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Tennessee Biographies, 1923


Taken from, Tennessee, The Volunteer State, 1769-1923, published in 1923, by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. These biographies range from one short paragraph to several pages long, and quite a few include a full page portrait. The people featured cover a period of over 100 years, so if your ancestor has a common name and you want to be sure it is the right person, before you order, we will look up the birth year for you.

Item # 10595

Price: $5 for the first person and $4 for each additional

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A-F Surnames G-M Surnames N-Z Surnames
Abel, William J.
Aber, Thomas Alexander
Abernathy, Charles Alfred
Abernathy, Gilbert Benjamin
Abernathy, John Williams
Abernathy, Shields
Abernathy, Thomas Edwards
Abernathy, William Lane
Abston, William Joshua
Acuff, Harmon O'Neal
Acuff, Herbert
Adams, Alpheus Bryan
Adams, Benjamin Franklin
Adams, Ernest
Adams, H. B.
Adams, James Martin
Adams, John
Adams, William Hunley
Adler, James Christopher
Akers, Lawrence Sloughter
Albright, James Alexander
Alexander, Ebnezer
Alexander, Edwin Crawford
Alexander, Richard Thomas
Alexander, Willis Socrates
Alford, Warren Grady
Allen, Eugene F.
Allen, James Seddon
Allen, John Tidwell
Allen, Penelope Johnson
Allen, Thomas A.
Allen, Thomas H.
Allen, Wharton Jesse
Allison, J. H.
Allison, John
Allison, Michael M.
Alper, Jacob Morris
Altman, John Thomas
Ambrose, Henry Frizzell
Anderson, Alexander
Anderson, Embry Edgar
Anderson, Eugene
Anderson, Harry Bennett
Anderson, Hugh Cormack
Anderson, James H.
Anderson, John McFerrin
Anderson, Joseph
Anderson, Keller
Anderson, Littleton Paul
Anderson, Melancthon Dye
Anderson, Milton J.
Anderson, Robert M.
Anderson, Samuel
Anderson, Samuel R.
Anderson, Seneca Benjamin
Anderson, W. E.
Anderson, William Dulaney
Anderson, William E.
Andes, Ernest W.
Andrews, Forrest West
Andrews, Francis West
Andrews, Garnett
Andrews, Garnett
Andrews, George
Andrews, Thomas Botts
Apperson, Edmond Minetry
Appleby, William Franklin
Armstrong, Dwight M.
Armstrong, Frank C.
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, Walter Preston
Armstrong, William Henry
Armstrong, Zella
Arn, Fred
Arnold, Merrill Doyle
Arnold, Thomas D.
Ashcroft, Thomas Calvin
Askew, Laurin Bryan
Atchley, James Arthur
Atchley, James M. Calvin
Atkins, John D. Clinton
Austin, J. L.
Avery, John Buchanan
Awsumb, George
Ayres, John Chambers
Bachman, Ernest A.
Bachman, Jonathan Waverly
Bachman, Joseph S.
Bachman, Nathan Lynn
Bacon, William James
Bailey, James E.
Bailey, John Wilson
Bailey, Leon Downs
Baker, Edwin Lamar
Baker, Joseph Richard
Baker, William Marshall
Ball, Isaac, Jr.
Ball, William Marion
Ballard, Warren Baxter
Banks, George Edward
Banks, Lem
Banks, Woodruff Asbury
Barbee, Frank Harbert
Barboro, Anthony Sebastian
Bare, James G.
Barger, David Andrew
Barham, Newsom Rayburn
Barker, James M.
Barksdale, William Wallace
Barlow, James Stanley
Barnes, George N.
Barr, Bart Herndon
Barr, Robert Winthrop
Barrett, Daisy Adelaide
Barry, Thomas
Barry, Thomas R.
Barry, William Francis, Jr.
Barton, Franklin Gustavus
Baskerville, James Thomas
Baskette, Gideon Hicks
Bass, C. Neil
Bass, Edward David
Bass, Francis M.
Bass, Sterling Hicks
Bate, William Brimage
Bates, Creed Fulton
Bates, Samuel Ogden
Bates, William Horatio
Batts, T. Watson
Batts, William Oscar
Baugh, Henry Mulherin
Baum, Charles L.
Baxter, Edmund Dellahunty
Baxter, John
Baxter, Nathaniel
Bayer, David M.
Bayless, William Barclay
Baylor, John Roy
Beard, Oscar Robert
Beasley, James S.
Beasley, William Newton
Beattie, Robert Marye
Beecher, Bronson Bayliss
Been, William (Bean)
Beerman, Frank O.
Beidelman, Gus Powell
Bejach, Lois Dilliard
Bell, Bennett Douglass
Bell, James Edward
Bell, James Henry
Bell, John
Bell, Lem F.
Bell, Tyree H.
Bell, Walter Bond
Bellamy, Jerry Lester, Jr.
Belsinger, Samuel Perry
Bender, Lehman George
Benton, Thomas Hart
Berger, Joseph
Berry, George H.
Berry, John Brown
Best, Christopher Jacob
Best, William George
Bethea, William Roland
Betterton, Thomas C.
Bibb, J. Fred
Bickford, William Atkinson
Biggs, William Percy
Billington, R. Wallace
Binns, Douglas W.
Bishop, Eugene L.
Bishop, Jacob Walter
Black, William Lafayette
Black, William Thomas
Blackard, Charles Galloway
Blackburn, Gideon
Blackwill, Henry Albin
Blair, John
Blaisdell, Charles Franklin
Blake, John Barnett
Blakely, Hunter Bryson
Blalock, L. O.
Blanton, John Diell
Bloomstein, Elizabeth Lee
Blount, William
Blount, William G.
Blount, Willie
Blye, Miss Dora C.
Bodamer, Edward
Bodley, James Wiley
Bogy, Benjamin A.
Bollard, Jeremiah Shaw
Bolton, Leslie Turner
Bomar, Francis H.
Bond, John Roscoe & William
Bonham, Walter Melville
Booher, William Rice
Boon, John Willis
Boone, Sidney
Bosworth, B. D.
Bouldin, John Madison
Bowers, John B. Gordon
Bowyer, Luke
Boxwell, Leslie G.
Boyd, Abraham Weatherly
Boyd, Ernest Houston
Boyd, Frank
Boyd, Harry Roberts
Boyle, Thomas Robert
Boyle, Virginia Frazer
Brabson, Reese B.
Bradford, Hiram Clarence
Bradley, James Bailey
Brakebill, James Henry
Bramlett, Lunsford M.
Brandau, John W.
Brandon, Newman, Sr.
Branner, Hardy Bryan
Breazeale, Samuel Alexander
Breazeale, Thomas Martin
Brennan, John Joseph
Brewer, Lewis P.
Bright, John Moore
Bright, John Morgan
Briscoe, Daniel
Briscoe, J. Earnest
Brister, John Willard
Britt, Bernard E.
Britton, William Johnstone
Broadwell, James Julius
Brockman, Albert D.
Brode, Frederick William
Brodnax, George Taylor
Broens, John Joseph
Brooks, Charles Edward
Brooks, George Martin
Brown, Aaron Vail
Brown, Albert R.
Brown, Arlo Ayres
Brown, Barton B.
Brown, Battle Manassas
Brown, Daniel Aquilla
Brown, Foster V.
Brown, George Benjamin
Brown, James Crockett
Brown, John     
Brown, John Berry
Brown, John Calvin
Brown, John Pendleton
Brown, Joshua
Brown, L. H.
Brown, L.B.
Brown, Mark H.
Brown, Milton
Brown, Neill S.
Brown, Robert Allison
Brown, Robert Carl
Brown, Robert Hutton
Brown, Robert Milton
Brown, S. Toof
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas J.
Brown, Thomas Nelson
Brown, William Neeley
Browne, Joseph Davenport
Brownlow, John Bell
Brownlow, William Gannaway
Bruce, Charles Arthur
Bruce, Frank E.
Bruce, Horatio Thomas
Bruce, John Alvin
Bruce, Robert G.
Bruce, William Pepper
Bruegge, Francis F. Vorder
Brumit, Phillip I.
Brumley, Samuel T.
Brwon, William L.
Bryan, J. Leslie
Bryan, James Delancy
Bshart, Augustus Claude
Buchanan, Arthur Stillingfleet
Buchanan, Herbert Lee
Buchanan, James Anthony
Buchanan, John P.
Buckingham, John M.
Buckingham, Theophilus Nash
Buckles, Captain Walter A.
Buckner, Allison G.
Bullock, Robert M.
Bumpus, William Lee
Bunbury, Charles Frederick
Buntin, Daniel Carter
Buntin, William Allison
Bunting, Richard Clinton
Burch, Charles Newell
Burch, John C.
Burdick, Austin William
Burge, Edward Mack
Burnett, David Burdine, Jr.
Burnett, George Jackson
Burnett, Richard Lafayette
Burns, William Britt
Burroughs, Rev. George W.
Burroughs, William Harding
Burrow, Aaron Knox
Burrus, Swan
Burton, Andrew Mizell
Burton, William K.
Busbee, Thomas Odell
Bush, A. Pleasant,
Butler, Bowen A.
Butler, Edgar Gray
Butler, Edward E,
Butler, George DeJarnette
Butler, Roderick Random
Butler, Stephen H.
Byington, Chilton Edward
Byrd, Benjamin F.
Byrd, Robert K.
Byrn, Charlie Hall
Byrns, Joseph W.
Cable, Robert Wallace
Caden, John G.
Cairns, Bayard Snowden
Caldwell, Albert S.
Caldwell, Alexander S.
Caldwell, Alfred
Caldwell, Frank H.
Caldwell, James Erwin
Caldwell, James Erwin, Jr.
Caldwell, John H.
Caldwell, Margaret Winston
Caldwell, Robert Porter
Calhoun, Samuel L.
Callahan, Charles Frederick
Cameron, Paul Pitman
Camp, Eldad Cicero
Camp, Harry
Camp, Richard Louis
Campbell, Alexander W.
Campbell, David
Campbell, David Crowell
Campbell, George Edward
Campbell, George W.
Campbell, John Peyton
Campbell, Julian Heath
Campbell, Paul
Campbell, Stephen Sanders
Campbell, Thomas Henry
Campbell, William Bowen
Campen, William Marvin
Canada, John Walter
Candler, Herschel Mahoney
Cannon, Newton
Cantrell, Fred H.
Cantrell, John H.
Cantrell, Thomas W.
Capshaw, Hulon
Caradine, Howlett Lynn
Cardall, James Henry
Carden, Frank S.
Carden, Robert Lee
Carden, William Crawford
Carlisle, Louis G.
Carlton, Jessie Randall
Carmack, Edward W.
Carne, Louis Evans
Carney, Charles T.
Carney, Norfolk Lynn
Carothers, Thomas M.
Carrier, Fred
Carrigan, James Joseph
Carroll, Thomas Bernard
Carroll, William
Carroll, William H.
Carroll, William H.
Carsey, William H.
Carson, James Gray
Carter, Fred E.
Carter, Granville Thomas
Carter, Hugh Edgar
Carter, J. Hugh
Carter, James Parvin
Carter, John
Carter, John C.
Carter, N. Giles
Carter, Thomas William
Carter, W. M.
Carter, William B.
Carter, William H.
Carter, William Jackson
Cartmell, Hu Harry
Caruthers, Abraham
Caruthers, Robert L.
Carver, William Marion
Cary, James Wilson
Casey, James F., Sr.
Cason, Charles
Cass, Henry M.
Cassady, James Edward
Cassell, Robert Bryan
Cates, Charles T.
Catron, John
Cawthon, John Cooper
Cayce, James Ambrose
Cecil, Paul Saunders
Cecil, Thomas Earl
Chadwick, John Shelby
Chalker, Hampton Land
Chamberlain, Hiram Sanborn
Chamberlain, Hiram Sanborn, Jr.
Chamberlain, Morrow
Chambers, John Mann
Chambliss, Alexander Wilds
Chamlee, William F.
Chandler, John Dabney
Chapin, Edward Young
Chapin, Elise Hutcheson
Chapman, David C.
Chappell, E. B.
Chase, Guy S.
Chastain, David Franklin
Chastain, William Jason
Chattin, Edward Walter
Chears, Henry Randolph 
Cheatham, Benjamin Franklin
Cheek, Joel Owlsey
Chenault, Robert Nicholas
Cherry, William Capers
Chester, Robert I.
Chestnutt, Richard N.
Christenbery, Henry Edward
Christian, Adrienne (Bishop)
Christian, Silas Nathaniel
Churchwell, Ernest Kerr
Clagett, John Horatio
Claiborne, William C.C.
Clapp, Jeremiah Watkins
Clark, Elmer Talmage
Clark, Eugene Bradley
Clark, Mark Eugene
Clark, Sim F.
Clary, William Franklin
Clayton, Andrew Jackson
Clayton, Percy Allen
Clement, Stephen Alse
Clements, George Pryor
Clements, Hal H.
Cleveland, Oren Benton
Cline, Walter M.
Cochran, Slolmon W. 
Cocke, John
Cocke, William
Cockrum, Dudley George
Cockrum, William Alfred
Coffee, John
Coffey, Benjamin B.
Coffey, Charles S.
Coffey, John Shelby
Cogswell, Righter Aldage
Cohen, Meyer
Cohen, Mike M.
Cohn, Bernard L.
Cohn, Charles
Colby, John Denny
Coldwell, Ernest
Cole, Colonel Edmund W. 
Cole, Whitefoord R.
Cole, William Samuel
Collier, Casa
Collier, James Dabney
Collins, John Joseph
Colyar, Arthur St. Clair
Combs, Micah S.
Conkling, Frank A.
Conley, Horace P.
Conley, John E.
Connell, Hugh
Connor, Margaret Katherine
Cook, Charles Cornelius
Cook, J. Foster
Cook, William Blackman
Cooke, James Lemuel
Cooke, Richard J.
Cooke, William Wilcox
Cooley, Fleming B.
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, Kyle M.
Cooper, Leon Jere
Cooper, Leroy
Cooper, William Daniel
Cooper, William Frierson
Coppedge, Thomas Nelson
Corbett, Charles
Corbitt, John Hessey
Core, William Wesley
Costner, J. Arthur
Cottongim, Jay Gould
Cowan, Charles Clifton
Cowan, Conley Mahlon
Cowan, Sam Caperton
Coward, Samuel Holliday
Cowden, Charles Norris
Cox, Benjamin
Cox, John I.
Cox, Wiley Jones
Cox, William Madison
Cox, Williston Madison
Crabtree, B. M.
Crabtree, Foy G.
Crabtree, Ike  W.
Crabtree, J. F.
Craig, Charles H.
Craig, Cornelius A.
Craig, E. B.
Craighead, Thomas B.
Cravath, Erastus Milo
Cravens, Du Val Garland
Crawford, Charles Travis, Sr.
Crawford, James Albert
Crawford, John C.
Crawford, Manton Gilford
Crawford, West James
Crawford, Worthy Carlis
Crenshaw, James W.
Crenshaw, John Bush
Crenshaw, Pete F.
Crews, John Gilmore
Crick, Sanford Monroe
Crigger, John M.
Crisler, Joseph Augustus
Crittenden, Charles Briggs
Crocker, Dennis T.
Crockett, David
Crockett, R. H.
Crowell, Ernest W.
Crowell, William Henry
Crownover, Arthur
Crump, Claude Moorman
Crump, Frank Millington
Culbreath, Louis Wilkins
Culley, Edgar M.
Cullom, Marvin McTyeire
Cummings, Thomas L.
Cummings, W. H.
Cummins, Garland Franklin
Cummins, John O.
Cummins, John Oliver
Cunningham, Oliver Cromwell
Cunningham, Thomas Lane
Currier, Marshall Owen
Curry, Albert Bruce
Dade, Robert Beverly
Dail, Velpeau Commodore
Dake, Jabez Philander
Dake, Richard W.
Dale, William Isaac
Dancy, Alexander Brown
Daniel, Fontaine D.
Daniel, William Madison
Daniels, Lillie Butler
Dannel, Shirley Polk
Darr, Leslie Rogers
Darragh, William H.
Darst, Guy
Davidson, Henry B.
Davidson, William C.
Daviess, Miss Maria Thompson
Davis, Charles Wesley
Davis, Grover Clarence
Davis, Lucas Eldridge
Davis, Sam
Davison, Acie Barton Cleveland
Dawkins, Benjamin Tate
Dayton, Warnie Hooper
De Bow, J.D.B.
De Pass, Ernest Twichell
De Witt, Paul
Deaderick, James W. 
Deaderick, William V. 
Dean, Jesse Clements
Dedman, Joseph M.
Delaney, General John Rhodes
Delaney, William T.
DeLay, Eli Milton
DeLoach, Alfred Burton
Demuth, Fredrick C.
Denton, Joseph Andrew
Depew, Elbert S.
Dermon, Dave
Desha, Robert
Dewey, Henry Curtis
Dewey, William Chapman
Dewey, William Curtis
DeWitt, John H.
DeWitt, John Thomas
Dibrell, George Gibbs
Dick, William Henry
Dickinson, Jacob M.
Dickinson, John
Dickinson, John F.
Dickson, Hugh Farris
Dickson, Southall, Jr.
Dickson, William
Diemer, John Cladwell
Dilworth, Joseph Elbert
Dinwiddle, Matt B.
Divine, John Lowery
Divine, Paul E.
Dixon, Royden
Doak, H. M.
Dobyns, James W.
Donelson, Andrew Jackson
Donelson, Andrew Jackson, Jr.
Donelson, Andrew Jackson, Sr.
Donelson, Daniel S.
Donelson, Frank T.
Donelson, John
Donelson, Lewis Randolph
Donelson, Richard Sampson
Donnell, Ridley Edward
Dorris, Finley Marborough
Dorris, George Milton
Dorsey, Albert Lee
Dortch, Berry W.
Dougherty, Edward Emmett
Dougherty, Lew Wallace
Douglas, Ila Elmore
Dove, Herschel
Dowlen, Otto S.
Doyle, Albert Ebb
Doyle, John P.
Dozier, Richard M.
Drane, William McClure
Draper, Brice M.
Draper, William Wallace
Dudley, Robert Mathews
Duke, L. S.
Dumas, Joseph Taylor
Dunavant, James Lynn
Duncan, John A.
Duncan, Josiah Casby, II
Duncan, Marvin Theophilus
Duncan, Whitten
Dunlap, Frank S.
Dunlap, Richard G.
Dunlop, Joseph Phillip
Dunn, Jasper William
Dunn, Samuel H.
Durrett, James Johnson
Duttlinger, Henry G.
Dwyer, James O.
Early, John H.
Eaton, John Henry
Edenton, Henry Hardy
Edgar, Blanchard Collins
Edington, Aaron Wilson
Edmondson, Frazor Titus
Edmondson, Garland Urban
Edmondson, Mathew Houston
Edrington, John P.
Edwards, James Connelly
Egerton, Montraville Walker
Elkins, Louis Emerson
Elliott, Thomas Herbert
Ellis, George R., Jr.
Ellis, Mumford Wilson
Ellis, Robert R.
Ellis, William Edward
Ellison, William B.
Elmore, Edgar A.
Elrod, William Neal
Ely, Lockett Clifford
Emert, Clyde B.
Emmerson, Thomas
England, James Avanant
English, Edward Joseph
English, Thomas Young, Jr.
Enloe, Benjamin Augustine
Enochs, Wilson Humble
Ensley, Enoch
Epps, James Haws
Erskine, Albert Russel
Erwin, Archie Lewis
Erwin, John D.
Eslick, Bennett
Eslick, Edward Everett
Estes, Patrick Mann
Estill, Floyd
Etheridge, Emerson
Ethridge, James Washington
Eutsler, Theodore R.
Evans, David Henry
Evans, Henry Clay
Evans, Jacob Axson
Evans, Walter Lewis
Everett, Hiram Bailey
Ewell, Milton Watson
Ewing, Caruthers
Ewing, George Wythe
Fagin, Robert
Fair, Oscar M.
Falls, James Napoleon
Falls, John Will
Fancher, Frank Trigg
Fancher, Hampton Lansden
Farabough, W. W.
Fargason, David Brown
Fargason, John T.
Fariss, Mora B.
Farley, John W.
Farmer, Thomas Harris
Farmer, Winfield Scott
Farnsworth, Charles F.
Farragut, David Glasgow
Farrington, Pope McGehee
Farrow, Elisha
Faucette, Robert Thomas
Faxon, John Wellington
Featherston, Toney Nathaniel
Feild, Hume R.
Ferger, Herman
Ferree, Harry Garnt
Fessey, W. Frank
Ficklen, Charles Leonard, Jr.
Ficklen, Charles Leonard, Sr.
Fielder, John Samuel
Figuers, Hardin P.
Finkelstein & Kern
Finkelstein, Morris Barnard
Finlay, James Ferguson
Finley, Austin P.
Finley, James J.
Finley, Thomas B.
Finney, James Imboden
Fisher, Drury A.
Fisher, Frank B.
Fisher, Frank N.
Fisher, George Washington
Fisher, Hubert F.
Fisher, James Gettys
Fisher, James Nelson
Fisher, John Edward
Fisher, John T.
Fisher, Phillip Allan
Fisher, Robert Joseph
Fisk, Moses
Fite, Frank G.
Fite, Leslie Eugene
Fitzgerald, Frank Dwight
Fitzhugh, Guston Thomas
Fitzhugh, Lewis T.
Fitzhugh, William Henry
Fleming, James Johnson
Fleming, John Calvin
Fleming, Martin Andrew
Fleming, Samuel M.
Fleming, W. S., Jr.
Fleming, Walter Lynwood
Fletcher, Robert Samuel
Fletcher, Thomas Denver
Fly, Joseph Mason
Flynn, Robert Timothy
Fogo, Byron Mills
Folk, Humphrey B.
Folk, Reau Estes
Folkes, William C.
Fonville, Luther LaFayette
Foote, Henry S. 
Ford, Boyd Boaz
Ford, Edgar Hayes
Ford, Laurence W.
Ford, Walter Neal
Forman, M. George Y.
Forrest, Nathan Bedford
Fort, Dancey
Fort, Joel B.
Fort, Rufus E.
Fort, Tomlinson
Foster, Austin Powers
Foster, Ephraim H. 
Foster, Madison
Foster, Robert James
Foster, Ulna H.
Fouche, John Staub
Foust, James Leonidas
Fowler, Calvin Pleas
Fowler, John Omen
Fowler, Joseph Arthur
Fowler, Joseph S.
Fowler, William Bingham
Fowlkes, Jefferson Davis
Fowlkes, W. A., III
Fowlkes, W.A. Jr
Fraizer, John W.
Francis, Elmer E.
Frantz, John Henry
Frassbrand, Joseph Francis
Frazier, David jones
Frazier, James B.
Frazier, Roy B.
Frazier, Samuel Josiah Abner
Frazier, Sarah Ruth
Freeman, Louis K.
Freeman, Thomas J.
Freiberger, Arthur Allen
Frierson, Horace, Jr.
Frierson, William Little
Fritts, Thomas Wilson
Fry, Clarence Horne
Fry, Speed Henry
Fulcher, Joe P.
Fulghum, William Richards
Fuller, Frank D.
Fulton, Weston Miller
Fuqua, Ernest Mitchell
Furrow, George C.
Fyffe, James Perry
Gadsey, John Luke
Gahagan, Andrew J.
Gailor, Hon. Frank Hoyt
Gailor, Thomas Frank
Gaines, Edmund Pendleton
Gaines, John A.
Gaines, John W.
Galloway, Alexander Broadnax
Galloway, Donnell Marion
Galloway, Jacob Scudder
Galloway, John C.
Galloway, Mathew Hall
Gamble, Joe H.
Gamble, Moses H.
Gamble, Robert M.
Gammon, Landon Haynes
Gant, John Norwood
Gardner, John A. 
Gardner, Oscar Everette
Gardner, Turner B.
Garner, Job B.
Garner, John Thomas
Garvin, Walter B.
Gaston, Benjamin McTyere
Gaut, John Conaway
Gaut, Joseph Perry
Gentry, Curtis G.
Gentry, Meredith P.
George, James Edward
Gerber, Charles Anton
Gibson, Lee K.
Gilbert, Eugene A.
Gilbert, Milton Thomas
Giles, J. T.
Gillem, Alvan Cullem
Gillenwaters, William Terrell
Gillespie, Charles Albert
Gilliland, Frank Marshall
Gillis, Oscar S.
Gipson, Samuel Luther
Glass, Leonidas Polk
Glenn, Ivo Burns
Glosson, Irad
Glover, Samuel R.
Gold, Lewis Taylor
Gooch, Robert Allen
Goodbar, James Bright
Goodlett, A. G.
Goodloe, Hallum Wood
Goodloe, Sidney Hendon
Goodman, Abe
Goodman, Jacob Alma
Goodner, David Milton
Goodpasture, Albert Virgil
Goodwin, Joe Davis
Goodwyn, Robewrt Dinwiddle
Gordon, George W.
Gordon, John
Goyer, Charles Wesley
Grace, Oliver M.
Gracey, Julien Frank
Grady, Noah Hamilton
Graf, Richard Franklin
Grant, Peter Gilham
Graves, Jack
Graves, William R.
Gray, Edward W.
Gray, John M., Jr.
Gray, John Turner, Jr.
Gray, Robert Benjamin
Gray, William Byrd
Gredig, Albert Elmer
Green, Allen Turner
Green, Grafton
Green, James Arthur
Green, John Webb
Green, Joseph Thomas
Green, Michael B.
Green, Nathan
Green, Nathan, Jr.
Green, William Gerald
Greene, John T.
Greene, Robert Bruce
Greenlaw, William B.
Greenwood, Albert
Greer, John Lawson
Greer, Joseph
Greer, Thomas Newcome
Gribble, Power
Grider, John McGavock
Griffiss, John Carroll
Griffith, Victor Sidney
Grundy, Felix
Guerin, Henry Claude
Guess, George
Guild, Josephus Conn   
Guild, Josephus Conn Jr.
Guinn, Charles C.
Guinn, David M.
Gupton, Lawrence Alexander
Gupton, William
Gwinn, Lambert Estes
Hacker, Victor Newton
Hadley, Robert Taylor
Haggard, William Thomas
Hale, Elijah William
Hall, Francis Sampson
Hall, Frank Palmer
Hall, Gid Malcolm
Hall, Louis Maurice
Hall, Robert Meredith
Hall, Will A.
Hall, William
Hall, William M.
Halle, Austin Arthur
Ham, Emmett Carroll
Hamby, Stitzel J. 
Hamilton, Joseph
Hamilton, Marion Clay
Hamilton, Oma Dickson
Hamilton, William Russell
Hammack, Paul Esley
Hammett, William L.
Hamner, Joseph P. M.
Handly, J. Reeves
Handwerker, (the family)
Hank, Oscar S.
Hannah, Harvey Horatio
Hannah, William Martin
Hansen, Anker F.
Hanson, Charles Clinton
Hardin, George Williams
Hardison, Benjamin Franklin
Hardy, Ethel Soper
Harlan, W. E.
Harned, Perry L.
Harp, Granville Wesley
Harper, Samuel L.
Harrell, Felix James
Harris, Edgar Rowe
Harris, Frank Moore
Harris, Isham Greene
Harris, John Royal
Harris, Oury
Harris, R. L.
Harris, Robert Lusk
Harris, Robin
Harris, Volney Rowe
Harris, W. T.
Harris, Will G.
Harrison, Caldwell Bruce
Harsh, Thomas Walker
Hart, Edwin T.
Hart, Judge Chester K.
Hartman, Grover Cleveland
Harvey, Benjamin Benson
Harvey, Charles H.
Harvill, Moody M.
Hasen, Charles W.
Haskell, Louis W.
Haskell, William T.
Hassell, Albert Lee
Hatcher, Charles P.
Hathaway, Caleb R.
Hatton, Robert Hopkins
Haun, Andrew J.
Hawkins, Alvin
Hawley, Lisle Richard
Hayes, Robert Lee
Hayley, Hugh Stewart
Haylow, James H.
Haynes, Landon Carter
Haynes, Walter Miller
Hays, James Elmer
Hays, James Walker
Haywood, John
Hazen, Thomas Fleming, Jr.
Heard, James Houston
Hedges, Mertland McLain
Heiskell, Carrick W. 
Heiskell, Frederick Hugh
Heiskell, Samuel G.
Hellen, Robert Ernest
Helms, John E.
Helton, Thomas Hardin
Henderson, Ben R.
Henderson, Ben R., Sr.
Henderson, Charles Cheatham
Henderson, Howard Douglas
Henderson, John B.
Henderson, John Doyle
Henderson, John Thompson
Henderson, Samuel Lafayette
Henderson, Thomas Perkins
Henderson, William Bryant
Hendley, Charles
Hendley, Hiram Langdon
Henning, David Max
Henry, Charles W.
Henry, Gustavus Adolphus
Henry, J. W.
Henslee, Thomas Carlos
Hensley, Thomas C.
Herbert, Roger Nathaniel
Herman, Benjamin
Herndon, Fred Bryant
Herron, Charles
Herron, Edward Daniel
Herron, Ernie Nixon
Herron, Frank T.
Heuser, John J.
Hibbs, Henry C.
Hickman, John Pryor
Higgins, Joseph
Higgins, Mary Becher Hagan
Higgs, Walter Martin
Hill, Benjamin J.
Hill, Claude Eugene
Hill, George M.
Hill, Henry Garland
Hill, Horace G.
Hill, Isaac Alexander
Hill, James William
Hill, Judson Sudburough
Hill, Lafayette
Hill, Lucius Davis
Hill, M. R.
Hill, Samuel Elisha
Hill, William Walter
Hilldrop, John W.
Hinds, Elliott Clovis
Hines, John Henderson
Hinkle, Charles C.
Hinton, J. T.
Hitchcock, John A.
Hite, George M.
Hite, George Monroe
Hite, J. Harvill
Hite, James A.D.
Hobson, Horace Pulliam
Hodges, Sydney George
Hodgson, Telfair
Hoffer, C. Walsh
Holder, Eugene Michel
Holding, Samuel
Holladay, John Randolph
Holladay, Oscar K.
Holland, Leroy
Holland, William Francis
Holloway, Frank P.
Holman, Roy J.
Holt, Albert Campbell
Holt, James H.
Hood, Robert Nathaniel
Hooper, Ben W.
Hooten, W. L.
Hope, David James
Hopper, Eroll Samuel
Horner, R. C.
Horsley, John R.
Hottum, Christopher H.
Houk, Leonidas Campbell
House, John Ford
houston, David Pickens
Houston, Sam
Howard, Cornelius Clemens
Howard, Hastings Pearce
Howard, J. William
Howard, Lucius Polk
Howard, Memucan Hunt
Howard, Sewell
Howard, William Albert
Howard, William L.
Howe, Carl Livingston
Howe, Harry Northrop
Howell, Robert Boyte C.
Howse, Hilary E.
Hubbard, George Whipple
Huckaba, Edwin Fletcher
Huddleston, John Joseph
Hudson, William Everett
Huffaker, Hugh Dayton
Huggins, Louis
Hughes, Owen W.
Hughes, William Murrell
Humes, W.Y.C.
Humphreys, Horace
Humphreys, Parry W.
Hunt, Albert Puder
Hunter, Dayton
Hunter, Edmund Harrison
Huntsman, Adam
Hurt, Fred Raymond
Hurt, Harvey Conn
Hurt, Oscar Howard
Hutson, Grover Cecil
Hutter, James Lyons
Hyde, Charles R., Mrs.
Hyder, Daniel L.
Hyder, Robert D.
Hynds, Robert H.
Ijams, Charles Burgess
Ikard, James Polk
Ingle, Arthur Theodore
Ingram, George M.
Ingram, Thomas Franklin
Ingram, Thomas Harkins
Jackson, Alfred E.
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Howell E.
Jackson, Jesse C.
Jackson, John
Jackson, John W.
Jackson, W.P. 
Jacob, Moses
James, Robert Nestor
Jamison, Andrew Jackson
Jamison, Henry Downs
Janes, Leonard Palmer
Jarnagin, Spencer
Jarnigan, Charles Hoyle
Jarvis, George Andrew
Jelks, John Lemuel
Jenkins, William Jesse
Jernigan, Albert Pierce
Jeter, Emmet Early
Jeter, Joshua Edgar
Jinkins, Joseph Edward
Jobe, Albert Wayne
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, B. L.
Johnson, Boyd
Johnson, Bushrod R.
Johnson, Byron Francis
Johnson, Cave
Johnson, Dallas V.
Johnson, Frank Churchill
Johnson, Hilliary Moseley
Johnson, Horace
Johnson, J. Floyd
Johnson, J. Fred
Johnson, James G.
Johnson, James Walter
Johnson, John Nettleton
Johnson, Joseph Dixon
Johnson, Joseph E.
Johnson, Joseph Samuel
Johnson, Joseph W.
Johnson, Lonnie Chamberlain
Johnson, Sam
Johnson, Thomas Dickson
Johnson, William Cumming
Johnson, William Lance
Johnsonius, J. J. B.
Johnston, Douglas
Johnston, Richard Oliver
Johnston, Thomas Hardin
Jones, Albert Rogers
Jones, Charles Bonham
Jones, Clement J.
Jones, Frank Aikman
Jones, Frederick Brune
Jones, Heber
Jones, Homer K.
Jones, James Chamerlain
Jones, James Lemuel
Jones, James Leonard
Jones, John Arnold
Jones, John Lloyd
Jones, Letchford Gordon
Jones, Luther Franklin
Jones, Oscar Olonel
Jones, Robert Cannon
Jones, Robert Milton
Jones, Thomas McKissick
Jones, Wharton Stewart
Jones, William Gath
Jordan, Herbert Phillips
Jordan, James Pendleton
Jordan, Robert Lee
Jorgensen, Herman J. M.
Joyner, Ashley Joseph
Kahn, Leo
Kain, John G.
Katterhenry, Benjamin F.
Kaucher, George C.
Keaton, Grover Hendrix
Keele, Robert Levi
Keener, Bruce
Keeton, John Thomas
Kelley, David Campbell
Kelly, John D.
Kelly, Samuel Walker
Kelso, Joseph Oscar
Kennedy, William Thomas
Kern, John Peter
Kerr, Frank Leonidas
Kerr, Patrick Winkfield
Kesterson, Reuben Neil
Key, Albert Lenoir
Key, David McKendree
Key, Summerfield Axley
Key, William Neely
Keyes, Charles Eugene
Keys, Thomas R.
Kilgore, Charles Nathaniel
Kimbrough, Duke Horace
Kimmons, Albert J.
Kincaid, Carl S.
King, Andrew Lafayette
King, Charles Curtis
King, Clarence G.
King, Edgar R.
King, George M.
King, James Joseph
King, James Moore
King, John Rutledge
King, Landon C.
King, Theodore F.
King, Thomas Brown
Kinzel, Otis Christopher
Kirby, Leon Davis
Kirby-Smith, Raynold Marvin
Kirkland, James Hampton
Kirkpatrick, Albert Lafayette
Klewer, Edward B.
Kortrecht, Alexander Humphreys
Kramer, Henry J.
Kramer, R. R.
Kreis, John A.
Krieg, Christian U., Jr.
Kruesi, John
Kruesi, Paul John
Kyker, Charles H.
Kyle, Charles McGhee
Kyle, Gale P.
Kyle, Hugh Graham
Kyser, William Dennis
Lacey, Richard Henry
Ladd, William Bartlett
Lambert, Wallace M.
Lancaster, William Henry
Landis, A. L.
Landis, Abb
Landis, Charles Edmond
Lane, James Franklin
Lange, Francis W.
Langhorne, Anderson A., Jr.
Lanier, Powless William
Lansden, Dick Latta
Latham, Frank Stanton, Jr.
Latsch, Adolph J. 
Latta, Fred
Law, John L.
Lawo, Andrew Hawthorne
Lawo, George Anthony
Lawo, Leopold Surgeo
Lawrence & Lawrence
Laws, Dan M.
Laws, Robert C.
Layne, Lloyd Franklin
Layton, George Washington
Le May, Lewis
Lea, Benjamin James
Lea, Joseph Marshall
Lea, Luke
Lea, Luke
Leatherman, Samuel Richard
Lee, Chester Dare
Lee, Robert Edward
Lee, Robert Edward
Lee, William Baxter
Leech, R. L.
Leeper, James Thomas
LeMaster, Edward B.
Lenoir, Walter Thomas
Leonhardt, Charles Thomas
Leppert, Joseph Ellsworth
Lessly, Arthur William
Lester, William Charles
Levine, Jacob Lewis
Levy, Julius
Levy, Louis
Lewis, Edward Turner
Lewis, William B.
Lillard, David Wiley
Lillard, Jasper Worth
Lilley, Frank L.
Lindsay, Hugh B.
Lindsey, Edward A.
Lindsey, Lawrence Johnson
Lindsey, William Henry
Lindsley, John Berrien
Lindsley, Nathaniel Lawrence
Lindsley, Philip
Lippitt, John Edward
Lipscomb, Arch W. 
Lipscomb, David
Lipscomb, Horace S. 
Little, Charles Davis
Little, Richard Mobley
Littlefield, John Luther
Littlefield, William & Mary
Littleton, James F.
Littleton, James Graves
Littleton, Jesse M.
Litty, Harry H.
Lively, John Jefferson
Livermore, George Robertson
Livingston, Henry J.
Llewellyn, Linus William
Llewellyn, Morgan
Lockmiller, George Frank
Lockwood, Charles
Lockwood, Charles B.
Lofton, Herbert Merrill
Lohmar, Roland H.
Long, James Connie
Longgley, Henry Weldin
Looney, Edmund Dillahunty
Looney, Robert Fain
Loring, Benjamin Franklin
Lotspeich, John Mitchell
Lotspeich, Roy Nicholas
Louis, Henry William
Louthan, Arthur V.
Love, Charles Albert
Love, Henry Hamilton
Lovell, Albert C.
Loveman, Adolph
Lowenstein, Jacob Peres
Lowry, Claude
Lowry, James Bedford F.
Lumpkin, Joseph Hiram
Lupton, John Thomas
Lurton, Horace Harmon
Lusk, Charles Wesley
Lyle, Matt G.
Lynch, James J.
Lynn, James W.
Lynn, William Green
Lyon, P. A.
Lyon, Thomas Clark
Lyon, William David
Mabie, Clifford Newton
Maclellan, Robert J.
Maclellan, Thomas
MacMillan, Malcolm G.
Maddox, Rufus Sherrell
Madison, Edmond Bolling
Magevney, Hugh Michael
Mahan, George, Jr.
Mahan, William Milton
Mahannah, Albert Ellsworth
Mahoney, John Joseph
Mahony, Patrick L.
Mainord, Robert Alpheous
Malone, James Henry
Malone, Walter
Malone, William Alexander
Malone, William Battle
Maney, George
Maney, Newton Cannon
Mann, Arthur Gibson
Mann, Estes Wilson
Marable, John Hartwell
Marable, John Hartwell
Marchbanks, Andrew J.
Marchbanks, S. S.
Marks, Albert Smith
Marks, Jefferson Davis
Marr, Thomas Scott
Marshall & Bruce Company
Marshall, Andrew
Marshall, John
Marshall, Robert Lee
Marsilliot, Clarence L.
Martin, Charles Stuart
Martin, Francis
Martin, James Andrew
Martin, James O.
Martin, John Donelson
Martin, William Seba
Masengill, Norman Hood
Mason, Alfred Douglass
Mason, Charles Robert
Mason, Lunsford Yandell
Massey, Abraham Bledsoe
Massey, John C.
Mathes, James Harvey
Mathis, Colonel Clark McKenzie
Matthews, Robert Blackwell
Matthews, William J.
Mauney, John Haralson
Maurath, A.F.
Maury, Abraham P.
Maury, John M.
Maury, Matthew Fontaine
Maury, Richard Brooke
Maury, Robert Mitchell
Maury, William Poston
Maxedon, Grover Alexander
Maxey, William Bennett
Maxon, James Matthew
May, Ralph B.
May, Rufus M.
May, Walter Davis
Maynard, Horace
Maynor, Charles Augustus
Mayo, Basil Sylvester
Mayo, Dale Redmond
McAlister, Hill
McAllester, Samuel J.
McBroom, Walter Perry
McCabe, Joseph Leo
McCall, James Calvin Russell
McCall, John E.
McCall, John W.
McCallie, James Park
McCallie, Spencer Jarnagin
McCallie, Thomas Hooke
McCallie, Thomas Spencer
McCallum, Samuel Malcolm
McCampbell, Andrew
McCanless, Clarence Audrey
McCarley, Theodore Trimmer
McCarn, Jefferson
McCarthy, B. J.
McCarthy, Benjamin Edwin
McCarty, William J. 
McClaran, James W.
McClary, Spencer Boyd
McClean, George Brown
McClung, Calvin Morgan
Mcclung, Charles
McClung, Charles James
McClung, Hugh Lawson
McClure, Claud Ridinger
McClure, John W.
McClure, R. F.
McComb, Dana Quick
McComb, William
McConnell, Robert McChesney
McCormick, Grover Newton
McCorry, Thomas
Mccown, John Porter
McCoy, Ambrose
McCulley, George Gilson
McDErmott, Malcolm
McDill, Lee Harvey
McDonald, James P.
McDonald, Samuel E.
McDonald, Samuel Flatcher
McDowell, James R.
McDowell, William Addison
McElravy, Charles Albert
McElroy, James Bassett
McElwee, William Eblen
McFarland, L. B.
McFarland, Robert
McGannon, Matthew C.
McGaughey, Robert L.
McGee, Hubert Thomas
McGehee, John Lucius
McGhee, John Barclay
McGill, William Porter
McGinness, Landon Calhoun
McGrew, Major Edward Baird
McIlwaine, James R.
McIntosh, John A.
McIntyre, Thomas
McKee, William Lytle
Mckendree, Bishop William
McKenzie,  Benjamin Gordon
McKenzie, Fayette Avery
McKinney, Charles Hatcher
McKinney, Colin B.
Mckinney, Robert J.
McKnight, Albert Dollarson
McLain, William Tyler
McLaughlin, James J.
McLemore, Ernest Eugene
McLemore, Thomas B.
McLure, Richard Ewell
McMillen, Henry Grady
McMillin, Benton
Mcmillin, David Claiborne
McMinn, Joseph
McMurry, James Dale
McNairy, John
McNeeley, William
McNulty, John B.
McNutt, John Fleming
McQuiddy, Leon Brandon
McRae, Charles Clarence
McRae, Charles Duncan
McReynolds, Claude Pierce
McReynolds, Samuel Davis
McSwain, George Randle
McSwain, Isaac Arnold
McSweyn, George
McTeer, Will Anderson
McWhorter, Alfred D.
Meacham, C. W. K.
Meacham, Malcolm
Meacham, Martin Alexander
Meacham, Noland Fontaine
Meacham, William H.
Meador, Sam Anderson
Meadows, Marcus De Witt
Medling, William Lindsay
Meehan, Augustus F.
Meek, James Monroe
Meek, john Lamar, Mrs.
Meigs, Return J.
Mercere, Edward L.
Merrill, Austin H.
Merritt, Henry Clay
Metcalf, Charles Wesley, Sr.
Metcalf, William Park
Meux, George Whitefield
Meyer, Leon L.
Miles, Lovick Pierce
Miles, Thomas Edwin
Millard, Samuel H.
Miller, Armistead Henry
Miller, Charles Austin
Miller, Frank
Miller, Haggai M.
Miller, Harry D.
Miller, Leonidas D.
Miller, Pendleton Wallace
Miller, Pleasant M.
Miller, Samuel Ernest
Miller, W. H.
Miller, White Burkett
Miller,Gustavus Hindman
Millican, Charles Franklin
Milligan, Sam
Mills, William B.
Millsaps, William Robert
Milton, George Fort
Minton, Fred Edward
Miser, Joseph Houston
Mitchell, Edward Clay
Mitchell, Edward Dana
Mitchell, J. C.
Mitchell, James C.
Mitchell, John Almont
Mitchell, John Ridley
Mitchell, Robert W.
Mitchum, Albert Jackson
Moews, Julius Pierce
Molyneux, John
Montague, Dwight Preston
Montedonico, Joseph V.
Monteverde, Frank L.
Monteverde, Lawrence Jarlath
Montgomery, John
Montgomery, Luther Henry
Montgomery, Robert Emmett
Montgomery,William Wiley
Moody, William Irvine
Mooney, Charles Patrick J.
Mooneyham, Elbert Leonidas
Moore, Alfred
Moore, Elijah Newton
Moore, Herbert
Moore, J. Washington
Moore, John Trotwood
Moore, R. Dick
Moore, Robert Irwin
Moore, Robert Jefferson
Moore, Roy Scott
Moore, William Polk
Moorman, Hiram Clark
Morford, Daniel Boone
Morgan, John Harcourt A.
Morgan, John Talbert
Morgan, Milton Beaver
Morgan, Robert Kenneth
Morgan, William Porter
Moross, William P. D.
Morris, Etheldred A.
Morris, Joe Herman
Morris, John Henry
Morris, Robert L.
Morrison, John Jerome
Morriss, Robert Lee
Morriss, William Dale
Morristown Normal College
Morrow, S. N.
Morton, Turner Hudson
Morton, W. P.
Moses, William Everett
Moss, Henry Prior
Moss, John G.
Mulherin, Charles Light
Mulherin, Earl Ridley
Mullen, Robert Nelson
Mullowney, John James
Murchison, Bonnie Headen
Murfree, Mary Noailles
Murph, Robert Lee
Murphey, S. O., Jr.
Murphey, Thomas Julian
Murphy, Dennis Joseph
Murphy, Frank
Murrah, William F.
Murray, George Bancroft
Murray, Sidney Eugene
Murray, Thomas Jefferson
Myers, John T.
Myers, Lawson Hill
Myers, Thomas S.
Mynatt, Rufus Addison
Myrick, Winfield Scott
Naill, Millard
Nance, Henry Booker
Nance, Parham Booker
Nash, William Brehon
Neal, Ernest Wesley
Neal, John Randolph
Neal, Thomas Washington
Neal, William Horatio
Neely, Charles Lea
Neely, S. M.
Neighbors, Charles Henry
Neighbors, William Samuel
Neil, Matt Marshall
Nelson, Ross Campbell
Nelson, Thomas A.R. 
Nelson, William P.
Netherland, John
Newburger, Joseph
Newell, Edward Dunbar
Newman, James A.
Newman, James Bryan
Newton, Daniel C.
Nicholson, Alfred Osborne Pope
Nininger, Charles M.
Noa, Ernestine
Noe, Israel Harding
Noel, Oscar Fitzallen
Norfleet, Jesse P.
Norris, James W.
Northcutt, Eugene Ebon
Norvell, Richard O.
Norvell, William Edmund, Sr.
Nowlin, Clarence Dale
Nrvell, James W.
Nuchols, John David
Nutzell, William George
Oakes, George Washington
O'Bryan, M. E.
Ochs, Adolph S.
Ochs, Milton Barlow
O'Connor, James Thomas
O'Connor, Myles Powers
O'Donnell, John Joseph
Oehmig, William G.
Oemhig, W. G., Jr.
Ogden, Edward William
Ogilvie, Clarence C.
Oliver, Augustus Albert
Oliver, Oren Austin
O'Neal, Oliver John
Orgain, Edgar
Orgill, Fred Dennington
Orgill, Joseph
Orgill, William
Orr, Harry S.
Orr, John W.
Osterloh, August William
Otey, James Harvey
Ottarson, Aubrey Philip
Outlaw, Alexander
Overall, James Clyde
Overall, John Wesley
Overall, Walter Cherry
Overall, William Asbury
Overton, John
Overton, S. Watkins
Owen, John Marshall
Padget, William Dexter
Palmer, Joseph Benjamin
Parish, Edgar Green
Park, Ira Oscar
Parker, Albert Luman
Parker, Benjamin Sprague
Parker, Charles N.
Parker, Jerome Pillow
Parker, Lewis Jackson
Parker, Robert A.
Parker, Theo.
Parkes, Edward Griffith
Parks, J.L. Smith
Parks, Judge Joseph Brazier
Parnell, Oliver Henry
Parrish, Henry James
Parrott, Henry R.
Paschall, Adolphus Farris
Passino, Edward A.
Pastorelli, Joseph L.
Patten, Zeboim Cartter
Patterson, David Trotter
Patterson, Edmund DeWitt
Patterson, Josiah
Patterson, Malcolm R.
Patterson, Page Moore
Patton, E. White
Patton, Eugene E.
Patton, James H.
Payne, Bruce Ryburn
Payne, William Henry, Sr.
Pease, S. T.
Peay, Alton Terrill
Peay, Austin
Peck, Jacob
Peck, Thomas F.
Peebles, James McAden
Peeler, Edward Porter
Peery, R. W.
Pence, William Albert
Pennebaker, Charles Thomas
Pennington, Samuel Logan
Peoples, James A.
Peres, Israel Hyman
Perkins, Joseph Gabriel J.
Perkins, Percy A.
Perkins, Peter A.
Perry, Nat T.
Perry, Oliver Hazard
Person, George W.
Peters, N. S.
Peyton, Balie
Pfeil, Charles Oscar
Phebus, Robert Lankford
Phelan, James
Phelan, William R. Hunt
Phillips, William Oscar
Pierce, Joel N.
Pierce, John H.
Pigford, Clarence E.
Pile, Otis Proctor
Pillow, Benjamin Maxwell
Pillow, Ernest
Pillow, Gideon J.
Pillow, John Dorsey
Pillow, Robert
Pinson, Richard Alexander
Pittman, Edward Lee
Pitts, John A.
Pitts, Ollie Polk
Pleming, Charles J.
Polk, James Knox
Polk, Leonidas
Polk, Russell T.
Pollard, William Mebane
Pope, Byron
Pope, James Hanner
Pope, Lewis Shepherd
Pope, Thad Walker
Porter, Arthur Russell
Porter, Euclid Leonidas
Porter, James Davis
Poston, John H.
Poston, William Fletcher
Potter, A. E.
Potter, John Harrison
Potts, William Maddison
Pound, Jerome Baalam
Powell, Samuel
Power, Robert E.
Powers, George Luther
Powers, J. Pike, Jr.
Powers, William Washington
P'Pool, Bruce
Pracht, John Christopher, Sr.
Prescott, William Junius
Preston, Thomas Ross
Price, Charles Andrew
Price, J. Harry
Price, Julian George
Price, Samuel W.
Pride, William Thomas
Primm, Charles Madison
Prince, Winston Harland
Pritchard, John M.
Probasco, Harry Scott
Proctor, Christopher Bland
Prosser, Brown
Prothro, James Thompson
Proudfit, John W.
Proutt, Frederick George
Pruden, Thomas
Pullen, Powahatan Perkins
Pullum, Howard Joseph
Pumphrey, John William
Putnam, Israel Mercer
Qualls, R. E.
Qualls, William Herbert
Quarles, William A.
Quintard Charles Todd
Rabe, Ralph Russell
Ragsdale, William Egbert
Raht, C. Augustus
Raht, J. E.
Rain, Charles W.
Rainer, James Connell
Raines, James Tidwell
Rains, James Edward
Rambo, Isaac Stacy
Rambo, Samuel R.
Ramier, Jersey Fletcher
Ramsey, Andrew Brown
Ramsey, George Franklin
Ramsey, J. G. M.
Rankin, Thomas Turley
Ransom, James A.
Ransom, John Bostick
Ray, John W.
Ray, Lionel
Ray, Thomas Ryle
Rea, John W.
Read, Opie
Read, Richard Bland
Reasonover, James Gibson
Reaves, John Rufus
Reavis, Jesse Jerome
Reece, Brazilla Carroll
Reece, James L. 
Reece, Joseph Isaac
Reed, Edwin Downing
Reese, Hubert K.
Reese, Isaac
Reese, William B.
Reeve, Nathan H.
Reeves, Otto Willis
Regan, Richard J.
Reid, Wallace Robert
Reif, Charles
Remine, Ingersoll Osea
Renkert, Carl M.
Revington, John Hamilton
Reynolds, Thomas Kennedy
Rhea, John
Rice, Delong
Rice, Edwin Lester
Rice, Ralph Estes
Richards, Homer Murph
Richards, Jerome Edward, Jr.
Richards, Newton Copeland
Richardson, George W.
Richardson, James Daniel Sr.
Richardson, Marion
Richardson, St. George Tucker
Richie, Noah S.
Ricketts, Acy Bryan
Ridley, Bromfield L.
Riggs, Silas
Riley, Joe Seaf
Ring, Joshua W.
Rison, John R.
Ritchie, James Ruble
Roach, Michael Joseph
Roane, Archibald
Roberson, Alexander Lawrence
Roberts, Albert Houston
Roberts, Alfred Walker
Roberts, Carl R.
Roberts, Edwin Lee
Roberts, George D.
Roberts, William Alexander
Roberts, William Thomas
Robertson, Caffey
Robertson, James
Robertson, Robert Benjamin
Robertson, William Clendenin B.
Robeson, James Alfred
Robinson, Augustus H.
Robinson, Halbert
Robinson, James S.
Robinson, William Wise
Roche, Nellie J.
Roddy, Stephens Robert
Roddye, James
Rogan, Alameth Byers
Rogers, Arthur
Rogers, Earl N.
Rogers, John Sion
Rogers, King Walter
Rogers, William Boddie
Roland, John Levy
Rome, Edward Alfred
Ronk, Samuel Adolphus
Rosamond, Eugene
Rose, Caswell E.
Rose, Joseph
Rosenthal, David Abraham
Ross, John
Ross, Montague S.
Rountree, Charles E.
Rowlett, George Cashon
Roy, Eugene Walter
Rozier, Jules B., Sr.
Ruble, Wilbur G.
Rucker, Barclay Martin
Rucker, Samuel T.
Rudisill, Amzi Wallace
Rudolph, Wisdom William
Ruhm, Herman David
Ruhm, John, Jr.
Rule, Amos Henry
Rule, Fay Shelley
Rule, James Matthew
Runyon, Mrs. Frank J.
Russell, George Franklin
Russell, Graper Harris
Rutherford, Alfred Granville
Rutherford, Charles H.
Rye, Thomas Clarke
Sabine, Harry George
Sadd, Walter A.
Sadler, Robert Lee
Salmon, William Charles
Salsbury, L. K.
Sample, John Williams
Sams, Oscar Ernest
Samuel, C. B.
Sanders, Elwood Davis
Sanford, Burton S.
Sanford, William Val
Saunders, Clarence
Savage, George Martin
Savage, Michael A.
Savage, William James
Saxby, William W.
Saxton, Irvin Sutherland
Saylor, Joseph Jay
Scandlyn, John Alfred
Schaffler, Leopold Charles
Schamberger, William George
Schiffers, Joseph Karl
Schlesinger, Martin
Schrodt, Jack Preston
Schrodt, Paul H.
Schuyler, Robert Raymond
Schwartz, Heloise Michaels
Scott, Edward
Scott, James Albert
Scott, Lon Allen
Scruggs, Elroy
Scruggs, John B.
Seagle, Finley A.
Seay, Edward T.
Seches, Solomon
Seiler, Justin Frank
Sells, George J.
Semmes, Raphael Eustace
Senter, Dewitt Clinton
Senter, Mark H.
Sevier, John
Seymour, Charles Milne
Seymour, Sam H.
Shasteen, Richard Jackson
Shea, John J.
Shea, Nelle
Shearman, Alfred Neal
Sheehan, John S.
Sheely, Edward Valentine
Shelby, Evan
Shelby, Isaac
Shelton, Hugh T.
Shepard, Franklin Howard
Shephard, DeWitt McNutt
Shepherd, Fred S.
Shepherd, Lewis
Shepherd, Thomas Pope
Shepherd, Will
Sherrell, John T.
Sherwood, Henry M. 
Shields, William Simpson
Shipley, Colonel Albert L.
Shipley, Walter Parnell
Shipley, Zebidee La Fayette
Shoffner, Clarence L.
Sholar, Edward H.
Shonn, John Bell
Shore, Solomon Aaron
Shumacker, Leopold
Sibley, Bolling
Sienknecht, Henry
Silvertooth, George W.
Simmons, Benjamin Lewis
Simmons, Cyrus
Simmons, George Christian
Simmons, William
Simpson, William Gardner
Sims, James Turney
Sims, John G.
Sivley, Clarence Lee
Slater, William
Slayden, John Dan
Smartt, James Polk
Smartt, Robert White
Smith , Preston
Smith, Austin Wheeler
Smith, Bolton
Smith, Charles H.
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Edward Joseph
Smith, F. Norman
Smith, Gul L., Sr.
Smith, J.Frazer
Smith, James Allen
Smith, James William
Smith, John Henry
Smith, John Thomas
Smith, Leonidas D'Entrecasteaux
Smith, Lomax Mandeville
Smith, Philip Bayard
Smith, Quentin Miller
Smith, Samuel Bosworth
Smith, Samuel D.
Smith, Thomas Benton
Smith, Thurman
Smithson, William Burr
Smithwick, Fred B.
Smithwick, Presley Strange
Smyth, James Max
Snapp, Landon B.
Sneed William-Henry
Snowden, Robert Bogardus
Somerville, Hugh Vasser
Somerville, William G.
Sommerville, Charles William
Southard, Joseph Baxter
Sowell, Ashley B.
Spahr, Neal Bradford
Sparks, F. F.
Sparks, Sam Robert
Spaulding, Daniel Tolbert
Spears, William D.
Speck, Carl Thomas
Speed, Robert A.
Spellings, John Franklin
Spence, Cary Fletcher
Spencer, Edward W.
Spencer, Raymond B.
Sperry, Henry Louis
Spiegel, Edward
Springfield, Willard J.
Sprouse, G. B.
Spurlock, Frank
St. John, George Fulton
Stack, Robert Earl
Stainback, Charles Ashley
Stair, Howard
Standard Coosa Thatcher Co.
Standefer, Rufus E.
Stanford, James B.
Stanton, William M.
Staples, John W.
Starnes, Daniel W.
Staulcup, McBride
Steel, John Albert, Jr.
Steele, Willard
Stem, Leon Thayer
Stephens, George Jefferson
Stephens, Marion Archibald
Stephens, Samuel Edmund
Stephenson, Jay Gilmer
Stephenson, William Franklin
Steward, Anne Bisplinghoff
Stewart, Josiah Lemuel
Stewart, Paul R.
Stewart, Thomas Lawrence
Stickley, Robert Houston
Stimson, Robert C.
Stockard, Charles Cleveland
Stockell, W. Frank
Stokes, Jordan
Stokes, Jordan
Stokes, Jordan, Jr.
Stone, I. R.
Stone, James William
Stone, William Henry
Stong, Luther M.
Storch, Richard
Stoves, George
Strahl, Otho French
Strang, S. Bartow
Stratton, Leslie Martin
Strauss, S. A.
Street, Joseph P.
Streuli, Arnold Frederick
Sugg, Walter D.
Summers, Joseph Pinkey
Swan, Charles Karns
Swearinger, Milan Filmore
Sweeney, Edward Baxter
Swiggart, William Harris
Swindler, Henry Jackson
Swink, Robert Burle
Swink, Walter Thomas
Sykes, Charles
Tanner, Dudley S.
Tansil, Mamie
Tansil, Thomas E.
Tarpley, John Boone
Tarpley, Joseph Russell
Tarver, Samuel Vestal
Tarwater, James Fletcher
Tate, Hugh McCall
Tate, James Alexander
Tate, James Edgar
Tate, Thomas Galen
Tatum, Byron Eugene
Tatum, Howell
Tatum, Samuel Homer
Taylor, Arthur
Taylor, Arthur Robert
Taylor, Charles C.
Taylor, Frank Washington Jr.
Taylor, Frank Washington, Sr.
Taylor, Alfred Alexander
Taylor, Herbert Jones
Taylor, Joseph Hamilton
Taylor, Nathaniel G.
Taylor, Oliver James
Taylor, Raymond Shands
Taylor, Robert Love
Taylor, Samuel Washington
Taylor, Walker M.
Taylor, William Marcus
Taylor, William Wood
Teague, Harvey Rivers
Temple, Oliver Perry
Templeton, Jesse Baldwin
Terrell, Burnice Francis
Terrell, Samuel D.
Testerman, Fred J.
Testerman, William T.
Thomas, George M.
Thomas, Jesse
Thomas, John W., Jr.
Thomas, Spencer Farrington
Thomason, Boyd F.
Thomason, John Bryan
Thomason, Wiley B.
Thompson, Frank M.
Thompson, Jesse Allen
Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, Neal L.
Thompson, Samuel H.
Thompson, Thomas Clarkson
Thompson, Winton Lee
Thornburgh, Jacob Montgomery
Tickle, Willie Lee
Tidrow, Robert Lafayette
Tigrett, Isaac Burton
Tilson, Leroy Sams
Timmons, Ernest Andrew
Timothy, michael A.
Tipton, Enoch W.
Tipton, John
Tipton, N. Harrison
Tisdale, Lew
Todd, Andrew L.
Tomlinson, Pride
Toombs, Percy Walthall
Toomey, William Augustus
Totten, A.W. O.
Towler, W. J.
Townsend, George B.
Travis, John E.
Traynor, Arthur
Trigg, Connally F.
Trimble, James
Trimble, James Martin
Troost, Gerald
Trotter, James Olin
Trousdale, William
Troutt, William Jacob
True, Henry Clay
Tucker, Andrew Johnson
Tucker, Blackburn George
Tucker, Nathaniel T.
Tucker, Robert Oliver
Tully, Christopher Joseph
Turley, Thomas Battle
Turley, Thomas Jefferson
Turley, William Bruce
Turman, Elijah Van Buren
Turner, Guy Sackville
Turner, Lawson Relly
Turney, Hopkins L.
Turney, Peter
Tustin, Clyde Rolland
Tutwiler, Thomas H.
Tyler, Robert C.
Tyne, Thomas J.
Tyson, Charles McGhee
Tyson, Lawrence Davis
Underwood, Frank L.
Valentine, Marion Francis
Vallery, John A.
Van Trees, John Ellis
Van Vleet, McKay
Van Vleet, Peter P.
Vance, Rienzi Hobson
Vance, William Kirkpatrick, Jr.
Vaughan, James David
Vaughan, Thomas Miles
Vaughn, Alfred J.
Vaughn, John C.
Vaught, William McDonald
Veltman, Stewart J.
Venn, Frank Hubert
Vesley, John B.
Vestal, James Park
Vester, Henry B.
Vigus, Mary (Spain)
Vinton, Thomas Oliver
Vogt, Basil
Voorhies, Joe Lane
Waddill, Samuel D.
Wade, Hon. Timothy W,
Wadlington, Walter J.
Walden, John Goodloe
Walker, Elijah
Walker, Elijah B.
Walker, James Isaac
Walker, John Russell, Jr.
Walker, Lucius M.
Wallace, George C.
Wallace, John W.
Wallace, Philip H.
Wallace, Raymond
Wallace, Robert W.
Wallace, Wesley Warren
Wallace, William J.
Walling, Jesse
Walsh, Edmund J.
Walsh, Edward Francis
Walsh, John Milton
Walsh, John Thomas
Ward, Nancy
Waring, George Oral
Waring, Roane
Warr, Otis Sumter
Warren, Overton S.
Warwick, Charles Henry, Jr.
Washburn, Clyde
Washburn, William Parsons
Washington, Henry Augustine
Washington, Joseph Edwin
Washington, William Hunter
Wassman, Emil
Watkins, Edwin Dial
Watkins, Henry Cannon
Watkins, Robert Green
Watkins, Samuel
Watkins, Walter H.
Watson, Charles May
Watson, Will J.
Watters, Henry Eugene
Weakley, Ewell Thomas
Weakley, Robert
Weaver, Dudley Saunders
Weaver, Elbert Archie
Weaver, George Rainer
Weaver, Hartwell
Webb, Thomas Shapard
Webber, Edgar Francis
Weber, Henri Carleton
Webster, Edgar
Webster, William Arthur
Webster, William Johnson
Weeks, Bonzano
Weitzell, W. S.
Weldon, William Everett
Wells, E. O.
Wells, George David
West, Azrius Graves
West, Edward T.
West, Frank L.
West, George R.
Wetter, Henry
Whaley, John Hickman
Whaley, William
Wharton, Jesse
Wheat, Luther E.
White, Buford M.
White, Charles H.
White, George R.
White, Hugh Lawrence
White, Hugh Lawson
White, James
White, James
White, John R.
White, Newton Harris
Whitehead, Floyd L.
Whiteside, Jenkin
Whitfield, James P.
Whitson, William Vance, Sr.
Whitthorne, Washington Curran
Whittle, Bruce O.
Whyte, Robert
Wiehl, Fred F.
Wiggins, Milton Cayce
Wilburn, James Cloyd
Wilcox, Cadmus M. 
Wilcoxon, William Levi
Wiles, James Hartwell, Jr.
Wilkerson, Henry Lynn
Wilkerson, W. E.
Wilkerson, William N.
Wilkes, Charles Ophir
Wilkes, John Summerfield
Wilkes, Karl K.
Wilkinson, Zellet J.
William, Isaac Newton
William, Major Silas
Williams, Alfred Hicks
Williams, Arthur B.
Williams, Charles Franklin
Williams, Christopher H., III
Williams, Joe V.
Williams, John
Williams, John James
Williams, John Sneed
Williams, John T. E.
Williams, John W.
Williams, Joseph J.
Williams, Perrin Solomon
Williams, Roy Franklin
Williams, Samuel Cole
Williams, Thomas L.
Williams, Victor Robertson
Williams, Wiley J. 
Williamson, George Leon
Williamson, Samuel McCulloch
Willingham, Charles M.
Willingham. John T.
Willis, Charles D.
Willis, John L.
Willoughby, John B.
Wills, Walter Douglass
Wilson, Alfonso
Wilson, E. Bright
Wilson, Harry Douglas
Wilson, Lloyd Dale
Wilson, Mark K.
Wilson, Paul Malone
Winchester, James
Winkelman, Henry Tanner
Winnett, John Henry
Witherington, James Barna
Witherspoon, John Alexander
Witsell, Benjamin Fishburne
Witsell, William Allister
Witt, Benjamin Butler C.
Witt, Fain A.
Witt, R. Beecher
Wolcox, William C.
Wolfe, Homer E.
Womack, Luther Emmett
Womack, Owen Kent
Womack,Charles Marion
Wood, Dethic Hewitt
Wood, Hilliard
Woodmansee, William A.
Woods, John Oscar
Woodward, Neely Newton
Woodward, William Tilson
Woosley, Joel Walden
Wooten, James C.
Wooten, John T.
Word, Cuthbert Burney
Word, Roscoe
Worley, J. Parks
Worley, Mrs. Anne Lee
Wray, James Bailey
Wrenne, Thomas William
Wright, Archibald
Wright, Charles Thomas
Wright, James B.
Wright, Luke Edward
Wright, Richard Grey
Wright, Timothy Asbury
Wright, Timothy Asbury, Jr.
Wright, Will D.
Wunschow, Otto Buford
Wyatt, James Nicholas
Wyont, David Hosea
Yancey, Thomas Bragg
Yarnell, Oscar
Yeager, Alvin Adams
Yerger, Campbell
Yerger, Edwin M.
Yerger, George S.
Yerger, J.S. 
Yerger, William
Younce, Phillip C.
Young, Casey
Young, John Preston
Young, John W.
Young, Robert Douglas
Young, Thomas William, Jr.
Young, William J.
Yowell, O. Y.
Zollicoffer, Felix K.







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