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Vintage Magazine Citations

Articles from various magazines we have collected. They are listed in order, from the oldest to the newest. Scroll down the page to see all of our listings. We will copy the pertinent pages from the magazine for you for the price shown.



The Vermonter May, 1904

The people below are all featured in an article by the Vermont Association of Boston. We have indicated whether there is a short biography, photo of them or both.
Item # 10280 Price $4 each
Allen, Clarence J., Mrs. Photo
Anderson, George P. Biography
Barton, William A., Mrs. Photo
Beard, Alanson W. Photo
Benton, Everett C. Biography
Benton, Josiah H., Jr. Bio. & Photo
Carpenter, George N. Photo
Clark, Isaiah R. Biography
Clarke, Albert Bio. & Photo
Craig, William Biography
Darling, Charles K. Bio. & Photo
Davis, William H. Biography
Denny, Addison O. Biography
Field, Walbridge A. Photo
Foss, Eugene N. Bio. & Photo
Fuller, Wm. E. Photo
Hale, Louis G., Mrs. Photo
Houghton, Henry O. Photo
Hyde, Charles Huestis, Mrs. Photo
Keyes, Wade Biography
Nichols, L. B., Mrs. Photo
Pratt, Albert W., Mrs. Photo
Proctor, George O., Mrs. Photo
Quimby, William L. Biography
Robinson, Arthur L. Photo
Sheldon, N. L. Bio. & Photo
Sherburne, Frederic W., Mrs. Photo
Sherman, Edgar J. Photo
Silver, Elmer E. Biography
Speare, Alden Photo
White, Sally Joy, Mrs. Photo
Winslow, Helen M. Photo



The American Magazine, November, 1924

Item # 10020 Price $4 each
Butler, Ellis Parker Flushing, NY Article he wrote about living a long life. Photo of him reading to his young son, Ellis. Caption states he is a famous humorist, who was born in Muscatine, IA 55 years ago.
Cody, Sherwin Rochester, NY Ad for finding and correcting your mistakes in English, with his new self-correcting method, with a photo of him.
Cooper, W. S. Ohio Large ad for Comer Topcoats and Raincoats, with a photo of Cooper, telling how well he is doing selling coats.
Davey, John Kent, OH Full page ad for Davey Tree Expert Co., with group photo of the 1924 Annual Convention for the company and a photo of John Davey. Ad tells about history of the company and predicts $1,250,000 in sales for the year.
De Lorge, Virginia M. Pontiac, MI Ad for Mellin's Food Co., with a baby photo of Virginia.
Dey, Haryot Holt New York, NY Article, "How I Brought Up My Boys:, with a photo of her as an older lady; and a photo of her with her young boys.
Douglas, John Francis Seattle, WA Article, "A Western Builder Who Changed the Face of a City." He was 49 when the article was written, a native of Canada, and had earlier had a law practice in North Dakota. Article is several pages long, with a full page photo of him.
Douglas, W. L. Brockton, MA Ad for Douglas Shoes, with a photo of Mr. Douglas, and a sketch of him pegging shoes at 7 years of age.
Ederle, Gertrude Caroline New York Article about her being a 17 year old world champion swimmer and 2 photos of her. 
Erion, Frank L.   Long article, "After the Fire is Out", with a photo of him examining a fire scene. He had been an insurance adjuster, "in the Middle West" for over 25 years and the article is about fires, insurance and fire safety.
Farrer, Roger   Full page ad, "The Secret that Tripled My Sales", with a photo of him. Ad is for the "Mackintosh System of Selling".
McBride, John Rochester, MN Article about him being, "Angel of Wheelchairs" at Mayo Brother's Hospital. Born near Johnstown, PA in 1857, moved to MN 1874. Photo of him with a patient in a wheelchair.
Miller, Steven I. ? Article about him being educational director for the Amer. Institute of Banking. Was born in Michigan, educated at Univ. of Michigan, Heidelberg and other places. Photo of him on horseback.
Murray, William Spencer New York, NY? Article, "This Engineer Traded an Income For An Opportunity." Also, a full page photo of him, caption states he was born at Annapolis, MD 51 years ago. Tells about the "electrification" of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad; and about his current work as head of Superpower Survey.
Porter, Thomas I. Chicago, IL Article about him and his 40 years in the Secret Service. Photo of him and caption states he was born in White Co., Il., 78 years before and was a veteran of the Civil War.
Smith, Robert L. Waterloo, IA Ad for Mellin's Food Co., with a baby photo of Robert.
Train, Arthur New York, NY Article by him about, "Human Nature on the Witness Stand." Full page photo of him, and caption stating he was born in Boston in 1875, with a law degree from Harvard.
Williamson, Ernest   Article, Ernest Williamson's Adventure Making Motion Pictures Under the Sea." Long article with several underwater photos.
Wilson, Robert E. Lee Wilson, AR Article, "How Lee Wilson Conquered a Wilderness", about his upbringing and success and founding of Wilson, AR. Article says he grew up near Covington, TN 45 years before. A photo of him and several photos around the town and plantation.


Southern Agriculturist, November, 1938

Item # 10136  (Page 24) Price $4
Dale, R. I. Paris, TN Article about selling at the curb markets and tells how much they sold.
Dudley, T., Mrs. Paris, TN Article about selling at the curb markets and tells how much they sold.
Payne, Harvey Hawkins Co., TN Photo of man and wife making boutonnieres out of sycamore balls, and an article about selling at the curb markets.
Sowell, T. F., Mrs. Dyersburg, TN Article about selling at the curb markets and tells how much they sold.
Waverley, Mae Paris, TN Article about selling at the curb markets and tells how much they sold.



















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