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Lawrence College, Appleton, Wisconsin; Alumni Record, Classes of 1857 - 1915

Typical records include address, family and professional information.  (Married women have their maiden name in parenthesis.) These are a great source of genealogy information.

Also included are ten faculty members, with biographies.

Item # 10323

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This is a typical biography and we were able to send this one to Mr. Kumlien's grandson.

	Name			Residence in 1914
				or Year of Death
Abraham, Henry William		Appleton, WI
Abraham, Nellie (Bassett)	Appleton, WI
Acers, Lewis Faulkner		d 1893
Acher, Albert			La Crosse, WI
Adams, Glenn David		Chicago, IL
Aeschlimann, Edward J.		Rochester, NY
Aiken, Adeline Elizabeth	Patchen, CA
Aiken, William Henry		Patchen, CA
Albers, Henry Arthur		Milwaukee, WI
Albers, Herman Harvey		Allenton, WI
Albers, Ida Beatta (Wright)	Antigo, WI
Albert, Adolph Henry		Odessa, WA
Albert, Theophil		Chewelah, WA
Albro, Addis			d 1911
Alderson, Flossie		Fennimore, WI
Allen, Chester Hatmon		New York, NY
Allen, Edson Duane		Mosinee, WI
Allen, Henly Wheaton		Boulder, CO
Allen, Ira Madison		Springfield, IL
Aller, Captain Charles		Racine, WI
Ames, Alberta			Honolulu, HI
Ames, Edith Anne		Appleton, WI
Ames, J. William Theodore	Monroe, WI
Ames, Katherine			Markesan, WI
Amundson, Paul			Cambridge, MA
Anderson, Anders Peter		La Grange, IL
Anderson, Charlena (Van Vleck)	Menlo Park, CA
Anderson, Eva Mary (Mills)	Manitowoc, WI
Anderson, George Lucius		Palo Alto, CA
Anderson, James Sibree		Manitowoc, WI
Anderson, John Wesley		d 1892
Anderson, Samuel Hobart		Milwaukee, WI
Andrews, Clarence Ivan		Whitewater, Wi
Andrews, Gladys Mae		Escanaba, MI
Andrus, Daniel Barnes		Batavia, IL
Andrus, Edward Elmer		Waupaca, WI
Aplin, Edward Hall		d 1899
Appleyard, Lydia A. (Sanborn)	Lansing, MI
Armitage, Ambrose Wesley	Placerville, CA
Arms, Jessie Louise		Iowa City, IA
Arneill, James Rae		Denver, CO
Arthur, Harriet Louise		Dodgeville, WI
Atkinson, George E.		Trinidad, CO
Atwell, Allen Jeffrey		d 1892
Augustine, Robert Alvin		St. Paul, MN
Austin, Alva Gilman		Janesville, WI
Austin, Florence Marilla	Milwaukee, WI
Babcock, Anna G. (Armitage)	Church's Ferry, ND
Babcock, Benjamin		Church's Ferry, ND
Bach, Harold Olay		Neenah, WI
Baer, John Miller		Beach, ND
Bailey, Andrew Spencer		d 1914
Bailey, Margaret Geraldine	Chicago, IL
Bailey, Reuben Jay		Waupaca, WI
Baker, Louis Charles		Appleton, WI
Baker, Mary			Appleton, WI
Baldauf, William		Grand Rapids, WI
Baldwin, George Benjamin	Appleton, WI
Balgie, William August		Kaukauna, WI
Ball, Archey Decatur		New York, NY
Ball, Laura Elizabeth (Crump)	New York, NY
Ball, Margaret			Brookline, MA
Ball, Myrtle Ann		Brookline, MA
Ballantyne, John Pettigrew	New London, WI
Bangs, Frederick Elisha		Santa Anna, CA
Barber, George Elmer		White Sulphur Springs, MT
Barber, George Franklin		Troy, OH
Barber, Mabel M. (Porter)	Troy, OH
Barker, Frederick Waldo		d 1908
Barnes, Charles Luling		San Diego, CA
Barnes, Robert James		Minneapolis, MN
Barrett, Julia (Waters)		Chicago, IL
Barrett, Ross Morton		Chicago, IL
Bartholomew, James Issac	New Bedford, MA
Bauchop, Fred E.		Madison, WI
Bauman, Rexford			Shiocton, WI
Bayfield, Grace Atkinson	Bayfield, WI
Beach, Kathryn Florence		Whitehall, WI
Becker, Amy Gertrude		Winneconne, WI
Becker, Lillian			Little Falls, MN
Beery, Mae Dardania (Stroud)	San Diego, CA
Belscamper, Amine M.		Chicago, IL
Benham, Caleb			Hillard, FL
Benjamin, Paul Rensis		d. 1912
Bennett, Andrew Arthur		Weyauwega, WI
Bennett, Archie Synica		Boston, MA
Bennett, Frederick Thomas	Omro, WI
Bennett, Grace Alice		Appleton, WI
Bennett, Ralph			d 1899
Bennison, Floyd Williams	Eau Claire, WI
Benyas, Hannah			Appleton, WI
Beveridge, Ada Eliza		Appleton, WI
Beyer, Charles Anthony		Rockford, IL
Biederman, Carolyn		Edgerton, WI
Bilter, Minnie			Atlantic, IA
Bishop, Bertha Gertrude		Mineral Point, WI
Black, Lorraine E.		Oshkosh, WI
Blackman, Florence B. (Nicolls)	Hinsdale, IL
Blackman, Roger Charles		Appleton, WI
Blaine, Anna Laurie (Webber)	Rockford, MI
Blair, Mabel (Rogers)		Roundup, MT
Blakeman, Edward William	Madison, WI
Bleecker, Francis (Dach)	d 1914
Bleecker, Harrie Lyell		Taylors Falls, MN
Bleecker, Vera			d 1915
Blossey, Olga Grace (Ward)	Alton, IL
Boase, Milton Samuel		Ishpeming, MI
Boland, Benjamin H.		Port Edwards, WI
Bolitho, Adda Beal		Spokane, WA
Bolton, Raymond L.		Tomah, WI
Bomier, Cora Martha		Appleton, WI
Bonham, James Lawson		Baraboo, WI
Bossard, Guido			Philadelphia, PA
Bottensek, John			Appleton, WI
Botzer, William			Mayfield, WA
Bouchard, Adelbert George	Munsing, MI
Bounds, Florence Ethelyn	Appleton, WI
Bowers, George William		d 1898
Boyce, Curtis			Appleton, WI
Boyce, Edith Ruth		Wausau, Wi
Boyd, Charles Samuel		Appleton, WI
Boyd, Robert Edgar		Chicago, IL
Boyd, Samuel			d 1907
Boyden, Allan			Hamill, SD
Boyden, Stella (Goodenow)	Hamill, SD
Bradford, Florence B. (Mott)	MD
Brant, Joseph Granger		Madison, WI
Bray, Mark Wilder		Appleton, WI
Brayton, Frances Parker		Oshkosh, WI
Brayton, Helen Louise		Appleton, WI
Briggs, Eben Page		Winneconne, WI
Brigham, Aldis		
Brigham, Francis Henry		Janesville, WI
Brigham, Henrietta Harrison	Kaukauna, WI
Bright, Roberts Orville		Anderson, IN
Brinckley, W. J.		Faculty Biography
Brokaw, Norman Edmunds		Oconto Falls, WI
Brooks, James Emmett		Grand Rapids, WI
Brooks, Lavern W.		Racine, WI
Brown, Charles Woodward		Los Angeles, CA
Brown, Melville Woodward	Pasadena, CA
Bruce, William Robert		Appleton, WI
Brunner, Alexander Frederick	Fort Worth, TX
Buchholz, Louise Augusta	Oshkosh, WI
Buck, Francena Medora (Kellog)	Spokane, WA
Buck, Norman			d 1909
Budd, Joseph Danly		Two Harbors, MN
Buell, Virgil C.		Waupin, WI
Bullock, Alonzo Mansfield	d 1913
Bullock, Edward Oscar		d 1911
Bullock, Irene Lucinda (Whitman)	Milwaukee, WI
Bullock, Mary			Milwaukee, WI
Bullock, Phoebe Delinda		d 1880
Bullock, Warren Benedict	Milwaukee, WI
Bullock, William Loring		Valier, MT
Bush, Lydian Ursula		Brookings, SD
Bushey, Lucile			Two Rivers, WI
Bussard, Alita Lois		Wausau, Wi
Butler, George Harvey		Cambridge, WI
Bynum, Florence Helen (Boyd)	Asheville, NC
Bystrom, Clarence Leslie	Rolla, ND
Cade, Xena			Viroqua, WI
Cadman, Bernice Margaret	Lodi, WI
Calkins, Lottie			Emerald, WI
Campbell, Mertie Evaline (Thompson)	Denver, CO
Carpenter, Annie Harriette	Chicago, IL
Carr, Joseph Shannon		d 1912
Carter, May Esther		Faculty Biography
Carver, Adelaide Maria (Grant)	d 1891
Cass, Vera			Viroqua, WI
Cassidy, Victor			Yuba City, CA
Casson, Lois Beatrice		Marinette, WI
Caves, Reginald			Hancock, WI
Chapple, Grace (Guernsey)	Rochester, MN
Chatterson, Joseph Henry	Cuba City, WI
Chegwin, Grace (Darling)	Fond du Lac, WI
Cheney, Monona Lucile		Peshtigo, WI
Child, Emma Viola (Logan)	d
Christianson, Alfred H.		Summerfield, KS
Church, Irving W.		Great Falls, MT
Churm, Percy Leopold		Alpene, MI
Chynoweth, Anna Fitch (Marsh)	Mitchell, SD
Chynoweth, John Truan		Racine, WI
Chynoweth, William Henry	d 1913
Cirkel, August			Boyd, WI
Clare, Maurice Amer		Burmah
Claridge, May			Racine, WI
Clark, Ethel Grace		Oconomowoc, WI
Clark, Leda Amanda (Ballard)	Appleton, WI
Clark, William			Grass Valley, CA
Cliff, Ray Yerxa		Sebring, OH
Clithero, Thomas		d in Portage, WI
Colby, Ada Louise		Ocala, FL
Colby, Ernest R.		Ocala, FL
Cole, Charles F.		Green Bay, WI
Cole, Claude De Witte		Spokane, WA
Cole, James Edwin		Morris, MN
Cole, Walter DeLoss		Springfield, OH
Collar, Cleon D.		Depere, Wi
Collier, Effie Lillian		Foochow, China
Collier, Louisa May		Racine, WI
Collinge, William		La Crosse, WI
Colman, Elihu			d 1899
Colman, Henry			Milwaukee, WI
Colman, Louis Benjamin		Neillsville, WI
Colman, Lucinda Survina (Darling)	Milwaukee, WI
Colman, Mary Elizabeth (Hill)	Seattle, WA
Colvin, Ada Flavia (Abbott)	Binford, ND
Colvin, Eugene Spaulding	Appleton, WI
Colwell, Clifford Henry		Victor, CO
Conant, Carlos Everett		Chattanooga, TN
Conant, Elizabeth (Thomas)	Menomonie, WI
Cook, Grant D.			Eagle River, WI
Cook, Mary Melissa (Orbison)	East Orange, NJ
Cook, Wallace King		d 1903
Cooke, Adeline			Kaukauna, WI
Cooke, George Alfred		Wilmington, DE
Cooke, Nellie Elizabeth (Ford)	Los Angeles, CA
Cooley, Frank Watson		Evansville, IN
Copeland, Justin Martyr		d 1915
Corkhill, Emma Kate		Faculty Biography
Cornelison, Eben Douglas	Spokane, WA
Cornelius, Henry		d 1873
Cornelius, Lydia		d 1881
Cornillie, Marie Grace		Knoxville, IA
Cosler, Arthur Stockdale	Bristol, TN
Cotton, Hester Lucretia		Escanaba, MI
Coumbe, Camille			Blue River, WI
Craig, Sworth (Newman)		Portland, OR
Cramer, Frank			Palo Alto, CA
Cramer, Raymond Bert		Milwaukee, WI
Crawford, Fannie M.		Madison, WI
Cross, Jerome Pleyel		d 1881
Cross, Mary			d 1893
Crown, Frank Anton		
Crump, Guy M.			Corona, CA
Culver, Vida Carol		Appleton, WI
Curtis, Ellen Frances (Hunt)	d 1895
Curtis, Eva Harriet (Farlin)	d 1883
Curtis, James Buchanan		
Curtis, Olin Alfred		Englewood, NJ
Cutter, Laura Minerva (Edminster)	CA
Dana, Emma (Lomas)		Antigo, WI
Daniel, Kathryne Eleanor	Randolph, WI
Daniels, Mary Ellen		Baraboo, WI
Daniels, William B.		Chicago, IL
Davidson, Carl Nathan		Champaign, IL
Davies, John Eugene		d 1900
Davis, Edith Letitia (Smith)	Hartford, WI
Davis, John Scott		Hartford, WI
Davis, Leah			Appleton, WI
Day, Alta Josphine		Grafton, ND
Day, Dorothy Ethel		New London, WI
De Swarte, Ruth			Cincinnati, OH
De Witt, Mabel Frances		Urbana, OH
Dean, Jesse Andrew		Denver, CO
Decker, David Clare		Benton, Wi
Deming, Alice Esther (Guernsey)	Austin, IL
Denoyer, Levinus Philip		Chicago, IL
Dickerson, Frederick George	Chicago, IL
Dickinson, Kenneth S.		Appleton, WI
Dickinson, Philetus Sawyer	Appleton, WI
Dilling, Henry Raymond		Fond du Lac, WI
Dinsdale, Ida Angeline		Muscatine, IA
Dinsdale, James			Gaylord, ND
Dinsdale, James Broughan	Fennimore, WI
Dinsdale, John Edward		Galena, IL
Dinsdale, Tirza A.		Keokuk, IA
Dixon, Edward Church		La Crosse, WI
Dixon, Jennie Elwood (Woodhead)	Madison, WI
Dougan, Eunice Medley (Trevor)	Beloit, WI
Drake, Harvey Stewart		Juneau, WI
Drescher, F. E.			Fennimore, WI
Drew, David Abbot		Centralia, WA
Drew, Harris Eugene		Milwaukee, WI
Drew, Helen Maria (Hayward)	Milton, WI
Dreys, Otto Lawrence		Baldwin, MI
Driscoll, Cornelius		d 1866
Drown, Leonard Albertus		New London, WI
Drown, Sarah Frances (Brown)	Oklahoma City, OK
Dudley, Matilda			San Francisco, CA
Dudley, Warren Truman		San Jose, CA
Dunning, Bessie Harriett	Normal, IL
Dunning, Juliette (Bartholomew)		d
Dunstan, Thomas Bree		d 1902
Dyer, Albert Rollo		d 1911
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Earl, David Gardner		d 1892
Earl, Fanny Isabel (Kennish)	Lake Mills, WI
Earle, Theodore Henry		d 1912
Easterling, Aldis Byron		Chili, South America
Edgarton, Foster Edgar		d 1864
Edgerton, Alice Josephine (Godwin)	St. Paul, MN
Edwards, Doris Kesiah		Fond du Lac, WI
Edwards, Loren			Oconomowoc, WI
Eggleston, George K.		Dallas, WI
Ek, Beatrice (Schumaker)	Brillion, WI
Ek, Frederick			Brillion, WI
Elliott, John Lester		Malta, MT
Elwood, DeWitt			Charleston, IL
Elwood, Gertrude Imogene (Jefferson)	Charleston, IL
Erb, Elizabeth			Appleton, WI
Erb, Irma Kassandra		Appleton, WI
Estabrook, Curtis Ralph		Canarsie, NY
Evans, George			Holly Springs, MS
Evans, Horace James		Wausau, WI
Evans, Richard			Wausau, WI
Evans, Richard DeLacy		d 1899
Evans, Thomas Martin		d 1915
Ewers, Robert F.		Milwaukee, WI
Fadner, Henry Raymond		Appleton, WI
Fadner, William Frederic	Chicago, IL
Fannon, Leila (Nelson)		Appleton, WI
Farley, John Herbert		Appleton, WI
Farnham, Edward Willard		Sedaredge, CO
Favill, Addie Myers		Lake Mills, WI
Favill, Ellen Elizabeth		Lake Mills, WI
Faville, Alpheus Davis		Laramie, WY
Faville, Harriet Ayer (Conant)	Lake Mills, WI
Faville, Henry			Lake Mills, WI
Faville, John			Appleton, WI
Feathers, Daisy (Rogers)	Wausau, WI
Feldt, Alice Cameron		Oshkosh, WI
Fell, Florence Emily		Mayville, WI
Fellows, Angie Carrie (Woodard)	Chicago, IL
Fellows, Charles Gurnee		Chicago, IL
Fellows, George Emory		Salt Lake City, UT
Fellows, Merrill		d 1897
Fenelon, Eunice Ann		Weyauwega, WI
Filbey, Edward Joseph		Urbana, IL
Filbey, Robert Nathaniel	Appleton, WI
Fisher, Bernice L.		Fond du Lac, WI
Fisher, Frank Ira		d 1886
Flynn, Harry E.			Two Harbors, MN
Follansbee, George Alanson	Winnetonka, IL
Foote, Frank McDonald		Beckley, WV
Foote, Joseph Ives		d 1899
Ford, Eddy Lucius		Foochow, China
Ford, Willard S.		Sparta, WI
Fosnaugh, Caroline Sara (Silverthorn)	Clinton, IL
Foster, Leighton George		Oregon, WI
Fowler, Dudley Orlie		Appleton, WI
Fox, Narcissa (McDill)		Milwaukee, WI
Frawley, Ethel Marie		Chilton, WI
Frederickson, Julia Amanda	Berlin, WI
French, Charles Leonard		Uncasville, CT
Freund, Albert Matthias		Appleton, WI
Frost, Hester Emma		
Fry, George Washington		Claremore, OK
Fry, Robert J.			Minneapolis, MN
Fulton, Stella Emily (Nuzum)	Valier, MT
Funston, Louisa Elloie (Thompson)	Winnebago, WI
Gamble, John Rankin		d 1891
Gamble, Robert Jackson		Sioux Falls, SD
Ganzel, George Volkmar		Brady, TX
Garns, John Seeman		Faculty Biography
Garrey, Walter Eugene		St. Louis, MO
Gebaroff, Andrew S.		Bellingham, WA
Gerechter, Emanuel		Faculty Biography
Gericke, Edna Mabel		Lake Mills, WI
Giffin, Rhoda (Wirth)		Duluth, MN
Gilbert, Albert Stratton	Onalaska, WI
Gilbert, Harriet F. (Watrous)	d 1896
Gilbertson, Leslie Clifford	Chicago, IL
Gillespie, Hallie Mary		Cedarsville, CA
Gilman, Evelyn			d 1860
Gilmore, Ethel (Jolliffe)	Randolph, WI
Girod, Mary Esther (Nye)	Kewaunee, IL
Gittins, Mary Ellen		Neenah, WI
Goble, Lela Annette		Lancaster, WI
Gochnauer, Chael Orbison	Appleton, WI
Gochnauer, Florence (Plantz)	Appleton, WI
Gochnauer, Kate Marie		Sand Point, ID
Gochnauer, Melissa Anita	Ashland, WI
Godfrey, Laura Lavinia		Milton, WI
Goetsch, Edith V.		Lafayette, IN
Goodrick, Mary (Wood)		Appleton, WI
Gordon, Ida (Perry)		Milwaukee, WI
Gorman, Ethel (Wood)		Wausau, WI
Gould, Marie Florence		d 1913
Grane, Olga B.			Grand Rapids, WI
Grant, Homer Lockwood		d
Graves, Mary Rose (Barteau)	Milwaukee, WI
Greene, Caroline Augusta (Mason)	d 1909
Greene, Harriet R.		d 1877
Gregory, Dorothy mary		Hancock, MI
Griffith, Samuel Newell		d 1911
Gunderson, Ruth (Gray)		Prairie du Chien, WI
Gurnee, Inez Ellen		Appleton, WI
Guthormsen,  gunluf		New York, NY
Guyles, Calla			Manitowoc, WI
Guyles, May Wilhelmina (Sampson)	Tacoma, WA
Hackworthy, Georgina Winifred	Appleton, WI
Haddock, Frank Channing		d 1915
Haddock, Mary Nash (Conkey)	d 1913
Hagen, Florence Margaret	Plymouth, WI
Haggett, Mary Linda (Knox)	Napa, CA
Hahn, Ada Alma			Appleton, WI
Hahn, Erna W.			Mondovi, WI
Hall, Evelyn Blance		Two Rivers, WI
Hall, Lora (Pendell)		Redfield, SD
Hamilton, Robert Emmett		d 1901
Hammel, Leopold			Milwaukee, WI
Hammond, Joseph Wesley		d 1902
Hampel, Edith			Neenah, WI
Hankinson, Hazel Irene		Evansville, WI
Hansen, Arthur			Honolulu, HI
Hansen, Eva Viola (Ames)	Honolulu, HI
Hanson, Josephine		Mondovi, WI
Hard, Irma Mary			Milwaukee, WI
Hardacker, Alys Lauretta	Merrill, WI
Hardacker, Henry David		d 1900
Hargrave, Rose Edna		Wilton, WI
Harker, Jennie Jeffery		Shullsburg, WI
Harper, Emma Christene		Appleton, WI
Harper, William			Faculty Biography
Harriman, Eleanor May		Appleton, WI
Harriman, Nellie (Dubois)	Appleton, WI
Harriman, William Orton		La Pine, OR
Harrington, Elizabeth Caroline (Vivian)	d 1902
Harris, Elsie Barrett		Durand, WI
Harris, Ethel Ora		Neenah, WI
Harris, Fred William		Chippewa Falls, WI
Harris, John Walter		Durand, WI
Harris, Mary Catherine		Mineral Point, WI
Harris, Maude Estelle (Barrett)	Chippewa Falls, WI
Harrod, Amelia Jane		d 1873
Harrod, George William		Burlington, NJ?
Hart, Myrtle Grace		Appleton, WI
Harwood, Mary Corinthia		d 1914
Hastings, Clarabell		Waupaca, WI
Hatch, Belva Gertrude		Ely, MN
Hatch, Cora Amelia		Appleton, WI
Hatch, Samuel Reuben		Madison, WI
Hatlestad, Anton		Almond, WI
Hatlestad, Frances Alice (Darling)	d 1871
Hauser, Isiah Laurenz		d 1909
Hauser, John Harrison		d 1911
Havighorst, Freeman A.		Faculty Biography
Havighorst, Winifred (Weter)	Bloomington, IL
Haw, John			Augusta, WI
Haylett, Henry Potter		d 1905
Haylett, Susie Elizabeth	d 1896
Heard, Joseph Winslow		Olivia, MN
Heath, Lucretia Jane (Smith)	Winnetka, IL
Hecker, William			Beloit, WI
Hedges, Fred Matthew		Memphis, TN
Heiden, Harry Hartway		Sheboygan, WI
Herschleb, Charles Augusta	Tsinan Fu, China
Hewitt, George Phinney		Appleton, WI
Hewitt, Lucy Belle (Fletcher)	Appleton, WI
Hickok, Anna Evalyn (Wilson)	Terry, MT
Himebaugh, William Henry Harrison	San Diego, CA
Hinderman, Emil A.		Spokane, WA
Hinderman, Francis Eugene		
Hindes, Una (Williams)		North Fond du Lac, WI
Hitchcock, Eleanor Mary		Union Grove, WI
Hoard, Edith (White)		Sharon, WI
Hogg, Frances Marguerite	Melrose, WI
Hooper, Inez			Palmyra, WI
Hooton, Earnest Albert		Cambridge, MA
Hooton, Winifred Agnes		d 1912
Hoover, John Selden		New Lisbon, WI
Hornibrook, Edith Helen		Milwaukee, WI
Hoskins, James John		Dodgeville, WI
Hoskins, William John		Rolla, ND
Hoskinson, Sarah Gertrude (Edgarton)	d 1871
Houghton, Frank Wilbur		Milwaukee, WI
Houghton, Mary Julia (Balch)	Wauwatosa, WI
Howard, Delton Thomas		Appleton, WI
Hughes, Edna Belle		Randolph, WI
Hughes, Hugh John		Excelsior, MN
Hughes, John Justin		New Lisbon, WI
Humble, Ida Mae			Antigo, WI
Hume, John William		Oshkosh, WI
Humphrey, Edward Payson		Appleton, WI
Humphrey, Frank Wesley		Shawano, WI
Humphrey, Georgia		Milton, WI
Humphrey, Helen			Stevens Point, WI
Humphrey, James Harrison	d 1915
Huntington, Margaret Jane (Evans)	Carlton, MN
Huston, Henry Jackson		d 1907
Hutton, R. Percy		Portland, OR
Ingold, Daisy Thompson		Appleton, WI
Irish, Lucina Mary (Giffin)	Oak Park, IL
Irish, Ralph Orren		Oak Park, IL
Irving, Alice May (Rogers)	Kelseyville, CA
Isely, Chris Robert		Fort Atkinson, WI
Isely, Edith Mae		Marshfield, WI
Isely, Jessie (Crossfield)	Atkinson, WI
Ivey, Paul Wesley		Ann Arbor, MI
Jackson, Anna (Thorlacius)	Springdale, WA
Jackson, Earl Robert		Minneapolis, MN
Jackson, Jean			Depere, WI
Jacoby, Julia Elizabeth		Appleton, WI
James, Allen Haines		d 1903
James, Edward			China
James, Harry I.			Rhodesia, Africa
James, Mary Elizabeth (LeDoux)	d 1913
Jedney, Irene Taylor		Black River Falls, WI
Jefferson, Lorian Pamelia	Amherst, MA
Jefferson, Nellie Jeanette (Joyce)	Clintonville, WI
Jenkins, Rouget De Lisle	Missoula, MT
Jenks, Arthur Harry		Loyal, WI
Jenks, Ethel (Murrish)		Loyal, WI
Jenne, Clara Herrick (Jenne)	d 1900
Jenne, Daniel Judson		d 1912
Jennings, William Arthur	Evanston, IL
Jewell, Lulu May		Providence, RI
Jewell, Orlando			Blue River, WI
Jockinsen, John Peter		Spokane, WA
Johns, Alfred Raymond		Flint, MI
Johns, Donna Hazel		Rockland, MI
Johnson, Annie Charlotte (White)	Lemon Grove, CA
Johnson, Beulah Antoinette 	d 1881
Johnson, Frank Asbury		Lemon Grove, CA
Johnson, Gladys L.		Ironwood, MI
Johnson, Henry			Boston, MA
Johnson, Irene Nina		Wausau, Wi
Johnson, Lawrence C.		Richland Center, WI
Johnson, Leila Thetis		Baraboo, WI
Johnson, Lucy Constance		Appleton, WI
Johnston, Alden Miller		Desplaines, IL
Johnston, Roy K.		Brandon, WI
Jolliffe, William Morley	Orofino, ID
Jones, Edward Gaffield		Appleton, WI
Jones, George Clark, Jr.	d 1899
Jones, Ida Mary (White)		Madison, WI
Jones, Lyman Asa		North Adams, MA
Jones, Mary Emily (Talmadge)	Appleton, WI
Jones, Mattie Alice (Leonard)	Aurora, IL
Jones, Roy Howell		Appleton, WI
Joyce, Robert Stephen		Ogden, UT
Kanouse, May			Appleton, WI
Karnopp, Charles Frederick	Appleton, WI
Karnopp, Ella A.		Sheboygan, WI
Karnopp, George			Portland, OR
Karnopp, Martha (Irish)		Appleton, WI
Keller, Jane Margaret (Carle)	Janesville, WI
Kelley, Lilas Alexander		Appleton, WI
Kellner, Lewis John		Manitowoc, WI
Kellogg, Forest Edwin		Atlanta, GA
Kellogg, Howard Warner		Los Angeles, WI
Kellogg, Julia Maria (White)	Joliet, IL
Kellogg, Walter Bertrand	Superior, WI
Kendall, John Truman		Buena Vista, WI
Ketchem, Ray			Superior, WI
King, Carroll Dewitt		Pocatello, ID
King, Grace A.			Milwaukee, WI
Kinyon, George Nelson		Milwaukee, WI
Kitto, Mytrice Grace		Dollar Bay, MI
Kleist, John Claus		Milwaukee, WI
Klumb, Ella Anna		Appleton, WI
Knisley, Thomas Rogers		d 1871
Knudson, Herman Bernhardt	Minneapolis, MN
Knutzen, Lorenz			Watertown, WI
Koch, Verona Clara		Appleton, WI
Koefod, Ella (Meloney)		Spooner, MN
Koehler, Ethelyn (Smith)	River Falls, WI
Koehn, George L.		Portland, OR
Kopplin, Elsie E.		Green Bay, WI
Kranz, Conrad Ervin		St. Paul, MN
Kranz, Frederick William	New York, NY
Kranz, Herman Earnest		Madison, WI
Kreiss, William Henry		Appleton, WI
Krueger, Raymond Carl		Brillion, WI
Kull, Elsie (Bottensek)		d 1915
Kumlien, Eva (Theleen)		Moradabad, India
Kumlien, Wendell F. Ludwig	Moradabad, India
Kunde, George Charles		Abrams, WI
Kunkel, Annie Laura		Fond du Lac, WI
Kurschner, Laura Anna		Oshkosh, WI
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Ladd, James William		d 1909
Ladwig, Walter Alvin		Wausau, WI
Lamb, Albert F.			d 1863
Lamb, Walter J.			d 1911
Lammel, Allabelle		Chicago, IL
Lampert, Dorotha Leona		Rhinelander, WI
Lander, Alice May (Bradford)	d 1895
Lander, Ellen Tryphena		
Lander, Warren James		d 1892
Landgraf, Andrew		Beulah, ND
Landgraf, Minnie Maria (Clark)	d 1895
Larsen, Amy (Aplin)		Green Bay, WI
Lathrop, Merritt Adam		Long Beach, CA
Lawton, Burke Reed		Chemulpo, Korea
Lay, Florence (Wood)		Kewaskum, WI
Lay, Olive Wilson (Copeland)	Los Angeles, CA
Layer, Mattie			Milwaukee, WI
Lean, Delbert Giles		Wooster, OH
LeGros, Fanny Caroline		Minneapolis, MN
Leidenberg, Mary Eliza (Ames)	Shawano, WI
Leidenburg, Julius		Shawano, WI
Lembcke, Walter Alvin		Antigo, WI
Leutsker, Alice T.		Green Bay, WI
Lewis, Elsie (Stroud)		Moscow, ID
Lewis, Howard Thompson		Moscow, ID
Lewis, Roy Milton		Ladysmith, WI
Lewis, Selden James		d 1912
Lewis, Wilford Carl		Menasha, WI
Ley, Henrietta M.		De Pere, WI
Libermann, Daisy Alice		Galesville, WI
Linderman, Frances (Nimits)	Grand Rapids, WI
Lindsley, Laura Aurelia		Appleton, WI
Lippitt, Grace Elizabeth (Potter)	Rockford, IL
Little, Arthur William		Alton, IL
Little, Emmet Alva		d 1898
Logan, Edith May		Spokane, WA
Logan, Harland C.		Grand Rapids, WI
Loomer, Clinton Peter		Nevada, MO
Loomis, James Alanson		Oakland, CA
Lowe, Willard Irvin		Boston, MA
Lummis, Harry Brewster		d 1900
Lummis, Katherine		Baltimore, MD
Lunn, Arthur Constant		Chicago, IL
Lunn, Josephine Anna (Gowan)	Chicago, IL
Macinnis, George Kenneth	Oshkosh, WI
Maddock, Anna (Parry)		Saskatchewan, Canada
Manley, Elzo Roy		New York, NY
Mann, Charles Richard		Richland Center, WI
Marcy, Lucile			Colfax, WI
Marks, Benjamin Walter		Los Angeles, CA
Marks, Harriet			Lancaster, WI
Marks, Inez (Fox)		Los Angeles, CA
Marsh, Roland Osborn		Wauwatosa, WI
Marston, Grace (Barrett)	Appleton, WI
Martin, Ella May		Milwaukee, WI
Martin, Joseph Henry		Racine, WI
Maschmedt, Flora (Huntley)	Seattle, WA
Mason, Wallace Dore		Appleton, WI
Mates, Mabel May		Belmont, WI
Mathie, Karl			Mosinee, WI
Maxwell, James Philip		Boulder, CO
McArthur, Archibald		Dodgeville, WI?
McChesney, Alice Ross		Milwaukee, WI
McChesney, Mary Leigh		Milwaukee, WI
McClain, John Crawford		Oakfield, WI
McCleneghan, Frederick Logan	Rockford, IL
McCloud, Clara Jane		d 1871
McComb, Alfred Craft		Oshkosh, WI
McComb, Issac N.		Brillion, WI
McCrary, Earl Wallace		Merrill, WS
McCray, Marian Sophia		Green Lake, WI
McGinnis, Gertrude		Rifle, CO
McGowan, Milton W.		Menasha, WI
McGregor, Duncan		Platteville, WI
McKay, Thomas Albert		South Range, WI
McKinney, Ellsworth James	Barron, WI
McKinney, Loren Carey		Milwaukee, WI
McKinney, Paul Judson		Milwaukee, WI
McMullen, John Cornelius	d 1912
McNaughton, Helen Mary		Appleton, WI
McNeel, Wakelin			Fort Atkinson, WI
McNiesh, Welcome Hervon		Watertown, WI
Mead, Arthur Reddy		Raymond, WA
Mead, John Lockwood		Appleton, WI
Mead, Olin Andrew		Appleton, WI
Meating, Arthur George		Appleton, WI
Medd, Bessie			Milwaukee, WI
Merrill, Elma Wood (Preston)	d 1884
Merrill, Leroy			Appleton, WI
Merrill, Willard Jay		d 1899
Metcalf, William Ansel		d 1914
Michelsteter, Stella		d 1909
Mielke, Ruth			Shawano, WI
Miles, Herbert Edwin		Racine, WI
Millar, Lella Frances (McKesson)	Montclair, NJ
Millar, Libbie Jane (Plantz)	Milton Junction, WI
Millar, Lizzie Anna (Richmond)	Seattle, WA
Millar, Perry			Janesville, WI
Millar, Webster			Milton Junction, WI
Millar, William Belle		Upper Montclair, NJ
Miller, Benjamin Franklin	d 1872
Miller, Etta (Pomeroy)		Appleton, WI
Miller, Lillian Delano (McNeel)	Cumberland, WI
Miller, Roland Norton		Chicago, IL
Mills, Abbie			Los Angeles, CA
Mills, Burnette Hardacker	d 1895
Misdall, Hugh Alexander		Delevan, WI
Mitchell, David Andrew		Seattle, WA
Mitchell, Ora (Clark)		Manitowoc, WI
Mitchell, William Roy		Manitowoc, WI
Mix, Chase Frederick		Crookston, MN
Mommsen, Adolph Christian	Belview, MN
Monroe, Noel Gates		Madison, WI
Montgomery, J. Allen		d 1901
Moodie, Vera (Clark)		Salmon, ID
Morison, Nina (Hall)		
Morse, Bertha May		Tomahawk, WI
Morse, Charles Wilbur		Janesville, MN
Morse, Fannie (Bell)		Grand View, WA
Morton, Elsie (Wunderlich)	Marinette, WI
Moss, Glenn Edgar		St. Paul, MN
Mott, Harriet Elizabeth		Neenah, WI
Mott, Wesley Mayhew		Neenah, WI
Mower, Margaret West		Minneapolis, MN
Moyle, Elva (Fluno)		Menomonie, WI
Moyle, Lydia Grace		Menomonie, WI
Moyle, Thomas Richard		Menomonie, WI
Mueller, Elsie			Green Bay, WI
Murch, Florence Charlotte (Thompson)	University Park, CO
Myers, Ada Elizabeth		Appleton, WI
Myers, Sarah (Harriman)		Chicago, IL
Mylrea, William H.		Wausau, WI
Nagel, Mabel (Kuehmstead)	Hudson, WI
Nash, Clarissa Amelia (Phinney)	d 1880
Nash, Lyman Junius		Manitowoc, WI
Nauman, Frances			Eau Claire, WI
Nehf, Harley			Spokane, WA
Nelson, Conrad Joseph Norman	Beach, ND
Nelson, James Willett		d 1893
Nelson, John Newton		d 1881
Nelson, Justus Henry		Brazil
Neuschwander, Cora (Lomas)	Tacoma, WA
Newberry, David			Appleton, WI
Newman, Carrie (Logan)		Milwaukee, WI
Newman, Jesse Ford		China
Newton, Belle (Farrington)	Milwaukee, WI
Newton, Harrie Winn		Milwaukee, WI
Newton, Leslie Lewis		Milwaukee, WI
Nichols, Albert			Minneapolis, MN?
Nichols, Harriet Olivia (Knox)	d 1872
Nichols, Mary Abigal (Knox)	d 1891
Nichols, Theron			Pasadena, CA
Nicholson, Dexter P.		Faculty Biography
Nicholson, Dexter Putman	d 1907
Nicholson, Harriet Elizabeth (Hammond)	Appleton, WI
Nigh, Ludwig Grant		Big Bay, MI
Nimits, Frank Antoine		Kaukauna, WI
Nitzel, Wilma Amelia		Neenah, WI
Nix, Irvine Francis		Appleton, WI
Nogle, Frederick G.		Mondovi, WI
North, Charles Edwin		d 1882
North, Hazel Athena		Klamath Falls, OR
North, Thomas William		Delavan, WI
Norton, Cecile I.		Long Beach, CA
Noyes, Herman Abram		Freewater, OR
Nuzum, Ethel Mary		Terre Haute, IN
Oberdorfer, Jessie Mae		Stephenson, MI
O'Brien, Stella Ruth		Iron River, MI
Olmstead, Wallace Juba		d 1911
Olson, Samuel C.		Seattle, WA
Oosterhous, Alfred G.		Grafton, WI
Orbison, Irene (Ballard)	Appleton, WI
O'Rourke, Lawrence James	Appleton, WI
Orr, Charles Gayger		MN
Osborne, Julia Livia (Colman)	d
Ostrander, Bernice (Pendell)	Sioux Falls, SD
Ostrander, Ward A.		Sioux Falls, SD
Otis, Algernon Francis		
Otto, Arnold Clarence		Milwaukee, WI
Otto, Carl William		Marshfield, WI
Otto, Olive			Appleton, WI
Owen, Jessie			Milton, Junction, WI
Owen, John Augustus		d 1903
Ozanne, Eva Almeda		Cocoanut Grove, Fl
Paine, Nathan			d 1864
Pardee, Grace Adelle		Appleton, WI
Parker, Gladys			Fennimore, WI
Paterson, Jean Rosamond		Appleton, WI
Patten, Theda Margaret		Appleton, WI
Patter, Frances Van		Greenbrier, TN
Patterson, Abram Conklin	Minneapolis, MN
Paul, James Henry		Green Bay, WI
Peck, Herbert M.		Oklahoma City, OK
Peck, Josephine			Chicago, IL
Peck, Minnie Helen (Mory)	Denver, CO
Peck, Olive Richards		Chicago, IL
Peckham, Carrie Serena		Grand Rapids, WI
Pedley, Frank Chester		Caldwell, ID
Pengilly, Richard		Evansville, IN
Pennock, Anna Livia (Colman)	Seattle, WA
Perkins, Judson Thomas		India
Perry, Olla Mahulda		Milwaukee, WI
Peterson, Bessie (Kellar)	Soldier's Grove, WI
Peterson, Edward		d 1863
Peterson, Isabel Alberta	Rockford, IL
Peterson, Paul Douglas		d 1905
Peterson, William Andrew	Cedar Rapids, IA
Pfitzner-Saverni, Ada (Saecker)	Lundsborg, KS
Philipson, Albert Alonzo	Watertown, SD
Pierce, Emma Cornelia (Pease)	d
Pierce, Humphrey		Appleton, WI
Pipher, Christopher Hoskins	Dover, NJ
Plank, Clarence Cone		Jamestown, ND
Plank, Gladys (Krentz)		Jamestown, ND
Plantz, Samuel			Appleton, WI
Plenzke, Oswald Henry		Menasha, WI
Pollard, Luther J.		Madison, WI
Pond, Alta Mae			Marengo, IL
Poppe, Frederick William	Appleton, WI
Pors, Charles M.		Sparta, WI
Porter, Isaac Newton		Ogden, UT
Porter, Milton Clifton		Merrill, WS
Potter, Mary Athena		Racine, WI
Price, Byron John		Washington, DC
Pride, Bert Alonzo		Tomahawk, WI
Pride, Ezizabeth Chapman (Clark)	Tomahawk, WI
Priestly, Elizabeth (Wilson)	d 1864
Proper, J. Wesley		Bathgate, ND
Putney, Eva May		d 1877
Putney, Helen Robinson (Enos)	Nashua, IA
Raber, Clara Emalyn (Kennish)	Junction City, KS
Race, Henrietta Viola		Louisville, KY
Racine, Blanche C.		Hortonville, WI
Raddatz, William Godfrey	Madison, WI
Radford, Frances Dahlem		Menomonie, WI
Radke, Wm. F.			Milwaukee, WI
Rafter, Bernice (Warner)	Del Norte, CO
Rasey, Lee C.			Duluth, MN
Rasey, Mabel (Hill)		Duluth, MN
Rasmussen, George Alexander	d 1910
Rasmussen, Rasmus Peter		d 1899
Rasmusson, Allie Nora		Great Falls, MT
Rath, William David		
Raymond, Bradford Paul		Middletown, CT
Reeve, James Spofford		Appleton, WI
Reeve, Lucy Whittlesey (Buckland)	Otis Orchard, WA
Reid, Alice Foote (Conkey)	d 1891
Reilly, Helen			West Allis, WI
Remley, Elsie (Plantz)		Appleton, WI
Reynolds, Cornellia Howe (Smith)	d 1888
Reynolds, George E.		Appleton, WI
Reynolds, George Fullmer	Missoula, MT
Reynolds, Grace Mae		Marinette, WI
Reynolds, Sadie Ann (Davis)	Monterey, CA
Rice, Ina (Millar)		Beloit, WI
Rich, Cora. L.(Crowe)		Wauwatosa, WI
Richardson, Dorothy		Menasha, WI
Richardson, Norman Egbert	Cambridge, MA
Richardson, Olive		Menasha, WI
Richardson, Olive Annette (Clark)	d
Richardson, Pearl		Sparta, WI
Riddlecombe, Jessie (Dahlem)	Flat Rock, MI
Rifenbark, Duane		d 1914
Roberts, Chester Joseph		Bethany, WV
Roberts, Edna (Beveridge)	Bristol, TN
Roberts, Grace (Pomeroy)	Waupaca, WI
Roberts, Helen Adele (Le Tourneaux)	West Salem, WI
Robinson, Sullivan Clarette	MI
Rogers, Benjamin Talbot		Fond du Lac, WI
Rogers, Nellie Lum (Mead)	Fond du Lac, WI
Rollins, Athol E.		Milwaukee, WI
Roney, Ernest Allen		Medina, WA
Roney, Kate (Trevor)		Bellevue, WA
Roney, Ned			Seattle, WA
Rosebush, Hazel (Cass)		Appleton, WI
Rosebush, Judson G.		Faculty Biography
Ross, Bertha (Tibbits)		d 1914
Rowell, Ellen Eliza		Appleton, WI
Ruckle, Olice (Bemis)		Grand Rapids, WI
Ruff, F. G.			Faculty Biography
Rugg, Walter Sylvester		New York, NY
Runnels, Alice Charlotte (Barteau)	Indianapolis, IN
Russell, George Ernest		Cambridge, MA
Russell, Margaret Bingham (Winslow)	Hamill, SD
Sackett, Mabel Elizabeth	Washington, DC
Saiberlich, Erwin Walter	Appleton, WI
Sames, Ellen Maria (Griffith)	Douglas, AZ
Sampson, Mason Darling		d 1913
Sampson, Wylie C.		Wausau, WI
Sandborn, Manly Jay		Appleton, WI
Sanders, Charles Henry		Ladysmith, WI
Sanford, Herbert Cooper		Knoxville, TN
Sawyer, Elva			University Park, IA
Sawyer, Herbert Allen		New Hope, PA
Sawyer, Minnie Edmea (Birge)	San Jose, CA
Sawyer, William Elbert		Hackensack, NJ
Saylor, Oliver Newton		Oxnard, CA
Schaal, Oscar Elmar		Blue Hill, KS
Schilling, George Frederick	Milwaukee, WI
Schlafer, Barbara		Appleton, WI
Schneider, Andrew S.		Superior, WI
Schneider, Mildred Emily	Appleton, WI
Schneller, Frank J.		Menasha, WI
Schoephoester, Esther		Reedsburg, WI
Schoetz, Max, Jr.		Milwaukee, WI
Schrottky, Oleda		Menomonie, WI
Schutz, Laura Ladd (Lummis)	Hollywood, CA
Schwahn, Mary (Wilson)		Stevens Point, WI
Scott, C. Beecher		Wausau, WI
Scott, Susanna (Vesely)		Bolivia
Scoville, Nettie (Meloney)	Fort Francis, Ontario
Searles, William Hamilton	d 1914
Seaver, Linus Homer		Ellsworth, KS
Sexmith, Fred Lamar		Wausau, WI
Sexmith, Margaret (Brown)	Wausau, WI
Shambeau, Hazel (Touton)	Ogdensburg, WI
Shattuck, Ruth (Harwood)	Neenah, WI
Shaver, Erwin Leander		Genoa Junction, WI
Shaw, David Stanley		Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Shawvan, Sobeski		d 1915
Shedd, Helen Jarvis (Underwood)	Evanston, IL
Shelley, Charles Manley		Kingston, WI
Shelley, Ora (Oosterhous)	Poysippi, WI
Sherger, Elmer George		Evansville, WI
Sherman, Ethel			Appleton, WI
Sherman, Margaret		Appleton, WI
Sherwood, Anna Buckley		Pulaski, NY
Shipman, Carrie Eliza		Los Angeles, CA
Shipman, Harvey Alpheus		d 1910
Short, James Matthew		
Sias, Benjamin Charles		Sparta, WI
Siekman, Albert Carl		Bartlesville, OK
Silvester, Sarah Ganison	Santa Barbara, CA
Simester, Maud			Milwaukee, WI
Simpson, John James		Lowell, IN
Sims, Jacob			Dennison, IA
Skewes, Edwin Bottomly		d 1913
Slack, Mary Cone		Hermansville, WI
Slater, Harry Carl		Shawano, WI
Slingerland, Elbert		d 1880
Small, Harry William		Black Earth, WI
Smart, Carol Mary		Oshkosh, WI
Smith, Annie M.			River Falls, WI
Smith, Bessie E.		Green Bay, WI
Smith, Earl Burt		Somerton, AZ
Smith, Edward Penn		d 1910
Smith, Harriet (Lummis)		Baltimore, MD
Smith, Herman Frederick		Appleton, WI
Smith, Jessie Lee		Appleton, WI
Smith, Mariem			Oakfield, WI
Smith, Mark Palmer		Menasha, WI
Smith, Minnie			River Falls, WI
Smith, Stephanie M.		River Falls, WI
Smith, Willard Mallalien		Chicago, IL
Smith, William Watkins		Sleepy Eye, MN
Smith, Zelia Anne		Appleton, WI
Smithies, Elsie			Minneapolis, MN
Snyder, Elma Louise		Van Nuys, CA
Soper, Benjamin Hutchinson, Jr.	d 1899
Soules, Mollie Roberta		Andover, SD
Souther, Mary Genevieve		Milwaukee, WI
Souther, Natalie Ben		Minneapolis, MN
Spaulding, Rachel Eliza (Pratt)	Leesburg, VA
Spear, Maud Louise		Appleton, WI
Spicer, Elton Fremont		Marcus, WA
St. John, James Richard		Portland, OR
Stair, Peter Fulton		Kenosha, WI
Stanchfield, Mabel Gertrude	Fond du Lac, WI
Stannard, Jessie Fremont (Nivison)	Ashland, OR
Stansbury, George Jay		Appleton, WI
Stansbury, Karl Emory		Appleton, WI
Stansbury, Mary Anne (Phinney)	Appleton, WI
Steele, George Francis		New York, NY
Steele, Helen May (Roberts)	Appleton, WI
Steeps, Henry John		Rice Lake, WI
Steffen, Ignatius David		Antigo, WI
Stevens, Bertha May (Hammond)	Chicago, IL
Stevens, David Harrison		Chicago, IL
Stevens, Emma Knowles (Giffin)	Colorado Springs, CO
Stevens, Warren Hurst		Evanston, IL
Stevenson, Marjorie Darling	Ontario, Canada
Stiles, Mary Jane		Sturgeon Bay, WI
Stillman, Lillain (Sarles)	Joliet, IL
Stimson, Nettie Norton		Long Beach, CA
Stoppenbach, Margaret Helen	Stevens Point, WI
Storey, William Dolphin		d 1914
Stow, Alexander Wolcott		Timber Lake, SD
Stow, Gertrude Sarah (Irish)	Aberdeen, SD
Stowe, George Edwin		d 1914
Stowe, William Page		d 1896
Strang, Lester J.		British Columbia
Stuart, Edith			Seneca, WI
Studley, Frank Crombie		Milwaukee, WI
Stuhlfauth, John		Rose Lake, ID
Sturtevant, Mina (Hooten)	Delavan, WI
Sullivan, Daniel		Milwaukee, WI
Sutcliffe, Grace Wade		Polson, MT
Swanson, Lily Walborg		Bayfield, WI
Sweeny, Mildred Ida (McNeal)	Cornwall, England
Sweet, Katharine Buckland	Wausau, WI
Sweetman, Marjorie Mae		Appleton, WI
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Taylor, Caroline Eunice (Wright)		
Taylor, Jane Elizabeth		Pipestone, MN
Taylor, Vera Glenn		Stanley, WI
Thayer, Henry Percy		d 1896
Theil, Alice (Winkie)		Portage, Wi
Thickens, Jean (Wiley)		Appleton, WI
Thiele, Sarah (Bemis)		Yonkers, NY
Thiessen, Reinhardt		Pittsburg, PA
Thomas, Bertha (Tillotson)	Amherst, MA
Thomas, Florence E.		Appleton, WI
Thomas, John Samson		Berkeley, CA
Thomas, Luella Mecham (Rugg)	Berkeley, CA
Thomas, Mary Ethel		Juneau, WI
Thomas, Ralph Erwin		Madison, WI
Thompson, Charles Denison	Appleton, WI
Thompson, Jared, Jr.		d 1914
Thompson, Jennie Maria		Denver, CO
Thompson, Joseph Edmund		Ashland, WI
Thompson, Julius Augustus	Katalla, AK
Thompson, Vida Irene		Poynette, WI
Thurber, Francis H.		Ellsworth, WI
Thwing, James Luther		Duluth, MN
Thwing, Laura Belle (Pillsbury)	d 1885
Tice, Henry Allen		Dodge City, KS
Tichenor, Charles Orlando	San Diego, CA
Tichenor, Cornella Aurelia (Cahoon)	d 1871
Tichenor, isaac Newton		Keokuk, IA
Tichenor, Lauren E.		Waupun, WI
Tidyman, Florence Jeanett (Tibbits)	Valier, MT
Tilton, Howard Winslow		d 1902
Tink, Samuel James		Wauwatosa, WI
Tippet, James Earl		Chicago, IL
Tippet, Ralph Waldo		Champaign, IL
Tippet, Walter			Appleton, WI
Topping, Genevieve (Faville)	Moriaki, Japan
Touton, Frank Charles		St. Joseph, MO
Towne, Ethel (Crowe)		Wautwatsoa, WI
Trever, Albert Augustus		Appleton, WI
Trever, George Henry		Atlanta, GA
Trever, Ida Frances (Jones)	Antigo, WI
Trever, John Henry		Antigo, WI
Triggs, A. W.			Clinton, WI
Tulasker, Krishnabia		Madison, WI
Underwood, Louise Crosby	Wausau, WI
Unruh, David			Henderson, NE
Updike, Eugene Grover		Madison, WI
Van Dusen, Earl C.		Minneapolis, MN
Van Keuren, Frank R.		Oshkosh, WI
Van Keuren, Mary (Sawyer)	Oshkosh, WI
Van Sickle, Lelah (McKinney)	Bowbells, ND
Van Zandt, Lucretia E.		Appleton, WI
Vance, Jesse George		Boscobel, WI
Vandehel, E. Eugene		Los Angeles, CA
Vanderhoop, Mary (Cleggett)	Gay Head, MA
Varney, Maud Beatrice		Cheyenne, WY
Vaughn, Wilbur Lewis		Sparta, WI
Velte, Wallace Leo		Poysippi, WI
Verity, George Washington	China
Verity, Walter			Beresford, SD
Vleck, Balfour Hermanus Van	Westfield, IA
Voss, Lewis Charles		Woodhull, IL
Voss, Ralph Gustave		Portland, OR
Wagg, Angeline May		Appleton, WI
Wakeman, Ruth Elizabeth		Lake Mills, WI
Waldo, Helen Jane		New York, NY
Waldron, Wesley Clay		Amity, OR
Walker, David Henry		d 1914
Walker, Frank Hiram		Ashland, OR
Walker, Hattie Isabel (Stannard)	Ashland, OR
Walker, Katherine Mary (Reeve)	Bemidji, MN
Walker, Samuel Thompson		Madison, WI
Ward, Amanda Anna (Robertson)	d 1915
Ware, James Franklin		Wacho, TX
Waterhouse, Addie Ben (Pillsbury)	Melrose, MA
Waterhouse, Clifford Charles	Wadena, MN
Watkins, Francis Asbury		Carlton, MN
Watson, Howard D.		San Diego, CA
Watson, Robert Lloyd		Brandon, WI
Weaver, Stella Clara		Huron, SD
Webb, Florence Helen (Edgarton)		
Webber, Fannie Bell (Coates)	Milwaukee, WI
Weed, Elbert Dudley		Helena, MT
Weeks, John Millard		d 1911
Weeks, Mary Elizabeth (Richmond)	Marseilles, IL
Weeks, Thomas Dimmick		d 1901
Wells, Francis Boyd		Seattle, WA
Wells, Frank Justin		d 1904
Wenberg, Edna Mary (Grover)	Argentina
Wentz, Arno E.			Plymouth, WI
Werner, Alta Ezma (Olson)	Tomahawk, WI
Wescott, Henrietta Learoyd (Fuller)	Madison, WI
Wescott, William Samuel		Waukesha, WI
Wheat, Charles Melbourn		d 1909
Wheeler, Frederick Scherer	Ortonville, WI
Wheeler, Laura Maud		China
Whiston, Lionel Abney		Birnamwood, WI
Whitcomb, Lucius Augustin	Park, IA
White, Agnes Gertrude (Johnson)	Evanston, IL
White, Alfred Gary		Washington, DC
White, Alice May (Nash)		Detroit, MI
White, Enid Marguerite (Saecker)	Appleton, WI
White, Isabella Elizabeth (Smith)	Corvallis, OR
White, Mabel E.			Green Bay, WI
White, Pauline Lucile (Gillespie)	Wausau, Wi
White, Ralph Elisha		d 1901
White, Richard Jeriel		Wausau, Wi
White, Richard Joseph		Oshkosh, WI
Whitehouse, Herbert		Middleton, WI
Whitman, Alexander Bert		d 
Wiegand, Edna			Fond du Lac, WI
Wilbor, Arthur Johnson		Racine, WI
Wilcox, Charles Clinton		Milwaukee, WI
Wiley, May (Jenkins)		Chippewa Falls, WI
Willett, Arthur Dan		Hubbardston, MA
Willett, Hazel (Nicol)		Hubbardston, MA
Williams, Bess			Rib Lake, WI
Williams, George Levoissier	Grand Rapids, WI
Williams, Hamlin B.		d 1908
Williams, Herbert Leslie	Auburn, ME
Williams, Mary Stanton (Underwood)	Tenafty, NJ
Williams, Orrin Thomas		Milwaukee, WI
Williams, Stephen Rees		d 1912
Williams, Stewart S.		Madison, WI
Williams, Thomas Daniel		Appleton, WI
Williams, William Watkin	Portland, OR
Wilson, Elizabeth		Montclair, NJ
Wilson, Lawrence Albert		Butte, MT
Wilson, Robert J.		Markesan, WI
Wilson, Ruth			Milton, WI
Wilson, Thomas Coles		d 1892
Wilson, Winifred Willard	Milton, WI
Winegard, Caroline		Green Bay, WI
Wingender, Charles Henry	Denver, CO
Winkley, George Ray		Chicago, IL
Winn, John Ackerman		Rice Lake, WI
Winn, Lois (West)		Rice Lake, WI
Winner, Paul C.			Fort Washington, WI
Winsey, Eugenia Emilie (Voigt)	Appleton, WI
Winslow, Minna Isabel (Rogers)	Appleton, WI
Witherbee, Lillie (Gilbertson)	Galesville, WI
Witherbee, Oliver Day		Galesville, WI
Wittman, Gerda Pauline		Anaconda, MT
Wolter, Mabel Florence		Appleton, WI
Wolter, Robert Kirtland		Locust Grove, OK
Wood, Charlotte Robertson	Appleton, WI
Wood, Effie May (Gerry)		Appleton, WI
Wood, Elizabeth Houston		Appleton, WI
Wood, James Albert		Appleton, WI
Woodside, Forest Haven		Merced, CA
Woodworth, Milton		
Woodworth, Spencer Wyndham	Madison, WI
Worden, Millie (Wambold)	Depere, WI
Wright, Alice Maud		Chilton, WI
Wright, Edwin Menzo		d 1893
Wright, John Elbert		Alameda, CA
Wright, Walter B. C.		d 1881
Wyman, Chester A.		Pasadena, CA
Yocum, Wilbur Fisk		Tallahassee, FL
Youmans, Jay Carlton		Wausau, WI
Young, Clara Milemon (Stansbury)	Appleton, WI
Young, William Bert		Salem, OR
Ziegert, Nellie Grant (Rogers)	Shiocton, WI
Ziegler, Gottlieb Diedrich	Appleton, WI
Zilisch, Hubert E.		Mitchell, SD
Zimmerman, Beatrice		Wausau, WI
Zinkgraf, Cora J.		Milwaukee, WI
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