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New York Congregational Ministers, 1864
& The Official Association Resolution On The Civil War


Taken from, "Minutes of the General Association of New York for 1864.

We will send you a reprint of the report of the "Committee On The State Of The Country,  which begins, "Resolved, That the signal victories which have crowned our arms, following so close upon a season of darkness and humiliation, call for fervent gratitude to Almighty God..." and continues for several paragraphs.

We will also send you the page of information on any minister you are interested in (the report shows the minister's name, date he was ordained & the name of his congregation).

A fascinating look at the official position of one religious group during the Civil War, which is interesting even if your ancestors were not a minister.

To see the Massachusetts report for the same year click here.

Item # 10248

Price $3.00

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Adamson, William S.
Allen, E. W.
Allen, John A.
Allen, M.
Armstrong, Robert Shannon
Atwood, Lewis P.
Bacon, George B.
Badger, Milton
Barnard, S. A.
Barnes, N. H.
Barris, Joseph S.
Barstow, Charles
Bartlett, William A.
Bayliss, Samuel
Beard, Edwin S.
Beckwith, John H.
Beecher, Henry Ward
Beecher, Thomas K.
Belden, Henry
Bement, William
Bennett, Joseph L.
Benson, Henry
Bliss, Asher
Bourne, Shearjashub Jr.
Bradshaw, J.
Bronson, A.
Brown, George
Brown, Silas C.
Brown, William B.
Budington, William Ives
Bulkley, C. H. A.
Burchard, Jedediah
Butler, Jeremiah
Butterworth, H. H.
Calder, H. L.
Carter, James E.
Carver, S
Chaney, Lucian W.
Chapman, Edward D.
Cheever, George B.
Clark, Henry
Coe, David B.
Coffey, George H.
Cordell, James G.
Cowles, Sylvester
Crane, Jonathan
Cross, Goram
Cunningham, John
Curtiss, Otis F.
Daggett, Oliver E.
Dewey, Chester
Dewey, William
Dilley, Alexander B.
Dimmock, Samuel R.
Douglass, James
Downs, Azel
Dunning, Homer N.
Dyer, David
Eastman, Morgan L.
Elliot, Lester H.
Elliott, Henry B.
Entler, G. R.
Everest, A. E.
Field, Pindar
Frankfurth, Henry
Frankfurth, Henry
French, Justus Clement
Gibbs, John
Gibbs, Samuel T.
Gilbert, Simeon Jr.
Giles, Walter H.
Gladden, Washington
Goodman, S. S.
Griswold, Samuel
Hall, Eli N.
Halliday, Samuel B.
Hallock, Luther C.
Hamilton, Dillis Dyer
Hammond, William  B
Harries, Thomas
Harrison, Joseph
Hazeltine, Henry M.
Henry, William D.
Heston, Newton
Hilton, J. V.
Hobart, L. Smith
Holbrook, John C.
Holmes, John M.
Hoover, Charles
Houhton, James Dunbar
Hughson, Simeon S.
Hunt, Ward I.
Huntington, Andrew
Ingalls, Alfred
Iverson, John
Jenks, George M.
Jocelyn, Simeon J.
Johnson, Samuel
Judson, G. C.
Ketschum, Orville
Kidder, Corbin
Knapp, Nathan B.
Knox, William J.
Kyte, Felix
Lancaster, Daniel
Lee, Hiram
Levere, George W.
Lewis, John R.
Little, Horatio N.
Lockwood, Clark
Lowing, Henry D.
Ludlow, Henry G.
Machin, Charles
Marsh, John
Marsh, Loring B.
Martin, Benjamin N.
Marvin, D. W.
McFarland, Henry H.
McIntire, Charles C.
Merriam, George F.
Miles, Harvey
Miller, Samuel
Montague, Philetus
Nason, J. H.
Newcomb, Luther
North, Simeon
Norton, Robert
Norton, William W.
Noyes, Daniel P.
Orcutt, Samuel
Osborn, Richard Jr.
Palmer, Elliott
Palmer, Ray
Parmlee, Edway
Pattingill, J. S.
Patton, William
Peabody, Josiah
Pierce, Nathaniel H.
Platt, Merit S.
Pond, Charles B.
Porter, Samuel
Potwin, T. S.
Powell, A. V. H.
Prince, N. A.
Ransom, C.
Rawson, Thomas R.
Ray, Charles B.
Redfield, Charles
Reynolds, William T.
Richards, Samuel T.
Richardson, W. T.
Rockwood, Gilbert
Rouse, Thomas H.
Rowley, George B.
Ruddock Charles A.
Ruddock, Edward N.
Sabin, Joel Gleason
Sharts, Darwin W.
Sheldon, Philo J.
Snow, Aaron
Spear, David
Spencer, Judson G.
Stevens, C. C.
Stimpson, E. P.
Storrs, Richard S. Jr.
Stoutenburgh, L. I.
Stratton, R. B.
Strieby, Michael E.
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, Ephraim
Taylor, Sherman D.
Thompson, Joseph P.
Tompkins, W. R.
Tremain, Richard
Underwood, Almon
Waite, Hiram H.
Watson, T.
Whipple, George
Whseelock, Rufus A.
Wickes, John
Wilder, Moses H.
Willoughby, E.
Woodhill, J. A.
Yeomans, N. T.
Young, Samuel
Youngs, Christopher

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