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1937 Haverford College, The Record

Haverford College, The Record, listing of all seniors for the class of 1937. Listing for faculty, follows this listing.


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Item # 10030


Seniors Hometown
Alexander, Robert Crozer Philadelphia, PA
Allen, Charles Jackson, Jr. Moorestown, NJ
Allen, William Williams, III Woodbury, NJ
Ambler, Bruce Abington, PA
Andrews, Howard Aston Wilkes-Barre, PA
Barker, Thomas Seth, Jr. Media, PA
Beck, Kenneth Antrim Philadelphia, PA
Bond, William Henry York, PA
Bone, Robert Clarke, Jr. West Chester, PA
Borton, Samuel Lippincott, II Norristown, PA
Brown, Thomas Kite, III Swarthmore, PA
Cantrell, John Abbott Strafford, PA
Carson, Joseph Reed Merchantville, NJ
Cary, Stephen Grellet Philadelphia, PA
Clayton, Richard Melvin Elkins Park, PA
Condit, William Ward Norristown, PA
Conway, Thomas Armour, III Elizabeth, NJ
Cooper, Richard Wayne, PA
Dailey, James Albert, Jr. Kansas City, MO
Daudt, William Herbert Wilmington, DE
Drinker, Henry Sandwith, III Merion, PA
Englemann, Hans Bernhard Wilmington, DE
French, Bruce Hartung Wynnewood, PA
Freund, Henry Herman, III Merion, PA
Frysinger, Daniel Chappell Philadelphia, PA
Gaines, Carleton Bay Village, OH
Gilmour, Allan Walton, Jr. Philadelphia, PA
Greif, Roger Louis Baltimore, MD
Gulbrandsen, Henry Clark Woodbury, NJ
Guthrie, Marshall Crapon Staten Island, NY
Haberkern, Roy Conrad Winston-Salem, NC
Hawkins, Edward Lupton, Jr. Philadelphia, PA
Hollander, Bernard Moses Baltimore, MD
Holzer, Charles Elmer, Jr. Gallipolis, OH
Hoover, James Dawson New York, NY
Hunt, Andrew Dickson, Jr. Haverford, PA
Kelly, Robert Gregory Philadelphia, PA
Kimber, William Lawrence Philadelphia, PA
Kruener, Harry Howard Flushing, NY
Kuntz, Paul Grimley Philadelphia, PA
Lawser, John Jacob Ardmore, PA
Leibold, Robert Waltner Pittsburgh, PA
Lester, John Ashby, Jr. Doylestown, PA
Linton, Morris Albert, Jr. Moorestown, NJ
Lockwood, James Harrison Fall River, MA
McMahon, Ralph Henry Haddonfield, NJ
Nelson, William Newton, II Elizabeth, NJ
Norris, George, Jr. Scarsdale, NY
Nulsen, Francis Edwin Ferguson, MO
Polster, William Allen St. Louis, MO
Poorman, Samuel Sturgis Narberth, PA
Rector, Edgar Moskedal Evanston, IL
Reynolds, William Rothermel Philadelphia, PA
Rivers, Joseph Tracy, Jr. Louisville, KY
Rodman, Peter Picard Riverton, NJ
Rosenberry, Edward Hoffman Camp Hill, PA
Scott, Albert Lyon, Jr. Martha's Vineyard, MA
Seely, Leslie Birchard, Jr. Philadelphia, PA
Seibert, Henri Cleret Baltimore, MD
Shannon, Thomas, Louis, Jr. Philadelphia, PA
Shoemaker, Richard Bailey Pottstown, PA
Smith, Caleb Allen Newton, MA
Stark, Archibald Mount Hermon, MA
Taylor, Herbert William, Jr. Haverford, PA
Van Cleave, James Wallace St. Louis, MO
Weightman, Melvin Atwood Springfield, PA
Whitman, Philip Martin Pittsburgh, PA
Wilbur, Carl Edward Philadelphia, PA
Worrall, Jay Wesley, Jr. Newton Square, PA
Wrigley, Arthur Nelson Philadelphia, PA


Brown, Henry Tatnall, Jr.
Cadbury, William Edward, Jr.
Chase, Oscar Marshall
Comfort, Howard
Comfort, William Wistar
Drake, Thomas E.
Dunn, Emmett Reid
Fetter, Frank Whitson
Flight, John William
Frank, Charles Edward
Grant, Elihu
Gummere, Henry Volkmar
Henry, Howard Knickerbocker
Herndon, John Goodwin, Jr.
Hetzel, Theodore Brinton
Holmes, Clayton William
Hotson, John Leslie
Kelly, John Alexander
Kelly, Thomas Raymond
Lindsay, Frank W.
Lockwood, Dean Putnam
Lunt, William Edward
MacIntosh, Archibald
Melchoir, Montfort Vertigans
Meldrum, William Buell
Montgomery, George
Oakley, Cletus O.
Palmer, Frederick, Jr.
Pfund, Harry William
Post, Levi Arnold
Randall, Roy Earl
Rantz, John Otto
Reitzel, William
Rittenhouse, Leon Hawley
Snyder, Edward Douglas
Steere, Douglas Van
Sutton, Richard Manliffe
Swann, Alfred J.
Teaf, Howard Morris, Jr.
Watson, Frank Dekker
Willard, John Ela
Williamson, Alexander Jardine
Wilson, Albert Harris


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