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Tennessee High School Boys Contest Winners from 1914


Some of our pages are not fully designed yet. So, if you find a relative here or want more information on any of these, send an e-mail asking for the price of copies to:

Item # 10110


"Farm Boys' Encampment At The State Fair". Details about the camp & list of boys who won an all expense paid trip.
Standings in the Middle Tenn. Boys' Corn Club contest and prizes awarded.

193 boys

Adkins, H. Houston Co., TN
Alexander, H. Macon Co., TN
Allison, John Chapel Hill, TN
Arnold, H. K. Sneedville, TN
Arrant, Charles Decatur, TN
Arrant, Edwin Decatur, TN
Atkinson, Willie Centreville, TN
Austell, Layman Franklin Co., TN
Averitt, B. Houston Co., TN
Averitt, E. Houston Co., TN
Averitt, Geo. Houston Co., TN
Averitt, R. Houston Co., TN
Ayer, Calvin Cleveland, TN
Aylor, Clarence Alto, TN
Baker, H. White Co., TN
Baker, Rufus Columbia, TN
Barnett, Stanley Martel, TN
Barton, D. Macon Co., TN
Barton, R. Macon Co., TN
Bateman, E. Houston Co., TN
Bell, Carl Greeneville, TN
Blackman, Walter Rutherford Co., TN
Blalock, B. Lincoln Co, TN
Bowden, J. A. White Co., TN
Bracey, W. Davidson Co., TN
Brack, C. Franklin Co., TN
Bransford, W. Smith Co., TN
Brown, Harry Jasper, TN
Bryan, G. R. Wilson Co., TN
Bryant, Paris A. Tyner, TN
Call, F. Franklin Co., TN
Carroll, Archie Lyles, TN
Carter, Dale Waverly, TN
Carver, F. B. Rutherford Co., TN
Chambers, F. B. Giles Co., TN
Clark, Brent Davidson Co., TN
Clark, Will Houston Co., TN
Cote, Ben Buena Vista, TN
Crutcherfield, G. Davidson Co., TN
Cullom, C. Trousdale Co., TN
Cunningham, J. Lincoln Co., TN
Dabbs, Sam Stewart Co., TN
Dallas, G. Macon Co., TN
Dallas, L. Macon Co., TN
Denson, J. F. Franklin Co., TN
DeVant, Willie Camden, TN
Dinkins, Wiley M. Alexandria, TN
Dinwiddie, Clyde Newmarket, Tn
Dobson, Carson Camden, TN
Dodson, W. C. Davidson Co., TN
Donoho, C. Sumner Co., TN
Doran, Frank L. Greenfield, TN
Douglas, William Uno, TN
Fain, C. B. Montgomery Co., TN
Farris T. Franklin Co., TN
Fisher, F. White Co., TN
Fly, John Milan
Garrison, B. Sumner Co., TN
Gibbs, W. M. Williamson Co., TN
Giff, Hobart Lexington, TN
Gleason, J. A. Davidson Co., TN
Goddard, H. White Co., TN
Grief, C. Franklin Co., TN
Grief, W. C. Franklin Co., TN
Hagan, Doris Giles Co., TN
Hampton, Sidney Greeneville, TN
Hand, C. B. Lawrence Co., TN
Harrison, O. Sumner Co., TN
Harvey, B. Montgomery Co., TN
Herrin, Emmet Burns, TN
Hinds, George Whiteville, TN
Hogue, Roscoe M. Jamestown, TN
Holt, H. Williamson Co., TN
Hudson, Ola Lawrence Co., TN
Huffman, B. Bedford Co., TN
Hunter, T. Davidson Co., TN
Hutchinson, A. Lincoln Co., TN
Johnson, C. White Co., TN
Johnson, F. Giles Co., TN
Johnson, H. White Co., TN
Johnson, Raymond Ellendale, TN
Johnson, T. White Co., TN
Jones, Estile Franklin County, TN
Jones, Paul Franklin Co., TN
Jonte, W. B. Davidson Co., TN
Kennedy, E. Macon Co., TN
Kirk, Charlie Savannah, TN
Lane, J. Davidson Co., TN
Lane, W. Davidson Co., TN
Langford, Richard Brownsville, TN
Lauderdale, A. Trousdale Co., TN
Lee, Lloyd Greenback, TN
Leitsinger, H. Grundy Co., TN
Lewis, John C. Tigrett, TN
Lockart, L. Houston Co., TN
Locke, F. Lawrence Co., TN
Loftas, L. Macon Co., TN
Lomax, C. Houston Co., TN
Looney, B. Franklin Co., TN
Looney, H. Franklin Co., TN
Lossing, B. Franklin Co., TN
Mabry, Ellis Lawrenceburg, TN
Madron, R. R. Mountain City, TN
Marston, B. Lawrence Co., TN
Marston, E. Lawrence Co., TN
Mason, W. Franklin Co., TN
May, D. Coffee Co., TN
May, Dillard Coffee Co., TN
Mays, Dawson Manchester, TN
McCasland, J. Davidson Co., TN
McClarin, August Benton, TN
McCollum, Homer Corinth, TN
McDowell, L. White Co., TN
McKibbon, H. Maury Co., TN
McNeely, Hardy Kenton, TN
Melton, Will Woodbury, TN
Miller, J. O. Franklin Co., TN
Miller, John Sylvia, TN
Mills, J. Montgomery Co., TN
Milton, Hubert Etowah, TN
Mooney, L. M. Morristown, TN
Moore, Carl Shepherd, TN
Moore, Finch Ridgely, TN
Morris, Flournoy Wales, TN
Moyer, S. Sumner Co., TN
Murray, James Newport, TN
Neal, Harry Giles Co., TN
Neal, J. Wilson Co., TN
Newland, J. Davidson Co., TN
Owen, A. Macon Co., TN
Parish, Lowell Martin, TN
Park, G. Giles Co., TN
Parker, C. Macon Co., TN
Patton, T. J. Lincoln Co., TN
Payne, L. Franklin Co., TN
Pearson, Howard Lexington, TN
Perkins, Frank Trousdale Co., TN
Perkins, Frank Hartsville, TN
Perkins, H. Trousdale Co., TN
Perkins, J. Trousdale Co., TN
Poindexter, Charles Celina, TN
Price, C. W. Wilson Co., TN
Pride, O. Davidson Co., TN
Reynolds, R. Franklin Co., TN
Richmond, Fred H. Gainesboro, TN
Riggins, Howard Clarksville, TN
Roberts, Leonard H. Robertsville, TN
Rogers, A. Houston Co., TN
Ruck, A. Franklin Co., TN
Ruffin, James Covington, TN
Schabik, J. Sumner Co., TN
Seaton, R. McKinney Henderson, TN
Settle, Bruce Gainesboro, TN
Shelton, B. Coffee Co., TN
Shelton, J. Houston Co., TN
Shelton, W. Houston Co., TN
Simpson, Homer Loudon, TN
Sliger, T. M. Macon Co., TN
Smith, E. Williamson Co., TN
Smith, N. Montgomery Co., TN
Spencer, Buell Lincoln Co., TN
Spencer, H. Lincoln Co., TN
Spivey, A. D. Sumner Co., TN
Spivey, R. Sumner Co., TN
Spivey, W. H. Sumner Co., TN
Springer, Lawrence Lawrenceburg, TN
Steel, Hamilton Rogersville, TN
Stephens, Samuel Pikeville, TN
Stewart, G. White Co., TN
Straley, John G. Sweetwater, TN
Tanksley, B. Davidson Co., TN
Taylor, B. Lincoln Co., TN
Thomas, Ernest Smith Co., TN
Thomas, P. L. Lincoln Co., TN
Tipps, E. Franklin Co., TN
Torian, W. Houston Co., TN
Townsend, Thomas H. Newbern, TN
Turley, George Fayetteville, TN
Ufferman, C. Houston Co., TN
Vandervoos, B. Franklin Co., TN
Verble, Roy White Co., TN
Walker, E. Houston Co., TN
Warmoth, Roy Jackson, TN
Weaks, E. T. Stewart Co., TN
White, Charles Decaturville, TN
Williams, Clyde Flat Creek, TN
Williams, G. Davidson Co., TN
Wilson, Herbert Watson, TN
Wilson, McFerrin Davidson Co., TN
Wolf, R. Coffee Co., TN
Wood, W. J. Rutherford County, TN
Wright, M. Sumner Co., TN
Yarbrough, W. Franklin Co., TN











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