S.		Indianapolis, IN
Koch, Mrs. A.J.		Indianapolis, IN
Kochenour, W.P.		Rego, IN
Kohr, Thos. W.		East Chicago, IN
Kolmer, John		Indianapolis, IN
Koons, M.T.		Mulberry, IN
Koontz, S.		Roanoke, IN
Korns, Harvey		New Lisborn, IN
Kramer, F.M.		St. Magdalene, IN
Krausgrill, D.		Chesterton, IN
Kreider, M.K.		Goshen, IN
Kreider, Wm.		Goshen, IN
Kremer, N.A.		Madison, IN
Krug, H.S.		Indianapolis, IN
Kuntz, Christina	Berne, IN
Kyler, Wm. B.		Benton, IN
Kyte, H.R.		Seymour, IN
La Follette, G. W.	Poe, IN
Labier, C.R.		Terre Haute, IN
Lacey, J.D.		Mier, IN
Ladd, F.B.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Ladd, J.W.		Cannelton, IN
Laffarage, Carl		Wabash, IN
Lafollette, W.R.	N. Salisbury, IN
Lahnann, J.H.		Franklin, IN
Lail, J.H.		Fortville, IN
Lail, J.H.		Indianapolis, IN
Lairy, Manson		Lafayette, IN
Lamar, I.H.		Petersburg, IN
Lamb, Enoch		Fortville, IN
Lamb, J.F.		Moores Hill, IN
Lambert, I.C.		Colfax, IN
Lambert, J.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Lampton, G.W.		Jeffersonville, IN
Lampton, Wm. T.		Milroy, IN
Lancaster, L.A.		N. Manchester, IN
Land, Geo. W.		Grantsburg, IN
Landes, B.F.		Martinsville, IN
Landfair, Chas. L.	Bluffton, IN
Landon, H.		Remington, IN
Landon, L.O.		Priam, IN
Lane, A.K.		Odon, IN
Lane, W.H.		Angola, IN
Lang, John W.		Nalene, IN
Langdon, H.K.		Indianapolis, IN
Langhead, J.T.		Terre Haute, IN
Langsdale, J.M.		Florence, IN
Lanston, Edgar		Point Isabel, IN
Larabee, W.H.		New Palestine, IN
Larimore, Jos. D.	Shideler, IN
Larkin, E.F.		Indianapolis, IN
Larkin, J.B.		Mitchell, IN
Larkins, E.L.		Terre Haute, IN
Larmore, J.M.		Greenfield, IN
LaRose, N.J.		Lucerne,IN
Larway, John L.		Indianapolis, IN
LaSalle, G.M.		Wabash, IN
Lash, H.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Laubscher, S.R.		McCutch'vlle, IN
Lauer, A.J.		Whiting, IN
Laughlin, C.E.		Orleans, IN
Laughlin, E.D.		Orleans, IN
Laughlin, S.A.		N. Amsterdam, IN
Laval, Wm. J.		McCutch'vlle, IN
Lawes, M.O.		N. Manchester, IN
Lawrence, I.E.		Columbia City, IN
Lawrence, Wm. M.	Jonesville, IN
Lawson, J.E.		Corydon, IN
Lawson, W.T.		Danville, IN
Laycock, R.T.		Indianapolis, IN
Layman, E.		Terre Haute, IN
Laymon, H.E.		Warren, IN
Layne, P.M.		Crawfordsville, IN
Lazenby, J.R.		Guilford, IN
Leach, Leon T.		Indianapolis, IN
Leach, T.J.		McCutch'vlle, IN
Leak, S.O.		Lizton, IN
Leasure, Lida		Angola, IN
Leatherman, A.L.	Indianapolis, IN
Leathers, D.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Leavitt, H. B.		Worthington, IN
Lechrone, Ira		Silver Lake, IN
Ledbetter, J.N.		Michigan City, IN
Lee, David F.		Zionsville, IN
Lee, J.H.		Rome, IN
Lee, T.L.		Terre Haute, IN
Leech, W.J.		Sellersburg, IN
Leedom, H.F.		Morocco, IN
Leedy, Chas. E.		Pierceton, IN
Leedy, Chas. V.		Union Mills, IN
Leeming, Lous		Otterbein, IN
Leeson, Geo. M.		Wanatah, IN
Leib, Alpha R.		Anderson, IN
Leiter, Wm. S.		Claypool, IN
Leith, M.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Lemmons,S.W.		Albion, IN
Lemon, J.H.		New Albany, IN
Lent, Edwin J.		South Bend, IN
Leonard, H.S.		Indianapolis, IN
Leslie, G.M.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Letherman, A.P.		Valparaiso, IN
Lett, O.A.		Newburgh, IN
Levy, L.D.		New Albany, IN
Lewis, B.L.		Utica, IN
Lewis, E.R.		Indianapolis, IN
Lewis, Geo. C.		Madison, IN
Lewis, Geo. F.		Knightsville, IN
Lewis, J.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Lewis, J.R.		Indianapolis, IN
Lewis, Jas. F.		DuPont, IN
Lewis, John G.		Rushville, IN
Lewis, John I.		Indianapolis, IN
Lewis, Robert F.	Mt. Carmel, IN
Lewis, Sam. B.		Canaan, IN
Libbert, E.J.		Aurora, IN
Liddle, John R.		Bright, IN
Lidikay, C.J.		Ladoga, IN
Light, Fred C.		Freedom, IN
Light, R.C.		Broad Ripple, IN
Light, T.C.		Dublin, IN
Light, W.E.		Freedom, IN
Lindenbarger, I.	French Lick, IN
Lindley, C.M.		Brooklyn, IN
Lindley, Laban		Paoli, IN
Lindquist, Nils S.	Plymouth, IN
Line, B.A.		Alexandria, IN
Line, Wm. A.		Hillham, IN
Line, Wm. M.		Dubois, IN
Linegar, John M.	Fairfield, IN
Lingle, Samuel L.	Paoli, IN
Link, John E.		Terre Haute, IN
Link, W.H.		Petersburg, IN
Linn, Henry G.		Rushville, IN
Linthicum, E.		McCutch'vlle, IN
Linvill, D.G.		Columbia City, IN
Linvill, D.S.		Columbia City, IN
Lisman, J.W.		New Lebanon, IN
Lisman, Sam'l. J.	Oaktown, IN
Lisman, W.A.		Carlisle, IN
Lister, F.E.		Brookston, IN
Littell, John V.	Lafayette, IN
Littell, W.R.		Camb'dge City, IN
Little, B.F.		Upland, IN
Little, J.A.		Logansport,IN
Little, Perrin B.	Whitestown, IN
Littlefield, C.W.	Alexandria, IN
Littlepage, G.C.	Haubstadt, IN
Littler, J.M.		Ingalls, IN
Livingston, J.J.	Freedom, IN
Lloyd, Alijah W.	Marion, IN.
Loar, L.T.		Muncie, IN
Lockhart, A.S.		Everton, IN
Lockhart, A.T.		Stockwell, IN
Lockhart, T.L.		New Harmony, IN
Loder, Frankliln	Hortonville, IN
Loder, Jennie C.	Hortonville, IN
Loehr, E.C.		Noblesville, IN
Lofland, W.A.		Linden, IN
Logan, A.R.		Algiers, IN
Logan, Henry V.		New Salem, IN
Logee, H.M.		Connersville, IN
Logsdon, W.T.		Eureka, IN
Lohrmann, H.		Indianapolis, IN
Lomax, Wm.		Bristow, IN
Long, Chas. R.		Pierceton, IN
Long, Ed. E.		Shoals, IN
Long, H.H.		Kingsbury, IN
Long, H.P.		Laughrey, IN
Long, Henry		Indianapolis, IN
Long, J.A.		Anderson, IN
Long, Jacob		Rockport, IN
Long, John B.		Indianapolis, IN
Long, R.W.		Indianapolis, IN
Longfellow, T.W.	Windfall, IN
Loof, A.L.		Waveland, IN
Loomis, Chas.		Florence, IN
Loomis, E.C.		Perrysville, IN
Loomis, J.		Jeffersonville, IN
Loop, A.L.		Economy, IN
Loop, Z.V.		Galveston, IN
Lord, J. Levi		Mays, IN
Lorimo, J.H.D.		Hartford City, IN
Loring, Chas. J.	Rochester, IN
Loring, D.J.		Valparaiso, IN
Loring, Samuel C.	Burr Oak, IN
Lothrop, A.H.		Lexington, IN
Louder, C.L.		Lafayette, IN
Loughridge, J.E.	Indianapolis, IN
Loughridge, Jno. 	River, IN
Love, J. W.		Millwood, IN
Lowden, John		Carrolton, IN
Lowden, L.A.		Manilla, IN
Lowder, C.		Popcorn, IN
Lowder, C.M.		Dugger, IN
Lowder, H. R.		Bloomfield, IN
Lowder, L.T.		Bloomington, IN
Lownsdale, T.N.		St. Bernice, IN
Lowry, C.O.		Indianapolis, IN
Loyd, T.A.		Prairietown, IN
Lucas, J.N.		Shelbyville, IN
Lucas, James O.		Marion, IN.
Luckett, C.D.		English, IN
Luckett, E.R.		Marengo, IN
Luckett, L.P.		Terre Haute, IN
Luckett, S.E.		Campbellsb'g., IN
Luckey, Jas. E.		Wolf Lake, IN
Ludlow, Chas.		Alexandria, IN
Ludlow, E.		Indianapolis, IN
Ludwick, V.D.		Connersville, IN
Lukemeyer, E.G.		Huningburg, IN
Lukemeyer, L.C.		Haysville, IN
Luken, J.H.		Richmond, IN
Lukenbill, L.C.		Marco, IN
Lukenbill, O.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Lutz, Geo.W.		Indianapolis, IN
Luzadder, J.E.		Smithville, IN
Lybrook, W.E.		Y'ng America
Lyle, A.W.T.		Fishers Switch, IN
Lynch, Joel Y.		Rosedale, IN 
Lynn, F.M.		New Richmond, IN
Lyon, Thomas		Upland, IN
Lyons, F.P.		Flora, IN
Lyons, James W.		Webster, IN
Lyons, Oliver		Dana, IN
Lytle, John S.		Dunkirk, IN
Lytton, Jefferson	Wheatland, IN
Macer, Thomas		McCutch'vlle, IN
Mack, C.S.		Laporte, IN
Mack, Erastus		Hillsdale, IN
Mackey, C.W.		Portland, IN
Mackey, R.C.		Hobart, IN
Maddox, L.E.		Montpelier, IN
Maddox, O.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Maddox, Orion E.	Rockville, IN
Maddox, W.b.S.		Vandalia, IN
Madson, Mary M.		Indianapolis, IN
Magel, Frank		Indianapolis, IN
Magenheimer, P.		Chandler, IN
Magenheimer, V.A.	Waverly, IN
Magers, F.M.		Churubusco, IN
Maghee, J.M.		Evansville, IN
Magruder, J.W.		Peru, IN
Maguire, W.W.		Metamora, IN
Mahorney, J.C.		Ladoga, IN
Mallott, C.D.		Switz City, IN
Malone, Brigitta E.	Laporte, IN
Malone, L.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Maloney, F.C.		Avilla, IN
Malott, Wm.		Atlanta, IN
Malpas, S.H.		Indianapolis, IN
Malsbury, J.O.		Peru, IN
Malsbury, L.O.		Peru, IN
Manchester, J.J.	Indianapolis, IN
Mank, J.B.		Camb'dge City, IN
Manker, F.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Mann, E.B.		Muncie, IN
Mansfield, T.J.		Royerton, IN
Mapes, S.H.		Indianapolis, IN
Marchand, V.H.		Haubstadt, IN
Marine, John W.		Etna Green, IN
Markle, Grant C.	Winchester, IN
Markle, John E.		Winchester, IN
Markley, H.W.		Bluffton, IN
Markley, S.C.		Richmond, IN
Marlott, C.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Marrow, H.W.		Russiaville, IN
Marsh, J.L.		Brownsburg, IN
Marshall, A.F.		Hymera, IN
Marshall, D.J.		Columbus, IN
Marshall, R.		Cowan, IN
Martin, Alonzo		Bellmore, IN
Martin, Amos H.		Ridgeway, IN
Martin, C.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Martin, F.A.		Commiskey, IN
Martin, F.M.		Loyd, IN
Martin, F.V.		Michigan City, IN
Martin, G.F.		Corydon, IN
Martin, H.H.		Laporte, IN
Martin, J.S.		Muncie, IN
Martin, J.S.		Plymouth, IN
Martin, J.S.		Rolling Prairie, IN
Martin, Jno.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Martin, John T.		Mt. Aye, IN
Martin, Lafayette	Batesville, IN
Martin, M.L.		Forest, IN
Martin, R.E.		Heltonville, IN
Martin, R.M.		Salem, IN
Martin, Simeon		North Salem, IN
Martin, Theodore	Palmyra, IN
Martin, Wm.		Kokomo, IN
Martz, C.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Marvel, Chas. 		Richmond, IN
Marxer, C.W.		Indianapolis, IN
Masgana, E.M.		Alexandria, IN
Mask, John R.		Muncie, IN
Maslowsky, Felix	Mariah Hill, IN
Mason, C.H.		Tell City, IN
Mason, C.R.		Hartford City, IN
Mason, G.C.		Oakland City, IN
Mason, John C.		Prairietown, IN
Mason, R.S.		Oakland City, IN
Mason, Samuel		Pennville, IN
Mason, T.A.		Terre Haute, IN
Mason, U.H.		Anderson, IN
Masters, J.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Masters, N.G.		Stilesville, IN
Maston, Chas.		Benton, IN
Matchett, A.C.		Bourbon, IN
Mater, Jacob D.		Bridgeton, IN
Matheny, T.G.		Auburn, IN
Mathews, Accie		Franklin, IN
Mathews, Chas. B.	Lexington, IN
Mathews, Jas.		New Paris,IN
Mathews, Jas. H.	Madison, IN
Mathews, W.R.		China, IN
Matlock, Neal		Medora, IN
Matteson, D.E.		Marion, IN.
Mattox, L.L.		Geneva, IN
Mattox, W.R.		Terre Haute, IN
Maughmer, G.C.		Kokomo, IN
Maurer, Jos.		Scotland, IN
Mauring, N.H.		Elwood, IN
Mavity, David E.	Fowler, IN
Maxam, F.H.		Princeton, IN
Maxedon, T.H.		Vincennes, IN
Maxwell, Allison	Indianapolis, IN
Maxwell, Frank R.	Martinsville, IN
Maxwell, John H.	Martinsville, IN
May, Albert		Crothersville, IN
May, O.T.		Monroeville, IN
May, Vance		Cornettsville, IN
Mayer, Henry P.		Youngs Creek, IN
Mayfield, A.M.		Montmorenci, IN
Mayfield, Geo. E.	Bruceville, IN
Mayfield, M.		Royal Center, IN
Mayhugh, Isaac		Indianapolis, IN
Mayo, W.R.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Maze, Thomas B.		Fairland, IN
McAffee, E.M.		Kramer, IN
McAlexander, R.O.	Indianapolis, IN
McAllister, E.B.	Terre Haute, IN
McAllister, E.W.	South Bend, IN
McBeth, Walter 		Burnettsville, IN
McBride, Jas. L.	Zanesville, IN
McBride, W.F.		Dayton, IN
McCain, R.C.		Kentland, IN
McCain, T.J.		Waldron, IN
McCann, J.D.		Monticello, IN
McCarthy, J.F.		Valparaiso, IN
McCarty, Wm. W.		Canaan, IN
McCasky, G.W.		Ft. Wayne, IN
McCausland, J.W.	Ft. Wayne, IN
McClain, Leslie		Terre Haute, IN
McClain, Levi		Scottsburg, IN
McClain, M.W.		Vera Cruz, IN
McClain, W.L.		Scottsburg, IN
McClary, D.V.		Dale, IN
McClellan, A.		Indianapolis, IN
McClintock, C.W.	Pittsboro, IN
McClung, S.Y.		Pleasantville, IN
McClung, Wm. H.		Kokomo, IN
McClure, C.B.		Jeffersonville, IN
McClure, Chas. A.	Crown Centre, IN
McClure, J.W.		Butlersville, IN
McClure, S.C.		Jeffersonville, IN
McClure, S.W.		Cloverdale, IN
McClure, Wm. H.		Edgarton, IN
McClurkin, J. E.	Evansville, IN
McCollough, A.R.	Williamsport, IN
McComb, W.S.		Sheldon, IN
McConnell, J.E.		Carlisle, IN
McCool, Wm. E.		Evansville, IN
McCord, C.E.		Fortville, IN
McCorkle, T.H.		Terre Haute, IN
McCormack, L.R.		Crothersville, IN
McCormick, M.S.		Eminence, IN
McCormick, T.H.		Ft. Wayne, IN
McCormick, W.D.		Modoc, IN
McCowan, C.C.		Washington, IN
McCoy, Geo. T.		Columbus, IN
McCoy, Geo. W.		Chrisney, IN
McCoy, J.N.		Vincennes, IN
McCoy, L.H.		Lake, IN
McCoy, P.Y.		Evansville, IN
McCoy, T.J.		Boonville, IN
McCoy, W.A.		Madison, IN
McCracken, A.J.		Indianapolis, IN
McCracken, A.J.		Richmond, IN
McCray, Robert S.	Morristown, IN
McCray, Robert S.	Henry County
McCrea, D.P.		Talbott, IN
McCrea, Wm.F.		Clark's Hill, IN
McCrillers, C.C.	Muncie, IN
McCulley, C.H.		Logansport,IN
McCulloch, C.B.		Indianapolis, IN
McCullough, F.B.	Brazil, IN
McCurdy, L.A.		Indianapolis, IN
McCurdy, O.B.C.		Indianapolis, IN
McCutchan, J.H.		Evansville, IN
McDivett, E.G.		Richmond, IN
McDonald, A.C.		Warsaw, IN
McDonald, A.J.		Bedford, IN
McDonald, D.H.		Quincy, IN
McDonald, John		Valeene, IN
McDonald, T.G.		Frankfort, IN
McDonald, Wm. B.	Indianapolis, IN
McDowell, H.P.		Peru, IN
McDowell, J.D., Sr.	Bruceville, IN
McDowell, Jacob		Geneva, IN
McDowell, Jas. D.	Vincennes, IN
McDowell, Lon C.	Freel'dsville, IN
McDowell, M.M.		Vincennes, IN
McElwee, Harry		Martinsville, IN
McEvoy, Francis		Geneva, IN
McEvoy, J.B.		Ft. Wayne, IN
McFadden, W.G.		Shelbyville, IN
McFarland, J.A.		Mill Grove, IN
McFarland, N.		N. Pittsburg, IN
McFarlin, J.T.		Williams, IN
McFatridge, L.C.	Atlanta, IN
McGaughey, J.E.		Arlington, IN
McGaughey, S.		Irvington, IN
McGauhy, A.J.		Washington, IN
McGavran, W. B.		Knightstown, IN
McGee, Jos. A.		Big Springs, IN
McGirley, M.E.		Lafayette, IN
McGlasson, J.D.		Augusta, IN
McGoogan, G.B.		Arcola, IN
McGowen, J.W.		Oakland City, IN
McGrew, Weson		Clinton, IN
McGrew, Wm. H.		Grant County
McGrew, Wm. N.		Lafontain, IN
McGuire, W.H.		Frankfort, IN
McHugh, Jas. E.		Ft. Wayne, IN
McIlraine, H.K.		Huntington, IN
McIntyre, C.W.		New Albany, IN
McIntyre, W.H.		Michigan City, IN
McIvor, Flora		Indianapolis, IN
McJohnson, A.S.		Pimento, IN
McJohnson, W.E.		Terre Haute, IN
McKamy, Anna		New Albany, IN
McKay, Jas. D.		Marion, IN.
McKee, Chas. E.		Dublin, IN
McKee, H.N.		Woodburn, IN
McKee, Wm. E.		Goldsmith, IN
McKeeman, R.B.		Ft. Wayne, IN
McKelvey, S.R.		Patricksburg, IN
McKenzie, J.W.		Indianapolis, IN
McKey, R.H.W.		Lusks Springs, IN
McKinney, G.W.		Gas City, IN
McKinney, J.W.		Bluffton, IN
McKinsey, W. M.		Marion, IN.
McKissick, O.P.		Linton, IN
McKittrick, O.H.	Plainville, IN
McLain, L.C.		Indianapolis, IN
McLaughlin, O.		Oolitic, IN
McLeary, J.D.		Indianapolis, IN
McLin, G.H.		Huntington, IN
McMahan, J.W.		Earl Park, IN
McMahan, S.W.		Indianapolis, IN
McMahan, W.R.		Huningburg, IN
McMahon, Adah		Lafayette, IN
McMichael, O.W.		Wheeler, IN
McMillan, J.P.		Medora, IN
McMullen, J.W.		Pine Village, IN
McMurray, J.S.		Frankfort, IN
McMurtry, T.J.		Boxley, IN
McNab, Philip		Indianapolis, IN
McNamara, D.W.		South Bend, IN
McNaull, Chas.		Indianapolis, IN
McNeal, G.L.		Deer Creek, IN
McNeil, Chas. A.	Veedersburg, IN
McOscar, E.J.		Ft. Wayne, IN
McPheeters, J.S.	Hardinsburg, IN
McPherson, S.L.		Montgomery, IN
McQuown, O.W.		Nat. Mil. Home, IN
McShane, J.T.		Indianapolis, IN
McSherley,J.L.		Sulph'r Spr'gs,IN
McTurnan, M.J.		Rigdon, IN
McVey, W.H.		DeGonia Sprgs., IN
McWhinney, B.P.		Union City, IN
McWilliams, O.E.	Anderson, IN
Medaris, J.W.		Brookston, IN
Meek, J.A.		Bunker Hill, IN
Meek, Joe. 		Webster, IN
Meek, Loring C.		Tiosa, IN
Meek, M.L.		Abington, IN
Meek, M.L.		Abington, IN
Megee, Omar		Rushville, IN
Mehlig, H.M.		Tipton, IN
Meloy, C.		Otisco, IN
Meloy, J.M.		Sellersburg, IN
Melton, Ostin		Dog Wood, IN
Melton, S.B.		Fontanet, IN
Mendenahll, Edw.	Abington, IN
Mendenall, E.W.		Kingman, IN
Mendenhall,   		Abington, IN
Mendenhall, A.B.	Cicero, IN
Mendenhall, C.J.	Ft. Wayne, IN
Mendenhall, C.J.	Lafayette, IN
Mendenhall, C.W.	Indianapolis, IN
Mendenhall, Chas.	Ft. Wayne, IN
Mendenhall, E.T.	New Castle, IN
Mendenhall, F.F.	Elwood, IN
Mendenhall, P.M.	Thorntown, IN
Mendenhall, W.O.'N.	Richmond, IN
Mennet, O.H.		Columbus, IN
Mentzer, S.E.		Monroeville, IN
Mercer, A.R.		Alexandria, IN
Merrilees, W.M.		Leavenworth, IN
Merrill, C.W.		Goshen, IN
Merrill, W.W.		Hammond, IN
Merrill, W.W.		Rensselaer, IN
Merriman, E.		So. Whitley, IN.
Merry, J.W.		Mt. Aye, IN
Merz, H.G.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Metcalf, Henry P.	Andersonville, IN
Metts, A.H.		Ossian, IN
Metts, Fred A.		Ossian, IN
Metts, J.J.		Ossian, IN
Metz, I.W.		Peru, IN
Metzger, B.S.		Boundary, IN
Metzler, S.N.		Lebanon, IN
Meyer, J.H. Wm.		Laporte, IN
Michael, A.		Tipton, IN
Michaels, J.F.		Jasper, IN
Middleton, John		Edinburg, IN
Miesse, Adam		Noblesville, IN
Mikesell, A.L.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Milburn, J.E.		Colfax, IN
Milburn, R.C.		Colfax, IN
Miles, Jacob T.		Bryant, IN
Miles, Jas.		Merom, IN
Miley, Isaiah		Anderson, IN
Milice, Anna		Warsaw, IN
Miller, A.G.		Dillsboro, IN
Miller, A.W.		Anderson, IN
Miller, Allen G.	South Bend, IN
Miller, B.E.		Albion, IN
Miller, C.A.		Kentland, IN
Miller, C.E.		Muncie, IN
Miller, D.L.		Goshen, IN
Miller, E.B.		Fountaint'wn, IN
Miller, Elizabeth	Anderson, IN
Miller, Geo. D.		Logansport,IN
Miller, H.C.		Greentown, IN
Miller, H.C.F.		Hobart, IN
Miller, H.D.		Atlanta, IN
Miller, H.H.		Galveston, IN
Miller, Harry		Nat. Mil. Home, IN
Miller, Harry L.	Elwood, IN
Miller, J. E.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Miller, J.M.		Decatur, IN
Miller, Joe.		Indianapolis, IN
Miller, L.C.		Alto, IN
Miller, Louis C.	Twelve Mile, IN
Miller, M.N.		Velpen, IN
Miller, R.H.		Cross Plains, IN
Miller, T.E.F.		Westport, IN
Miller, W.H.		Lafayette, IN
Miller, W.L.		West Franklin, IN
Millian, David		Royal Center, IN
Milligan, J.W.		Logansport,IN
Milligen, Chas. E.	Winchester, IN
Millikan, J.H.		Elwood, IN
Millikin, H.N.		Sheridan, IN 
Millis, E.D.		Plainville, IN
Mills, Cassius C.	Redkey, IN
Mills, Mary		Princeton, IN
Mills, Richard		Saltillo, IN
Mills, Wm. H.		Boonville, IN
Mills, Wm.F.		South Bend, IN
Mineks, F.W.		Portland, IN
Minnick, H.R.		Idaville, IN
Miranda, Wm. F.		Walkerton, IN
Misener, H.E.		Monterey, IN
Misener, Harry E.N.	N. Manchester, IN
Misner, Walter L.	Mech'ics'g,IN
Mitchell, E.E.		Avoca, IN
Mitchell, E.J.		Lafayette, IN
Mitchell, F.A.		New Albany, IN
Mitchell, Harry  F.	South Bend, IN
Mitchell, Harvey	Muncie, IN
Mitchell, Jas. J.	Canton, IN
Mitchell, S.P.		Mt. Etna, IN
Mitchell, W.J.		N. Vernon, IN
Mitchell, W.P.		Gaston, IN
Mitchell, W.R.		Ligonier, IN
Mitchem, L.		Crisp X Roads, IN
Mock, A D.		Marion, IN.
Mock, A.R.		Muncie, IN
Mock, J.F.		Marion, IN.
Mock, J.W.		Covington, IN
Modesitt, J.A.		Clay City, IN
Modricker, John		Wabash, IN
Moffett, E.D.		Indianapolis, IN
Moffett, John		Rushville, IN
Moffett, W.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Moffitt, Reuben R.	Rockfield, IN
Moffitt, W.R.		W. Lafayette, IN
Moir, J.G.		Elwood, IN
Molloy, W.J.		Indianapolis, IN
Molt, W.F.		Indianapolis, IN
Molz, Chas.		Bedford, IN
Monical, G.S.		Martinsville, IN
Montgomery, H.T.	South Bend, IN
Montgomery, J.W.	Paoli, IN
Montgomery, M.A. 	Owensville, IN
Montgomery, T.J.	Owensville, IN
Montox, G.R.		Kasson, IN
Montox, J.E.		Kasson, IN
Moon, Allen		Leisure, IN
Moon, Allen		Point Isabel, IN
Mooney, H.C.		Laketon, IN
Moor, J.E.		Orland, IN
Moor, Wilmot		Terre Haute, IN
Moore, A.H.		Clinton Falls,  IN
Moore, A.V.		Michigant'wn
Moore, Allen		North Liberty, IN
Moore, C.A.		Fremont, IN
Moore, C.C.		Washington, IN
Moore, C.M.		Howland, IN
Moore, Chas. E.		Russellville, IN
Moore, Chas. W.		Teegarden, IN
Moore, D.A.		McCutch'vlle, IN
Moore, E.W.		Kokomo, IN
Moore, Edwin P.		South Bend, IN
Moore, George B.	Omega, IN
Moore, Harry S.		Indianapolis, IN
Moore, J.B.		Kokomo, IN
Moore, J.L.		Washington, IN
Moore, J.R.		Lapel, IN
Moore, John		Lakeville, IN
Moore, M.G.		Vincennes, IN
Moore, M.W.		Rosedale, IN
Moore, N.B.		Noblesville, IN
Moore, P.G.		Wabash, IN
Moore, Reuben G.	Vincennes, IN
Moore, S.H.		Indianapolis, IN
Moore, S.H.		Rensselaer, IN
Moore, S.W.		Marion, IN.
Moore, Wm.		Elisabeth, IN
Moorehouse, J.L.	Fowler, IN
Moorhead, T.W.		Terre Haute, IN
Moraweck, Ernest	Tell City, IN
Morehouse, J.A.		Portland, IN
Morgan, Abrah'm		Indianapolis, IN
Morgan, E.E.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Morgan, Frank B.	Huntington, IN
Morgan, Jean R.		Atlanta, IN
Morgan, Jos. E.		Dixon, IN
Morgan, R.M.		McCordsville, IN
Morgan, Ralph		Indianapolis, IN
Morgan, Thos.W.		Spartanburg, IN
Morgan, Wm.V.		Indianapolis, IN
Moro, F.		Warsaw, IN
Morr, J.W.		Albion, IN
Morris, C.C.		Rockville, IN
Morris, Geo. M.		Headler, IN
Morris, J.E.		Liberty, IN
Morris, J.L.		Kings, IN
Morris, J.M.		Fulton, IN
Morris, Minor		Indianapolis, IN
Morris, O.W.		Reed Stat'n, IN
Morris, Oliver M.	Sheridan, IN 
Morris, Thomas		Mt. Zion, IN
Morris, W.B.		Little York, IN
Morris, W.F.		Fort Branch, IN
Morrison, F.A.		Indianapolis, IN
Morrison, H.E.		Laporte, IN
Morrison, J.H.		Hartsville, IN
Morrison, J.O.		Anderson, IN
Morrison, J.S.		Lafayette, IN
Morrison, O.A.J.	Middlefork, IN
Morrison, T.R.		Churubusco, IN
Morrow, J.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Morrow, S.J.		Richmond, IN
Moser, James P.		Spearsville, IN
Moss, D.F.		Winamac, IN
Moss, James K.		Ashboro, IN
Moss, W.C.		Winamac, IN
Motter, T.S.		Dayton, IN
Mottier, G.A.		Richmond, IN
Moulder, J.M.		Kokomo, IN
Mountain, J.R.		Connersville, IN
Moyer, F.E.		Pennville, IN
Moyer, F.K.		Elkhart, IN
Mson, Lenidas		Bluffton, IN
Muelchi, Wm. H.		Tell City, IN
Mueller, Anton		Indianapolis, IN
Mueller, Frank M.	Lawrenceburg, IN
Muhlhausen, M.		McCutch'vlle, IN
Mull, Philip L.		Oldenburg, IN
Mullan, A.J.		Indianapolis, IN
Mullinix, P.		Cloverdale, IN
Mulvey, Chas. B.	Montpelier, IN
Mulvey, Jas. W.		N. Vernon, IN
Mumaw, H.A.		Elkhart, IN
Munsee, Lola		Marion, IN.
Munsey, D.O.		Gaston, IN
Munsey, S.E.		N. Mt. Pleas'nt, IN
Munson, Geo. H.		Stanford, IN
Murdoch, John		Muddy Fork, IN
Muret, Jas. A.		Saluda, IN
Murphy, C.		Salem, IN
Murphy, C.F.		Griffin, IN
Murphy, D.S.		Wabash, IN
Murphy, Geo.		Leo, IN
Murphy, John S.		Sullivan, IN
Murphy, O.C.		Scottsburg, IN
Murphy, Wm. H.		Morgantown, IN
Murray, A.L.		Eaton, IN
Murray, A.R.		Albany, IN
Murray, D.M.		Dunkirk, IN
Murray, L.E.		Huntington, IN
Murray, S.T.		Greentown, IN
Myers, C.H.		South Bend, IN
Myers, C.L.		Covington, IN
Myers, I.M.		Maples, IN
Myers, J.G.L.		Bloomington, IN
Myers, J.W.		Middlebury, IN
Myers, Port		Edinburg, IN
Myers, Wm.H.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Myers, Wm.H.		Plainville, IN
Nall, A.H.		Hoosierville, IN
Nanney, W.N.		Evansville, IN
Nash, G.W.		Indianapolis, IN
Neal, E.M.		Burnett, IN
Neal, Jno. W.		Indianapolis, IN
Neat, T.C.		New Albany, IN
Nebergall, J.W.		Terre Haute, IN
Neely, I.L.		Corydon, IN
Neff, Isaac N.		Mt. Zion, IN
Neff, J.L.		Logansport,IN
Neff, J.N.		Logansport,IN
Neff, Jas. H.		Fairbanks, IN
Neff, Jno. A.		Indianapolis, IN
Neff, W.W.		Green's Fork, IN
Nehrbas, John G.	Indianapolis, IN
Neier, O.C.		New Palestine, IN
Neighbors, A.G.		Fowler, IN
Nellens, A.J.		Rochester, IN
Nelson, Hiram G.	Vernon, IN
Nelson, Olive O.	Huntington, IN
Nenneker, Henry		Elberfeld, IN
Nesbitt, W.S.		Monitor, IN
Neuman, F.T.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Neville, R.		Teegarden, IN
New, Y.N.		Barnard, IN
Newby, J.C.		Sheridan, IN 
Newcomer, G.V.		Elwood, IN
Newell, J.W.		Denver, IN
Newforth, C.		Sunman, IN
Newhouse, J.T.		Chesterfield, IN
Newhouse, O.A.		Hillsdale, IN
Newland, J.W.		Bedford, IN
Newlin, S.C.		Anderson, IN
Newlin, W.H.		New Londan, IN
Newman, H.M.		South Milford, IN
Newman, M.N.		Ossian, IN
Newton, C.N.		Marion, IN.
Newton, G.O.		Dana, IN
Newton, Grant 		Boonville, IN
Newton, John T.		St. Bernice, IN
Neyman, E.M.C.		Saltillo, IN
Niblack, E.S.		Terre Haute, IN
Nichols, H.A.		Flint, IN
Nichols, J.D.		Indianapolis, IN
Nichols, John		Ft. Wayne, IN
Nichols, W.E.		New Holland, IN
Nickels, J.M.		Sellersburg, IN
Nicols,			Andrews, IN
Nieschang, C.F.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Nifer, F.J.		Brimfield, IN
Niman, C.H.		Elkhart, IN
Niswonger, H.W.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Niven, John S.		Crawfordsville, IN
Nixon, John		Farmland, IN
Noble,			Cedarville, IN
Noble, Thomas B.	Greenwood, IN
Noble, Thos. D.		Indianapolis, IN
Noe, R.B.		Thorntown, IN
Noffsinger, H.		Union City, IN
Nolan, Chas. N.		Anderson, IN
Noland, J.F.		North Judson, IN
Noland, J.W.		Buffalo, IN
Noland, P.D.		Kouts, IN
Noland, Wm.A.		North Judson, IN
Noonse, F.P.		Alexandria, IN
Norman, James I.	Parkville, IN
Norris, W.N.		Miami, IN
Norten, W.J.		Alert, IN
Norton, F.D.		Petersville, IN
Norton, Thos. J.	Marrietta, IN
Norvell, H.V.		Bloomfield, IN
Null, C.L.		Somerville, IN
Null, L.S.		New Haven, IN
Nusbaum, C.E.		Bremen, IN
Nusbaum, W.H.		Auburn, IN
Nussell, Fred'k		Brazil, IN
Nye, A.F.		Deer Creek, IN
Nye, John H.		Cromwell, IN
Oalden, Wilson C.	Shirley, IN
Oberlin, Thos. W.	Hammond, IN
O'Brien W.H.		Stilesville, IN
O'Brien, Chas. A.	Fillmore, IN
Obrien, W.H.		Clayton, IN
O'Day, John C.		Montpelier, IN
Odell, J.L.		Terre Haute, IN
O'Dell, T.A.		Lafayette, IN
O'Dell, Thos. A.	Indianapolis, IN
Offutt, Vance		Campbellsb'g., IN
Ogborn, Job O.		Lafayette, IN
Ogle, Albert A.		Indianapolis, IN
Ogle, John J.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Oiler, M.L.		Russiaville, IN
Oldham, G.L.		Clifford, IN
Oldham, Harry M.	Clifford, IN
Oldham, Harry N.	Waynesburg, IN
O'Leary F.T.		Logansport,IN
O'Leary, F.T.		Montmorenci, IN
O'Leary, Geo. M.	Huntington, IN
Olin, L.W.		Elmdale, IN
Oliver, J.B.		Brazil, IN
Oliver, John H.		Indianapolis, IN
Olmsted, R.T.		Versailles, IN
O'Neal, Laughlin	Somerset, IN
Orahood, J.D.		Coral Creek, IN
Orr, William H.		Harmony, IN
Osborn, E.A.		Peru, IN
Osborn, Effa A.		Indianapolis, IN
Osborn, George A.	South Bend, IN
Osborn, John		N. Winchester, IN
Osborn, Margaraet	South Bend, IN
Osborn, W.M.		Alexandria, IN
Osborn, W.R.		Spurgeon, IN
Osgood, H.G.		Gosport, IN
Ossenback, Wm.		Indianapolis, IN
Osterman, A.G.		Dudleytown, IN
Ostroff, Henry		Indianapolis, IN
Ott, J.E.		Ashley, IN
Otto, A.E.		Alexandria, IN
Outland, E.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Overman, C.J.		Marion, IN.
Overman, W.		Salem, IN
Overmyer, B.F.		Leiters, IN
Owen, Ella P. W.	Silver Lake, IN
Owen, J.E.		Evansville, IN
Owen, T.S.		Elwood, IN
Owens, John K.		Harrisville, IN
Owens, O.W.		Muncie, IN
Owens, Robert J.	Cedar Grove, IN
Owsley, W.J.		Thorntown, IN
Oxby, M.E.		Spurgeon, IN
Oyler, Wm.A.		Argos, IN
Paddock, C.A.		Portland, IN
Padgett, T.I.		Terre Haute, IN
Padgett, Thos. I.	Jacksonville, IN
Page, Lafayette		Indianapolis, IN
Page, W.B.		Middlebury, IN
Pagel, Chas. W.		Argos, IN
Painter, Berry		Middletown, IN
Painter, L.H.		Cowan, IN
Palmer, E.M.		Warren, IN
Palmer, R.B.		Idaville, IN
Pannenborg, J.C.	Hammond, IN
Pantzer, H.O.		Indianapolis, IN
Park, H.A.S.		Indianapolis, IN
Parke, Chas. 		Boonville, IN
Parker, A.P.		Kirklin, IN
Parker, Albert		Leiters, IN
Parker, J.W.		Atlanta, IN
Parker, John  		Mellott, IN
Parker, John W.		Adams, IN
Parker, M.G.		Danville, IN
Parker, O.O.		Merom, IN
Parks, J.F. 		Cumback, IN
Parks, John P.		Bourbon, IN
Parnat, John		Evansville, IN
Parr, G.L.		Washington, IN
Parr, J.N.		Jolietville, IN 
Parret, A.M.		Anderson, IN
Parrish, John W.	Shelbyville, IN
Parrish, M.F.		Monroe, IN
Parrish, Willard	Fenns, IN
Parrott, H.M.		Burnettsville, IN
Parsons, Chas. H.	Rushville, IN
Parsons, Jno. S.	Indianapolis, IN
Partridge, Joel M.	South Bend, IN
Passage, H.V.		Peru, IN
Passmore, Jane		Annapolis, IN
Patchen, D.H.		Fremont, IN
Pate, John R.		Milan, In
Patrick, C.E.		Seymour, IN
Patterson, A.G.		East Chicago, IN
Patterson, A.W.		Indianapolis, IN
Patterson, E.L.		Brookville, IN
Patterson, I.B.		Milford, IN
Patterson, J.W.		Fairmount, IN
Patton, C.		Terre Haute, IN
Patton, J.C.		Francisco, IN
Patton, W.H.		Orleans, IN
Patton, Wm. F.		Orleans, IN
Paxton, E.J.T.		Glenwood, IN
Payne, A.D.		Indianapolis, IN
Payne, A.T.		Terre Haute, IN
Payne, C.F.		Franklin, IN
Payne, J.H.		Julietta, IN
Payne, P.W.		Franklin, IN
Payne, R.W.		Franklin, IN
Payne, T.H.		Delaware, IN
Paynter, H.M.		Salem, IN
Paynter, L.W.		Campbellsb'g., IN
Payton, Lewis		Muncie, IN
Peachee, H.		Indianapolis, IN
Peacock, N.F.		Darlington, IN
Peacock, S.R.		Ladoga, IN
Peare, R.C.		Bellmore, IN
Pearlman, Sam'l.	Stone Bluff, IN
Pearson, E.D.		Wabash, IN
Peck, J.S.W.		Frankton, IN
Peck, M. Eva		Goshen, IN
Peckinpaugh, G.R.	Mt. Vernon, IN
Pectol, Chas. F.	Alaska, IN
Pedue, C.R.		Burrows, IN
Pell, G. Milton		Carbon, IN
Pendleton, C.B.		Mech'icsb'g, IN
Pendleton, Geo.		Indianapolis, IN
Penn, Benj. A.		Bryantsburg, IN
Penn, R.L.		Deming, IN
Pennington, W.D.	French Lick, IN
Perce, B.H.		Anderson, IN
Perkins, E.L.		Oolitic, IN
Perrin, D. Leroy	Marling, IN
Perry, A.J.		Alexandria, IN
Perry, Chas. H.		Lewis Creek, IN
Perry, Geo. S.		Westchester, IN
Perry, Wm. H.		Ft. Wayne, IN
Peter, E.L.		Flora, IN
Peters, D.C.		Greentown, IN
Peters, J.B.		Macy, IN
Peters, W.H.		Lafayette, IN
Peterson, W.B.		Indianapolis, IN
Peterson, W.B.		Lizton, IN
Petet, Marshall		Boswell, IN
Petro, B.L.		Markleville, IN
Petry, Franklin		Akron, IN
Pettibone, Henry	Crown Point, IN
Pettigrew, C.D.		Houston, IN
Pettigrew, D.A.		Flatrock, IN
Pettijohn, B.B.		Indianapolis, IN
Pettijohn, F.L.		Indianapolis, IN
Pettijohn, O.B.		Indianapolis, IN
Pettijohn, O.B.		Noblesville, IN
Peyton, D.C.		Jeffersonville, IN
Pfaff, O.G.		Indianapolis, IN
Pharas, J.N.		Howell, IN
Phares, Henry E.	Morristown, IN
Phillips, A.F.		Corunna, IN
Phillips, J.L.		Pleasantville, IN
Philo, Daniel W.	Indianapolis, IN
Phipps, D.L.		Whiteland, IN
Phipps, I.H.		Needham, IN
Phylo, D.W.		Anderson, IN
Pickel, John M.		Plainville, IN
Pickens, F.M.		Indianapolis, IN
Pickering, Sam'l	New Castle, IN
Pielemeier, E.F.	Muncie, IN
Pierce, E.e.		Richmond, IN
Pierce, J.E.		Middletown, IN
Pierce, John S.		Redkey, IN
Pierson, Allen		Spencer, IN
Pierson, W.M.		Fountaint'wn, IN
Pigman, G.W.		Liberty, IN
Pink, Hermann		Indianapolis, IN
Pink, Julius		Indianapolis, IN
Pinson, J.A.		Terre Haute, IN
Piper, H.M.		Denver, IN
Pirtle, Geo. W.		Carlisle, IN
Piscator, R.J.		Indianapolis, IN
Plamer, R.F.		Frankfort, IN
Plasterer, P.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Pleak, Ezra H.		Waynesburg, IN
Plew, G.F.		Hymera, IN
Plew, John H.		Freedom, IN
Plough, M.L.		Elwood, IN
Plough, M.T.		Kempton, IN
Plummer, I. Nutt	Shoals, IN
Pocock, Elias H.	Walnut, IN
Poland, V.G.		Muncie, IN
Poling, S.K.		Portland, IN
Polk, E.E.		Muncie, IN
Pollard, W.S.		Evansville, IN
Pool, Mary H.		Indianapolis, IN
Porter, A.M.		State Line, IN
Porter, A.W.		Loogootee, IN
Porter, E.D.		Indianapolis, IN
Porter, John R.		Lebanon, IN
Porter, McGuire		Elnora, IN
Porter, Miles F.	Ft. Wayne, IN
Porter, W.J.		Connersville, IN
Post, Burton O.		Sulph'r Spr'gs,IN
Pothinsje, P.J.		Remington, IN
Potter, John E.		Milford, IN
Potter, Theo.		Indianapolis, IN
Potts, John F.		Bloomington, IN
Poucher, C.H.C.		Indianapolis, IN
Powell, A.E.		Marion, IN.
Powell, Beecher B.	Marshall, IN
Powell, D.C.		Logansport,IN
Powell, E.W.		Greentown, IN
Powell, J.W.		Mt. Vernon, IN
Powell, J.Z.		Logansport,IN
Powell, Nettie B.	Marion, IN.
Powell, T.E.		Evansville, IN
Powell, T.J.		Michigant'wn
Power, S.J.		Evansville, IN
Powers, V.G.		Albany, IN
Prall, Ezra		Henryville,IN
Prall, Ezra		Oldenburg, IN
Pratt, B.W.		Goodland, IN
Pratt, C.C.		Willow Br'ch, IN
Pray, Frank M.		Indianapolis, IN
Prentiss, J.H.F.	Indianapolis, IN
Presley, I.N.		Ellettsville, IN
Preston, A.L.		Haughville, IN
Preston, C.M.		Marion, IN.
Preston, H.P.		Laporte, IN
Preston, Jos. L.	Greencastle, IN
Pretlow, C.L.		Fairmount, IN
Price, E.V.		Ladoga, IN
Price, Geo. R.		Fowler, IN
Price, W.A.		Nappanee, IN
Price, Wm. S.		Tangier, IN
Prichard, W.K.		Cloverdale, IN
Priest, Frank A.	Marion, IN.
Pritchard, J.E.		Indianapolis, IN
Pritchett, W.S.		Evansville, IN
Proctor, J.A.		Union City, IN
Proegler, Carl		Ft. Wayne, IN
Proudley, Geo. W.	Fair Oaks, IN
Prough, Wm. C.		Goodland, IN
Province, C.		Franklin, IN
Province, Wm. M.	Providence, IN
Prticharad, C.A.	Gosport, IN
Prunk, D.H.		Indianapolis, IN
Pryor, James A.		Patriot, IN
Puckett, E.J.		Muncie, IN
Puckett, J.L.		Kokomo, IN
Pugh, J.		Kempton, IN
Pugh, John W.		Gas City, IN
Pullen, A.J.		Fairmount, IN
Purcell, Sarah		Randolph, IN
Purdy, Jos. C.		Terhune, IN
Purkhiser, Will J.	Salem, IN
Purman, S.B.		Indianapolis, IN
Putnam, Jas. G.		Cartersburg, IN
Putnam, W.E.		Whiting, IN
Pyke, A.S.		Romney, IN


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