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Who's Who In American Medicine 1925; A - C Surnames

There is a short biographical paragraph about each doctor. Most biographies include place & date of birth; parents name's (with mother's maiden name); spouse & children; area of medical specialty; education & employment history;  papers & books published; clubs & associations and finally, place of residence & office.

     Price: $6 for the first physician & $3 for each additional.

Item # 10436

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D-H Surnames     I-M Surnames     N-S Surnames     T-Z Surnames


Aaron, Charles Dettie
Abbe, Alanson Joseph
Abbe, Robert
Abbe, Truman
Abbott, Alexander Crever
Abbott, Charles Edwin
Abbott, Charles Franklin
Abbott, Charles Roger
Abbott, Donald Putnam
Abbott, E. Carson
Abbott, Edville Gerhardt
Abbott, George Knapp
Abbott, Harlan Page
Abbott, Maude Elizabeth Seymour
Abbott, William Jamieson
Abdou, Nagib Antonius
Abel, John Jacob
Abell, Elvira Dean
Abell, Irvin
Abell, Robert E.
Abercrombie, John Robert
Abercrombie, Thomas Franklin
Abernathy, Alfred Harris
Abernethy, Claude Oliver
Abernethy, Eric Alonzo
Abrams, Alva Elinathan
Abrams, Marc Victor
Abramson, Harold Alexander
Abramson, Louis
Absher, Darius C.
Abt, isaac Arthur
Aby, Franklin Stanton
Achard, Herman Jacoby
Acheson, Alex W.
Acheson, George
Achorn, John Warren
Achen, john Bunyan
Acker, George N.
Acker, Robert Booth
Ackerman, James Franklin
Ackley, Foster E.
Acosta, Sison Honoria
Acton, john Wesley
Acuff, Herbert
Adair, Fred Lyman
Adair, Munsell Lee
Adair, Sadie Bay
Adams, Albyn L.
Adams, Allan Huston
Adams, Bonnie O.
Adams, Charles Cleveland
Adams, Charles Francis
Adams, Charles Francis
Adams, Charles Franklin
Adams, Charles Waldron
Adams, Eldridge
Adams, Felix M.
Adams, Frank Mears
Adams, Frederick William
Adams, George Bunch
Adams, George Francis
Adams, George Sheldon
Adams, John Dresser
Adams, Nathaniel Holder
Adams, Roy Bennett
Adams, Sam Houston
Adams, W. Herbert
Adamson, Edward William
Addis, Thomas
Aderhold, Thomas Maze
Adler, Harry
Adler, Julius
Adriance, Vanderpool
Adson, Alfred Washington
Ager, Louis Curtis
Agnew, James Howard
Agnew, Fred F.
Agnew, William John Clarke
Aherns, Herman F.
Aiken, George Alfred
Aiken, George Henry
Ailes, Arlington
Aimar, Charles Pons
Aird, John William
Akerman, Joseph
Akers, Joseph H.
Akers, William Oldman
Akers, William Walter Dolen
Aland, Albert Harold
Albauch, Andrew Phillips
Albauch, Clarence Jacob
Albee, Fred Houdlett
Albers, Ulfert Luebben
Albert, Henry
Albrecht, Franklin H.
Albright, Clifton C.
Albright, George Carter
Albright, Roderick Edwin
Alburger, Henry Rihl
Alcock, Nathaniel Grobam
Alcorn,  James Garfield
Alcorn,  John B.
Aldana, Enrique M.
Alden, Arthur Maxwell
Alden, Bertram Francis
Alexander, Eben
Alexander, George Lemuel
Alexander, Henry Francis
Alexander, James Ramsey
Alexander, Joel Y.
Alexander, John
Alexander, Morris Ephraim
Alexander, Oscar Albertus
Alexander, Robert Burney
Alexander, Robert Jasper
Alford, Edward True
Alford, John Merlin
Alford, Leland Barton
Alger, Ellice M.
Alger, Harry Herbert
Alguire, Alexander Ross
Allard, Louis William
Allbright, Samuel Jefferson
Alleger, Walter Wheeler
Allemann, Albert
Allen,  Adelbert Beeman
Allen,  Arthur Wilburn
Allen,  Charles C.
Allen,  Charles Ethan
Allen,  Charles Harry
Allen,  D. Emery
Allen,  David Kimball
Allen,  Duff Shederic
Allen,  Edmund Black
Allen,  Ellis Saunders
Allen,  Francis Withers
Allen,  Frank Harvey
Allen,  Frank Hervy
Allen,  Frederick Madison
Allen,  Freeman
Allen,  Gardner Weld
Allen,  George O.
Allen,  George Viven
Allen,  H. Eugene
Allen,  Henry Dawson
Allen,  Horace Newton
Allen,  Horatio Cushing
Allen,  J. Hall
Allen,  James Ross
Allen,  John Howard
Allen,  John M.
Allen,  L. B.
Allen,  Lisbon Cyrus
Allen,  Lloyd R.
Allen,  Lyman
Allen,  Myron Bartlett
Allen,  Paul
Allen,  Ralph Edgar
Allen,  Thomas Cicero
Allen,  Victor Kirkpatrick
Allen,  Walter Charles
Allen,  William Gray
Allen,  William J.
Allen,  William L.
Allen, Wilson Pruitt
Alley, John Newton
Allin, Frank Wesley
Alling, Marshall Louis
Allison, Frank Benjamin
Allison, Gerald
Allison, Hendery
Allison, James Richard
Allison, Luke Pryor
Allison, Nathaniel
Allison, Otis Wood
Allison, Robert Seaman
Allison, Wilmer Lawson
Allman, David Bacharach
Allport, Frank
Allyn, Louis M.
Almfelt, Gustavus A.
Alpert, Nathan
Alsberg, Carl Lucas
Alsobrook, John Walter
Alspaugh, Paul John
Alter, Francis William
Altman, Gustave Grauman
Altman, John Thomas
Altnow, Hugo Osker
Alton, Benjamin Harrison
Alvarez, Walter Clement
Amberg, Emil
Amberg, Samuel
Amberson, James Burns, Jr.
Ames, Alfred Charles
Ames, Arthur E.
Ames, Thaddeus Hoyt
Amesse, John William
Amos, Henry C.
Amoss, Harold Lindsay
Anders, Charles Ignatius
Anderson, Albert
Anderson, Albert Lawrence
Anderson, Alexander James
Anderson, Charles Fox
Anderson, Charles Franklin
Anderson, Cyrus Hilary
Anderson, Edward M.
Anderson, Edwin Brown
Anderson, Finis Logan
Anderson, Frank Clinton
Anderson, George Riley
Anderson, Henry Gray
Anderson, J. Howard
Anderson, James Brent
Anderson, James LeRoy
Anderson, John F.
Anderson, John T.
Anderson, John Wylie
Anderson, Joseph James
Anderson, Joseph Ray
Anderson, Leland Hurd
Anderson, Leonidas Mosby
Anderson, Martha
Anderson, Piatt Halstead
Anderson, Robert Morrison
Anderson, Rufus R.
Anderson, Stewart H.
Anderson, Susan
Anderson, Thomas McCall
Anderson, William B.
Anderson, Wiliam Clyde
Anderson, William Joseph
Anderson, William Willis
Andresen, Albert Frederick Ruger
Andrew, Charles Fisher
Andrew, John
Andrews, Benjamin Franklin
Andrews, George Rex
Andrews, John Wesley
Andrews, Leila E.
Andrews, Malcolm Perceval
Andrews, Sullivan L.
Andrews, Thomas Jefferson
Andrews, Vernon Lee
Andrews, William Baird
Andrews, William Randall
Andries, Raymond Carl
Angell, Edward B.
Angle, Edward John
Angle, George Keyser
Anglin, George Chambers
Anglin, Robert S.
Angwin, William Arnold
Annis, Levi Clark
Ansbacher, Samuel L.
Ansley, Wiley Shorter
Anspach, Brooke M.
Anthoine, Isiah Gilman
Antonius, Emma H. H.
Anthony, H. E.
Apelian, Albert S.
Appel, Hermann Nehemiah
Appelle, C. George
Appleby, John I.
Appleman, John Sherman
Appleman, Leighton Francis
Appleton, Paul
Appleton, Thomas J.
Arbuthnot, Thomas Shaw
Archambault, Gustave
Archambault, LaSalle
Archibald, Edward Everett
Ard, Frank C.
Areson, William H.
Arkin, Aaron
Armentrout, Coral Ray
Armitage, Clayton Webb
Arms, Burdett Loomis
Armstrong, Alfred Warren
Armstrong, Charles
Armstrong, Charles Allen
Armstrong, Donald Budd
Armstrong, James Lewis
Armstrong, Minard J.
Armstrong, Samuel Treat
Arndt, George D.
Arneill, James Rae
Arnett, Arrett Campbell
Arneson, Arthur I.
Arnold, Clifford H.
Arnold, Effie
Arnold, Ernst Hermann
Arnold, Hubert Rogers
Arnold, Jesse Oglevee
Arnold, Theodore L. E.
Arntzen, Julius L.
Aronstam, Noah Ephraim
Arrington, James Eland
Arrington, Oscar N.
Arrowsmith, Hubert
Arthur, Edward Charles
Arthur, William Richard
Asbury, William David
Aschner, Paul William
Ashburn, Percy M.
Ashby, Edward Clayton
Ashcraft, Elwin Hinkley
Asher, Otto L.
Ashford, Bailey K.
Ashford, Mahlon
Ashhurst, Astley Paston Cooper
Ashley, Charles L.
Ashley, Dexter David
Ashley, Harmon Hadley
Ashley, Maurice Cavileer
Ashmore, Frank
Ashmore, William Franklin
Ashmun, George Coates
Ashmun, Sterling Hindley
Ashum, David W.
Ashworth, Robert Armstead
Ashworth, Robert Fraser
Ashworth, Walter C.
Askenstedt, Fritz Conrad
Aspray, Joseph
Asserson, M. Alice
Atcherley, John
Atchley, Dana Winslow
Aten, William Henry
Atherton, Ella B.
Atkins, Albert James
Atkins, William Arthur
Atkins, William Edwin
Atkinson, James L.
Atkinson, Marmaduke
Atlee, Harold Benge
Attix, Fred Franklin
Attix, James Conner
Attridge, James Arthur
Atwood, Abner Lowe
Atwood, Blanche L.
Atwood, Charles Edwin
Atwood, Harold Fisher
Atwood, Harry Allen
Atwood, James Pervine
Atwood, William G.
Aubry, Edmond S.
Aud, Guy
Auer, John
Augur, George Jacob
Augustine, Grant
Auliffe, Dennis A.
Ault, Henry Jason
Auner, Jay Frank
Aurand, William Henry
Aurness, Peter Andreas
Austin, Albert Elmer
Austin, Arthur Everett
Austin, Charles S.
Austin, Frederick DaCosta
Austin, Hiram W.
Austin, Leonidas B.
Austin, Lewis King
Austin, Lorimer John
Austin, Maynard A.
Austin, Richard Sisson
Austrian, Charles Robert
Avery, Amos
Avery, Claude Alvah
Avery, Jacob Fowler 
Aves, Charles Marion
Aves, Delano Richard
Avey, Sarah Ellis
Axford, Sherman La Baron
Axtell, William Henry
Aycock, William Lloyd
Ayer, James Bourne
Ayer, James Cook
Ayer, Thomas Herbert
Ayers, Amos Jefferson
Aylen, James Prentiss
Aynesworth, Horace Taylor
Ayres, George Thomas
Ayres, John Chambers
Ayres, John Hack
Ayers, Samuel, Jr.
Ayuyao, Conrado D.

Baar, Gustav
Babbitt, Charles Holton
Babcock, Robert Hall
Babcock, Warren La Verne
Baber, Erl Armitage
Bach, Wilgus
Bachelder, Frank Staples
Bachman, Jean George
Bachmeyer, Arthur C.
Bachtel, Richard M.
Backus, Harold Simeon
Bacon, Adelbert Theodore
Bacon, Charles Summer
Bacon, H. Edward
Bacon, Jay Harvey
Bacon, Lyle Cholwell
Bacon, Russell S.
Bacon, William Farquhan
Badger, George S. C.
Badger, Melvin P.
Badgley, Coburn
Baehr, George
Baer, Benjamin Franklin, Jr.
Baer, Henry
Baer, William Stevenson
Baetjer, Frederick Henry
Baff, Max
Bagby, bathurst Brown
Baggott, Bartus Trew
Bagley, Charles, Jr.
Bagley, William Richardson
Bagnall, Elmer Stanley
Bahler, Clarence Truman
Bahn, Charles Adolph
Bahrenburg, Louis P. H.
Bailey, Benjamin Franklin
Bailey, Ernest Harry
Bailey, Frederick James
Bailey, Harold
Bailey, J. N.
Bailey, John William
Bailey, Percival
Bailey, R. Wellesley
Bailey, Thomas L. Walker
Bailey, William Hotchkiss
Bain, Seneca B.
Bain, Walter Gelvin
Bainbridge, William Seaman
Baird, Alvin W.
Baird, Charles Glenn
Baird, William James
Baird, William Oscar
Baker, Archibald E.
Baker, Davis
Baker, Frank Cole
Baker, Harry Beecher
Baker, Hillier Locke
Baker, Hinton James
Baker, James Norment
Baker, John Hunton
Baker, Joseph Harrison
Baker, Julian Meredith
Baker, Rollin Oliver
Baker, Theodore
Baker, Valentine Collamer
Baker, William Franklin
Baker, Willis Power
Bakes, Edwin C.
Baketel, H. Sheridan
Balch, Alfred William
Balch, Franklin Greene
Balch, Ralph Emerson
Baldwin, Dana Olden
Baldwin, Edward Robinson
Baldwin, Helen
Baldwin, Horace Goodyear
Baldwin, Hugh Allen
Baldwin, James Fairchild
Baldwin, Louis Benedict
Baldwin, Roderick Henry
Baldwin, Samuel Clifton
Baldwin, Sanford Oscar
Baldwin, Wesley Manning
Baldy, John Montgomery
Balfour, Donald Church
Ball, Clarence Franklin
Ball, Francis James
Ball, James Moores
Ball, Michael Valentine
Ball, Otho Fisher
Ballantine, Henry Thomas
Ballantyne, Elliott Nichol
Ballantyne, Thomas Whitsen
Ballard, James Clinton
Ballenger, Edgar Garrison
Ballenger, Howard Charles
Ballew, James Morgan
Ballin, Max
Ballinger, John Ralph
Ballou, Harry Burchard
Balsley, Clyde Martin
Bamberger, Arrie
Bancroft, Edward Erastus
Bancroft, Fred Wolcott
Bandler, Clarence garfield
Banfill, Stanley Arnold
Bang, Richard Theodore
Banker, Edward U.
Banker, Silas J.
Banner, Charles Whitlock
Bansbach, Joseph John
Banton, Conwell
Bapty, Walter
Barach, Joseph Hayem
Baragar, Charles Arthur
Barbash, Samuel
Barbee, John Taylor
Barbee, Calvin Fremyre
Barber, George Holcomb
Barber, John Raymond
Barber, Robert Forrest
Barber, Walter Lewis
Barber, Walter L., Jr.
Barber, William Howard
Barbour, Henry Gray
Barbour, Orville
Barbu, Valer George
Barclay, Alexander
Bardal, Sigurgeir
Bardeen, Charles Russell
Bardenheier, Frederick Gustave Adolph
Baribault, Louis Clifford
Barker, Charles B.
Barker, Creighton
Barker, Frank Marion
Barker, Jesse W.
Barker, Lewellys Franklin
Barker, Olin George Andrews
Barkley, Archibald Henry
Barksdale, John Woodson
Barlow, Roy Alexander
Barlow, Walter Jarvis
Barnes, Carl Lewis
Barnes, Charles S.
Barnes, Francis Merriman, Jr.
Barnes, Frank Haselhurst
Barnes, George Edward
Barnes, George W.
Barnes, Harry Lee
Barnes, Llewellyn Edwin
Barnes, Lynn Moore
Barnes, Noble Price
Barnett, Charles Eldridge
Barnett, George DeForest
Barney, J. Dellinger
Barney, Louis Frank
Barnhill, John F.
Barnum, Francis Goodell
Barnwell, Edward Harry
Barr, Charles C.
Barr, Daniel Randolph
Barr, David Preswick
Barr, Granville Walter
Barr, Richard Alexander
Barratt, Stanley
Barrett, Albert Moore
Barrett, Channing Whitney
Barrett, Ralph R.
Barricelli, Giovanni Alfonso
Barringer, Paul Brandon
Barron, Elmer Walter
Barron, J. M. F.
Barron, Moses
Barrow, John Vincent
Barrow, William Hulbert
Barrows, David Nye
Barrows, Roy Edgar
Barrus, Clara
Barry, Lee Willis
Barry, Maurice Joseph
Barry, R. Grant
Barson, John William
Barss, harold deBlois
Barstow, William Edwin
Bartholomew, Alfred C.
Bartholomew, Eric Kline
Bartholomew, Rudolph A.
Bartholomew, William Sylvester
Bartle, Henry John
Bartlett, Charles Joseph
Bartlett, Edwin L.
Bartlett, Edwin Julius
Bartlett, Percy
Bartlett, Reuel E.
Bartlett, Walter Erastus
Bartley, Elias Hudson
Barton, Charles
Barton, James Moore
Barton, Wilfred Mason
Baruch, Max
Barwick, John Benjamin
Basham, David Walker
Baskett, George Terrell
Baskett, Lindsey Wilson
Bass, Charles Cassidy
Bass, Thomas B.
Bassett, Alice H.
Bassett, Clarence Wheeler
Bassett, Frank Houston
Bassett, Henry Linn
Bassett, Lavern Clarke
Bassett, Merritt G.
Bassler, Anthony
Bassoe, Peter
Bastedo, Walter Arthur
Bastin, Charles Howden
Bastron, Carl Heinrich
Batchelor, James Madison
Batchelor, Roger Putnam
Batdorf, Jacob Clinton
Bateler, William C.
Bates, Alfred Kelley
Bates, Bret V.
Bates, Mary Elizabeth
Bates, Reuben C.
Bates, Samuel W.
Bates, Uri C.
Batman, Fred Henry
Bauer, Arthur James
Bauer, Edward O.
Baughman, Daniel Sparks
Baughman, Greer

Baughn, Henry Alden
Bauld, William Alfred Gordon
Baum, Harry Lester
Bauman, George L.
Baumeister, Edward Emery
Baumgarten, Roy C.
Baumgarten, Walter
Bawden, George P.
Baxter, Frank Stanley
Baxter, George Edwin
Baxter, James Williams
Baxter, Stephen Henry
Baxter, W. Edwards
Bayless, Benjamin Wilhelm
Bayley, Emery H.
Bayliss, A. W.
Baynes-Jones, Stanhope
Beach, Carroll Charles
Beach, George C., Jr.
Beach, Sylvester Judd
Beach, William Mulholland
Beachly, John Vawter
Beale, John Favner
Beale, Robert Somervell
Beall, Charles Giffen
Beall, Louis Girardeau
Beals, Clarence Samuel
Beam, Hugh Atlee
Beam, Ulysses S. G.
Bean, Harold Cedric
Bean, Harold Cotton
Bean, James Robbins
Bean, Robert Bennett
Beane, Charles Eugene Hill
Beard, Clyde Yeager
Beard, John Lyman
Beard, Samuel Lowry
Beardsley, Edward John Gillespie
Beardwood, Matthew
Beasley, John N.
Beatie, William R.
Beattie, David A.
Beatty, Byron Webster
Beatty, Hugh Gibson
Beatty, John Francis
Beatty, Theodor Bruce
Beatty, Wilbur M. Law
Beaty, Joseph George
Beaudet, Joseph Eugene
Beaudry, J. S.
Beaven, Coleridge Livingston
Beaver, Jennie Dean
Beazley, Wyatt S.
Bebb, Rose Ann
Bebee, Bert Perry
Bebont, Sarah J.
Bechet, Paul Esnard
Beck, Alfred C.
Beck, Carl
Beck, Charles Kirtley
Beck, Emil G.
Beck, Harvey Grant
Beck, Joseph Clar
Becker, Bernhard
Becker, Charles N.
Becker, Harvey Mayor
Becker, James Parker
Becker, John Brugger
Becker, Walter Herman
Beckman, George Edwin
Beckman, Henry Frederick
Bedford, Edgar William
Beebe, Henry Edwin
Beebe, Hugh McDowell
Beebe, Lela J.
Beebe, Leslie W.
Beebe, Ralph Palmer
Beekman, Fenwick
Beekman, George Edwin
Beeler, George W.
Beeler, Margaret Hofer
Beem, Ione Fisher
Beer, Edwin
Beers, George Hall
Beeson, Benjamin Barker
Beeson, Henry Bush
Beeson, John Bradley
Begg, Alexander Swanson
Begg, Colin Luke
Behan, Richard Joseph
Behle, Augustus Calvin
Behling, Luder Frederick
Behlow, William Wallace
Behrend, Moses
Behrens, Charles Frederick
Beier, Agustus Leon
Beilby, George Everett
Belden, Webster W.
Belding, David Lawrence
Belfield, William Thomas
Belhumeur, George Mitchell
Belisle, Eugene Simeon
Belknap, Eugene Walker
Belknap, Fred Rice
Bell, Addison Key
Bell, Charles G.
Bell, Clement L. V.
Bell, Daniel Alford Jackson
Bell, Elexious Thompson
Bell, Ernest Lorne
Bell, Fred Charles
Bell, George Huston
Bell, George Newton
Bell, James Francis
Bell, John Malseed
Bell, Lewis Barclay
Bell, William Hemphill
Bell, William James
Bellamy, Russell
Beller, Abraham J.
Bellin, Julius Jos.
Bellinger, Frank Earl
Bellinger, William Henry
Bellows, Howard Perry
Belt, Arthur Elmer
Belt, Le Roy Lorin
Belt, William Alvin
Beltzer, Charles E.
Belyea, James A.
Bemis, Royal Warren
Benbow, Earlie Adam
Bendell, Joseph Levi
Bendixen, P. A.
Benedict, A. L.
Benedict, Frank A.
Benedict, Samuel Ravaud
Benedict, William Lemuel
Benefield, Charles Edward
Benefield, James Henry
Benham, Edward Weston
Benjamin, Arthur Edwin
Benjamin, Clayton Charles
Benner, Burnham Roswell
Bennett, Arthur George
Bennett, Arthur King
Bennett, Charles Franklin
Bennett, George E.
Bennett, Joseph Louville
Benoist, Edwin Eugene
Benson, Charles Prue
Benson, Marion Trotti
Benson, Reuel Allen
Benson, Robert Louis
Bentley, Inez A.
Bentley, Neil Isaac
Benton, Alonzo Wellington
Benton, George Henry
Bentz, Charles A.
Bentz, George H.
Bentzien, Emil William
Berauer, Joseph M.
Bercaw, John Edgar
Berg, Henry W.
Berg, L. Munthe
Berger, Benjamin
Bergeron, F. de Borgia
Bergey, David Hendricks
Bergh, Luthard N.
Berghausen, Oscar
Bergheim, Martin C.
Berghoff, Robert Sixtus
Berkeley, William Nathaniel
Berkheiser, Elven James
Berkley, Henry J.
Berlin, Lewis
Berman, Louis
Bermingham, Francis Henry
Bernard, Bethune Caldwell
Bernard, Guy Talmadge
Berndt, Daniel Albert
Bernheim, Bertram M.
Bernheimer, Herman Louis
Bernier, L. Arthur
Bernstein, Charles
Bernstein, Edward J.
Bernstein, Ralph
Bernstorf, Philip Herman
Berr, Alfred Harold
Berry, Albert Cummings
Berry, Charles Nelson
Berry, Frederick Aymond
Berry, John J.
Bertholet, George Pierrard
Bertling, Adolphus Edmund
Bertling, Francis E.
Bertner, Ernest William
Bertola, Mariana
Bertrand, Frand
Besharian, John H.
Bessesen, Alfred Nicholos
Best, William Parker
Bethea, Oscar Walter
Bethea, William Roland
Bethume, Charles William
Bettison, David L.
Bettman, Henry Wald
Bettman, Ralph Boerne
Betts, Norman Sinclair
Betz, Hugo Edward
Beumler, Arthur Karl
Beveridge, James M.
Beveridge, Thomas Franklin
Bevier, George
Bevis, William Marion
Bickerstaff, J. H.
Bickham, Warren Stone
Bickmore, Harold V.
Biddle, Andrew Porter
Bidgood, Charles Young
Bidwell, Pern Jefferson
Bieber, Edgar
Biederman, Martin
Bierhoff, Frederic
Bierring, Walter Lawrence
Bigarel, Frank D.
Bigby, Margaret Helen
Biggs, J. Rozier
Biggs, Montgomery Herman
Billings, Frank
Billings, Frederic Tremaine
Billings, John Sedgwick
Billings, Robert Anderson
Billington, R. Wallace
Binger, Carl Alfred Lanning
Bingham, Anson Holden
Bingham, Arthur Walker
Binion, Richard
Binney, Horace
Bird, Arthur Anson
Bird, Maurice Duane
Bird, William Edwin
Birdsall, Joseph Cooper
Birnie, John Mathews
Bisch, Louis Edward
Bishoff, Mark L.
Bishop, Eliot
Bishop, Ernest Simons
Bishop, Eugene Lindsay
Bishop, Ida A. Shope
Bishop, John Sessions
Bishop, Louis Bennett
Bishop, Louis Faugeres
Bispman, William N.
Bissell, Addison Hayes
Bissell, Dougal
Bissell, Frank Simmons
Bissell, Julia
Bitting, Arvill Wayne
Bitting, Numa Duncan
Bixby, Joseph
Bixby, Josiah Peet
Bixler, Clarence Ward
Blachley, Tracy Wentworth
Black, Burton Alexander
Black, Edwin T.
Black, Henry Homer
Black, Hugh Ratchford
Black, James H.
Black, James Harvey
Black, John Calvin
Black, John Fielding
Black, John T.
Black, Melville
Black, Nelson Miles
Black, Paul
Black, Samuel Orr
Blackader, Alexander Dougall
Blackburn, Albert E.
Blackburn, John H.
Blackburn, Mary Baker
Blackburn, Reuben Golding
Blackburn, William J.
Blackford, john Minor
Blackham, George Edmund
Blackman, William Wade
Blackmar, Francis Burton
Blackmar, Ray Wellborn
Blackmarr, Frank Hamlin
Blackmer,, Frank J.
Blackwell, Hugh Burke
Blackwell, James Heyward, Jr.
Blackwell, Thomas hendricks
Blackwood, Alexander Leslie
Blackwood, Norman Jerome
Blagdon, Hermenegilde William
Blain, Alexander W.
Blaine, Edward Smith
Blair, Edward Giles
Blair, john Marquiss
Blair, Orland Rossim
Blair, Vilray Papin
Blair, Walter Allen
Blaisdell, Frank Ellsworth, Sr.
Blaisdell, Frank Ellsworth, Jr.
Blaisdell, John Harper
Blaisdell, Silas Canady
Blak, Einar V.
Blake, Allen Hansom
Blake, Charles French
Blake, Clyde D.
Blake, Eugene Maurice
Blake, Eva M.
Blake, Francis Gilman
Blake, Francis Wharton
Blake, Gerald
Blake, Herbert Claude
Blake, John Bapst
Blake, Joseph Augustus
Blakely, Stuart Banyar
Blakeslee, Emily
Blan, Horace B.
Blanchard, Fabian
Blanchard, James Frank
Blanchard, Thomas Loftin
Blanchard, Winthrop Shirley
Bland, Curtis
Bland, Pascal Brooke
Blankenhorn, Mrion Arthur
Blankenship, Ray C.
Blankmeyer, herman Henry
Blanton, Martin A.
Blanton, Smiley
Blasdel, Tyler David
Blatteis, Simon Risefeld
Bleakney, Frank Marshall
Blechsmidt, Dorothy Case
Bledsoe, Robert Emmett Baylor
Bleick, Louis C.
Bleil, Albert Willis
Blesh, Abraham Lincoln
Blevins, James Daniel
Blickenstaff, Augustus J.
Bliem, Milton J.
Blincoe, Homer Raymond
Blinn, John Ferguson
Blinn, Theodore A.
Bliss, Andrew Richard, Jr.
Bliss, Chester Bradley
Bliss, George Stephen
Bliss, Malcolm Andrews
Bliss, Raymond Van Ness
Bliss, Raymond W.
Bliss, Rodney Waldo
Bliss, Wilfred Chlorus
Bloch, Oscar Edgeworth
Block, Alexander
Block, Siegfried
Block, Frank Jefferson
Blodgett, Frank Jefferson
Blodgett, John H.
Blodgett, Stephen Haskell
Blodgett, William Ernest

Bloom, Charles James
Bloomfield, Arthur Leonard
Bloss, James Ramsdell
Blount, Anna Ellsworth
Blue, John Howard
Blue, Julian Baker
Bluestone, Ephraim Michael
Blum, Sanford
Blumer, Edward
Blumer, George
Blumgart, Leonard
Blythe, Vernon
Boagni, Charles Francis
Boardman, Walter Whitney
Boas, Ernest Philip
Bobb, Byron Arthur
Bochroch, Max Henley
Bock, Franklin Willam
Bocock, Edgar Allan
Bodley, James W.
Boeker, Herman H. F.
Boemer, Irving H.
Bogan, Robert
Bogart, Arthur Henry
Bogart, Franklin Belvins
Bogart, John Bion
Bogart, William Moore
Boger, Cyrus Maxwell
Boggess, John Samuel
Boggs, Eugene Orleans
Boggs, James P.
Boggs, Thomas Richmond
Bohn, Julius Charles
Bohrer, John Verne
Boise, Eugene
Boland, Frank Kells
Boldt, Herman J.
Bolend, Floyd Jackson
Bolend, Rex G.
Boley, Henry B.
Bolin, Zera Exley
Bolinger, Hugh J.
Boller, Phil
Bollinger, Howard E.
Bolsta, Charles
Bolt, Richard Arthur
Bolton, James R.
Bomar, Charles Virgil
Bond, Benjamin Davis
Bond, Charles Sumner
Bond, Earl Danford
Bond, George Samuel
Bond, S. Edgar
Bond, Thomas Parsons
Bond, Willis George
Bondurant, Eugene DuBose
Bondurant, Flint
Bonifield, Charles Lybrand
Boneta, Luis C.
Bonime, Ellis
Bonn, Harry Kraylor
Bonnar, John Duncan
Bonnell, William LeRoy
Bonner, Clarence A.
Bonner, Kemp Plummer Battle
Bonney, Sherman Grant
Bonnot, Edmond
Bonser, William Oscar
Book, Rodney Dent
Booker, Lyle Steele
Bookwalter, Carl Ferdinand
Boon, Udonna Clifton
Boone, James Edward, Jr.
Boone, Joel Thompson
Boone, John Calhoun
Boorstein, Samuel Williams
Boot, George Williams
Booth, Albert Edwin
Booth, David Stainrook
Booth, James Arthur
Booth, Leonard Roscoe
Boothby, Walter M.
Bopp, Walter F.
Borden, Daniel L.
Borden, John Thomas
Borden, William Cline
Border, G. F.
Borland, Wilbur Porter
Bortree, Leo Williams
Bortz, Walter Michael
Bostic, William Chivous
Boston, Leonard Napoleon
Boswell, Clarence Henry
Boswell, Henry
Bosworth, Francke Huntington
Boteler, William C.
Botsford, Charles Porter
Bottomley, John Taylor
Botts, Alvers T.
Boucher, George Alphonse
Bouffleur, Albert Irving
Bouldin, Thomas J.
Boulter, James Henry
Boulton, Eleanore F.
Bourns, Frank Swift
Borque, Norbert Odeon
Bousfield, Midian Othello
Bouton, Otis Zalmon
Bouvy, Harry M.
Bow, Malcolm Ross
Bowditch, Harold
Bowditch, Henry Ingersoll
Bowditch, Vincent Yardley
Bowdle, Ralph Alvin
Bowdoin, Joe P.
Bowe, Dudley Pleasants
Bowen, Albert
Bowen, Amy Metcalf
Bowen, Chauncey R.
Bowen, David Ralph
Bowen, Frederick John
Bowen, John D.
Bowen, John Templeton
Bowen, William
Bowen, William W.
Bowen, Willis Elliott
Bower, Albert Gordon
Bowerman, Edwain A.
Bowers, Charles Albert
Bowers, Walter Prentice
Bowes, Leon Maurice
Bowie, Eleazar Robinson
Bowie, Robert C.
Bowman, Dora E.
Bowman, Frederick R.
Bowman, James Luther
Bowman, Karl Murdock
Bowser, Oswald B. H.
Boyce, George Henry
Boyd, Earl Eugene
Boyd, Frank D.
Boyd, Mark F.
Boyd, Philip Williams
Boyd, Truman Osborne
Boyd, William
Boyden, Henry Blakeskee
Boyers, Luther Musson
Boyle, Charles Cumberson
Boynton, Charles Edward
Boynton, Ray D.
Boynton, Vincent Russell
Boys, Charles E.
Boysen, Peter
Braasch, William F.
Brabham, Vance Wells
Brace, Clifford C. C.
Brack, Charles Emil
Bracken, Henry Martin
Bracken, Willard S.
Brackett, Arthur Stone
Brackett, Elliot Gray
Bradbury, Samuel
Braddock, Elmer Garfield
Bradfield, John A. L.
Bradford, Tillman Brooks
Bradley, Edwin Harvey
Bradley, Isabel A.
Bradley, Robert L.
Bradley, Willis Ezra
Bradner, Morris Renfrew
Brady, Ebenexer Lionel
Brady, Mifflin B.
Bragg, General Grant
Bragg, Jesse Sumner
Brainerd, Henry Green
Brainerd, Ira N.
Brainerd, John Bliss
Braislin, William C.
Braisted, William Clarence
Bram, Israel
Bramley, James R.
Brams, William Alexander
Branch, Frederick Douglas
Branch, George Harvey
Brancht, Frederick Elmer
Brandeis, Julian Walter
Brandenburg, Harmon Paul
Brandon, William Alvin
Branham, Vernon
Brann, Harold Welch
Bratrud, Theodor
Bratton, Harley Owen
Bratton, Thomas Sumter
Braude, Benjamin
Braude, Bennett Arthur
Brawley, Frank Ellis
Bray, Charles McChesney
Bray, Elwin Royal
Bray, William Edward
Brayton, Harry J.
Breakey, James Fleming
Breakstone, Benjamin Harrison
Brecht, Nelson Duvall
Breckinridge, Scott Dudley
Breed, Lorena M.
Breed, Nathaniel Perkins
Breed, Robert Huntington
Breedlore, John Chisholm
Brehm, Gilbert Wayne
Brem, Walter Vernon
Bremer, John Lewis
Brendon, Edwin Vivien
Brenizer, Addison Gorgas
Brennan, Thomas M.
Brennan, Thomas Philip
Brennemann, Joseph
Bretzfelder, Karl Benjamin
Breuer, Miles John
Breuer, Roland George
Brewer, Frank Benton
Brewer, George Emerson
Brewer, John Doddridge
Brewer, Lyman A.
Brewer, Scott William D.
Brewington, George F.
Brewster, George Franklin
Brickell, Fred Spencer
Brickner, Walter M.
Bridenbaugh, Charles Sumner
Bridge, George Alexander
Bridges, James B.
Bridges, Joseph G.
Bridges, Robert L. Z.
Bridges, Wilson Orton
Bridgman, Olga
Bridgwater, James E.
Brien, James Wilbert
Brien, John Wesley
Briggs, Albert S.
Briggs, Edward Cornelius
Briggs, Frederic Melancthon
Briggs, L. Vernon
Briggs, Leeland W.
Briggs, Stewart Daniel
Briggs, Waldo
Briggs, Wiliam H. Harrison
Brigham, Fred Clayton
Brill, Isidor Cherniac
Brill, Nathan Edwin
Brindley, George Valter
Brink, Chester Abram
Brinkman, William Frederick
Brinsmade, William Barrett
Brinton, Ward
Briry, Edward Everett
Britt, Bernard Eugene
Britt, Walter Stratton
Brittain, Oman R.
Britten, George Sidney
Brittin, Albert Leslie
Britton, Harry B.
Broad, George Birney
Broaddus, Charles Alexander
Broaddus, John Garnett
Broadwell, Stuart, Jr.
Brock, Rome Albert
Brock, Samuel
Brockman, David Crawford
Brocknay, Perle B.
Brockway, Robert Ormiston
Brode, Willard
Broders, Albert Compton
Brodhead, George Livingston
Brodhead, William Francis
Brodnax, John Wilkins
Broe, Lawrence
Broemser, Milton A.
Brokaw, Charles Perkins
Broman, Oscar Francis
Bronson, Adolph
Bronson, Dellett E.
Brook, Jacob D.
Brooke, Roger
Brookhart, Leslie Shellabarger
Brooking, John Edward
Brooking, Mary C.
Brooks, Allan Colby
Brooks, Barney
Brooks, Clyde
Brooks, Earl B.
Brooks, Edith May
Brooks, Edward Benjamin
Brooks, Edward Claude
Brooks, Everett Hayden
Brooks, Frank Martin
Brooks, Harlow
Brooks, Harry Lewis
Brooks, Herbert Thomas
Brooks, James Francis
Brooks, John Dosher
Brooks, Lawton Stickney
Brooks, Nathaniel Preston
Brooks, Paul B.
Brooksher, William R.
Brose, Louis D.
Broughton, Henry White
Broughton, Louis Edward
Broun, Le Roy
Brower, Blaine Alonzo
Brown, Adelaide
Brown, Alexander Aaron
Brown, Alexander Gustave, Jr.
Brown, Alexander MacLeod
Brown, Alfred Jerome
Brown, Berton Milton
Brown, Bruce Hardy
Brown, Charles H.
Brown, Charles McIllroy
Brown, Charles William
Brown, Chester Perkins
Brown, Clarence S.
Brown, Daniel Rollins
Brown, David Chester
Brown, Earle Godfrey
Brown, Edgar Dewight
Brown, Edward Josiah
Brown, Edwin Merriman
Brown, Ethel Doty
Brown, Eugene A.
Brown, Ewing
Brown, Francis Henry
Brown, Frederick William
Brown, G. Bedford, Jr.
Brown, Garrison Lee
Brown, George Artemas
Brown, George Elgie
Brown, George Percy
Brown, George Van Ingen
Brown, George Woodford
Brown, H. Beattie
Brown, Henry Alexander
Brown, Henry Rolf
Brown, Herman Duane
Brown, Horace James
Brown, Horace Manchester
Brown, Hubert L.
Brown, Hugh Arbuthnot
Brown, James Spencer
Brown, James Steven
Brown, Joel Carlton
Brown, John
Brown, John Edwin
Brown, John Jordan
Brown, john Mackenzie
Brown, Joseph Alonzo
Brown, Karl Trueblood
Brown, Lawrason
Brown, Lawrence R.
Brown, Lloyd Thornton
Brown, Louis Emmitt
Brown, Louis Gordon
Brown, Louis Raymond
Brown, M. C.
Brown, Mark Atkins
Brown, Millard Martin
Brown, Nathan Worth
Brown, Oliver Clinton
Brown, Orland J.
Brown, Orville Harry
Brown, Percy Gilbert
Brown, Philip King
Brown, Plumb
Brown, Ralph Neally
Brown, Rexwald
Brown, Richard Mark
Brown, Samuel Albertus
Brown, Samuel Horton, Jr.
Brown, Sidney Pope
Brown, Stephen Treadwell
Brown, Thomas Richardson
Brown, Wade Hampton
Brown, William Culp
Brown, William L.
Brown, William Lancelot
Brown, William Mortimer
Brown, William Paul
Brown, William Riley
Browne, Alfred David
Browne, Charles Frederick
Browne, Isaac Hamilton
Browne, Jennie Nicholson
Browne, William Tyler
Brownell, Everett Garnsey
Browning, Charles Clifton
Browning, Eugene Shelley
Browning, Irving Robert
Browning, William
Brownlee, Harris Fenton
Broyles, Franklin Hunt
Brubaker, Albert Philson
Brudaker, Elmer H.
Bruce, Herbert Alexander
Bruck, Samuel
Bruecken, Albert Joseph
Bruggeman, Henry Otto
Brugh, Benjamin Franklin
Brughman, Joseph Charles
Bruins, Dirk
Brumbaugh, Cloy Garver
Brumbaugh, Errol Vane
Brumberg, Joseph
Brumm, Seth Arthur
Brundage, Albert Harrison
Brundage, Howard M.
Bruner, William Evans
Brunet, Walter Minson
Bruns, Henry Dickson
Brush, Edmund R.
Brush, Edward Lewis
Brush, Edward Nathaniel
Brush, Frederick Herman
Brush, Frederic Louis
Brush, George Washington
Brush, Nathaniel Hawley
Bryan, George J.
Bryan, Joseph Harker
Bryan, Oval Nelson
Bryan, Worcester Allen
Bryant, Alice Gertrude
Bryant, Bertram Lewis
Bryant, Ernest Albert
Bryant, Frederick
Bryant, Garret H. A.
Bryant, Percy
Bryant, William Cullen
Bryant, William Nelson
Bryant, William Sohier
Bryson, Charles William
Buchanan, Alfred P.
Buchanan, James M.
Buchanan, John Jenkins
Buchanan, Thomas Drysdale
Bucher, Walter Martin
Buck, Agnes
Buck, Dexter Alvin
Buck, Edgar Clough
Buck, Robert Herman
Buckland, Owen
Buckley, Albert Coulson
Buckley, George Ambrose
Buckley, James Homer
Buckman, Thomas Ellwood
Buckmaster, Charles G.
Buckmaster, Samuel Bruce
Bucky, Gustav
Budd, George Alexander
Buddenbrock, Eric von
Buddy, Edward Philip
Buehler, William Emmet
Buesser, Frederick G.
Buettner, Henry Fred
Buettner, John Joseph
Buffum, John Harold
Buffum, William Potter, Jr.
Buford, Coleman Graves
Bugbee, Henry G.
Bugbee, Martin L.
Bugg, Samuel D.
Buhlig, Walter H.
Buie, N. D.
Buist, Archibald Johnston
Bulkley, L. Duncan
Bull, Edward Leonard
Bull, Raymond Cooley
Bull, Titus
Bullard, Edward Arthur
Bullard, Ernest Luther
Bullard, Robert Irving
Bullard, William Norton
Bullitt, James B.
Bullitt, James B.
Bulloch, Joseph Gaston Baillie 
Bullock, Earl Sprague
Bullock, Walter Overton
Bullock-Mahan, Lillian Gertrude
Bullowa, Jesse Godfrey M.
Bulson, Albert Eugene, Jr.
Bumgardner, Edward
Bumpus, Hermon Carey, Jr.
Bunce, Allen Hamilton
Bunce, James Walter
Bunce, Philip Dibble
Bunch, George Henry
Bunch, Ray Callis
Bundesen, Herman N.
Bundsen, Charles Albin
Bundy, Harry Eugene
Bunker, Charles Waite Orville
Bunn, Frank Gaulkins
Bunten, Joseph Cook
Bunting, Charles Henry
Bunts, Frank Emory
Bunzel, E. Everett
Burbage, Thomas Irvin
Burch, Frank Earl
Burch, Lucius Edward
Burdick, A. Lovelle
Burdick, Carl G.
Burfoot, Archibald McDowell
Burford, Cyrus Edgar
Burger, Harry E.
Burger, Theodore David
Burger, Thomas O.
Burgess, Alexander Manline
Burgess, Charles James
Burke, Gerry Richmond
Burke, Thomas A.
Burket, Walter Cleveland
Burkhart, Ephraim J.
Burkle, J. C.
Burleigh, William Thomas
Burlew, Jesse Manning
Burley, Benjamin Thomas
Burley, Jacob H.
Burlingame, Clarence Charles
Burlingham, Louis Herbert
Burnam, Curtis Field
Burnap, Willard L.
Burnett, A. Lawrence
Burnett, Berry Hale
Burnett, Clarence Percy
Burnett, Clough Turrill
Burnett, Edgar Wills
Burnett, Francis Lowell
Burnett, James Henry
Burnett, John Albert
Burnett, Theodore Crete
Burnham, Arthur Washington
Burnham, Frederick E., Brig.-General
Burnham, Melvin Page
Burns, Dean Carl
Burns, Frederick Stanford
Burns, Jonathon Edward
Burns, Robert J.
Burns, Rush L.
Burns, T. Mitchell
Burns,  William Britt
Burpee, Benjamin Prescott
Burr, Albert H.
Burr, Colonel Bell
Burr, Charles W.
Burr, Thomas Stone
Burrage, Walter Lincoln
Burrett, Claude Adelbert
Burrill, Charles Wesley
Burroughs, George McClellan
Burrows, Charles Moore
Burrows, Frederick N.
Burrows, Floyd
Burrows, Montrose Thomas
Burrus, John T.
Bursey, Ernest H.
Burt, Clarence Edward
Burt, Ina Vander Hoof
Burt, James Clark
Burt, Judson Murl
Burt, Samuel Perry
Burt, Stephen Smith
Burton, Chance
Burton-Opitz, Russell
Burwell, William Meade
Burwig, William Herbert
Busey, Alfred P.
Bush, Arthur Dermont
Bush, Bertha Estella
Bush, Henry Chesley
Bush, John Harvey
Bushman, Louis B.
Busman, George J.
Bushnell, William S.
Busse, Alfred Arthur
Buten, Edward J.
Butka, Hersel Eugene
Butler, Charles St. John
Butler, Charles Terry
Butler, Ethan Flagg
Butler, Glentworth Reeve
Butler, Joel Ives
Butler, John
Butler, Patrick F.
Butler, Paul T.
Butler, Ralph
Butler, Robert Hiram
Butler, William Morris
Butler,  Willis Pollard
Butsch, John Louis
Butterfield, Clifford Allen
Butterfield, George Kittredge
Buttle, Walter W.
Butts, Charles Edwin
Butz, Warren Henry
Buxton, Bertram Harrington
Buxton, Lauren Haynes
Buzby, B. Franklin
Byars, Caspar Ralph
Byford, Henry Truman
Byrd, Hiram
Byrd, Jesse L.
Byrne,  Charles Armstrong
Byrne, David Crawford
Byrne, Ignatius P. A.
Byrne, James Raymond
Byrne, John Gerald
Byrne, Joseph
Byrne, Patrick James
Byrnes, Charles Metcalfe
Byrnes, Ralph

Cabana, Eudore Charren
Cabot, Hugh
Cadwell, Chester Tupper
Cadwell, Victor
Caffee, William Milton
Caffrey, Anthony Joseph
Cahill, James A., Jr.
Cahill, John William
Caille, August
Caine, Arthur T.
Cairns, Rolla U.
Cajigas, Tomas
Calderon, Fernando y Roca
Caldwell, Delia
Caldwell, George Thomas
Caldwell, Guy Alvin
Caldwell, John Alexander
Caldwell, Joseph Ridgely
Caldwell, Robert
Caldwell, Spencer B.
Calhoun, Audley H.
Calhoun, Ferdinand Phinizy
Calhoun, Henrietta Anne
Calhoun, James Edmund
Calisch, Alexander C.
Calkins, Frederic R.
Calkins, Leroy Adelbert
Call, Emma Louisa
Callan, Peter A.
Callender, George Russell
Calliham, Phares William
Calvert, Audie C.
Calvin, Claudius Virgil
Camac, Charles Nicoll Bancker
Camp, Carl Dudley
Camp, Walter Edward
Campbell, Alexander MacKenzie
Campbell, Carl H.
Campbell, Charles Macfie
Campbell, Earl H.
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, Given
Campbell, James Alexander
Campbell, James Leroy
Campbell, John Sheridan
Campbell, Michael
Campbell, Ralph Rankin
Campbell, Robert A.
Campbell, Robert Alexander
Campbell, Robert Donald
Campbell, Samuel Kelly
Campbell, Samuel M.
Campbell, Sheldon S. Stratton
Campbell, Stuart Avery
Campbell, William Francis
Campbell, William King
Campbell, William MacFarlane
Campbell, Willis Cohoon
Canac-Marquis, Ferdinand Phileas
Canavan, Myrtelle May
Candler, Clarence L.
Canfield, Harris Ansel
Canfield, Roy Bishop
Cannon, George Emmett
Cannon, Joseph Henry
Cannon, Oscar Anson
Cannon, Thomas Charles
Cannon, Walter Bradford
Cantarow, Daniel
Cantor, Aaron S.
Cantrell, Thomas D.
Capen, Thomas Allyn
Capito, Gustave Benz
Caples, Byron McBride
Cappel, Jack Thompson
Capps, Joseph Almarin
Caraker, Charles Tobias, Jr.
Card, Daniel Parker
Card, Horatio Smith
Cardwell, Mae Harrington
Carey, Chauncey Sherwood
Carey, Eben James
Carey, Harry Wardwell
Cargile, Charles Hastings
Carhart, William Merle d'Aubigne
Carillo, Salvatore Diletto
Carleton, Benjamin Lee
Carleton, Lawrence Heard
Carley, Frederick James
Carlisle, Chester Lee
Carlton, Romulus L.
Carlucci, Peter F.
Carmalt, William Henry
Carman, Russell Daniel
Carmelia, Francis Albion
Carmichael, Francis Abbott
Carmichael, Thomas Harrison
Carmody, Thomas Edward
Carnell, Marshall Dickson
Caro, Lemuel
Carpenter, Charles Raymond
Carpenter, Ernest Willoughby
Carpenter, Estella Clark
Carpenter, Eugene R.
Carpenter, Fred Howard
Carpenter, Glenn Bish
Carpenter, Howard Philip
Carpenter, James Stratton
Carpenter, John Henry
Carpenter, Thomas Bernard
Carr, Earl Ingram
Carr, Gladys Lydia Patterson
Carr, George W.
Carr, James Gray
Carr, John Dickson
Carr, Matthew Lawrence
Carr, Walter Lester
Carrasquillo, Honorio Fernando
Carrel, Alexis
Carrell, John B.
Carrell, William Beall
Carrick, Manton Marble
Carrick, Wellington M.
Carrico, James Huston
Carriel, Howard Turner
Carrier, Frank Nathan
Carrington, William J.
Carroll, John Aloysius
Carroll, John Wesley
Carroll, Robert Sproul
Carroll, William E.
Carson, Archibald Irwin
Carson, Frank Leroy
Carson, Harry Ray
Carson, James Carlton
Carson, James Oliver
Carson, Norman Bruce
Carson, William James
Carssow, Oscar Christian
Carstarphen, William Turner
Carstens, Henry Rohnert
Carstens, Walter Fisher
Carter, David Wendel, Jr.
Carter, Edmund Worrill
Carter, Henry Rose
Carter, Larue D.
Carter, Ralph Merle
Carter, Robert Leon
Carter, Thomas A.
Carter, William Wesley
Cartwright, Emor Lopp
Cartwright, Sanford Warren
Cary, Charles
Cary, Edward Henry
Cary, Foster Harrington
Cary, French Strother
Cary, Walter
Cary, William Hollenback
Casamajor, Louis
Case, Clarence E.
Case, Howard G.
Case, James D.
Case, James Thomas
Case, Lafayette Wallace
Casellas, Pedro Ramos
Caskie, James M.
Cason, Turner Zeagler
Casper, Misch
Cassegrain, Octave Charles
Casselberry, Clarence Marmaduke
Casselman, Arthur Jay
Caster, Elisha Wilbur
Cates, Benjamin Brabson
Case, Thomas Herndon
Cather, David Clark
Catlin, John Jefferson
Catlin, Theodore Jefferson
Caton,James H.
Cattell, Henry Ware
Cauble, William C.
Caudill, Walter Cleveland
Caulfield, A. H. W.
Caulk, John Roberts
Caulsey, George Albert
Causey, Thomas William
Cavallo, Edward Michael
Caveness, Zebulon M.
Cavitt, Robert Allen
Cayce, Eldred Bevely
Cayo, Edward Alexander
Cecil, Arthur Bond
Cecil, Russell Lafayette
Celis, Jesus P.
Center, Charles D.
Chace, Archibald Eastwood
Chace, Arthur Freeborn
Chaffee, Jerome Stuart
Chaffin, Wellman F.
Chalfaut, Harry Bailey
Chalkley, Adoniram Judson
Challenger, Chester John
Chamberlain, Charles Thomson
Chamberlain, Edwin Frank
Chamberlain, William Gilbert
Chamberlin, Harrie H.
Chamberlin, Robert Burns
Chamberlin, William Benj.
Chamberlin, William B.
Chambers, George Walter
Chambers, Joseph B.
Chambers, Merritt Goodrich
Chambers, Talbot R.
Chamness, Clyde James
Champion, Albert Nicholas
Champion, William Matthew
Champlin, Henry Deau
Champlin, John
Chance, Burton
Chancellor, Eustathius
Chandler, Augustus Wellington
Chandler, George Fletcher
Chandler, Harriet Day
Chandler, Henry Milligan
Chandler, Orville Barnes
Chapin, Charles Value
Chapin, Delia Lucretia
Chapin, Henry Dwight
Chapin, Laurence Dudley
Chapin, Le Roy
Chapman, Chauncey Franklin
Chapman, George Eric
Chapman, Philip
Chapman, Ross McClure
Chapman, Vernon A.
Chapman, W. Louis
Chappel, Ralph Stephen
Charest, Joseph C. Benoni
Charlebois, Joseph Albert
Charlton, George E.
Chartier, Aime
Chase, Arthur Brown
Chase, Carroll
Chase, Herbert Clifton
Chase, Ira Carleton
Chase, Oscar Elias
Chassaignac, Charles Louis
Chattin, J. Franklin
Chavigny, Charles Noel
Cheadle, Clarence M.
Chenault, Emily Earle
Chenery, William Elisha
Cheney, B. Austin
Cheney, Benjamin Hicks
Cheney, Harry Cleveland
Cheney, Henry William
Cheney, Hill Harrison
Cheney, William Fitch
Chenoweth, William Fitch Williams
Cherry, Solomon L.
Chesney, Alan Mason
Chetwood, Charles Howard
Chewning, William Jeffries
Chick, Forris Ensor
Chickering, Henry Thorndike
Child, Charles Gardiner, Jr.
Child, Frank Samuel
Child, Howard Tennyson
Childs, Samuel Beresford
Chilton, Charles Marshall
Chipman, Cline N.
Chipman, Lumrett DeVeber
Chipman, Willard A.
Chirurg, Michael
Chisholm, Miles Dudley
Chislett, Howard Roy
Chittenden, Arthur Smith
Chittick, Archibald G.
Chmelicek-Luhan, Joseph Francis
Chorlog, John Kendall
Chowning, William M.
Christian, Henry Asbury
Christie, Burton Whitford
Christison, James Trent
Christophe, Herman
Church, Archibald
Church, Mary V.
Churchill, Charles Hiram
Churchill, Frank Spooner
Churchill, James Forrest
Churchman, John Woolman
Chute, Arthur Lambert
Cilley, Arthur Hutchins
Clapp, Clyde Alvin
Clapp, George Houghton
Clapp, Herbert Codman
Clark, Alfred Hull
Clark, Arthur Preston
Clark, Bert B.
Clark, Carl Wesley
Clark, Charles C.
Clark, Coryell
Clark, Daniel G.
Clark, DeWitt Scoville
Clark, Edward Perry
Clark, Edward Russell
Clark, Eliot Round
Clark, Ezra Warren
Clark, Fred Herbert
Clark, Freda May
Clark, Frederick Timothy
Clark, George Arthur
Clark, George Campbell
Clark, George Edward
Clark, George Everett
Clark, George Oliver
Clark, Harry Brookes
Clark, Harry Leroy
Clark, James A.
Clark, James Bayard
Clark, James Jay
Clark, Jeremiah Simpson
Clark, Jewel E.
Clark, John Aloysius
Clark, John D.
Clark, John Edward
Clark, John Goodrich
Clark, John Sheldon
Clark, John Wheeler
Clark, Joseph Payson
Clark, L. Pierce
Clark, Lloyd Houghton
Clark, Mallie Adkin
Clark, Oscar Newton
Clark, Robert W.
Clark, Samuel N.
Clark, Sidney Avery
Clark, Stanley A.
Clark, Vernon Greene
Clark, William A.
Clark, William Arthur
Clark, William Irving, Jr.
Clark, William Thaw
Clarke, Israel James
Clarke, James Frederic
Clarke, Jared Ellison
Clarke, Joseph J.
Clarke, Mary Ella
Clarke, Oliver Holman
Clarkson, Frederick Arnold
Clarkson, James A. Coleman
Clarkson, Wright
Clason, Freeman Pell
Clawson, Holley E.
Clay, Berney Sumner
Clay, Orville Martin
Claybrook, Edwin Brown
Clayland, John Martin
Clayton, Alfred Burwell
Clayton, Charles Frederick, Jr.
Clayton, George Raymond

Claytor, Thomas Ash
Cleghorn, Charles Dalton
Cleland, James Samuel
Clem, John Grigsby
Clemans, Sylvester Cornell
Clemenger, Francis Jonathon
Clement, Lucian O.
Clements, Lyman Jairus
Clemmer, Charles A.
Cleveland, Clement
Cleveland, Walter R.
Clifford, Ernest James
Clift, Edwin Buxton
Clift, M. Williams
Clifton, Joe
Cline, Clifford M.
Clinton, Fred Severs
Clinton, Lloyd Brandon
Clinton, Marshall
Cliver, Paul M.
Clobridge, Charles Edgar
Clock, Ralph Oakley
Clopton, Malvern Bryan
Close, Stuart
Closson, Edward Wyker
Cloud, Marshall Morgan
Clough, Francis Edgar
Clough, Paul Wiswall
Cloutier, Georges
Cloutier, J. E. A.
Clovis, Elijah E.
Clow, Fred Ellsworth
Clum, Franklin D.
Coakley, Cornelius Godfrey
Coakley, Walter A.
Coakley, Walter Byron
Coallier, Joseph A. T.
Coates, George Morrison
Cobb, Carolus Melville
Cobb, Edwin
Cobb, Gardner Nathan
Cobb, James S.
Cobb, Oren Howard
Cobb, Ralph Benjamin
Cobb, Stanley
Cobb, Willis F.
Cobey, James Carpinter
Cobey, James Francis
Coblentz, Lambert B.
Coburn, Fordyce
Coca, Arthur Fernandez
Cochran, George Acton
Cochran, John Alexander
Cochran, Robert William
Cochrane, Charles S.
Cochrane, Harold Duncan
Cochrane, Robert Carlyle
Cock, James Lyall
Cocke, Charles Hartwell
Cockerham, Howard Lea
Cockrell, Benjamin Alison
Codman, Ernest Amory
Coe, Frank Roland
Coe, Henry Clark
Coe, Henry Waldo
Coe, Herbert Everett
Coffen, T. Homer
Coffey, Laurence H.
Coffey, Robert C.
Coffin, Charles E.
Coffin, John Lambert
Coffin, Joseph Davison
Coffin, Lewis Augustus
Coffin, Rockwell Augustus
Coffin, Whitman King
Coffman, George Williamson
Cogill, Lida Stewart
Cohen, Harry Feuer
Cohen, Herman Bernard
Cohen, Ira
Cohen, Joseph da Silva Solis
Cohen, Joseph Powitzer
Cohen, Lee
Cohen, Morris Dabko
Cohen, Seymour J.
Cohen, Solomon Solis
Cohn, Alfred Einstein
Cohn, Isidore
Cohn, Michael A.
Cohoon, Elisha H.
Coker, Charles Sledge
Colbeck, William Kirk
Colburn, Frederick Wilkinson
Colburn, William Orlin
Colby, Bernie Dennis
Colby, James H.
Cole, Archie
Cole, Carter Stanard
Cole, Charles Higgins
Cole, Frank LaMont
Cole, Harold Newton
Cole, Leon Lorenzo
Cole, Lewis Gregory
Cole, Norman Brown
Coleman, Claude C.
Coleman, James Edmund
Coleman, Jennie May
Coleman, Ralph Elswood
Coleman, Robert Henry
Coleman, Thomas Davies
Coleman, Warren
Coleman, William Stoops
Coles, Stricker
Coley, William Bradley
Colie, Edward Martin, Jr.
Collaway, Henry Abbott
Collaway-Joplin, Mary
Coller, Frederick A.
Colley, Elijah Augustus
Collier, Casa
Collier, George Kirby
Collier, Henry Morgan
Colliere, Thomas J.
Collings, Clyde Wilson
Collins, Albert Walker
Collins, Arthur Nelson
Collins, Charles Farnham
Collins, Christopher Clark
Collins, Clarence E.
Collins, Clinton DeWitt
Collins, Daniel Bernadine
Collins, George Leman
Collins, Herbert Osylon
Collins, Howard Dennis
Collins,  Joseph
Collins, Joseph David
Collins, Joseph Dorsey
Collins, Katherine Richards
Collins, Richard
Collins, Robert Lee
Collins, William Francis
Collom, Spencer Allen
Collum, S. Josephine
Colmore, Rupert McPherson
Colston, J. A. Campbell
Colt, James Dennison
Colton, Warren Alfred
Coltrin, Francis Delano
Colwell, Arthur Ralph
Colwell, Charles E.
Colwell, Nathan Porter
Colwick, James Thomas
Combes, Frank Charles, Jr.
Combs, Charles Nathan
Combs, Clarendon James
Combs, James Andrews
Combs, Malachi Richardson
Comer, Montie C.
Compton, Arthur G.
Comroe, Julius Hiram
Comstock, Albert
Comstock, Alfred Erwin
Comstock, Belle Wood
Comstock, Daniel Delos
Conan, Neal Joseph
Conaway, Aaron Clyde
Condict, Woodhull Lee
Condit, Joseph Dayton
Condit, William Henry
Condon, J. Harry
Cone, Sydney M.
Congdon, Charles Everett
Congdon, Russell Thompson
Conkey, Ogden Fethers
Conklin, Coursen Baxter
Conkling, Charles Mordecai
Conley, Willard T.
Conley, William C.
Conlin, Frank Matthew
Connally, Eugene Francis
Connell, Evan Shelby
Connell, Frank Gregory
Connell, Walter Thomas
Connelly, William John
Conner, Chandos Burton
Conner, Haskett Lynch
Conner, Lewis Atterbury
Connor, Augustus Camillus
Connor, Charles Lloyd
Connor, Guy Leartus
Connor, Hiram Edward
Connor, John Edward
Connor, Ray
Connor, Victor Felix
Conrad, Alexander A.
Conroy, Thomas Francis
Constantineau, Aurelien
Constas, John
Conwell, Luther S.
Cook, Arthur B.
Cook, Charles E., Jr.
Cook, Fountain Lee
Cook, Frank Robert
Cook, Luzerne H.
Cook, Philip Howard
Cook, Ralph L.
Cook, Robert George
Cook, Robert Harvey
Cook, W. Albert
Cook, Ward Hance
Cooke, Harry Theodore
Cooke, Jean Valjean
Cooke, Robert A.
Cooke, Robert Judson
Cooke, Willard Richardson
Cooley, James Seth
Cooley, James Tilford
Cooley, Thomas Benton
Coolidge, Algernon
Coolidge, Emelyn Lincoln
Coombs, George Appleby
Coon, Clarence Erford
Coon, George Bailey
Coon, James W.
Coon, William Hall
Coons, Jacob Jones
Coons, William Sheldon
Cooper, Alexander Taylor
Cooper, Charles Bryant
Cooper, Charles Nelson
Cooper, Howard Newton
Cooper, Jackson Stewart
Cooper, Joseph Thomas
Cooper, Olen Roy
Cooper, Paul Burke
Cooper, St. Cloud
Cooper, William Alvin
Coopernail, George P.
Cope, Otis Merriam
Copeland, Carlos
Copeland, Edgar P.
Copeland, Royal S.
Copenhaven, John Harvey
Coplin, W. M. L.
Copp, Owen
Coppedge, Omer Clarence
Copps, Lyman Alden
Corbet, George Graham
Corbett, J. Fremont
Corbett, James Frank
Corbett, John J.
Corbett, John Witherspoon
Corbin, Marion Xerxes
Corbit, Aileen Betteys
Corbus, Burton Robison
Cordes, Augustus E.
Corey, Paris Vance
Coriat, Isador H.
Corlett, William Thomas
Corliss, Oscar Luzerne
Cornell, Cora Belle
Cornell, Edward Lyman
Cornell, Otto Bishop
Cornell, William Burgess
Corner, George Washington
Cornish, Edwin Joseph
Cornman, Leighton Randolph
Cornwall, Edward E.
Cornwall, Leon Hastings
Corper, Franklin J.
Corper, Harry J.
Corrigan, Francis Patrick
Corriveau, Louis Joseph Octave
Corry, Albert C.
Corry, Robert Thomas
Corson, Elton Smith
Corson, Eugene Rollin
Cort, Lottie A.
Corvese, Anthony
Corwin, Arthur Sherwood
Corwin, James Howell
Corwin, Richard Warren
Coryell, Schofield M.
Cosby, Lewis Franklin
Cosca, Severo
Cosgrave, Millicent Mary Augusta
Costello, Joseph P.
Coston, Hamilton Ralls
Cote, Leon Charles
Cothern, Thad
Cothran, Abraham Lincoln
Cottam, Gilbert Geoffrey
Cottingham, Charles E.
Cottis, George W.
Cottle, George Franklin
Cotton, Frederic Jay
Cotton, Henry Andrews
Coues, William Pearce
Coughlin, Fred A.
Coughlin, John Henry Fainian
Coughlin, Robert Emmet
Coughlin, William Thomas
Coulter, Frank Edwin
Coulter, John Stanley
Coultrap, Floyd Erie
Councilman, William Thomas
Couric, Edmonson Shorter
Courtright, Dudley Vattier
Cousins, Robert Duval
Coventry, William A.
Covey, George Worthington
Covey, Herman Walter
Coville, Luzerne
Cowan, John Francis
Cowan, Robert Dinwiddie
Cowan, Sam C.
Cowell, Walter Allen
Cowen, Robert L.
Cowie, David Murray
Cowing, Hugh Alvin
Cowitz, Eli Mosch
Cowles, Andrew Grant
Cowles, Henry C.
Cowles, Robert Lewis
Cox, Charles Newton
Cox, Eugene Patrick
Cox, Gerard Hutchison
Cox, Henry Hoyl
Cox, James Harvey
Cox, Wesley Cintra
Cox, William C.
Cox,  William Thomas
Coyle, John Grant
Cozad, H. Irving
Crabb, George Melville
Crabtree, Ernest Granville
Craft, Kenneth Lawrence
Crafts, Leo Melville
Crage, Francis M.
Craig, C. Burns
Craig, Charles Smith
Craig, Frank Ardary
Craig, Joseph Davis
Craig, Robert Russell
Craig, Silvius
Craig, Sylvester Douglas
Crain, Alfred Penn
Craine, Agnes Douglas
Cramp, Arthur Joseph
Cramp, Walter C.
Crampton, C. Ward
Crampton, George Sumner
Crampton, Joseph Hamilton
Crance, Albert
Crandell, Arthur Richmond
Crandon, LeRoi Goddard
Crane, Augustin Averill
Crane, Augustus Warren
Crane, Bayard Taylor
Crane, Charles Williams
Crane, Clarence
Craner, George Edward
Cranford, Oscar G.
Crankshaw, Charles William
Cranmer, John Bensell
Cranmer, Richard R.
Cranston, William Johnson
Crary, George W.
Craster, Charles Vaughan
Crawford, Daniel Wadsworth
Crawford, Harry S.
Crawford, Otto Clyde
Crawford, Robert Hope
Crawford, Stanton K.
Crawford, Walter W.
Creadick, Abraham Nowell
Crebbin, Alexander Ramsay
Creed, Charles Harry
Creed, James Roland
Creel, Richard Henry
Cremin, Lawrence Dennis
Crenshaw, John Lewis
Cressinger, john Brice
Crews, Thomas Harold
Crider, Joseph Otterbein
Crile, Dennis R. W.
Crile, George Washington
Crisler, Carleton Graves
Crisler, Joseph Augustus
Crisp, John Douglas
Crispell, Clifford Alexander
Crispin, Egerton Lafayette
Cristie, Arthur Carlisle
Crittenden, Charles Briggs
Crittenden, Samuel W.
Crockett, Crete Arnett
Crockett, Eugene Anthony
Crockett, Sidney Scales
Croff, Carro Cummings
Croftan, Alfred C.
Crohn, Burrill B.
Croll, Walter Lewis
Cron, Roland S.
Cronk, Fred Yohn
Crook, Jere Lawrence
Crook, William W.
Crooks, Fred Raymond
Crosbie, Arthur Hallam
Crosby, Daniel
Crosby, Leonard G.
Crosby, Theodore S.
Crosby, Walter Theodore
Croskey, John Welsh
Cross, Carleton Ernest
Cross, Ernest Samuel
Cross, Frank Bethel
Cross, James Bailey
Cross, John Grosvenor
Crossen, Harry Sturgeon
Crossman, James Edgar
Crost, Nathaniel
Croteau, Thomas
Crotti, Andre
Crough, J. Elmer
Crouse, Charles C.
Crouse, Hugh Woodward
Crowder, Thomas Reid
Crowdy, Charles Thomas
Crowell, Andrew Johnson
Crowell, Dean Piper
Crowell, Edward Payson
Crowell, Lester Avant
Crowley, Daniel Francis
Crowley, Thomas Joseph
Crozier, Gordon Turner
Cruikshank, George Hough
Crumbine, Samuel Jay
Crummer, Le Roy
Crump, James Franklin
Crump, Walter Gray
Crumrine, Henry Charles
Crutchfield, Earl Dean
Cruz, Adriano Talbos
Crubbins, William Robert
Culbertson, Carey
Culbertson, Lewis Rogers
Culbreth, David Marvel Reynolds
Culhane, T. H.
Cullen, Gilbert I.
Culler, Robert Martin
Culley, John Clifton
Cullom, Marvin McTyeire
Culver, Charles Mortime
Cummer, Clyde Lottridge
Cumming, Hugh S.
Cummings, Claude Wiggins
Cummings, Edson Selden
Cummings, Frances E. D. Leake
Cummings, George Otis
Cummings, Howard Hastings
Cummins, James Elmer
Cummins, William Taylor
Cunningham, John Henry
Cunningham, Lester Wallace
Cunningham, Orval James
Cunningham, Robert Sydney
Cunningham, Wilson
Cureton, Hugh E.
Curfman, George Hardin
Curl, Howard
Currie, Daniel Smith
Currie, David Brenard
Currie, Malcolm L.
Currier, William Eugene
Curry, Dalferes Pennington
Curry, Marcus Albert
Curry, Wilfred Alan
Curtis, Arthur Hale
Curtis, Frederic C.
Curtis, George Morris
Curtis, Richard Carleton
Curtis, Wesley L.
Curtis, William Goodwin
Curtiss, Carlson C.
Cushing, Harold B.
Cushing, Harvey
Cushing-Lippitt, Eleanore
Cushman, Minerva B.
Cushway, Bertram Charles
Cutchin, Joseph Henry
Cutler, Condict W.
Cutler, Condict Walker, Jr.
Cutler, Elbridge Gerry
Cutler, Elliott Carr
Cutler, Myron F.
Cutler, Raymond William
Cutter, Irving Samuel
Cutter, Irving Taylor
Cutter, William Dick
Cutts, William Bryant
Cutujian, Avac 










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