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Emory Alumni Living In 1926, A-F Surnames


Short, but informative biographies for each person shown. Typical entry includes; occupation, educational & personal information.
Taken from, Alumni History And Directory of Emory University edited by James A. Dombrowsky and published in 1926.

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Other Emory Alumni Living In 1926:  G-N Names     O-Z Names

A & B Surnames C-F Surnames
Name         			Class
Aaron, Ira Edward		1894m
Aarons, Louis H.		1913m
Abbott, Benjamin Franklin	1894
Abbott, Hunley			1902
Abercrombie, Thomas Franklin	1903m
Acree, Emmett Whitworth		1915
Acree, George MacDonell		1914
Action, William Mitchell	1922
Adair, Robert Edgar		1890m
Adair, Robin			1903m
Adair, William Jefferson	1879m
Adams, Adiel L			1923
Adams, Bently Childs		1923m
Adams, C. R.			1918m
Adams, Charles Newton		1919
Adams, Charlie			1924
Adams, Charlton Berrien, Jr.	1921
Adams, Dallas hilliard		1908m
Adams, E. H.			1882m
Adams, Francis Lewellyn		1890m
Adams, George Grigsby		1907
Adams, Henry M.			1909m
Adams, J. B.			1884m
Adams, James Clyde		1907
Adams, James Fred, Jr.		1919
Adams, James Lafayette		1907m
Adams, John L.			1914m
Adams, Maxcey			1887
Adams, Sam Lee			1925
Adams, Thomas Shaw		1916m
Adcock, Eukling G.		1923L
Addy, Homer			1924
Aden, William Clinton		1925
Aderhold, Wiley Austin		1908m
Adkins, William Nevin		1905m
Aiken, A. M.			1911
Aiken, Samuel Patterson		1898
Aiken, Wayne Starr		1915m
Aiken, William Pat		1902
Aiken, William White		1925m
Ainsworth, Harry		1900
Ainsworth, William Newman	1891
Ainsworth, William Nicholson	1916
Akin, James Burton Clayton	1925
Akin, John Marvin		1925m
Akridge, Henry Lonzoe		1915m
Albritton, Andrew Benjamin	1912m
Alderman, George Carl		1920
Alderman, Hiram A.		1910m
Alderman, Rhenus Hoffard	1904
Alderman, William LaRue		1906
Aldridge, Fred Cutler		1923m
Alexander, Clifton L.		1916m
Alexander, George Henry		1922
Alexander, George Lemuel	1893m
Alexander, George thomas	1922m
Alexander, O. R. 		1893m
Alexander, W. H.		1895m
Allan, Arthur S.		1888
Allen, Albert M.		1891m
Allen, Arthur R.		1895m
Allen, Charles Foster		1920t
Allen, Edwin Whitaker		1914m
Allen, George Ollie		1893m
Allen, H. G.			1919t
Allen, Harry Scandrett		1903
Allen, Henry Dawson		1879m
Allen, Henry Egbert, Jr.	1922
Allen, Henry Homer		1924
Allen, James Fred		1895
Allen, McFerrin, Culler		1884
Allen, Myron Bartlett		1918m
Allen, Ralph Hugley		1914m
Allen, Rufus Forrest		1924
Allen, Victor Hugo		1905
Allen, Weyman Graves		1922
Allen, William DeLacy		1923
Allen, William Fletcher		1904
Allen, Wilson Pruitt		1907m
Allen, Winston Stiles		1918
Allgood, Conrad Lacuniols		1912m
Allgood, Reese Alexander		1912m
Allgood, Samuel Young		1909
Allison, Gordon Glenn		1925m
Allison, John Herman		1918
Allred, I. P.		1884m
Allred, Oscar		1923
Alman, Wedrell Ezra		1925
Almand, Bond		1913
Almand, Claude Alexander		1912
Almand, Edward L.		1924
Almand, Henry Grady		1907
Almand, John Parks		1907
Almand, Joseph Morris		1924
Alsobrook, Bloxham Edward		1910m
Alsobrook, Daniel Clements		1907m
Alsobrook, J. S.		1899m
Alston, Nathaniel Charles		1881m
Amacher, F.		1920t
Amacher, Fred		1924
Ancel, Farman		1918m
Anderson, Albert Sydney, Jr.		1924L
Anderson, Carl Lucerne		1898
Anderson, Charles Lee		1925
Anderson, Earl Wills		1901
Anderson, Edward Wooten		1880
Anderson, Emmett B.		1916
Anderson, Emmett B.		1916m
Anderson, Francis McKensie		1903
Anderson, Fred Addison		1901
Anderson, George Marvin		1909m
Anderson, J. M.		1910m
Anderson, James C.		1909m
Anderson, James Thomas		1912m
Anderson, James W.		1916m
Anderson, Jesse Munroe		1897
Anderson, Joe Johnson		1913m
Anderson, John Franklin		1924
Anderson, John Gray, Jr.		1906
Anderson, Leonidas Mosby		1896m
Anderson, Marvin Emory		1901
Anderson, Samuel Aubrey		1923m
Anderson, Warren Edward		1916m
Andrews, Agnew		1919m
Andrews, Charles R.		1903m
Andrews, P. C.		1910
Ansley, Eustace Speer		1909
Ansley, Hamilton G.		1924
Ansley, Rufus Olin		1920
Ansley, Wiley Shorter		1899m
Anthony, Edwin R., Jr.		1915m
Anthony, Lovick Pierce		1900
Anthony, Mack		1923
Anthony, Walter 		1903
Applewhite, Albert Seth		1908m
Arant, Chelcie Grady		1923
Ardis, Julius Harris		1888
Ardis, Mamie (Haygood)		1888
Arkwright, Preston Stanley, Jr.		1924
Armentrout, H. B.		1916
Armistead, Earnest S.		1910
Armistead, Thomas Macon, Jr.		1903
Armor, Holcombe Harris		1911
Armour, William S.		1913m
Armstrong, James Tally		1913m
Armstrong, Thomas Blake		1904
Arnold, Colvert Hinton		1915
Arnold, Robert McDonnell		1908
Arnold, W. P.		1911
Arnold, Wilbur Oyden		1923m
Arnu, Robert Earl		1921
Arrington, Alvin C.		1925
Arrington, Lindsay Stanley		1882
Arrington, Luther L.		1885
Arrington, Ralph H.		1911
Arteaga, Joaquin B.		1923
Arteaga, Oliver		1925
Arthur, James Franklin		1915m
Asher, William Thomas		1893m
Ashford, Grover Frank		1912
Ashley, Julian Maxey		1912
Ashley, Wallace		1925
Ashley, William		1909
Ashmore, William Franklin 		1894m
Askew, Ben Oliver		1917
Askew, Hulett H.		1918m
Askew, James Emmett		1912
Askew, William Sanford		1919
Atherton, G. M.		1899
Atherton, Henry Grady		1915m
Atherton, Lucius Howard		1923
Athon, Johnson William		1898
Atkins, F. M.		1920m
Atkins, Joseph Alexander		1898
Atkins, Robert Hertel		1902
Atkinson, Burwell		1876m
Atkinson, Harold Cook		1922
Atkinson, Mary C.		1922G
Atkinson, Roswell Cook		1912
Atkinson, Theodore Ellis		1871
Attaway, Eugene		1916
Ault, Henry J.		1905m
Austin, Archie Boyd		1923
Austin, Charles Wesley		1897
Austin, Jefferson Davis		1885m
Austin, Manning Cheatham		1899
Austin, Orrin Oscar		1914m
Austin, William Hubert		1910m
Auxford, Frank Oscar		1893m
Avary, Archer, Jr.		1921
Avary, Archer, Sr.		1880m
Avary, James Corbin		1882m
Avary, Robert Lee, Jr.		1924
Avary, Robert Lee, Sr.		1886
Avary, Thomas Carr		1889m
Aven, Carl C.		1910m
Awtry, Edmund Lee		1896m
Aycock, Mell		1917m
Aycock, William Lloyd		1914m
Ayer, Guy D.		1906m
Ayers, Amos Jefferson		1917m
Ayers, Clarence Landers		1902m
Babcock, Donald T.		1921m
Baber, George Leonard		1906m
Bachmann, Jean George		1922G
Baggerly, Arthur Olin		1915
Baggett, Leland Green		1914m
Baggs, David Wright		1894m
Bagley, George Washington		1915m
Bagley, James Berrien		1894m
Bailey, Abner Allen		1888
Bailey, David Vernon		1910m
Bailey, Eugene McKay		1890m
Bailey, J. W.		1860m
Bailey, Miles Kendrick		1919m
Bailey, Omer Leo		1916m
Bailey, Philip E.		1908
Bailey, Thomas Sargeant		1902m
Bailey, Walker Boyd		1920
Baird, James Bozeman		1905m
Baird, James Mason		1925
Baird, Noah Wesley		1915m
Baird, William Davis		1895m
Baker, C. Raymond		1920
Baker, Clinton Lyle		1925
Baker, Elliott Lawson		1895m
Baker, Ernest Battle		1919
Baker, George Claude, Jr.		1925
Baker, George W.		1902m
Baker, Joseph Lorenzo		1884m
Baker, Robert Britton		1910
Baker, S. M.		1922G
Baker, William Pope		1920m
Baker, Woolford Bales		1920G
Baldwin, John Robinson		1906
Baldwin, Justin Ousley		1908m
Baldwin, Lewis Eugene		1902
Baldwin, Robert Edward		1923
Baldwin, Roderick Henry		1921m
Baldwin, William Moses		1909
Baldwin, William Pitt		1900
Balkcom, Henry Lewis		1905
Ball, Fred St. Clair		1922L
Ball, Horace Clinton		1924
Ball, Mack Wright		1909m
Ballard, Durwood Lee		1919
Ballard, Edman D.		1920t
Ballard, Helen Louise		1924G
Ballenger, James P.		1885m
Ballenger, William Lee		1912m
Bamberg, George C.		1918
Bancker, Evert Abram, III		1925m
Banister, C. D.		1908m
Banister, Henry Grady		1916m
Banks, Barham Donald		1916
Banks, Jabez Bunting		1883
Banks, John		1911m
Banks, Joseph Todd		1913m
Banks, Michael Joseph		1890m
Banks, Wesley Tarver		1895
Banks, William Nathaniel		1903
Barber, Walter Edgar		1913m
Barbour, Harlan Wayne		1923
Barbrick, John Fraser		1900m
Bardwell, Ed. L., Jr.		1903
Bardwell, Ralph Newton Ransom		1892
Bare, Goodman		1920m
Barfield, Forrest Mullins		1915m
Barfield, J. Rex		1913m
Barfield, Jesse Morton		1901m
Barfield, John Overton		1924m
Barfield, Robert Pearce		1911
Barge, Arlander Alonzo		1891m
Barge, Josiah L.		1887m
Barker, Hampton Morgan		1907m
Barker, Hiram Onias		1916m
Barker, Novatus Lee		1917m
Barker, William Thatcher		1895m
Barkley, Alben William		1900
Barkley, Claud Douglas		1913m
Barkwell, John Holloway		1908m
Barnes, Aiden Emmett		1886
Barnes, James Foster		1922G
Barnes, Reuben H.		1914m
Barnes, William Ervin		1898
Barnett, Addison Fort		1874
Barnett, Albert Edward		1921t
Barnett, Charlie Bascomb		1923
Barnett, Eugene E.		1907
Barnett, Henry Green		1910
Barnett, Ira Nelson, Jr.		1922
Barnett, James Miller		1902m
Barnett, Lonton S.		1912
Barnett, R. B.		1903
Barnett, Ross Augustus		1913m
Barnett, William Merriwether		1913
Barney, Philip Elmer		1914
Barnhill, James Edwin		1913
Barnum, Murray R.		1904
Barnwell, John Thomas		1889m
Barr, William James		1898
Barrier, Wilbur Franklin		1919
Barritt, William James, Jr.		1925
Barron, George Albert		1905
Barron, H. A.		1913m
Barry, Hamlet Joseph		1901
Barry, Robert E.		1879
Bartlum, W. J.		1877
Barton, Alfred Eugene		1925
Barton, Henry McMahan		1892m
Barton, J. R.		1900m
Barton, Jesse Hamby		1913
Barwick, Ennis D.		1925
Barwick, G. M.		1895m
Baskin, Alcimus H.		1892m
Baskin, Charles Lee		1895m
Baskin, Thomas Irvine		1921
Bass, Emory Pate		1915
Bass, Haskell Harris		1914
Bass, Holman Clyde		1922
Bass, James A.		1892
Bate, William Calhoun		1923
Bates, George P.		1905
Bates, Henry Grady		1910
Bates, Jack M.		1890m
Battey, Hugh Inman		1910m
Battle, Buford Dean		1911
Battle, C. W.		1911
Battle, Chas. Alex		1902
Battle, James Hartwell		1897
Battle, Laurie Hunter		1915
Battle, William Willis		1922L
Battle, Wingate		1914
Bauer, Henry L.		1895m
Baugh, Robert Hansell		1925
Bauknight, Charles William		1893
Baum, Firley		1907
Baum, J. Brantley		1923L
Baxley, William Ward		1925
Baxter, James Hubert		1901
Baxter, James Hubert		1908m
Baxter, John Springs		1886
Bayles, Willard T.		1902m
Bayless, William Carl		1923m
Baynard, Jennings Ernest		1923
Bays, Clinton O.		1915t
Bazemore, Wallace Lee		1917
Beach, Fritz Chester		1922t
Bealer, Frank Rudisill		1917m
Beals, Millard Fillmore		1923
Bean, Ira Floyd		1912m
Bean, Theo bernard		1912
Beane, Charles Joseph		1902
Bear, Theodore Lawrence		1924
Beard, Joseph Sidney		1910m
Bearden, Joseph B.		1889m
Beasley, Alex H.		1905m
Beasley, Archer Wilburn		1923
Beasley, Benjamin Taylor		1914m
Beasley, Charles Trevelyan		1923
Beason, Lewis		1912m
Beatie, David Leftwick		1900
Beatie, William David		1883
Beauchamp, Charles Oliver		1897
Beauchamp, John Calhoun		1882m
Beauchamp, Walter Lee		1908m
Beaver, Edgar Burton		1912m
Beck, J. W. E. H.		1899m
Beck, John F.		1889m
Beckham, Walter Hull		1908
Beckwith, Hubert B.		1909
Beckwith, Wightman Samuel		1909
Bedingfield, Festus Letus		1908
Bedingfield, James G.		1900
Bedingfield, John Albert		1905
Beeson, Dwight Moody		1924
Beeson, Ralph Waldo		1920
Beggs, John Miller		1914m
Belcher, Arthur Clifton		1895
Belcher, Boen Evans		1923
Belcher, David Pearce		1909m
Belcher, Francis Seals		1899
Belcher, Francis Seals		1900m
Belcher, James Clark		1923
Belcher, Samuel Abram		1904
Belcher, William R.		1889m
Belcher, William Thomas		1925
Belflower, Hinton Miller		1911m
Belk, George W.		1913m
Belk, Samuel Heidt		1914
Bell, A. Douglass		1870m
Bell, Edmond Lawson		1923
Bell, Felix Ortan		1918m
Bell, Hunter Seaborn		1921
Bell, John A.		1917t
Bell, John Preston		1894m
Bell, Joseph Francis		1893
Bell, Kenneth Rush		1924
Bell, Madson		1901
Bell, Walter Howard		1888m
Bell, Wilbur Fisk		1920
Bellamy, Charles L.		1895m
Bennet, Stanley Spencer		1923L
Bennett, Claude Nathaniel		1888
Bennett, James Lewis, Jr.		1925
Bennett, Jesse Columbus		1890m
Bennett, Richard Herber, Jr.		1921
Bennett, Victor Hugo		1910m
Bennett, William L.		1896m
Benson, Charles Prue		1910m
Benson, Maron Trotti		1900m
Benson, Norman E.		1903m
Benson, Walter Cleveland		1918t
Benson, Warren Edgar		1911m
Benton, Eugene		1888
Benton, Hugh Preston		1906
Benton, James Frederick		1911
Benton, John W., Jr.		1923
Benton, Lurner Oliver		1883
Benton, Ralph Marcellus		1919
Berenfield, Simon		1925m
Bergman, Meyer Weinstock		1921m
Bergstrom, Ernest Lamar		1891
Berry, Marvin Henry		1925
Berry, Ned Carrol		1896m
Berry, Richard Rockwood		1924
Berry, Thomas N.		1902m
Best, Robin Freeman		1923
Betterton, Thomas Crews		1891
Beveridge, John Bruce		1924
Bible, Charles John		1914m
Bickers, Daniel Garnett		1895
Bickerstaff, James Warren		1925
Bickley, Charles Edward		1915
Bickley, James Osgood		1907
Biggs, Earle Leslie		1914m
Bigham, Robert Jeter		1877
Bilbrey, Bennett Kimbrough		1925
Billingsley, Henry A.		1917t
Billups, Edgar Parke		1918
Binford, Willis Eakes		1910
Binion, Richard		1915m
Binion, Willet W.		1885m
Birch, George Snider, Jr.		1912
Bird, Angus Eugene		1908
Bird, B. Cosby		1912m
Bird, Frank		1911m
Birdsong, Henery Walter		1911m
Bishop, Cloud Hampton		1903
Bishop, Irvin L.		1919
Bishop, Linton Hines		1908m
Bishop, Walter Douglas		1915m
Bishop, William Henry		1897
Bivings, Charles Knox		1919
Bivings, Frank Lee		1918
Bivings, Franklin Carlisle		1915m
Bivings, William Troy		1896
Black, Dock Fulton		1924L
Black, James Bonner		1919L
Black, McKendree Marvin		1888
Black, Robert Creswell		1917m
Black, Robert, Jr.		1908
Black, William Telemachus		1910
Blackard, Embree Hoss		1921
Blackburn, Henry Webster		1923t
Blackburn, John Davies		1917m
Blackburn, Palmer		1913
Blackburn, Thomas Eugene		1912m
Blackmon, Roy Lee		1914m
Blackshear, Marmaduke Hamilton		1902
Blackshear, Robert Henry		1915
Blackshear, Thomas Joseph, Jr.		1914m
Blackstrom, Theodore Edgar		1893
Blackwelder, B. D.		1915m
Blackwell, Charlton DePass		1901
Blackwell, Henry Conrad		1925
Blackwell, J. L.		1911
Blackwell, Newton Floyd		1913
Blackwell, Oscar M.		1923t
Blair, Daniel Webster		1881
Blair, L. M.		1916
Blake, John Withers		1921t
Blake, L. W.		1914m
Blalock, Alonzo L.		1883
Blalock, Edward Orlando		1921
Blalock, John C.		1921m
Blalock, John Franklin, Jr.		1924
Blandford, William C.		1917m
Blanton, Ira Lee		1910m
Blanton, Lawton Walter		1904
Blanton, Lewis Jefferson		1898m
Bledsoe, Robert B.		1902m
Blitch, Lee Wesley		1922
Blitch, Pierce Groover		1919
Bloodworth, Julian Frederick		1907
Bloodworth, Thomas E.		1920
Bloodworth, Walter Perry		1897
Blosser, Roy		1902m
Blount, Frank bennett		1923
Blount, George Dexter		1901
Blount, Roy		1904
Blue, Foy Ernest		1921m
Blue, Willard Harris		1917t
Boardman, H. M.		1919
Boardman, Hollis Chabback		1923
Bobbitt, Wilbur Duane		1925L
Bodie, William Gordon		1916m
Boggs, Harry Lee		1904
Bohannon, J. T.		1903
Boland, Charles Galloway		1920
Boland, Fay Candler		1918
Boland, Frank Kells		1900m
Boland, Kells H.		1887m
Boling, John Radford		1915m
Bolton, Harry H., Jr.		1914m
Bomar, Boise S.		1908m
Bond, Benjamin F.		1900m
Bond, Eldridge Lafayette		1921
Bond, Ellis Malcomb		1923
Bond, Eugene Alva		1910
Bond, Luther		1892
Bond, Thomas Willis		1896m
Bondurant, Louis Palmer		1916
Bone, Francis Darcey		1924t
Bone, Joe M.		1925L
Bonnell, Charles Dowman		1911
Bonnell, James McAndrew		1907
Bonnell, John Fletcher		1871
Bonnell, William Gladstone		1905
Bonner, James Claud		1914m
Bonner, Thomas B.		1892m
Bonner, William Wallace		1892m
Booker, Harry E.		1888
Bookout, John James, Jr.		1924
Booth, James T.		1906m
Booth, Robert Hinton		1897
Boozer, Davis Thomas		1914m
Boozer, William Henry		1909m
Borders, Dennis J.		1895m
Borders, William Andrew		1891m
Boring, James Robert		1899m
Boring, James Robert, Jr.		1925
Born, Marion Alexander		1891m
Born, Wade H.		1900m
Bostwick, Clinton Clay		1919
Bostwick, Wilbur Early		1919
Boswell, John Reid		1923m
Boswell, Walter Osgood		1898
Boswell, William Charles		1925
Bouchelle, Louis B.		1891m
Bouldin, Thomas Jefferson		1901m
Bounds, Osborne		1913
Bouvier, Joseph Gerald		1895m
Bowden, Andrew Lee		1923
Bowden, Charles Nolan		1908
Bowden, John Wrightman		1895
Bowden, Paul A.		1897
Bowden, Ralph Stripling		1924
Bowden, Thomas Felton		1925
Bowdoin, Joe P.		1889m
Bowen, Boone Moss		1924t
Bowen, Cawthon Asbury		1906
Bowen, Dwight Samuel		1900m
Bowen, John Thomas		1899
Bowers, James Alfred, Jr.		1923
Bowers, Milton Cecil		1923
Bowers, R. H.		1886m
Bowie, John Clifton		1915
Bowles, Hilary Fontaine		1925
Bowles, Homer Reuben		1913
Bowles, Madison Harwell		1925
Bowman, Joe Merrell		1925
Bowman, Robert Emmette		1904m
Bowman, Ulysses Cicero		1895
Box, Wilmer Cortez		1907m
Boyd, Charles		1877m
Boyd, Darwin Hudson		1904
Boyd, Edward W.		1894m
Boyd, Emory Fortson		1892
Boyd, George Hugh		1917
Boyd, James Blanton, Jr.		1924
Boyd, James Gordon		1897
Boyd, James Martin		1901m
Boyd, John Blanton		1888
Boyd, John Wright		1925
Boyd, Montague Laffitte		1903
Boyd, Willis Morgan		1901
Boykin, John Thomas		1890m
Boyles, Andrew Jackson		1925G
Boynton, John Lennard		1904
Boyst, William (Mrs.)		1922G
Boza, Jose Ramon		1911
Bozeman, Robert Armstrong		1917t
Bracco, John Joseph		1916t
Bracewell, William V.		1915m
Bradbury, Bail Francisco		1882m
Bradfield, Joseph H.		1893m
Bradford, Harry Bell		1917m
Bradford, James E.		1912m
Bradley, Henry Stiles		1890
Bradley, John William		1915m
Bradley, R. H.		1913m
Bradley, Richard Smith		1884m
Bradley, Thomas Esbun		1901m
Bradley, W. A.		1896m
Bradley, William Ambrose		1898
Bradshaw, James William		1923
Bradwell, Harry Brown		1899
Bramblett, James Cicero		1908m
Branan, Walter Burke, Jr.		1923L
Branch, Charles Hentz		1882
Branch, Frank Garland		1890
Branch, Franklin Taylor		1884
Branch, J. A.		1901
Branch, Lee Whiting		1891
Branch, Thomas Pettus		1923
Branch, Willis D.		1913m
Brand, Jesse Oliver		1899
Brandon, William Pew		1922
Branham,  William Sasnett		1885
Branham, Bolling Sasnett		1900
Branham, Cecelia B.		1920G
Branham, Henry Flournory		1880
Branham, Walter Richardson, Jr.		1869
Branham, Walter Richardson, Jr.		1888
Brannen, Cecil		1922m
Brannen, Clem C.		1914m
Brannen, Cliff		1919m
Brannen, Ollie Colquitt		1922m
Brannon, J, W. L.		1895m
Brannon, William H.		1888
Branscomb, Albert Leon		1924t
Branscomb, Lewis Capers		1909h
Branson, Fred P.		1904
Branstetter, Otie G.		1924G
Brantley, Augustus H.		1866m
Brantley, James Gordon		1912m
Brantley, Zannie		1913m
Brassell, Theodore Chapin		1895m
Braswell, Ralph Millard		1925
Brawner, Albert Fergerson		1915m
Brawner, Leon Edward		1911m
Bray, H. B.		1922m
Bray, Jouett P.		1909
Bray, Percy Algiers		1917
Bray, Ulric Bannister		1921
Bray, Vivian Leroy		1907
Breland, Eugene Lowrey		1923
Brendall, Joseph Henry, Jr.		1925t
Brewer, Lambert C.		1901m
Brewin, William Woolman, Jr.		1923L
Brewster, Pendleton Harris		1899
Brewster, Robert Parker		1925
Brewton, Arva O.		1906
Brewton, Asbury Glenn		1893
Brewton, Wade Hampton		1912
Brewton, William Wade		1913
Brice, George P.		1885m
Brice, Joseph Theobold		1891m
Bridges, B. L.		1895m
Bridges, Benj. Loyd		1913
Bridges, Daniel Russell		1907m
Bridges, E. Walter		1917t
Bridges, Edgar L. 		1895
Bridges, Samuel Russell		1902
Bridges, William Russell		1923
Briggs, William H.		1914
Brinkley Stuart R.		1909
Brinkley, Sterling Gardner		1907
Brinsfield, J. W.		1904
Brinson, Haynes		1912m
Brinson, Homer Hodges		1902m
Brinson, John Bradford, Jr.		1914m
Brinson, Peyton A.		1901m
Brinson, Robert Earl		1914m
Briscoe, Cornelius DeWitt		1915m
Britt, Charles Summey		1920m
Britt, James Norment		1914m
Britt, Wallace L.		1902m
Britt, William Pinckney		1923
Brittain, Marion Luther		1886
Brittain, William Henry		1892
Brittain, William Henry, Jr.		1925
Broach, Francis M.		1890m
Broach, Norman Leslie		1909m
Broadwell, W. Talmage		1908
Brock, Ben Hill		1894m
Brock, Benjamin Wadsworth		1922
Brock, DeWitt, Talmage		1913m
Brock, Jefferson Columbus		1925
Brock, R. G.		1913m
Brodnax, Samuel H.		1864
Brogdon, F. B.		1899
Brooks, A. William		1916
Brooks, Alpheus Olin		1887m
Brooks, Andrew M.		1894m
Brooks, Andrew Mack, Jr.		1920
Brooks, Ernest Burns		1924
Brooks, Guy Allen		1915m
Brooks, Harry King		1907
Brooks, Henry Grady		1920
Brooks, Henry W.		1916m
Brooks, James Henry		1899m
Brooks, John Callan		1908
Brooks, John Calvin G.		1902
Brooks, Roland Edges		1893
Brooks, Roland Lee		1916m
Brooks, Samuel R.		1910
Broom, Alfred Cureton		1901
Broome, Christine C.		1924G
Broun, Leroy Augustus, Jr.		1925
Browder, Rabon Edge		1924
Brown Alfred		1912m
Brown, A. C.		1901L
Brown, Albert D.		1924
Brown, Archie Eugene		1911m
Brown, Benjamin Bartow		1925
Brown, C. F.		1911
Brown, C. Fred		1893
Brown, C. W.		1917m
Brown, Downing		1917
Brown, Dwight Walter		1918t
Brown, E. C.		1900m
Brown, George Thaddeus		1892m
Brown, Harold H.		1897
Brown, Harold Ogden		1916m
Brown, Harvey Chester		1920t
Brown, Howard L.		1919t
Brown, J. F.		1858m
Brown, Jackson Frank		1920m
Brown, Joseph Alonzo		1890
Brown, Louis Leonard		1891
Brown, Monroe Franklin		1923m
Brown, Paul Ernest		1915
Brown, Peter Franklin		1890
Brown, Peter James		1908m
Brown, Rufus Enoch		1923
Brown, Samuel Bradford		1888
Brown, Stephen Richardson		1906m
Brown, Stephen Treadwell		1914m
Brown, Stewart D.		1907m
Brown, Thomas Dwight		1921
Brown, Virginius Elholm		1925
Brown, Walter Eugene		1916t
Brown, William T.		1876m
Brown, Willis Alston		1922
Brown, Wimberly Ernest		1905
Brown, Y. Spence		1917m
Broyles, L. M.		1895
Broyles, Richard Johnson		1916
Bruce, Charles Henley		1892
Bruce, Daniel Robert		1912
Bruce, Homer Sanford		1891m
Bruce, Robert J.		1880m
Brunson, Emmett T.		1921m
Bruton, David Foster		1921
Bryan William Lyle		1912
Bryan, Joseph Marcellus		1909
Bryan, Milton 		1887
Bryan, Nathan Philemon		1893
Bryan, Paul Easterling		1907
Bryan, Reed A.		1899
Bryan, Richard Walker		1916
Bryan, Thomas Murray		1902
Bryan, Thomas Randall, Jr.		1922
Bryan, Walter S.		1909
Bryan, Walton L.		1924
Bryans, Robert L.		1892m
Bryant, Clark H.		1925m
Bryant, Hayden Chambers		1925
Bryant, R. O.		1923t
Bryant, Robert Williams		1895m
Bryant, William C.		1921t
Bryant, William Cullen		1889m
Bryson, Albert Cundy		1925
Bryson, David Lauderdale		1910m
Bryson, Marion Turner		1914
Buck, William Galan		1922
Bucknell, Howard		1912m
Budd, James V.		1919L
Budd, John William		1901
Budd, William Henry		1894
Buell, Kenneth W.		1910m
Buff, Julian Holt		1916m
Bullard, D. B.		1898
Bullard, Legare Swann		1887
Bullard, Thomas Parker		1897m
Bullington, Horace Earle		1923t
Bulloch, Chas. Edward		1902
Bullock, Charles  Ross		1907m
Bullock, Henry Morton		1924
Bullock, Oscar		1919t
Bunce, Allen Hamilton		1911m
Bunn, Harvey C.		1909
Bunn, Hubert Deesau		1901
Bunn, James Dudley		1909
Burbage, George Edward		1902
Burckhalter, William F.		1888m
Burden, Eugene bass		1904
Burford, William Francis		1910
Burke, Benjamin Russell		1924
Burke, Edward W.		1881
Burke, J. F.		1913
Burke, William Blount		1883
Burke, William Blount, Jr.		1913
Burkhalter, E. J.		1864
Burkhalter, Edward Allen		1916
Burkhalter, John Thomas		1895
Burks, E. M.		1917t
Burnett, George W.		1878m
Burnett, James Henry		1895m
Burnette, Elmer Wiggins		1915m
Burnette, Richard R.		1925t
Burns, Arthur Lee		1924
Burns, Daniel Floyd		1925m
Burns, Henry T.		1920m
Burns, James Frederick		1890
Burns, John Knox, Jr.		1917m
Burns, Manen Q.		1913m
Burns, McIntosh Marcus		1921m
Burns, Victor Connor		1924
Burnside, James Baber, Jr.		1923
Burnside, Thomas Floyd		1924
Burnside, Thomas Reuben		1922L
Burr, Robert Matthews		1918
Burt, Cleveland H.		1905
Burt, H. C.		1905
Burt, Jefferson D.		1885m
Burt, Walter Holton		1911
Burt, William Thompson		1907
Burton, Charles Lillard		1904
Burton, James V.		1883
Burtz, Charles W.		1903m
Burwell, Henry Ward		1887
Busey, Thomas Jesse		1916m
Bush, Albert Russell		1924m
Bush, Arthur Dermont		1901m
Bush, Billie Brewton		1905
Bush, Felix D.		1911
Bush, George F.		1900m
Bush, Homer		1893
Bush, John		1925m
Bush, Ovid Bern		1908m
Bush, Robert Ashley		1920
Bush, Tandy Elkanah		1913
Bush, William Stewart		1918
Bussell, Benjamin Randolph		1911m
Bussell, James Alexander		1893m
Bussell, James Alexander		1919m
Bussey, A. K.		1913
Bussey, Thomas N.		1911
Butler, Wm. Henry, Jr.		1925
Butner, John Hendrick		1924
Butner, William Edgar		1888m
Butt, Romulus B.		1920m
Butt, William S.		1901L
Butterly, R. E.		1913
Buttram, W. R.		1913m
Buxton, Frank Leslie		1913
Buxton, Robert Lewis		1909
Buxton, Samuel Haeselet		1909
Bynum, John Baxter		1901
Byram, James Hill		1922m
Byrd, Alto L.		1909
Byrd, Edwin S.		1914m
Byrd, Harvey Otis		1908m
Byrd, Jesse Lee		1914m
Byrd, Mark McCulloh		1925m
Byrd, Samuel Masters		1900
Byron, John Lee		1887m
Name         			Class
Cade, Charles Clifton		1919
Cade, Clarence DeWitt		1915
Cain, John Bufford		1920G
Cain, Sylvester, Jr.		1925m
Caldwell, Allen Fort		1915m
Caldwell, James Leonidas	1880
Calhoun, F. Phinizy		1904m
Calhoun, Herbert Ong		1918m
Calhoun, James Edmund		1912m
Calhoun, John C.		1902m
Calhoun, William Fletcher	1921t
Callahan, Oscar Leon		1898
Callahan, William Edgar London	1923
Callahan, William Jackson	1891
Callan, George Pinckney		1902m
Callaway, Irvin M.		1900
Callaway, James T.		1914m
Callaway, John Lamar		1901
Callaway, Morgan, Jr.		1881
Callaway, Robert Lee		1884
Callaway, Thomas Greene		1894
Callaway, William S.		1902
Calvin, Martin Van Buren	1862
Camp, Enoch Marvin		1902
Camp, Francis Bacon		1922m
Camp, George Hull		1920m
Camp, George Washington		1896
Camp, Reuben Thornton		1913m
Camp, Rufus Clarence		1925
Camp, William Rudicil		1890m
Campbell, A. L.			1905
Campbell, Clyde Keener		1903
Campbell, Elmer Bernard		1923m
Campbell, J. H.			1915
Campbell, J. L. 		1896m
Campbell, James Leroy		1893m
Campbell, James Robert		1903
Campbell, Jesse Franklin	1902m
Campbell, Jesse Hope		1916m
Campbell, Moses G.		1894m
Campbell, Robert   		1899
Campbell, Robert Walter		1897
Campbell, Thomas M.		1908
Candler, Asa Warren		1905
Candler, Charles Howard		1898
Candler, Charles Zachariah	1901m
Candler, John			1902
Candler, John Slaughter		1880
Candler, Milton Asa		1899
Candler, Samuel Charles		1916
Candler, Walter Turner		1907
Candler, Warren Akin		1875
Candler, William  		1911
Candler, William Beall, Jr.	1899
Cannon, James A.		1881m
Cannon, Ralph Mason		1923
Cannon, Thaddeus Carlisle	1924t
Cantrell, Albert L.		1914
Cantrell, C. G.			1903
Cantrell, D. B.			1897
Cantrell, F. D.			1886
Cantrell, Walter T.		1919t
Caraker, Charles Tobias, Jr.	1914m
Cargill, Walter Hurt		1902
Carlisle, Cecil A.		1915
Carlisle, Robert Clifton	1923
Carlton, Wilbur A.		1913
Carlton, William Parks		1893
Carmichael, Marvin Walter	1898
Carmichael, Walter Pendleton		1908
Carmichael, William W.		1886m
Carothers, James Bell		1915m
Carr, James H.		1914m
Carr, James Wilson		1881
Carr, Milton Bradford		1917m
Carr, Wesley Moore		1922t
Carreker, Jacob Perry		1891m
Carroll, Augustine Howard		1883
Carroll, Clarence Holmes		1893m
Carroll, Cole		1912m
Carroll, David Edgar		1923
Carroll, Edward Grady		1908
Carroll, James William		1913
Carroll, John Dixon		1900
Carroll, William Waring		1888
Carson, Charles Calhoun		1911m
Carswell, Edward		1923L
Carter, Benjamin Tyler		1908
Carter, Clyde L.		1905m
Carter, Donald Earl		1913m
Carter, Edward Fenton		1907m
Carter, George Browm		1892m
Carter, Henry Grady		1913m
Carter, J. J., Sr.		1874
Carter, J. M. R.		1883m
Carter, John Gailard, Jr.		1915m
Carter, John L.		1920t
Carter, Lemuel A.		1909m
Carter, Pratt		1912m
Carter, Robert Leon		1917m
Carter, Thomas frederick		1921
Carter, Thomas J.		1925G
Carter, William N.		1916m
Carter, William R.		1924m
Caruthers, T. J.		1886
Cary, George R.		1924
Cary, Robert Franklin		1896
Cash, James Blake		1923
Cash, Joseph Blair		1914m
Cash, Willard Wadsworth		1922t
Cason, Carroll Charles		1922
Cason, Hugh Bunyan		1925
Casteel, Charles G.		1925L
Castellaw, George O.		1913m
Cate, William Robert		1920m
Cate, Wirt A.		1923
Cater, Clinton Duncan		1920m
Cater, Lewis Frank		1882
Cater, Robert Lee		1886
Cater, Robert Lee, Jr.		1916m
Catlisle, James Mallory, Jr.		1925
Cato, R. E.		1919
Cauthen, Charles Burge		1898
Cavanaugh, Thomas Bertram		1903
Cawhern, William		1899m
Cawthon, William D.		1914m
Cawthorn, Edward Linton		1925
Chaffin, Emory Franklin		1914m
Chalker, John Frazer		1923
Chalker, Thomas Phelps		1923
Chambers, Gordan F.		1900m
Chambers, James Absalom		1892m
Chambers, Mac W.		1887m
Chambers, William Lee		1870
Chambless, Jack Lloyd		1923
Chambliss, Jesse George		1910
Chambliss, John W.		1907m
Chancellor, Alexander Claredon		1910
Chandler, Isaac Wayne		1909m
Chandler, J. C.		1910m
Chandler, M. S.		1890m
Chandler, Thomas F.		1880m
Channell, James Edward		1919t
Chapin, Lloyd Walter		1923
Chapman, G. G. O.		1888m
Chapman, George Elliot, Jr.		1924
Chapman, Herbert		1924
Chapman, Joseph Roy		1923
Chapman, William Herbert		1906m
Chapman, William Jackson		1879m
Chapman, William Stewart		1924m
Chappell, Dan		1920
Chappell, Guy Dawson		1897m
Chappell, John Rocher		1921m
Chappell, Philip Edward		1920
Chason, John Randolph		1922
Chastain, George Lane		1882m
Chastain, John Bunyan		1895m
Chastain, Robert Benjamin		1919
Cheatham, Elmo Lamar		1923
Cheatham, R. C.		1894
Cheatham, Thomas Mallory		1896
Cheatham, Walter Bichat		1904
Cheek, Ovid Hugh		1915m
Cheek, Pratt		1912m
Cheney, Joseph Newton		1923
Cherry, Samuel Davidson		1913
Cheshire, Euzema Lawrence		1912
Cheshire, Henry Grady		1915
Cheshire, James Leslie		1908m
Cheshire, Stephen L.		1914m
Chesteine, William S.		1915m
Chester, Bradley		1911
Chester, Harry MacDonald		1925
Chestnutt, Thomas Henry		1915m
Childs, John Robert		1914m
Childs, Otis Lee, Sr.		1909
Chilton, David H.		1902m
Chisholm, John Wright		1916t
Christian, James Morton		1913
Christian, John Everett		1893m
Christian, Joseph G.		1897
Christian, Paul Hopkins		1910
Christian, Presley Warren		1917
Christian, Thomas Bachlott		1910
Christian, Thomas Morton		1887
Christian, William Henry, Jr.		1924
Christie, E.		1883m
Christie, Eldred Westwood		1914
Christiphine, Samuel A. V.		1898m
Christopher, Alonzo F.		1891m
Chupp, Carl Bramlett		1910
Chupp, J. L.		1879
Clanton, Turner Walton		1891
Clark, Christopher Gilbert		1905
Clark, Clyde Columbus		1920t
Clark, Ernest Matthews, Jr.		1924
Clark, George Amos		1922
Clark, George S.		1899m
Clark, Homer Felton		1914
Clark, James William		1901
Clark, Seymour Garland		1912
Clark, Walton Conyers		1908
Clark, William C.		1875
Clark, William F.		1922m
Clark, William Hughes		1898
Clarke, Alfred Brackett		1922
Clarke, Maurice Lee Ben		1922
Clary, George Esmond		1914
Clay, A. Sanders		1912
Clay, Grady Edward		1910
Clay, Henry		1921
Clay, Robert A.		1910
Clayton, Charles B.		1922t
Clayton, Robert L.		1881m
Cleckler, Benjamin Davis		1905
Cleckler, Richard Cox		1894
Cleckley, Marsden Treutlen		1892
Clegg, Lewis Lamar		1925
Clegg, Thomas Boykin		1923
Cleghorn, John Storey		1900
Clement, Hunt, Jr.		1924
Clements, Euston Edgar		1896
Clements, Goodwin Myrick		1919
Clements, Harvard Eliot		1922
Clements, Holmes Watkins		1890m
Clements, James Richard		1901m
Clements, James Rudolph		1917
Clements, Julian G.		1911
Clements, R. L.		1908
Clemmer, George B.		1924t
Cleveland, Grover		1919t
Clifton, B. L.		1885m
Clifton, Ben Hill		1912m
Clifton, John Williams		1903
Clinard, Shores E.		1908m
Cline, Bernard McHugh		1905m
Cline, Holden Everline		1909m
Cline, John Earl		1917t
Cline, Pierce		1916
Cline, Robert L. 		1899
Clodfelter, Thomas Clarence		1911m
Clonts, Arthur Reese		1924
Cloud, John Ervine		1922
Cloud, Joseph L.		1894m
Clower, Eugene		1902m
Clower, R. J.		1895m
Clower, Thomas Z.		1893m
Clyatt, Orlando Samuel		1891m
Cobb, Augustus Cohen, Jr.		1923
Cobb, George Willard		1918
Cobb, James Theodore		1924
Cobb, John B.		1925t
Cobb, John Thomas		1889m
Cocchiara, Peter P.		1925m
Cochran, Albert Harris, Jr.		1923
Cochran, George Hugh		1924m
Cochran, Robert Finley, Jr.		1925
Cochran, Robert Henry		1902m
Cocke, C. Dudley		1908
Cockrell, Joseph Elmore		1919h
Cocroft, James Aden		1918
Cody, J. B. 		1884
Cofer, Olin Sanford		1915m
Coffee, Joseph Henderson		1910m
Coffee, Oliver Coleman		1925
Coffee, Willie Peter		1914m
Coffey, Harry S.		1916t
Coile, Frank West		1891m
Coiner, Lafayette Breckenridge		1881
Coker, Charles S.		1888m
Coker, Grady Newton		1919
Coker, Jonathan Sebastian		1914m
Colbert, John Groves		1898
Cole, Alonzo B.		1884m
Cole, Grover Cleveland		1912m
Cole, Guy Merriman		1924
Cole, Joseph Ambrose		1899
Cole, Stonewall Jackson		1888
Coleman, A. T.		1910m
Coleman, Hawley Middlebrooks		1904
Coleman, Joseph Hunter, Jr.		1923
Coleman, Lester Byrn		1923
Coleman, Marvin Ethridge		1915
Coleman, Robert Adams		1918t
Coleman, Thomas Archibald		1892
Coleman, Warren Ashley		1917m
Coleman, Young Rufus		1908m
Collier, Bryan Wootten		1923
Collier, J. M.		1923G
Collier, Thomas Jefferson		1900m
Collier, Thomas Wooten		1923
Collins, Cecil Curtis		1912m
Collins, Charles J.		1921m
Collins, Emmett Bradley		1925
Collins, Frank Charles		1922t
Collins, James Newton		1922m
Collins, John Floyd, Jr.		1924
Collum, Ein		1906m
Collum, Oscar Frederick		1907m
Colquitt, Charles J.		1922m
Colquitt, Walter terry		1893
Colson, Clyde Lemeul		1921
Colson, James T.		1895
Colson, Z. William		1916
Colville, Fulton		1882
Colvin, Emmett Durham		1924m
Colvin, Ernest Stewart		1913m
Colvin, Ferdinand G.		1909m
Colwell, Ernest Cadman, Jr.		1923
Combs, James Andrew		1905m
Cone, Carlton C.		1918L
Coney, Omar J.		1907
Conn, John		1883
Conn, Webb		1902m
Connally, Elijah Lewis		1859m
Connally, Paul Flavins		1877
Connally, Thomas Whipple		1902
Conner, Walter David		1904
Conter, Augustus		1902m
Converse, Albert		1911
Converse, Gordon Keller		1924
Conway, Thomas Curtis		1885
Cook, Edmund Francis		1888
Cook, Henry Daniel		1922
Cook, Henry Mac		1910m
Cook, Hermann Claude		1894
Cook, Hulet Hall		1919
Cook, James Murray		1915m
Cook, James T.		1904
Cook, Leon Pickney		1920
Cook, Osgood Francis		1892
Cook, Samuel Leigh		1906
Cook, St. Paul		1919
Cook, Thomas Frazer		1899
Cook, William Shelley, Jr.		1907m
Cooke, Don Alvin		1922
Cooke, T. R.		1867m
Cooke, Virgil Cannon		1907m
Cooper, Alva Kilpatrick		1910
Cooper, George Watkins		1923
Cooper, John Hightower		1913m
Cooper, Journey Preston		1924
Cooper, Warren Clyde		1909
Copelan, Comer Osborn		1891m
Copeland, Ben H.		1900m
Copeland, Glover berry		1909
Copeland, Henry Jefferson		1924m
Copeland, Henry Walter		1901m
Copeland, John Lewis		1893m
Copeland, Silas Morgan		1915m
Copeloff, Moses Bernard		1917m
Coppock, Orion Otto		1923m
Corbett, Joseph H.		1901m
Corbitt, Henry Thomas		1915m
Corbitt, Joe		1893m
Corder, William B.		1921t
Cordes Henry Boyleston, Jr.		1915m
Corker, Frank Grattan		1888
Corker, Paul Grattan		1910
Corley, Donald		1904
Corley, Emery W.		1918t
Corley, Franklin L.		1915m
Corley, John Neill		1903
Corn, Ernest		1916m
Cornelius, Daniel R.		1908m
Cornett, Baron F.		1902m
Cornog, William Wallaace		1888m
Corput, G. M.		1897m
Corry, Albert C.		1902m
Corry, James E.		1915m
Corry, John Pitts		1922
Corson, Eugene Rollin		1894m
Cosby, Forrest L.		1894m
Cosby, Forrest Lee, Jr.		1917m
Cossey, Thomas William		1891m
Cotter, Robert Heuston		1912
Cotton, D. Lee		1913
Coulter, Robert Mitchell		1910m
Council, James Campbell		1907
Council, Melton Downie		1905
Courshon, Benjamin		1901m
Courson, James B.		1882m
Courson, T. N.		1886m
Cousins, C. Parks		1892
Cousins, J. S. 		1894m
Cousins, William Luke		1911m
Covington, DeCarr Dowman		1924
Covington, Sidney Sheffield		1920
Covington, William Alonzo		1896
Cowan, Zack S.		1917m
Cowart, Edward Jackson		1925
Cowart, James Taylor		1922m
Cowart, John Martin		1913
Cowart, Luther G.		1922t
Cox, Cicero Holcomb		1882
Cox, Floyd Wightman		1906
Cox, Harold Cleonis		1913
Cox, Hizz Malone		1924
Cox, Ross Parker		1884
Cox, William Brown		1890m
Cox, Willis Shiver		1909
Crabb, Judson Noyes		1904
Crane, Benson Berry		1911
Crane, Jacob Frederick		1922m
Crane, Stone J.		1923
Crary, William Alexander, Jr.		1925
Crawford, Allen Hardy		1883m
Crawford, Ernest Boon		1920
Crawford, Ernest Boon		1924
Crawford, Eugene C.		1925t
Crawford, George Dewey		1923L
Crawford, Herchel Cobb		1919m
Crawford, James Harden		1900m
Crawford, John Lillian		1891
Crawford, R. D.		1891
Crawford, Thomas J.		1886m
Crawford, William Bloxham		1902
Crawley, Jerome, 		1909
Crawley, Walter Garlington		1892
Crawley, Walter Garlington, Jr.		1924
Creamer, James Davis		1893m
Credille, Walter Thomas		1902
Creel, William J.		1908m
Crew, Ben Lee		1900
Crichton, Eugene C.		1883
Crichton, R. B.		1922m
Crist, Max Z.		1890m
Crittenden, Albert Leroy		1902m
Crittenden, Beverly Malcom		1918
Crittenden, Joashley C.		1914
Crittenden, Roger S.		1896
Crittenden, W. C.		1914
Cronkrite, Charles Francis		1901m
Cross, Eason		1918
Cross, John Blair		1896m
Cross, Ralph Cline		1922
Cross, W. F.		1912m
Crossley, Carlos S.		1888
Crovatt, Alfred Hayne		1904
Crovatt, William Cecil		1904
Crow, Carlton Emerson		1919L
Crow, Horace Edmund		1915m
Crow, J. Fred		1924m
Crow, Samuel Leslie		1925m
Crow, William Milton		1874
Crowder, Malcolm M.		1887m
Crowder, Miles Samuel		1921
Crowe, Aldrich Clements		1921m
Crowe, Henry Dewey		1923
Crowell, A. H.		1888
Crowell, Thomas Felder		1912
Crowley, George E.		1901
Crowson, E. H. (Mrs.)		1923G
Crowson, Ernest Hubbard		1923G
Croy, George Franklin D. P.		1922
Crozier, Richard T.		1892m
Crum, William Johnson		1923
Crumbley, Jesse J.		1892m
Crusselle, Edward		1889
Crusselle, Guy Hartwell		1889
Crusselle, Victor Hugo		1895
Crutcher, Frank Edwin		1921t
Culpepper, A. H.		1894m
Culpepper, Charles A., Jr.		1923
Culpepper, Nathan F.		1889
Culpepper, Wilson Jefferson		1925
Culver, Emory Corbin		1913
Culver, Lewis Edward		1877
Cumbee, Frank Lewis		1924
Cunnigham, George Tracy		1906
Cunningham, Thomas Gould		1899m
Cureton, Russell Porter		1925
Curless, Grant W.		1900m
Curry, James Francis		1919m
Curry, James Walker		1897m
Curry, William Minar		1923
Curtis, Alfred Lee		1891m
Curtis, Charles McPherson		1887m
Curtis, Richard Carleton		1915m
Curtis, William Maron		1875m
Cutliff, Ragan J.		1871
Cutter, H. D.		1891
Dabbs, John Taylor		1906m
Dailey, William Friend		1908
Daley, Harry Stewart		1909
Daley, Leidy Frank		1907
Daley, Russell Mellville		1906
Dallas, D. Q.		1898m
Dallis, Park Andrew		1897
Dalton, John Booth		1899m
Daly, Leo Paul		1911m
Dame, George A.		1904m
Dame, Leland Hargreaves		1917m
Danforth, Alton R.		1892m
Daniel, Albert Bruce		1919
Daniel, B. E.		1909m
Daniel, Blueford Fowler		1923
Daniel, Charles Howard		1922
Daniel, Emory Jones		1908
Daniel, Everett		1892m
Daniel, Frank Chareton		1925
Daniel, Henry Isom		1922
Daniel, Homer M.		1916m
Daniel, J. H.		1911
Daniel, Jack Larkin		1924
Daniel, John		1904
Daniel, Orman		1899m
Daniel, Robert Lewis		1917m
Daniel, Roland Bird		1891
Daniel, Walter Wright		1923m
Daniels, Benjamin Anthony		1897m
Daniels, Charles Wesley		1920
Dannenbrink, Odell Linert		1923
Darden, Holt		1925m
Dark, Oliver Chatfield		1887
Darling, Thomas Jackson		1919
Darsey, John A.		1925L
Darsey, Ralph H.		1911
Davenport, Joseph Benjamin, Jr.		1899
Davenport, Thomas Edwin		1884
Davenport, Tom Forrest		1920m
Davenport, Warren Candler		1907
Daves, Frank Erwin		1917m
Daves, James Gordon		1920m
Daves, James M.		1886m
Daves, Joel Thomas		1890
Daves, Virgil Clyde		1913m
Daves, Walter Weaks		1886
Davidson, Arlie Barber		1924t
Davidson, Elwin P.		1918
Davidson, George Nathaniel		1924
Davidson, William David, Jr.		1922
Davis Joseph Brown		1915m
Davis, A. L.		1898
Davis, Alton Walker		1914m
Davis, Alvis Jefferson		1921
Davis, Andrew Hobson		1925m
Davis, Andrew Russell		1890m
Davis, Bradley Burns		1914m
Davis, Calvin W.		1914m
Davis, Charlie		1925
Davis, Cleveland		1906m
Davis, Edgar W.		1922m
Davis, Edward Y.		1903
Davis, Elbert Sevier		1879m
Davis, Ephraim Purnell		1882
Davis, Feltz Cleveland		1924
Davis, Franklin C.		1893m
Davis, George A.		1890m
Davis, George I.		1877
Davis, Gustavus Adolphus		1903
Davis, Henry Lewis		1923
Davis, Hiram Daniel		1923
Davis, Humphrey W.		1921
Davis, James A.		1906m
Davis, James Cecil		1912
Davis, James Curran		1914
Davis, Jeff		1884m
Davis, Jesse Edwin		1910m
Davis, Jesse James		1902m
Davis, John B.		1852
Davis, John Franklin		1889
Davis, Jonathan Vining		1899m
Davis, Julius Caesar, Jr.		1909m
Davis, K. D.		1881m
Davis, Kenneth McCaskill		1914m
Davis, Lester B.		1922t
Davis, R. Hall		1910
Davis, Shelley Carter		1925m
Davis, Wesley Clifton		1917
Davis, William Joseph		1923m
Davis, William Legare		1912
Davis, Winston J.		1885m
Davison, Hal McCluney		1915m
Davison, Thomas Callahan		1906m
Davisson, Alfred Williston		1896m
Dawson, Alexander		1891m
Day, Ben Hill		1912m
Day, Carl Anderson		1915m
Day, Thomas Fletcher		1895
Dayton, Albert Olin		1903
De Jarnette, N. H.		1863
Deadwyler, Madison Pope		1894
Dean, John Kerr		1923t
Dean, Walter M.		1923t
Dean, William Augustus		1917m
Dearing, Alfred Edward		1882
Dearing, Perino M.		1915
Deariso, I. C.		1913m
Death, C. Walter		1917
Deemar, William Rogers		1910m
Deen, Braswell Drue		1922
Deen, George, Jr.		1919
Deese, Robert Freeman, Jr.		1924
DeJarnette, Henry Reid		1879
DeJarnette, Henry Reid, Jr.		1919
DeJarnette, John Bass		1897
DeJarnette, Sidney R.		1894
Dekle, Bertram Eugene		1902
DeLa Perriere, George W.		1882m
DeLamar, Richard F., Jr		1909
Delaperriere, G. H.		1915m
DeLaPerriere, William Lee		1892
Dell, James Glenn		1920
Dell, James Maxey		1902m
Dell, Julian Peter		1902
Dellinger, Arthur H.		1916m
DeLoach, Luther A.		1905m
Deloach, Patrick Henry		1905
Deloach, S. T.		1898m
Delorme, Walter Knox		1905
Demmond, E. Carson		1915
Dempsey, Elam Franklin		1899
Dempsey, Thomas Jackson		1908
Dendy, William R.		1887m
Denmark, Ernest Ray		1922L
Denney, Thomas H.		1915m
Dennis, Frank Lowndes		1893m
Dennis, George A.		1893m
Dennis, James M.		1904m
Denny, Collins		1910h
Denny, John L.		1921m
Denson, Elias Jones		1881m
Dent, H. W.		1893
Dent, Walter Devere		1901
Denton, J. Fred		1915
Denton, John Fletcher		1899
Depass, W. G.		1891
DePoo, Ramon		1907m
Derrick, Howard C.		1902m
Derry, Henry Prentiss		1882
Deterly, Charles Henry, Jr.		1923
Deval, Louis Weyman		1899
Devine, Isaac Newton		1880m
Diamond, Isadore B.		1894m
Dick, Edward Grier		1919
Dickens, A. H.		1913m
Dickenson, Bennett Crawford		1893
Dickenson, Jesse Lee		1886
Dickerson, L. W.		1870
Dickey, David Williams		1920
Dickey, James Edward		1891
Dickey, Jas. Edward, Jr.		1923
Dickey, Nelson Ford		1917
Dickey, William James, Jr.		1920
Dickson, Lester Claude		1908
Dickson, Roger Williams		1922m
Dickson, Walter James		1906m
Dickson, Wilbur LaFayette		1925
Dicristina, Humbert William		1925
Dietz, William		1902m
Dillard, Fielding		1914
Dillard, Guy Jackson		1922m
Dillard, James B.		1894m
Dillard, Joseph A.		1916m
Dillard, Joseph Lemuel		1909
Dillard, Miles Hill		1923
Dillard, Robert Bascome		1925
Dillard, Samuel H.		1883m
Dillard, Thomas Hiram		1923m
Dillard, Thomas Hutchinson		1904
Dillard, Walter B.		1888
Dillard, Walter Branham		1917
Dillard, Walter C.		1914m
Dilworth, Harold Calwell		1923
Dimmock, Avary Miller		1918m
Dismuke, James Thomas		1915
Dixon, Alexander Hamilton		1922L
Dixon, John Lydall		1895m
Dixon, Robert Bryant		1898
Dixon, Sewell Hinton		1921
Dobbs, Hoyt McWhorter		1913h
Dobson, Robert		1922
Dodd, William Edward		1920h
Dombrowsky, James Anderson		1923
Domingoes, Walter Dean		1901
Donaldson, Henry Rutledge		1899m
Donehoo, C. A.		1912m
Dooling, Edwin J.		1872
Dorminy, Andrew Cornelius		1911m
Dorminy, William D.		1900m
Dornbusch, Albert Jacob		1925
Dorough, George Dixon		1890
Dorough, George Lowrance		1925
Dorough, Roland Emmett		1917
Dorough, Warren S.		1921
Dorris, James Quillian		1900
Dorsett, James A. 		1902m
Dorsett, Theo.		1902m
Dorsey, Rufus T.		1897m
Dorsey, Zorus Arbela		1895m
Douglas, Abraham Timothy		1922
Douglas, James Baxter		1921t
Douglass, William Campbell		1909m
Douthat, James W.		1924t
Dover, Jesse Carlton		1899m
Dowd, Kenneth Bryant		1913m
Dowd, Owen Nicholas		1910
Dowling, Henry Lawrence		1924
Dowling, James R.		1909
Dowman, Charles Edward		1901
Downey, C. W.		1898m
Downey, James Henry		1887m
Downing, John Riley		1922
Doyle, Francis William		1912m
Doyle, William R.		1895m
Dozier, Earl Sturgis		1917
Dozier, Nathan Bell		1903
Dozier, Thomas Howard		1856
Dozier, William Abner		1907
Drake, Charles Beverly		1916
Drake, John Hodges		1867m
Drennan, Roy Smith		1918L
Drewry, Thomas Ellis		1887m
Driggers, A. E.		1925G
Driskell, William Walter		1896
Dryman, Fred O.		1917t
Dubberly, Jake Easterling		1921
DuBose, Benjamin Edward		1907
DuBose, Julius Jesse		1895m
DuBose, Robert Edmund Lee		1906
DuBose, Robert M.		1920t
Duckworth, J. Lon		1923L
Dudley, John Henry		1884
Duffey, Agnes (DeFoor)		1925
Duggan, James Henry		1884m
Duggan, Walter C.		1922
Duke, James Blackstone		1916m
Duke, Jefferson Davis		1884m
Dukes, Hubert Noland		1918t
Dulin, Thomas Newton		1892m
Dumas, William Thomas		1879
Dunaway, Carl Ellis		1916m
Dunaway, John  Allen		1920
Duncan, Benjamin C.		1913m
Duncan, Glenn Archibald		1921
Duncan, Herman F.		1925t
Duncan, James William		1890
Duncan, Jesse Rush		1922G
Duncan, John Raymond		1905
Duncan, Julian Smith		1924t
Duncan, William Peyton, Jr.		1924m
Dunklin, Irby		1880
Dunlap, Claud Evans		1896
Dunlap, Samuel Scott		1892
Dunlop, Thomas J.		1893m
Dunn, James Fletcher		1922t
Dunne, George M.		1912m
Dunwoody, John Atkins		1885m
DuPont, Lee Lefebvre		1886
Dupree, Charles Edward		1910
DuPree, George William		1914m
Dupree, J. L.		1902
DuPree, William Ralph		1925
Durden, Adie Norman		1924L
Durham, Ernest Creasy		1918t
Durrett, J. Frank		1893
Durrett, Reuben Benjamin		1893m
Duvall, Joseph Burch		1907
Dyer, Harrill Stras		1918t
Dyer, Walter H.		1911m
Dykes, Albert Nathan		1912m
Dykes, James Robert		1894
Dykes, Thomas Jefferson		1896
Dykes, William Franklin		1890
Eaddy, Oswald A.		1914m
Eakes, George McFerrin		1897
Eakes, James Alan		1906
Eakes, John Tillman		1892
Eakes, Leonidas Henderson		1897
Eakes, Margaret		1924G
Eakes, Mather Marvin		1900
Eakes, Robert Alexander		1893
Earl, Heman Lucas		1910m
Earnest, N. W.		1898m
Easterling, Carey T., Jr.		1917t
Eaves, B. F.		1893m
Ebbert, Charles Alexander		1913m
Eberhart, A. B.		1922m
Eberhart, Benjamin Franklin		1896m
Eblen, J. G.		1898m
Echols, George Lee		1908m
Echols, William graham		1917t
Eckford, William Hill		1916
Edge, Claude Levi		1915m
Edge, Herbert Monroe		1921m
Edge, John H.		1895m
Edge, Oscar Nelson		1910m
Edmondson, Francis Livingston		1924
Edmondson, Henry LaFayette		1887
Edmondson, Henry T.		1911m
Edmondson, John William		1912m
Edmondson, Robert Anderson, Jr.		1925
Edmondson, Robert Andrew		1895
Edwards, Addie M.		1907m
Edwards, Boyd Clark		1925m
Edwards, Daniel Brannen		1908m
Edwards, Davenport P.		1923
Edwards, Duncan McCown		1885
Edwards, Forrest D.		1914m
Edwards, James Smiley		1919t
Edwards, L. C.		1889
Edwards, W. R.		1890m
Edwards, Walter E.		1889
Edwards, William Annesley		1889
Elarbee, Frederick Weidinger		1915
Elarbee, George Wiley		1900m
Elarbee, Harry Moore		1925
Elder, D. G.		1886m
Elder, Hugh Osborne		1920
Elder, James Howard		1875m
Elder, John Clifton		1895
Elder, John Glenn		1911
Elder, Omar Franklin		1909m
Elizer, Alexander Burns		1919
Elkin, Arch B.		1910m
Elkin, Daniel Collier		1920m
Elkin, William Simpson		1925h
Ellen, John Calhoun		1912m
Ellington, Henry Grady		1913
Ellington, Joseph Tilden		1913
Ellington, Melvin Rorie		1916
Elliott, Chesley Vernon		1911
Elliott, John Lawson		1923m
Elliott, Walter Gus		1924
Ellis, Charles Lee		1915m
Ellis, Henry Clifford		1906m
Ellis, James E.		1922t
Ellis, John Clement		1906m
Ellis, John Marshall		1924
Ellis, John T.		1916m
Ellis, Linus Marvin		1899m
Ellis, Linus Marvin, Jr.		1925
Ellis, Robert Cochran		1897
Ellis, Robert Laurie		1894
Ellis, Thomas David		1893
Ellis, Thomas David, Jr.		1921
Ellis, Thomas Paul		1925
Ellis, Thomas Winans		1886
Ellis, William Phelps		1906m
Ellison, J. E.		1897
Ellsworth, William Pinckney		1902
Elmore, Buena Vista		1907m
Elrod, <cLowery		1925
Elrod, John O.		1901m
Embry, Jerry C.		1889m
Emery, Walter Branham		1899m
Emmet, Roy N.		1921
Enecks, Thomas Lewellyn		1899
English, Alvin Quincy		1912m
English, Andrew Peyton		1888m
English, James Edward		1913
English, John Colin		1917
English, Robert M.		1920t
Enloe, Gilespie, Jr.		1923
Enlow, Elmer R.		1925G
Ennis, Charles Irvin		1915
Enochs, Carroll Alexander		1925
Enzor, Roscoe Hinson		1911m
Eplan, Samuel Leon		1919L
Epperson, Alfred C.		1918m
Equen, Sykes Murdock		1916m
Erwin, Harry J.		1875
Erwin, John Paxton, Jr.		1924
Erwin, Paul Eugene		1925
Erwin, Warren Aiken		1902
Estes, Amos Curtis		1917m
Estes, Henry Grady		1913m
Estes, James Leonidas		1920
Estes, James Leonidas		1921m
Estes, M. J.		1895m
Estes, William Calaway		1895m
Etheridge, Isaac H.		1917m
Etheridge, Oliver Richardson		1924
Etheridge, Roy Pierce		1915
Etheridge, William Maxey		1908m
Ethridge, Thomas Gaines		1915
Eubanks, George Foster		1925m
Eubanks, George Foster, Jr.		1921
Evans, Aubrey Griffin		1912
Evans, Ester Leander		1923m
Evans, Harry Cail		1925
Evans, Haygood		1909
Evans, J. L.		1888
Evans, Lawton Bryan		1880
Evans, Mercer Griffin		1923
Evans, Olin Llewellyn		1905
Evans, Robert Milton		1901
Evans, Robert, Julius		1909m
Evans, Samuel James		1910
Evans, William Walker		1902m
Everett, Jesse Judson		1912m
Everett, Samuel Winfield		1883m
Everitt, Richard Eugene		1886
Ewing, Charles Alonzo		1922L
Exley, Howard T.		1911m
Exley, Robert M.		1911m
Ezell, Howard Emerson		1902m
Ezzard, Thomas M.		1913m
Ezzard, W. P.		1903m
Ezzell, S. H.		1900m
Fagan, Joseph Poley		1915
Falligant, P. L. 		1913
Fancher, James Kenneth		1922m
Fanning, Curtis C.		1914
Fanning, Odum Olin		1908m
Fargason, Crayton C.		1904m
Farley, Andrew Jackson		1890m
Farley, William Elam		1901m
Farmer, Charles Hall		1921m
Farmer, J. A.		1891m
Farmer, Wilmoth Alexander		1898
Farr, Henry O.		1901L
Farr, Robert Elroy		1920G
Farr, Spencer Jackson		1915
Farrar, John		1883
Farris, C. D.		1899
Farris, F. P.		1906
Farriss, Carl Vernon		1919m
Farriss, W. A.		1893
Faver, H. M.		1909m
Faver, Robert Marshall		1915m
Fawcett, Roy Earl		1920t
Feagan, Grady D.		1920t
Feagin, Jesse Willis		1924
Feagin, Robert Douglas		1899
Fearn, Edward Porter		1887
Feaster, Andrew J.		1888
Feaster, John Kennedy		1887
Featherston, William S.		1877
Felger, Walter Blaire		1925m
Felker, Quillian		1908
Felton, Augustus Cicero		1925
Felton, Howard Erwin		1893m
Felton, Jule Wimberly		1919
Fender, John Terrell		1924
Fender, Marion S.		1915m
Fergusion, Frank Candler		1923
Ferguson, David		1914m
Ferguson, Ira Alfred		1923m
Ferguson, John Lambuth		1916
Ferguson, Van Hood		1925
Ferguson, William Henry		1883
Few, Benjamin Charles		1917t
Few, Mark C., Jr.		1913
Ficklen, Boyce, Jr.		1904
Ficklen, Fielding Hill, Sr.		1898
Fickling, Charles F.		1892m
Fickling, William Arthur		1923
Field, Edward Brenton		1924
Field, Harold Burt		1925
Field, Marcus Harvey		1872
Fielder, W. J.		1907
Fincher, Benjamin Hill		1912
Fincher, Edgar Franklin		1895
Fincher, Edgar Franklin		1923
Findley, Cleveland Ward		1912m
Finlay, John David		1920
Finley, Albert Crawley		1905
Finley, Emmett M.		1896m
Finley, Jimmie		1925
Fischer, Luther C.		1899m
Fishburne, Charles C.		1914m
Fisher, Charles mcPherson		1924t
Fisher, Leslie C.		1909m
Fite, Berry W.		1887m
Fite, Richard L.		1881m
Fite, William Conyers		1900
Fite. Frances Bartow		1886m
Fitts, Charles Cowdrey		1917m
Fitts, Howard Raymond		1907
Fitts, John Baker		1912m
Fitts, John Berlin		1924
Fitts, Lucius Cecil		1914
Fitzgerald, Thomas W.		1925G
Fitzgerald,Philip Hamilton		1910m
Fizer, John Williams		1920t
Flaig, Edward G.		1914
Flake, T. J.		1923
Flanagin, Wiley M.		1912m
Flanders, Edward Tarpley		1917
Flanders, G. C.		1911
Flanders, James Julian		1896
Flanders, Ralph Betts		1924
Fleming, Byers Sterns		1917t
Fleming, Ernest Fortson		1923
Fleming, G. M.		1919m
Fleming, Oscar Harris		1894m
Fleming, Thomas Farror		1905
Fleming, William Perry		1891
Flenena, W. A.		1911m
Fletcher, William Foster		1905
Flick, William Archibald		1917m
Florence, Frank Lynn		1887
Florence, George Pierce		1911m
Flournoy, Leon Stanley		1919t
Flournoy, Robert Alan		1925
Flowers, Arthur Preston		1900m
Flowers, Brooks, Jr.		1923
Flowers, James H., Jr.		1923
Flowers, John Ebenezer		1890m
Flowers, Robert		1920
Flowers, William Hampton, Jr.		1919
Floyd, Arva Colbert		1923
Floyd, Earl Herbert		1920m
Floyd, George M.		1909m
Floyd, John thaddeus		1907
Floyd, John Thomas		1905m
Floyd, William B.		1891m
Fluker, Carl Barnes		1911m
Folger, Julius S.		1919t
Folks, Wilbur Cleveland		1917t
Folks, William Morgan		1911m
Folmar, James Q.		1914m
Folsom, Albert Vernon		1916
Folsom, Robert Edward Lee		1883
Folsom, Spencer Augustus		1917m
Folts, Aubrey Fairfax		1925
Fontaine, T. S. H.		1860
Foose, Samuel J.		1918t
Foote, Walter Whitaker		1913
Ford, Charles Edward		1914m
Ford, Elzy David		1906m
Ford, Hugh Crawford		1903
Fordham, L. P. 		1902m
Fore, Oliver R.		1902m
Foreman, Hugh Quin		1892
Foreman, Lauren		1901
Forster, George Francis		1916
Fort, Arthur Godfrey		1899
Fort, James A.		1907m
Fort, Lynn		1925m
Fort, Tomlinson		1890
Fortson, Blanton		1902
Fortson, Eugene Palmer		1901
Fortson, S. A.		1897
Fortson, Thomas Edward		1870
Fortune, Daniel		1915m
Foshee, Mason		1923
Foster, Alexander Hamilton		1899
Foster, Elden		1902m
Foster, Jacob Flavel		1922
Foster, James Oscar		1906m
Foster, John Howard		1910m
Foster, John Jackson		1889m
Foster, John Samuel		1915
Foster, Kimsey Elam		1913m
Foster, R. M.		1914
Foster, Robert Trimble		1906m
Fowler, Allen J.		1889m
Fowler, Eugene Moore		1885m
Fowler, Henry Eugene		1923
Fowler, Herbert Wilder		1920
Fowler, Ralph Waldo		1922m
Fowler, Robert Frederick		1911
Fowlkes, John I.		1903m
Fox, Charles Richard		1910
Foy, Robert Holsey		1922
Franklin, Albert Lee		1892m
Franklin, Marvin A.		1915
Franklin, William Jesse, Jr.		1925
Fraser, B. F.		1887
Fraser, Young Harris		1910
Fraseur, Alfred Carswell		1892
Frazier, James Wood		1922
Frazier, Lindsay		1921t
Frederick, Donald Barton		1899
Frederick, Jacob Walter		1873
frederick, Julian Victor		1912
Freeborn, William Elbridge		1925
Freeman, DeWitt Winthrop		1910m
Freeman, Horace Threston		1908
Freeman, John Cullen		1897
Freeman, Loomin Oscar		1895
Freeman, Robert Elmer		1911
Freeman, William Parker		1924
Freeman, Young Frank		1909
French, J. S.		1908h
Friddell, William F.		1892m
Fringer, Denny Lewis		1920t
Fritts, John H.		1894m
Fryar, Elmer P.		1923
Frye, Augustus Harris		1914m
Fudge, Benjamin Hill		1911
Fulcher, Roger Edwin		1906
Fuller, Alvin Elmo		1918
Fuller, Clyde Brooks		1916
Fuller, George W.		1914m
Fuller, Hugh Nelson		1911
Fuller, James Robinson		1915m
Fuller, Lucius Winfield		1919
Fulmer, Warren Edward		1908m
Funderburk, G. W.		1911
Funderburk, Nicholas Amon		1922m
Funderburke, L. B.		1910m
Funk, Henry Lerch		1914
Furlow, Leonard Thompson		1923
Fussell, John Kingsberry		1916m
Fussell, Thomas Daniel		1911m
Fussell, Vincent O.		1889

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