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Purdue Alumni 1875 to 1923 R-Z Surnames


Typical entry includes genealogy information such as: current occupation (in 1924), birthplace & date, spouse & children, education & jobs previously held. If a name is followed by an asterisk * it means there is only limited information (but it will always list year and degree and usually last known address, or indicate if they are deceased).

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Rabbe, Henry Theodore Willis
Raber, Benedict Frederick
Rabinowitz, Ralphael Meyer
Radspinner, William Ambrose
Ragan, Lewis William*
Rainey, Frank Lewis
Rainier, Lowell G.
Rakestraw, Arthur Sumner*
Rakestraw, Harrison Leroy*
Ralston, Albert Lennert*
Ralston, Emmet Gratton
Ralston, John Crawford
Ramsay, Louis Michael
Ranard, William Frank
Rand, Frank Clayton
Randall, Cortes Gilbert
Randall, Clifford White
Randall, Jacob Seymour*
Randel, Harry Clay
Randolph, Dale Nicholas
Randolph, Hazel Marie
Randolph, Herbert William
Rank, Harry Elisha
Ransom, Charles Lake
Rapp, Frederick Jacob
Rapp, Ralph Lehmer
Rarick, Kennith Ara
Raschbacher, Harry George
Rasmusen, Jesse Ephraim*
Ratcliffe, Gleela Loraine
Rate, Edwin Schellhase
Rathbun, James Dyer
Ratliff, Charles L.
Ratliff, Effa Lutz*
Ratliff, Levi Samuel
Ratliff, Walter Stevens
Raub, Jesse Wright*
Raub, Nellie Alice Taylor
Raub, Sadie*
Rauch, Karl Devern
Rauh, Charles Sterne
Rausch, Alvin Frank, Jr.
Rausch, Karl Frederick
Rausch, Ralph William
Rauth, Adolph William*
Rawles, Earl Edward*
Rawlings, Elbert Wayne
Rawlins, King Parks*
Rawson, Burdette Cory*
Ray, Harry Edwin
Raymond, Ralph T.*
Raymond, Shih Shun*
Reading, Arthur Kensyl
Reading, William
Reagan, Earl Frost
Reamer, Clifton Ira
Reasner, Grover Carl
Reasor, Eugene Francis
Reasor, Gerald Leroy
Reasor, Howard Samuel
Rectanus, Sidney Rehm
Redd, James Manford
Redding, Stanley Kent
Redel, Harold Sidney
Redmond, Lawrence Edwin*
Reed, Charles Estep*
Reed, Chase Osborn
Reed, Clinton Gardner
Reed, David Carlyle*
Reed, Gerald Greenlee*
Reed, Glenn Lyons
Reed, Homer Laurel
Reed, Howard Hunter
Reed, Joseph Frederick
Reed, Melvin Cleo
Reed, Oren
Reed, Paul Everett
Reed, Wade
Reed, Worth*
Reeder, Arthur Michael*
Reeder, John Wesley*
Reeder, Roy Blake
Reeder, Walter Jacob*
Reemtsma, Pauline L.
Rees, Paul Jonathan
Reese, Herbert Harshman
Reese, O. P.
Reese, Thaddeus Julian
Reeves, Harry Elmer*
Rehling, Charles Frederick*
Reich, Philip Jacob
Reichel, Carl John
Reid, Clarence Erle
Reid, James Johnston
Reid, Wilbur Allen
Reifel, Herman Theodore*
Reiff, George Ernst
Reiff, Russell Godlove
Reiff, Worley Morris*
Reilly, Vincent*
Reiner, Otto*
Reinhard, Herbert Frank
Reinhart, Joseph Frank*
Reisner, Horace Greely*
Reiter, William Detrick
Reitz, Eleanor Mary
Remley, Chelsey Glessner
Remley, W. Q. Verne
Remster, Ora Barton
Renahan, Osee Adolphus
Renner, Howard Jackman
Renner, Roland Borman
Rentschler, William Arthur*
Reser, Edward Newton
Retter, Earl*
Rettig, George porter
Reule, Carl William
Reuter, Irving J.
Reyer, Anna Nebeker
Reyer, Emil
Reynolds, Edward Ellsworth
Reynolds, John Newberry*
Reynolds, Rex Leslie
Reynolds, Robert Allen
Reynolds, Robert Foster*
Reynolds, Ruth Bailey
Reynolds, Thomas McCaughan
Reynolds, Wilbert Glen
Reynolds, Wildy Fremont*
Rheinstorm, Robert Isaac
Rhine, Fred Preyer
Rhinehart, Robert Jarvis
Rhoads, Chas. Stanley
Rhoads, george Elwood
Rhoads, Herman
Rhode, Chris Simeon
Rhodehamel, Harley Wesley
Rhodes, Cyril
Rhodes, John William
Rhoton, Walter*
Riach, Henrietta Stoy
Rice, Charles Howard
Rice, Hubert Scott
Rice, James Abel*
Rice, James Simmonds
Rice, Louise Marion
Rice, Melvin Herman*
Rice, Robert Roy
Rice, Ward Jennings
Rice, William Ernest
Richards, Carroll Hamilton*
Richards, Charles Russ
Richards, Francs Marion
Richards, Nellie Mansfield
Richards, Theodore Nelson
Richards, William Vestal
Richardson, Elsie
Richardson, Herbert Littlejohn
Richardson, Hugh Descom
Richardson, Iden Foster
Richeson, Russell Dwayne*
Richey, Albert Sutton
Richey, Ernest*
Richey, Perry Steen
Richhart, William Shirley
Richi, Lillian Panther*
Richter, Albert Keith
Richter, Calvin Preston
Ricker, Conny Clyde
Ricker, George Granville
Rickert, Wayne
Riddle, Claude*
Ridenour, William Wilson
Rideout, Frank Dudley
Ridgely, Henry Davenport*
Ridgely, Holland Persinger
Ridgeway, Lee Woodfield
Ridgley, Charles Herbert
Ridley, Maurice Inman*
Riebel, Frederick, Jr.
Riely, James Chapman
Rieth, Albert Anderson
Riethmiller, Harley Felix
Rife, Byron
Rife, David Leroy
Rigg, Ray Harrison
Riggs, Elias Stewart
Riggs, Frank*
Riggs, Harold Turman
Riggs, Oral Byron
Rights, Eugene Hile*
Rights, William Herman*
Riley, Harry Hough*
Riley, Lillian Howard*
Riley, Paul Gaddis
Rimes, Mary Murdock*
Rimstidt, John Taylor
Rinehart, Orville Brothwell
Ringo, Robert S.*
Ringwalt, Eliza Otto
Ripley, Earl Frazier
Ripley, Giles Emmett
Ripley, Glenn William*
Rish, Howard Stewart*
Risher, William Harry
Risley, Roger Ashley*
Rison, Thomas Jefferson
Ritchie, Harry Russell
Ritchie, Raymond Rockwood
Ritenour, Frederic Charles
Ritenour, Millard B.
Ritter, Clyde Blau*
Ritter, Frederick Dietrich*
Ritter, Harry*
Ritter, Jacob Joseph
Ritzi, Harry*
Riveron, Rafael Escobar*
Rives, Harold Dean
Roach, Frank Bernard*
Roach, Thomas Keen
Robbins, Alfred Rowland
Robbins, Benjamin Harry
Robbins, Elmer Joe
Robbins, Frank Sheppard
Robbins, Fred Earl
Robbins, Mary Brown*
Robbins, Melvin Earl
Roberson, William Artrudoe
Roberts, Archie Blair*
Roberts, Flora Frances
Roberts, Harry John
Roberts, James Lockwood
Roberts, John Gillette
Roberts, John Ralston
Roberts, Lowden Stowe
Roberts, Nathan*
Roberts,  Nathan Joseph
Roberts, Otis Sidney
Roberts, Paul*
Roberts, Ralph Eldon
Roberts, Robert Clynog*
Roberts, Roy Elmer
Roberts, Russel Bruce
Roberts, Wallace Medendorp
Roberts, Wayne Barr
Roberts, William Henry, Jr.
Robertson, Clara Gosma
Robertson, Clarence H.
Robertson, Edward Cool*
Robertson, Harold Jay
Robertson, Ray B.
Robertson, Robert Roy
Robeson, Cloyd O.
Robey, John Randolph*
Robins, Harry Milton
Robins, William Sampson
Robinson, Earl Dunn*
Robinson, Frank Bowen
Robinson, Garland Pleasant
Robinson, Maude Richmond Henderson
Robinson, Otto Louis
Robinson, Percy Winfield
Robinson, Roy Milson
Robinson, Samuel Philip*
Robinson, Virgil Maurice*
Robison, Beecher*
Robison, Hilton Eldridge*
Robison, Wayne Lewis
Robison, Wilford Baxter
Robling, Warner Thomas
Robles, Gil Carlos
Rockafield, Wilden Abraham
Rockenbach, Herman Rudolph
Rockwood, John Herbert
Rodenbeck, Charles A.
Roderick, Ralph Wirt*
Rodman, Thomas Henry*
Roe, Frederic Tichenor
Roe, John Lowry
Roesener, Frank Anthony*
Roesener, Walter Charles Herman
Rogers, Anna Baker*
Rogers, Bruce
Rogers, John Henry*
Rogers, Joseph Hill*
Rogers, Ralph Harold
Rogers, Raymond Lee*
Rohe, Ann Elizabeth
Rohloff, John James
Rohrer, Joseph Russell
Rolf, Arthur Frederick
Rollman, Bruce B.
Roman, Felipe Reyes
Romanowitz, Charles Millichamp
Romberger, Laura Enders
Romig, Albert Stanley*
Romine, Leon Rex
Rommel, Clarence Henry
Ronan, Neil Timothy
Roof, Walter
Rooker, Earle Jerome
Roop, Raymond Merl
Root, William Thomas*
Rose, Arthur Coe
Rose, Chester Mervin
Rose, Donald Henry*
Rose, Frederick William
Rose, Herbert Crawford
Rosebery, Mary Jeanette*
Rosen, Edith Snyder
Rosenbaum, Clarence Henry*
Rosenbaum, Herbert Henry
Rosenbaum, Raymond Victor
Rosenstock, Louis G.
Rosenthal, Harry John
Rosenthal, Milton J.
Roskuski, Charles Ancil
Roskuski, Frank Carl*
Ross, Albert Richard
Ross, Charles Albert
Ross, David Edward
Ross, Edward Augustus
Ross, Elmer Ray
Ross, Erle Franklin
Ross, George Alexander
Ross, George Wilkinson
Ross, James*
Ross, Joseph Benjamin
Ross, Linn Carnahan*
Ross, Otto Clyde
Ross, Roy Ade
Ross, William McOwen*
Rossbacher, Henry john
Rossin, Maurice Solomon
Rossiter, Chester Guy
Roth, Caroline Richardson
Roth, Elmer Clair*
Roth, Frederick Charles*
Roth, Orval Otto
Roth, William
Rothberg, Jacob*
Rothenberger, Matthias Ray
Roudebush, Clarence Cleveland*
Roush, Samuel Preston
Routh, Harry Benjamin
Routson, Luther Branson
Rowe, Charles Laird
Rowe, Edgar Charles
Rowe, Elmer Clayton*
Rowe, Hartley
Rowe, James Joseph
Rowe, Lewis William
Rowe, Margaret Jaques*
Rowell, Rutherford Richie
Rowland, Russell George*
Rowland, Walter Brabrook
Rowen, Edward Preston*
Rowney, William Henry*
Rowse, William Crapo
Roy, Edward Henry
Roy, Saul Oliver
Royce, Harry Lynn
Royer, Russell Everest
Royse, Daniel
Royse, William Coates
Rubenkoenig, Harry
Rubey, James Raymond
Rubey, John Houghtby*
Rubin, Harry Evert*
Rubright, Roy, Jr.
Ruby, Jesse Loring*
Ruby, Leonard Edgar
Ruby, Maurice 
Ruch, Stewart William*
Rucker, Jesse Spencer
Rucker, Raymond Harry*
Ruddell, Ronald Holmes
Rudder, Lula Desse
Rudig, Edward Lewis*
Rudin, Oliver*
Rudy, Otha Grey
Ruese, Wilbur Herman
Ruess, George Albert
Ruffner, Van Natta
Ruffing, Walter Scott*
Rugg, Ruth Genevra
Ruggles, Albert Gallatin*
Ruggles, Irene Fuller
Ruggles, Leonard LaFontaine
Ruh, Donald Oakley
Ruh, Fredric Durham*
Ruley, Robert Lee*
Rumble, Virgil Alden*
Rumely, Aloysius John
Rumely, Cornelius Francis
Rundorff, Charles Edward
Runner, Jesse Ridgway*
Rupert, Judson William
Rush, Frank Edwyn*
Rush, John Hunt
Rush, Joseph Henry*
Rush, Leo Edward*
Rush, William Arthur
Rusk, Walter Urbane
Rusk, Faye
Russell, Bessie Hunter*
Russell, Charles Fillmore*
Russell, Charles H.*
Russell, David Carl*
Russell, Earl*
Russell, Herbert Spencer
Russell, Harriette Dobbins
Russell, Lawrence Martin
Russell, Oscar E.
Russell, William English
Russell, William Laidlaw
Rust, Clarence Warren
Rust, Raymond Van Nuys
Rusterholz, Rudolph William
Ruth, Carl Edwin
Rutherford, Wallace Eugene
Rutledge, Henry Hill*
Ryan, David Gerald
Ryan, John Harrison
Ryan, Mary Elizabeth
Ryan, Ralph Asbury 

Saenz, Herman
Safford, Harry Robinson
Sage, George Harlow*
Sage, William Cummings
Sah, Fuchuen Kenneth
Salb, Oscar George*
Salb, Victor Martin*
Sale, Clarence Stanley
Sale, Francis Bonner
Sale, Louis Arthur*
Salisbury, Earle Chester
Salmon, Walter Leslie*
Saltmarsh, Samuel Monroe
Sample, Charles Schultze
Sample, Clifford Gilbert*
Sample, Coleman Russell
Sample, Joseph Earle*
Sanchez, Atanasio Xpena*
Sander, Carl Henry
Sander, Herman Walter*
Sanders, Reason*
Sanders, Thomas Kemper
Sanders, William Burton
Sanford, John Wood
Sargent, Frank Rament
Sartor, Ralph Henry
Satterfield, Howard Ernest
Satterthwaite, Joshua Paul
Sauer, Albert*
Sauer, Louis Edward
Sauers, Charles Goodwin
Sauers, John Andrew
Saunders, Elsie Mae Iles
Saunders, Fred Stovenour
Savage, Alexander*
Savage, Leon Leslie
Sawada, Umetaro*
Sawdon, Will Miller
Sawin, Ransom Francis
Sawyer, Arthur Glenn
Sawyer, Paul Backus
Sayler, John Elliott Daniel
Scantlin, William Lingle*
Scanling, Frederick Elmer
Scearce, Charles Glyndon
Schaab, Alfred Edward
Schaaf, Otto Benjamin
Schaal, Earl Volk
Schad, Alfred Barth
Schaefer, Arthur Rudolph
Schaefer, Lucian Carl*
Schaff, Frederic Alan
Schaffner, John William
Schakel, Raymond Anton
Scheible, Albert
Scheirich, Henry Joseph
Scheithe, Harold Eugene
Schelke, Robert Koch*
Shell, Joseph William*
Scheller, Carl
Schellhous, Harrison Edward
Schenler, Henry Charles
Schenler, Walter Maurice*
Schenler, William Jacob
Scheuch, Frederick Charles
Scheumann, Walter William
Schienberg, Harry Paul
Schilling, Harry Jacob*
Schilling, Hazel Loehr*
Schirmer, James Osmond
Schleicher, Allison Rae
Schleter, George Christopher
Schleter, George Harry
Schloot, Guido Elmer
Schloot, Henry George
Schlosser, Dolly Mabel
Schmedel, Roy Edward
Schmid, Robert Christian
Schmidt, Frederick Karl
Schmidt, Oscar Frederick
Schmiedeknecht, Victor Eugene*
Schmitt, Charles Jacob*
Schmitt, Joseph William M.*
Schnaible, John F.*
Schneider, Clarence Herbert
Schneller, Ira David
Schnitz, Henry Aloysius
Schoch, Henry Charles*
Schoen, Joseph Johnson
Schoen, Robert Mack*
Schoene, Russell Louis
Schoenholtz, John Jacob*
Schofield, Louis Bernard*
Scholz, Edwin Louis
Schonefeld, August Charles
Schonert, Charles Oscar
Schonert, John William*
Schoonover, William Ray
Schopmeyer, Clifford Henry
Schott, Eugene Anthony
Schrader, Herman John
Schrader, Otto Harry
Schrader, William Harvey
Schrass, Marie Elizabeth
Schreiber, Ralph Henry
Schroeder, Conrad
Schroyer, Catherine Overly*
Schroyer, Edgar Campbell
Schuck, Robert Frederick*
Schuessler, John Clarence*
Schuessler, William John
Schuh, John Thurlow*
Schuhmacher, Amos Joseph
Schulmeyer, Louis*
Schulte, Cecil Crane
Schulte, Walter Hugo
Schultz, Byron William
Schultz, Earl Elliott
Schultz, Marion Ingersoll
Schuman, Ernest Scott
Schuman, Homer Earl
Schurman, Emma Louise
Schutt, Clifton Ervin
Schutt, Walter Glenn
Schuyler, Earl
Schuyler, Walter Wesley
Schwaderer, Ernest
Schwaderer, James*
Schwankhaus, Harry Arthur
Schwarz, Clarence Eugene
Schwarzkopf, Vergil
Schweig, Eugene Sidney
Schweitzer, Edmund Oscar
Schwier, Christian Adolph
Schwilk, Frederick Frank
Scifres, Zach M.
Scipio, Lynn Adolphus
Scott, Arcienikos Peritos*
Scott, Charles Christie*
Scott, Charles Williams*
Scott, Chester A.
Scott, Enos Pearl
Scott, Frank*
Scott, George Randolph
Scott, Harold Wilson*
Scott, Holman
Scott, Ivan Winfield
Scott, James Edwin
Scott, Kraston Philodas*
Scott, Marland Fall
Scott, Percival Given*
Scott, Robert Enos
Scott, Stanley Hill
Scott, William Isiah
Scribner, Cass jerrold
Scritchfield, Logan James
Scritchfield, Virgil Ray
Seal, Bernard Waldo*
Seamans, John Herbert
Searcy, Charles Lewis*
Searcy, George Harvey*
Searight, William Hamilton
Searle, Charles*
Sears, Clarence Nugent
Sears, Edward
Sears, Minnie Earl
Sears, Robert Lee*
Sebald, Herbert Augustus
Sebald, Raymond Edward
Sebastian, Formoso Arsenio
Sebring, John Bowman*
Sechler, Merritt L.
Sedgwick, Theodore
Seeger, Carl Christian
Seegrist, Walter Henry
Seelinger, Horace Dennison
Sego, Anthony Arthur*
Segur, Asa Bertrand*
Segura, Valeriano*
Se Legue, John Bernard
Sellars, Claire John
Sellars, Pearl Marie
Sellers, Benjamin Franklin*
Sellers, Charles*
Sellers, John Ferris
Sellman, Hunton Dade
Semler, Robert Phares
Sen, Chi Ming*
Senour, Daniel
Service, Harold Wade
Seulke, Karl John
Sevilla, Diego Aguilar
Sewell, Margaret
Sexon, Virgil Dennis
Sexton, Waldo Emerson
Seybert, George Irvin
Seybert, John Edward
Seybold, Cleo Raymond
Seybold, Edgar
Seybold, Eugene
Seybold, Fred
Seybold, Roscoe
Seyl, Paul Carl
Shackleton, Roy
Shade, Raleigh Stachys
Shade, Loretta Wallace
Shafer, Charles William
Shafer, Frederick Charles
Shafer, Frederick Fletcher
Shafer, Max Reed 
Shafer, Robert Wiltfong
Shaffer, Earl Adam
Shaner, Earl Livingston
Shank, Erman Norris
Shanklin, Andrew Davidson
Shanklin, Ira Bard
Shanklin, Wilmetta Bard
Shanno, Ralph Leopold
Shannon, Lowell Hugh*
Sharp, William Horace
Sharrer, Harry Edgar*
Shartle, Harry Lawrence
Shattuck, Frank Evelyn
Shaw, Clinton Edward*
Shaw, Enos Larkin
Shaw, James Byrnie
Shaw, John Archibald
Shaw, Robert Leland
Shawvee, Paul Wallace
Shea, Chelius Hazel
Shea, Henry John*
Sheadel, James Benjamin
Shearer, Charles English
Shearer, Ella Mabel
Shearer, Merritt
Shearer, William Henry
Shearer, William Taylor*
Sheedy, Michael Morgan
Sheerin, Doherty*
Sheerin, Thomas DeSales
Shelburne, Ora Emmerr
Shelton, Fred Capp
Shelton, William Arnold
Shenefield, Warren Dwight*
Shepard, Earle Lloyd
Shepard, Ralph Nelson
Shepard, Robert Franklin
Shepard, Robert Oscar
Shepherd, Earl Holmes
Sheppard, Ernest John*
Shera, John Wesley
Shera, Nina Sara
Sherfey, David Ader*
Sheridan, Lawrence Vinnedge
Sherlock, Robert Henry
Sherman, George William*
Sherman, Leonard
Sherry, Ernest Fay
Shertzer, Walter Winfield*
Sherwood, Carl Cleora
Sherwood, Donald Henry*
Sherwood, Richard Lyon
Shettel, Wilbur Roy
Shewalter, George Milton*
Shewmaker, Jos. H.
Shewmaker, Robert Frederick
Shick, William Kenneth
Shideler, Arthur Carl
Shideler, Gladys Scott
Shiel, Walter Roger
Shierling, E. V.
Shierling, Maurice Philip
Shilling, Russell William
Shimp, Earl Hall
Shipley, Frank Wendell
Shireman, Anna Florence
Shirk, Frances McLaughlin
Shirley, Albert Arthur
Shirley, Harold James
Shirley, Lenna Landes
Shively, Barney*
Shively, Clarence Owen
Shively, William Erastus*
Shively, William Hubert
Shlensky, Abraham
Shoemaker, Carolyn Ernestine
Shoemaker, Everette Lee
Shoemaker, Guy Thurman*
Shoemaker, Leslie Vinson
Shoemaker, Robert Radcliff
Shoene, Russell Louis*
Sholl, Jacob Manne
Sholl, William Eugene*
Shore, Alma Littell*
Short, Bruce
Short, Nina Verne
Short, Robertson Henry
Shortle, James Samuel
Shott, Robert Augustus, Jr.
Shoup, Albert Warren*
Shoup, Emma Mae
Shoup, Mary Kathryn
Showalter, Arthur Hazen
Showalter, John McNaughton
Showalter, Ralph Waldo
Showers, Creighton Solomon
Shriver, Milton Byron
Shrode, Myler Ray
Shrode, William Eugene*
Shroyer, Charles
Shrum, Herbert Trueblood
Shryock, Paul Lester*
Shugart, Mildred Anna
Shugers, Walter Rice
Shugg, Richard LaMont
Shull, William Grover*
Shulman, Hyman Max*
Shultis, Charles
Shumaker, Gorrell
Shurte, Andrews Jackson*
Shute, Emmett Ray
Shuter, Clarence Curtis
Shuttleworth, John Decker*
Sicer, Joe Wellington
Sickler, Edward Ewing*
Sicks, Clayton Laurel*
Siegesmuud, John Conrad
Siekman, Philip Wessler
Sier, Gordon Edgar
Sieveking, Earl Gwin
Sigl, Joseph Anthony*
Sigworth, Dan Anthony*
Silberberg, Bernice
Silberberg, Ethel Spalding
Silberberg, Leon
Siler, Frank Wells*
Silk, Edward Everett
Silkman, Edwin French
Silver, Della McLaughlin
Silver, Earl D.
Silver, Herbert Reuel
Silver, Ralph Lawrence
Silverburg, Shelton Gregory
Silverthorn, Dessie Wiesjahn*
Silverthorn, Richard Harvey*
Silverthorn, William Paul
Silvey, Orpha Blanche
Simison, Frank McMillin*
Simmermon, Willis Glen
Simmons, Orville Logan*
Simon, Samuel Louis*
Simons, Harry Carlyle
Simons, Marion
Simons, Perry Thomas
Simons, William
Simonton, Lee Hamilton
Simpson, Charles Arthur
Simpson, Ernest Lyle
Simpson, Ralph Ervin
Simpson, Ralph Ward
Simpson, Raymond Voigt
Simpson, Robert Tracy*
Sims, Dorman Hayes*
Sims, James Marvin*
Sims, Seth
Sinclair, Angus*
Singer, Robert Harold
Singer, Samuel Benjamin
Singletary, Darwin Charles
Sink, Russell Seely*
Sirdevan, David Francis*
Sisloff, Lester Frank*
Sisson, Robert Mitchell
Sisterhenm, Morris Leland
Skelley, John William
Skelly, Willis Roy
Skelton, Romie Lemuel
Skelton, Russell Roy
Skemp, Walter Greenwood*
Skene, George Barrett
Skidmore, Samuel Wilbur*
Skinkle, Jay William
Skinner, Earl Court*
Skinner, John Harrison
Skinner, Ralph Leon*
Skinner, Roy M.
Skinner, Sylvan Jennings
Skinner, Vernon Orlo
Skipton, George
Slade, Frank Leslie
Slater, Elmer Clayton*
Slater, George Greenleaf
Slater, Joseph William*
Slayback, Irma Catherine
Slayter, Russell Games
Slimp, James Elbert
Slimp, Oliver Frederick
Slipher, Edward*
Sloan, George*
Sloan, George White*
Sloan, Kenneth Key*
Slocum, Paul Beeker*
Small, Joseph Warder, Jr.
Small, William Telford
Smalley, Charles haven
Smalley, Harold Ryland
Smallshaw, John Mills*
Smart, Cyrus Herbert*
Smart, Richard Addison
Smelser, Chase
Smiley, Chester Ewing*
Smiley, Homer Edwin
Smiley, Leon Ralph
Smiley, Lester*
Smiley, Robbin Zollar
Smiley, Roy Harvey*
Smith, Alfred D.*
Smith, Arthur Bessey
Smith, Asa Ellsworth*
Smith, Carlisle Forrest
Smith, Cecelia Jeannette
Smith, Charles MacCabe
Smith, Charles Piper
Smith, Clarence Sidney*
Smith, Clifford Jefferson
Smith, Clyde Newton*
Smith, Dallas Myrle
Smith, Don Carlos*
Smith, Earl Audrey*
Smith, Edna Grace
Smith, Edward Foster
Smith, Edwin Burton
Smith, Elmer Philip*
Smith, Eugene Cooper*
Smith, Eugene Edward*
Smith, Ernest Locke*
Smith, Esther Kisner*
Smith, Eva Wilson*
Smith, Floyd Alfred
Smith, Francis Walton
Smith, Frank
Smith, Fred Crawford
Smith, Frederick Craven*
Smith, Geneva May
Smith, George Arthur
Smith, George Henry
Smith, George Lowell*
Smith, George Schuyler
Smith, Geraldine Frances
Smith, Guy Raymond
Smith, Harry Andrew
Smith, Harry Arnold
Smith, Harry Floyd*
Smith, Harvey
Smith, Harvey William*
Smith, Helmer William
Smith, Henry Oliver*
Smith, Henry Wylie
Smith, Howard Eastburn
Smith, Ida Virginia
Smith, Irwin Frederick
Smith, John Barclay
Smith, Kyle*
Smith, Lawrence Parke
Smith, Lilian Gray
Smith, Lin Roberts*
Smith, Lloyd
Smith, Lorin William, Jr.
Smith, Louis Charles
Smith, Marvin M.*
Smith, Maude Felknor*
Smith, Melville Millington
Smith, Merle Cheney*
Smith, Mervin Stanton
Smith, Mildred Blake
Smith, Miles Martin
Smith, Millard Russell
Smith, Morris Horatio
Smith, Nina Blanche*
Smith, Oliver Preston
Smith, Paul Clarence
Smith, Ralph Kuhl*
Smith, Ralph Strong*
Smith, Raymond Arthur*
Smith, Raymond McKee
Smith, Raymond Thomas*
Smith, Reuel Fletcher
Smith, Richard Bayly
Smith, Richard Morgan
Smith, Richard Wirt*
Smith, Robert Colfax
Smith, Roy R.*
Smith, Sharon LaMarr*
Smith, Talbert Elsworth
Smith, Temple Clifford
Smith, Tressa Moore
Smith, Tyner
Smith, Vassie Edwin
Smith, Vern George*
Smith, Wendell Sharp
Smith, William Arthur
Smith, William Earhart
Smith, William Sherman*
Smith, William Wellington*
Smith, Zora Mayo
Smock, Arthur Allen
Smoot, Walter Delman
Smuck, Frederick Boston*
Smyth, John Robert
Smyth, Sidney Park
Smythe, Charles Wyatt*
Snapp, Howard Malcolm, Jr.
Snepp, Karl Milton
Snethen, Perry William
Snider, Wallace
Snider, Walter Irving*
Snoddy, Robert Chalmers
Snoddy, William J.
Snodgrass, Eda Ethell
Snowball, John Raphael*
Snowdon, Forbes
Snyder, Floyd Raymond
Snyder, Fred Hackett
Snyder, George Washington*
Snyder, Gordon Leigh
Snyder, Harlan Henry
Snyder, Herbert William
Snyder, Homer Robert
Snyder, Kenneth Rowe
Snyder, Juliet Matthews
Snyder, Margaret Van Natta
Snyder, Otto Leon
Snyder, Thomas Isaacs*
Snyder, Vinal John
Snyder, Wendell Hansen
Snyder, Werner thaddfus
Snyder, William Percival
Sobel, Bernard*
Sofnas, Samuel*
Sohn, Marion Edgar
Solberg, Halver
Solberg, Harry Leland
Solbrig, Hardin Elsby
Sollman, Benjamin Gerhard
Somdahl, Carl Olaf
Somers, Robert Teeters
Sommer, Anthony Francis
Southard, Harry William
Southard, William Wallace
Souther, Benjamin Leslie
Sowden, Parken Thomas
Spahr, Harry Miller
Spain, Robert Turner
Spangler, J. Kirk
Spake, Lloyd Charles*
Spake, Mary Wright*
Spake, Louise Esther*
Sparks, James Donald
Spaulding, Florence Helen Rees
Spaulding, George Hoyt
Spaulding, Wayne Faucett
Spears, John Arnold
Spears, Robert Gerald
Specht, Max Henry
Speck, William Carlton
Speed, John
Speicher, John Kenneth
Spencer, Furman Gulick
Spencer, George McLean*
Spencer, Guilford Lawson
Spencer, Walter Linn
Spencer, William Paul
Spicely, Harry
Spielman, Milton Hochman
Spieth, William Strauss
Spiker, Augustus Clementine
Spillman, Carl*
Spitzer, George
Spivey, James Rudolph*
Sprau, William Christ
Spray, Lynn Whitcomb
Spray, Robb Spalding
Spring, Harry Edward
Spring, Robert Burr
Sproat, Raymond Forrest
Spruhan, Fred Garrett
Spurgeon, Orville Elmer
Spurgeon, Samuel Josiah
Staak, Julius Herman
Stabler, Frank Ora*
Stabler, Laird Joseph
Stackhouse, Allan Vestal
Stacy, Russell Maddux
Stacy, William Kellogg
Stafford, Charles Austin*
Stafford, Lawrence Tilghman
Stahl, Charles Edgar
Stahl, Charles Russell
Stair, Bird
Stair, Edward Clement
Stair, Fay Frances
Stair, Otis Walter, Jr.
Stallsmith, Burr Franklin
Standish, Norman Smith
Stanley, Foster Lee Roy
Stanley, George Oscar
Stanley, Glenn Vernon
Stanley, Lawrence Wesner
Stanley, William Edward
Stanwood, Charles Carson
Stapley, George Herbert
Stark, Willet Elliott
Starkey, William Carleton
Starr, John Bernal*
Starz, Charles*
Stauf, Theodore Roosevelt*
Stauffer, Christian Carroll
Stedfeld, Walter
Steele, Bessie May Stoner
Steele, Maurice Edgar*
Steele, Roy L.
Steen, Adolph Frederick
Steffen, Edith Linsetta
Steffens, Walter Lloyd
Stehr, Harry Conrad
Steigely, John William
Stein, Oscar Cornelius
Stein, Raymond Bernard*
Steindorf, Harry Wade*
Steineck, Frank Edwin*
Steinebach, Frank Griffin
Steining, Henry Jacob
Steinkamp, Albert Louis
Steinkamp, Karl William
Stellhorn, Frederick William*
Stephan, Wilbur Mills
Stephens, Bess May Deeg*
Stephens, Fay
Stephens, Homer
Stephenson, Neva May
Stephenson, Oliver William
Stephenson, Roscoe Elmo
Stephenson, William Boyd
Stephenson, Winchell*
Stern, Max Robert
Stern, Ralph Lewis
Stern, Sollis Edmund
Sterner, Howard Stanton
Steup, Howard Harold*
Stevens, Glenn George*
Stevens, Guy Clarke
Stevens, Harry*
Stevens, John James, Jr.
Stevens, Mark Emerson*
Stevenson, Archibold*
Stevenson, Emmert Clarence*
Stevenson, Francis Chase
Stevenson, Francis Edward
Stevenson, Josephine McCord
Stevenson, Louis Arthur
Stevenson, Robert Hugh
Stevenson, Robert Lewis*
Stevenson, William Nelson
Stevick, David Blake
Steward, John Levan
Steward, Lewis Harold
Stewart, Lloyd Leland
Stewart, Luther*
Stewart, Olus Jesse*
Stewart, Samuel Ayers
Stewart, Ulysses Morton
Stibbe, Levi Edward
Stidham, Everton Emerson
Stier, Donald K.
Stieglitz, Val H.
Stiles, Harry Glyndon
Stillwell, William Harris
Stinchfield, Melvin Joshua
Stinespring, Earl Conklin
Stinespring, Harry Pierce
Stingle, Robert Morton
Stitz, Gilbert Louis
Stiver, Noble Chester
St. John, James Leonard
St. John, Mirl Sydney
Stock, William James
Stockberger, Myron Hoy
Stockbridge, Willard Ashley
Stockdale, Don Bearl
Stocker, Irene Smith
Stockton, James Wolverton
Stockton, Karp Leonard
Stockton, Wholston Vanderbilt, Jr.
Stoever, Alfred C.
Stoever, Edward Carl
Stokes, Frederick Alexander*
Stokes, John Edward
Stone, Frank Wellington
Stone, Helen Darby*
Stone, Lauson
Stone, Othor Hanson*
Stone, William Irvin
Stonecifer, Benjamin Paul
Stoops, Ernest Merle
Stoops, John Walker
Stormont, Ralph McMaster*
Storms, Donald Campbell*
Stotler, George Henry*
Stough, Paul
Stout, Alva Valentine
Stout, Homer Harding*
Stout, Marion A.
Stout, Omer Mearl
Stout, Samuel Ernest
Stout, Walter Alfred*
Stout, Walter Dewey
Strack, Maurice Claude
Stradling, David William
Stradling, Lula Haywood
Stradling, Edward Good
Strain, Frederick Alexander*
Strait, Carl Edsall*
Stranahan, Robert Paul
Strassner, Frank Joseph
Stratton, Harold Fitch
Straub, Gertrude Rosalia*
Straw, Kathrin Elizabeth*
Strayer, Lloyd Winfield
Street, Frank Henry
Strehlow, Gladys Crain
Strickfaden, George Franklin*
Strickler, Paul Johnson*
Strong, Dudley Donald
Stroud, Dora Hill*
Stroud, Edwin Gerrish
Strouse, Harold Simon*
Strubbe, Edward Harte
Stuart, John Martin
Stuart, Robert Franklin
Stuart, William
Stubbs, John Raymond
Stucki, Marie Lahr
Stuckmeyer, William Edward*
Studley, Elbridge Gerry, Jr.
Studley, William Henry*
Stults, Raymond*
Stuppy, George William
Sturdy, Reginald
Sturgeon, Harry Elwyn
Sturgis, James Becker
Sturgiss, Will Carlton
Sturm, Albert Francis*
Sturm, Paul Bales
Sturmer, Julius William
Stutesman, Samuel Dryden
Stutz, Walter Francis*
Suetterlin, Reinhard Frederick
Sult, Lauren Harding*
Summers, Caler Edson
Summers, John Caleb
Summers, Wayne
Summy, Paul Larson*
Sunier, Walter Henry
Sunkes, Earl John
Surbaugh, , John Warren
Surprise, William Jasper
Sutherland, Ralph Otwell
Sutton, Ernest Guy
Sutton, Frank Edward*
Sutton, Frederick James
Sutton, Henry Lozier
Sutton, Lena Aldine
Sutton, Winfield Alexander
Swab, Bernal Henry
Swager, Leon Charles
Swaidner, Arthur Garfield
Swaim, Ira Hunt
Swaim, Owen Russell
Swaim, Sidney Bains*
Swain, Joseph Gordon
Swander, Chester Brooks
Swank, William Rufus
Swanson, Raymond Emanuel
Swanton, John Robert
Swatts, Florence Isabelle
Swearingen, Joseph
Swearinger, James Watt*
Sweeney, Fred Harry
Sweeney, Singleton Young
Sweet, Kirk Bruce*
Sweetnam, Arthur Harry
Sweets, Joseph Edwards*
Sweezey, Arthur Clyde
Swezey, Burr Sweetser
Swigert, Frederick Kemper
Switzer, Levi Rutherford*
Switzer, Margaret Catherine* 

Tafel, Robert Eckhard
Taft, Charles Dwight
Taggart, Matthew Francis
Tait, Clarence Everett*
Talbot, George Winslow
Talbott, Arnold M.
Talcott, Fred Lee
Tallant, Robert Herd
Tallmadge, Alvan Brasee
Tam, Elmer Roy
Tam, Merritt Ward
Tang, Chen Yew*
Tangeman, Charles Louis
Tanner, Arthur Ray*
Tapp, Roscoe Herman
Tappan, Joseph Ewing*
Tarkington, Byron Glenn
Tarkington, Clarence Gaye
Tatman, Edgar William
Tatman, James Shelley
Tavey, Ray Wallace*
Taylor, Benjamin Bloomfield*
Taylor, Bennett
Taylor, Chester Joyce*
Taylor, Delbert Jacob
Taylor, Donald William*
Taylor, Dudley Franklin
Taylor, Frank Luther
Taylor, Franklin Sylvester
Taylor, George Edward*
Taylor, Homer Milton*
Taylor, James Howard*
Taylor, Lucille Smith
Taylor, Frederic William
Taylor, Howard George
Taylor, James Russel
Taylor, Mary Louise
Taylor, Maurice Craig
Taylor, Myron DeWitt*
Taylor, Elmina C. Louthan
Taylor, Oliver Guy
Taylor, Paul Rollin
Taylor, Robert Neville
Taylor, Roger Timberlake
Taylor, Ross William
Taylor, Roy Frank
Taylor, Samuel Owen*
Taylor, Vernon Marion
Taylor, William C.
Taylor, William Edgar*
Taylor, William Friberg*
Teague, Hubert Melvin
Teal, Eunice Eola
Teal, Jonathon Ernest
Teal, Paul Hamilton
Tebbs, Paul McGowan
Teeter, Earle E.
Teeter, Guilford Hugh
Teeter, Marcus Elmo
Teeter, Thomas Anderson
Teeter, Wade Bloomer
Teeters, Josiah Cattell
Teetor, Ralph Jamison
Templeton, Harry Glenn
Templeton, Hubert Ford*
Templeton, Karl Remich
Templin, Ellis Willard
Tencher, R.
Terman, D'Maris Geneva
Terman, Mark Jerrold
Terrell, Lewis
Terrell, Richmond William
Terry, Oliver Perkins
Terstegge, Paul Anthony
Tesh, Murray*
Test, Charles Darwin
Test, Louis Agassiz
Test, William Henry
Tetrault, Phillippe Armand
Tewksbury, Genevieve Allen
Thale, Charles Joseph
Thale, Frank
Thaleg, Oscar Ernest
Tharp, Alvan Amos
Thatcher, Marshall
Thauwald, Gustav Adolph*
Thayer, Joe*
Thayer, Paul Munson
Thelen, John S.
Theobald, Clinton Milton
Thiebaud, Clifford Justi
Thielens, Wagner Perrin
Thiess, J. Bernhard
Thill, Mabel McBroom*
Thistlewaite, Clem
Thomas, A. H.
Thomas, Alice May
Thomas, Charles Aldine
Thomas, Charles Bruner*
Thomas, Christopher Yancy
Thomas, Earl Mead*
Thomas, Emmett hunt
Thomas, Everett Eri
Thomas, Fred W.
Thomas, Gardner J.*
Thomas, Gilbert
Thomas, Hadley Clarkson
Thomas, Harry Alvin
Thomas, James Ray
Thomas, John Parker
Thomas, Luther Warren
Thomas, Paul
Thomas, Paul Francis*
Thomas, Robert Newton
Thomas, Ross Gordon
Thomason, Leslie Clyde*
Thompson, Adam William
Thompson, Albert Johnston
Thompson, Albert Roots*
Thompson, Anna Blanche*
Thompson, Benton Holmes*
Thompson, Bernard Winchester*
Thompson, Claude MacVeagh
Thompson, Clyde Merrill
Thompson, Daphne Kieffeer*
Thompson, David Hiram
Thompson, Dorothy Mae
Thompson, Edgar Laurence
Thompson, Effie Clara
Thompson, Elora Leonard
Thompson, Francis Eugene
Thompson, George Beach*
Thompson, Gordon Baer
Thompson, Harry Frank*
Thompson, Horace Carl
Thompson, Inez*
Thompson, James Ralph
Thompson, John B. Dinsmore
Thompson, John Wiley*
Thompson, Laurence
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth
Thompson, Norris C.
Thompson, Paul Evan*
Thompson, Preston Carpenter*
Thompson, Victor Matteson
Thompson, Wilbur Hayes
Thompson, William Orval
Thoms, Edward George
Thoms, Harold Herman
Thoms, Walter Louis
Thomson, Charles W.
Thomson, John Dougherty
Thomson, John Phillips
Thorn, Frank*
Thorn, Wray Thompson*
Thornburg, Herbal Adolph
Thornburg, Martin Lynn
Thorne, George Elmer*
Thornton, John Foreman
Thornton, LaCegail Bone
Thornton, Wilson
Thorp, Frank
Thorp, Vaughn Penfold*
Throckmorton, Edmund Hugh
Throckmorton, George King
Throckmorton, Howard Ross
Throckmorton, Warner*
Thrush, Ira Allen*
Thuerk, Hugh Campbell
Tibma, Geert
Tiemann, Otto Philip
Tillett, Charles Herman
Tillett, Elbert James
Tillett, Paul E.
Tillett, William Edmund
Tillotson, Fred Hibbard
Tillotson, Miner Raymond
Tilson, Donald Heath*
Tilson, Marie Agnes
Tilt, Jennie
Tilton, Arthur Bement
Timberlake, Frank Biggs
Tingley, Franklin Ginn
Tinsley, Alfred Dubois
Tinsley, Edward Chaffee*
Tippy, Charles W.
Tipton, John Bryant
Tipton, Helen Boulds
Tislow, Oswald Albert
Titsworth, Marjorie Ann
Titus, Isaac Edwin
Titus, Theodore*
Todd, Drusilla Belle
Todd, Frank Griffith
Todd, Ira Lester*
Todd, Marion Wesley
Tomey, Dale Owen
Tomey, Gail Hastings, Jr.
Tomlin, James Harvey
Tomlin, Lee Wilson
Tompkins, John Kennedy
Tong, Harry D'Hocy*
Tong, Kwai*
Torrence, George Paull
Tousley, Foster Austin*
Towle, Howard Albert
Townsend, Ruth Ferguson
Townsley, Thomas Sylvester*
Townsley, Pauline Anthony*
Toy, Henry Kee Joung
Tozzer, Brent Achilles
Trachsel, Bessie Barton
Trachsel, Louis Samuel
Tranter, James Reynolds
Tranter, Watson Worcester
Trask, Verne
Travelbee, Harry Colegrove
Treat, Frank*
Treat, Robert Beldin
Trees, Charles Emmett*
Trefz, Charles Frederick
Trimble, Thomas Healy*
Trimmer, James William
Tripp, Frank Merritt
Trost, Frances Small
Trost, John Francis
Trost, Martha Geneva
Troth, Edna Oneita
Troth, Lee*
Trotter, Clarence Eugene
Trotter, Jesse Maurice
Troyer, Jacob Enos
Trucksess, French Edward
Trueblood, Jesse Day
Trueblood, Paul McGeorge*
Trueblood, Ralph Brown
Trueblood, Richard Owen
Truman, Herbert Jacob
Truman, John Benjamin*
Trumbull, Robert Franklin
Tsao, Ming Luan
Tuason, Alfonsf
Tucker, Frank B.
Tucker, Harry Benson
Tucker, Welbourne Morrison
Tudor, John Wilber
Tuesburg, Myrna Warren
Tumey, John Iris
Tumy, Percy Yonge
Tumy, Robert Hunt
Tupper, Carleton Whittlesey
Turley, Anna Mae
Turley, Charles Dalton
Turmail, Arnold William*
Turner, James Raymond
Turner, Marshall Sayre
Turpin, James Clifford
Turpin, Upshur Farrington
Tuttle, Carl Ogden
Tuttle, Max Albert
Twells, Richard Stanley*
Twomey, Lee Stone*
Tykle, Frederick George
Tyner, Lora Estus

Ugland, George Emil*
Uhl, Agnes Eva*
Uhl, Elmer Jerry
Ullman, Howard Marsh
Ulm, Lucy Katherine
Ulrich, Alva Isaac
Ulrich, John Emil
Ulrich, Karl Frederick
Umbach, Lawrence Henry
Underhill, Roy LeGrand*
Underwood, Roy Leonard
Unger, George Noel
Unger, William Wellman*
Unnewehr, Emory Carl
Unson, Florencio Cabreza*
Usner, Edward Leonard
Utterbach, Clinton Louis*
Utterback, Arthur Oakes
Utterback, Carl*

Vahanian, Martin Abraham
Vaile, Horace Snyder
Vaile, Rawson
Vaile, Walton*
Valencia, Felix Valois*
Valentine, C. W.*
Van Aken, Warner Birney
Van Arsdale, Fred Kenneth
Van Arsdale, Wallace Barnes
Vanatta, John Crothers*
Vanatta, John Crothers, Jr.*
Van Deinse, Anton Fay
Vanderbilt, Howard Clement
Vanderbilt, Leroy Brownslie*
Vandergrift, William Collier*
Vanderhaeghen, Maurice*
Vanderkleed, Charles Edwin
Van Dervort, Adrian Orsemus
Van Deusen, Harry Newton
Vandiver, Lawrence*
Vandivier, Ethel Tressia
Van Fleet, Margaret Haywood*
Van Fleit, Don Edmond
Van Landeghem, Charles John
Vanleer, Blake Ragsdale
Van Lue, William Arthur*
Van Matre, Herschel Davis
Van Natta, Harriet Sheetz*
Van Natta, John Wilson
Van Natta, Lynn Stauffer
Van Natta, Frances Alma Hawk
Van Natta, Samuel Gilbert*
Van Nauker, Myrtle Ziegner
Van Norman, Joseph George
Van Ness, Harriet Farnsworth Benjamin
Van Pelt, Dale*
Vanselow, John Clifton
Van Voorhees, Harold Eugene
Van Voorst, Earl
Van Winkle, Edward Mathiot
Van Wyck, Philip Sleight
Vanzandt, Jerome Goodspeed*
Van Zandt, Paul Claibourne*
Vater, Agnes Eugenie
Vater, Williamson Dunn
Vaughn, David Matthew*
Vaughn, James Patrick*
Vaughn, Sidney R.
Vawter, James Henry*
Vawter, William Hunter
Veal, Cicero Bailey
Vehling, Robert Henry
Vehslage, Edward Henry
Vellinger, Emil Henry
Vellinger, Warren Albert
Verner, William Franklyn
Vernier, Edgar Wayne*
Vernon, Esther Romayne
Vesey, Wenzel Gruner
Vestal, Anthony Wayne*
Vestal, Charles Perry
Vestal, Claude M.
Vichules, John Julius
Vickrey, Raymond Basil
Vickrey, Susanne Elizabeth
Viele, Douglas*
Viemont, Bessie Marie
Viemont, Paul Mason
Vincent, Harry Fuller
Vinnedge, Robert Russel
Vinnedge, William Moore
Vinton, Henry Heath
Viol, Charles Herman
Viol, Walter Eugene
Virdin, Samuel Turner*
Vitz, Hugo John Peter
Voelke, Frederick*
Vogel, Claude Martin*
Vogelgesang, Carl Edgar
Voges, Henry Bernhardt
Vogt, Fred Harry*
Voigt, Edwin Frederick
Voigt, Henry
Volkstadt, Carl August
Vonnegut, Erwin George
Voorhees, Laurence Ward
Voris, Carna Dougal
Voshell, James Theodore
Voyles, Ralph McKee

Wachstetter, Edna*
Waddell, George Lyndon*
Waddell, Harry Jay
Wade, Lucy Wallace
Wade, Newton Benjamin
Waesche, Mary Amelia*
Waggoner, Ralph Mitchell
Wagner, Albert*
Wagner, Arthur Blaine
Wagner, Arveda Rumple
Wagner, Carl
Wagner, Earl Buffington
Wagner, Earl Peter*
Wagner, John Herman
Wagner, Lucy MacMullan
Wagner, Norbert*
Wagner, Wilbur Wheeler
Wahl, Richard Paul
Wahl, William Frank
Waidelich, Arthur*
Waidelich, Clarence Carl*
Wainscott, Orie Henry*
Wainwright, Guy Alwyn
Wainwright, Harry A.
Wait, Elmer Gregg*
Wakeland, Ray Warren
Waldenmaier, Benjamin Charles
Waldon, Elgin Pooley*
Waldorf, Samuel Deane
Waldron, Louis Davis*
Waldsmith, James Albert
Walker, Arthur Bond
Walker, Arthur L.
Walker, Dwight Hamman
Walker, Eustace Samuel
Walker, Fred Robert*
Walker, Gilbert Polk
Walker, Gladys Sproat*
Walker, Glenn Brubaker
Walker, John Wood
Wall, Claude David
Wallace, Aaron Snyder
Wallace, Bernard Waldo
Wallace, Bessie Eileen
Wallace, Floyd Douglas
Wallace, Frank Lester
Wallace, Harry Omer*
Wallace, Jennie Wilson
Wallace, John
Wallace, Kenneth*
Wallace, Lawrence Wilkerson
Wallace, Marguerite Skutt*
Wallace, Roy Weston
Wallace, Warrack
Wallace, William
Wallace, William Robert Francis*
Wallheiser, Frank Jacob
Walling, Clyde*
Walmsley, Harold Merriott
Walser, Paul Hankins
Walter, Donald Claude
Walter, Fred Bassler
Walter, Howard William
Walter, Ivan Vaughn
Walter, Paul Linden
Walters, Arthur Louis
Walters, Chester F.
Walters, Estelle Marshall
Walters, Jack Edward
Walters, William Eldon*
Walthall, George Dewey
Walthall, William*
Walton, Roger Pusey*
Walts, Franklin Matson*
Walz, Albert Joseph
Wampler, John Bonner
Wann, John Levi
Waples, Glenn Cecil
Ward, Frank J.
Ward, Harry Alvin
Ward, Margaret J.
Ward, Ray Everet
Ward, Willard Boise
Warden, Roy Elisha
Waring, Charles Douglas
Warner, Cortice Millens
Warner, Oscar C.
Warnock, Crete Elizabeth
Warnock, Onda Odon
Warren, Albert King*
Warren, Carl Newell
Warren, Charles Abner
Warren, Edward Richard
Warren, May Jamison
Warren, Harry Gifford
Washburn, Ira M.
Washburn, Mary Eleanor Throckmorton
Washburn, Willis Warren
Washington, Courtenay Cleveland
Washler, Orla Virgil
Wason, Henry Boyd
Wass, Donald Emmett
Wasson, Julius Leo*
Wasson, Orville
Waterbury, Dale Marr
Waterbury, Neil Marr
Waterbury, Beatrice Jamison
Waterman, Oscar Christian*
Waters, Clarence Virgil
Waters, David Richard*
Waters, Elmer Ritchey
Waters, John Wesley
Waters, Mary Elsie*
Waters, Roger Kenneth
Watjen, Herman Otto
Watkins, Charles William*
Watkins, James Elwood
Watson, Charles Ide
Watson, Claude Ulysses
Watson, Frank Carlyn
Watson, George Scott
Watson, Lawrence A.
Watson, Ralph Buckley
Watt, Fred Barnett*
Waugh, Frederick Ervin
Waugh, James Kenneth
Wear, Burt Corwin
Weatherly, John Floyd*
Weatherton, George Allen
Weaver, Albert E.
Weaver, Clayton George
Weaver, Elbert Franklin
Weaver, Elmo Bradford*
Weaver, Floyd Calvin
Weaver, Harmon Jacob
Weaver, Homer Clayton
Weaver, John Henry
Weaver, John Percy*
Weaver, Paul Kelso
Weaver, Roy Anderson
Weaver, Simon Homer
Weaver, Verna Lucile
Webb, Aline Rodgers
Webb, Roscoe Hess
Webb, William Lester
Webbe, William Edward
Webber, Roy Irvin
Weber, Albert Burkhart*
Weber, Arthur Jacob
Weber, Clayton Jay
Weber, Courtland Roy*
Weber, Don Andrew
Weber, Edgar Norman
Weber, Florenz Christopher
Weber, Frank Henry
Weber, Rudolph Charles
Webster, Amin Clifton*
Wechter, Willard Ellsworth
Weckerly, Mark Albert
Wedding, Ernest McClellan
Wedekind, Carl Louis
Weed, Harry Verne
Weever, Harold Charles*
Wegehoff, William Fred*
Wegel, Harold Jennings*
Weghorst, John Henry
Wehnert, Henry Carl
Wehnert, Oscar Walter*
Weidner, Madison Elmer*
Weigand, William Edward
Weigle, Weldon Griffith
Weimer, Floyd Shaw
Weinke, Herman Julius
Weinland, Harvy Eugene
Weintz, William Lincoln
Weir, Helen Clark Gillette
Weir, Horace McColloch*
Weir, Ralph Leon
Weir, Thomas Perkins*
Weisenheimer, Frederic Louis*
Weishaar, Leslie*
Weiss, Carl Christian
Weissert, Charles Daniel
Weitz, Charles Holland
Weitz, Edith Griggs
Welbourn, Raymond Victor
Welch, Alfred Francis
Welch, Augustus Gary
Welch, Ernest Clay*
Welch, John Joseph
Welch, Joseph Freeman
Welch, William Leslie
Weldy, Lloyd Otto
Weldy, Sam
Wellinghoff, William Arthur*
Wellington, James Higby*
Wells, George Spencer
Wells, Glenn Hill
Wells, James Henry*
Wells, Melville Baker
Wells, Merritt Robertson
Wells, Orville Russell
Wells, Wesley Boyd
Wells, William Heath*
Wells, William Jackson
Wells, William Wilford*
Wendling, George Clifford
Wendt, John Louis
Wendt, Walter Karl
Wenger, Harry Vernon*
Wentz, Estella Kate
Wentz, Welker Wallace
Wenz, Alexander*
Werkman, Chester Hamlin
Werner, William Bernerd
Werning, William Herrmann*
Weschler, George Alphonsus
Wesler, Frank William
West, Harry Ross
West, Kendall Everett
West, Lewis Vance
West, Oscar Haines*
West, Russell Allyn*
West, Thomas Alvin*
Westcott, Arthur Lord
Westenfelder, Bert Daniel*
Westfall, John Marion
Westfall, Leslie Marshall*
Westfall, Martha Isabelle
Westfall, Orville Ray
Westfall, Wilbur Paul*
Weston, Gerald Willis
Weston, Theodore Frederic*
Westoven, Casper Joseph
Westlund, Ernst Hugo
Westover, Bertram Jonathan
Wetzel, Nelson Frederick
Whayne, Roy Coleman
Wheat, Alwyn Cree
Wheeler, Daisy Zorns*
Wheeler, Henry Shaw
Wheeler, John Ward
Wheeler, Maynord Clifford*
Wheeler, Ned Johnson*
Wheeler, Norburt Joseph
Wheeler, Walter Howard
Wheeler, William Elvin
Wheeler, William Raleigh*
Whicker, James Dean
Whicker, Matthew Neville
Whipkus, Robert John
Whisler, Alvin Rose*
Whitaker, Ralph Wallace*
Whitcomb, Howard Stanton
White, Alfred Everett
White, Camilla Perene
White, Clarence Hessong
White, Donald Sigsbee
White, Earle Overton*
White, Edward Sabin*
White, Elwood Sanger
White, Fred Martin
White, Grace Tyner
White, Jessie Thompson*
White, John Calvin*
White, Lillian Alice
White, Lulu Yeager
White, Malcolm Robertson
White, Maude Mustard
White, Paul Revere*
White, Robert Bragg*
White, Samuel Orr
White, William Edward
White, William Emerson
White, William M.
Whitehead, Don Carleton
Whitehead, John Roy
Whitehead, Theodore
Whitehead, William Garrett
Whiteley, Earl
Whitesell, Bertha Hatten
Whitford, Ralph Alonzo
Whitmer, Orville Fulmer*
Whitnel, George Trammel*
Whitney, Harold Thornton
Whitmore, Morris Towar
Whitridge, John Clifford*
Whitsel, Travis Sewell
Whitsitt, Edgar
Whitted, Frank Allan
Whitten, James Lester, Jr.
Wible, Ralph Lincoln
Wickard, Claude Raymond
Wickersham, Ralph Stephen*
Wickersham, Walter Clarence
Wickersham, William Bailey
Wickwire, George Charles
Wicoff, Weir Willis*
Wiesjahn, Henry Ernest*
Widman, Edward
Widmer, Fred Rudolph
Wiebers, Theodore Conrad
Wiecking, Wilbur Ernest
Wien, Edna Bertha
Wiese, Russell Christian
Wiest, Howard Nathaniel
Wiggam, Charles Spurgeon*
Wiggam, James Weber*
Wiggam, David Roscoe
Wikel, Leslie Jacob Aris
Wilberding, Marion X.
Wilcox, Albert James
Wilcox, Mary Craig
Wilcox, Robert Alfred
Wilder, Marshall Pell
Wilder, Eugene Clarke*
Wildhack, George Oglesby
Wiles, Wood*
Wiley, Carl Cole
Wiley, Charles Thompson
Wiley, James Rollo
Wilhite, Ida Bonniefield*
Wilken, James Robert*
Wilkerson, Francis Marion
Wilkerson, Frank Berton
Wilkins, John Cortner*
Wilkins, Ronald*
Wilkinson, Jesse Garfield
Willard, Anne Henderson*
Willems, Robert Elmer
Willey, Frank Wm.
Willey, Lyle Robert
Williams, Arthur Penn*
Williams, Clarke*
Williams, Carl*
Williams, Dauntless Gerald*
Williams, Bernard Franklin
Williams, David Walter
Williams, Davis Earl
Williams, Don Uriah
Williams, Edward Hudson
Williams, Ferrell George
Williams, Frank William
Williams, Grover Mac
Williams, Guy
Williams, Harrison*
Williams, Harry Albert
Williams, Homer Willard
Williams, James Ellsworth
Williams, Kenneth Clyde
Williams, Leonard Smith, Jr.
Williams, Llewellyn, Jr.*
Williams, Orville S.
Williams, Paul Francis
Williams, Richard Jesse
Williams, Sydney*
Williams, Thayne Smith
Williams, Thomas Ray
Williams, William E.
Williamson, Claude Roy*
Williamson, Earle Jerome*
Williamson, Eimer Earl*
Williamson, Grace Pauline*
Willis, Ruth Jones
Willits, Emory Earl*
Wills, Flossie Dee*
Willson, Anna*
Willson, Henry Volney*
Willson, William David
Wilmore, John Jenkins
Wilner, Samuel*
Wilson, Alexander Massey
Wilson, Arthur Grant
Wilson, Benezette
Wilson, Carter Harold
Wilson, Charles Lindley
Wilson, Charles William*
Wilson, Chester Webster
Wilson, Cheyney Stevens
Wilson, Claude Avery
Wilson, David Hampton*
Wilson, Dee Lelahd
Wilson, Denis
Wilson, Earl O.
Wilson, Frances Dorwin*
Wilson, George Burr
Wilson, Gilbert Merle
Wilson, Guy West
Wilson, Hamilton
Wilson, Harland Darrel
Wilson, Harold Bertram
Wilson, Harry Lantz
Wilson, Harry Ritchie
Wilson, James Wallace*
Wilson, Jesse Ernest*
Wilson, John Leslie*
Wilson, Laura May Crain*
Wilson, Louis Henry*
Wilson, Midwell Crampton
Wilson, Paul Ornan
Wilson, Ralph Endicott*
Wilson, Ralph
Wilson, Richard Morton*
Wilson, Roy Earle
Wilson, Roy Heath
Wilson, Russell Edward
Wilson, Thomas Randall
Wilson, Thomas Sharpe
Wilson, Walter Wallace
Wilson, Wesley, Jr.
Wilson, Wilbur Niles
Wilt, Harry Lowell*
Wimpy, Orville Robert
Winana, Earl Wallace*
Winchester, Oscar Ray*
Wink, Henry Verne*
Winn, Clarence Clyde*
Windle, William Sleeper
Wine, William Calvin
Winklepleck, Roy Randolph
Winslow, Brady Virgil*
Winslow, Fred Elwood
Winslow, Leslie Allen*
Winter, Frank Andrew
Winter, Paul Gustav
Winterrowd, William Holland
Wintersteen, Herbert Paul*
Winton, Thomas Herbert*
Wintrode, Edward Bion*
Wirt, George Clark
Wise, Ben Elliott*
Wise, Clyde LeRoy*
Wise, Frank W.
Wise, Michael Albert*
Wiselogel, James Joseph
Wiselogel, Robert Franklin
Wiseman, Plumer
Wishard, Melville Bruce
Wisner, Carl Chauncey*
Witham, Raymond Lee*
Withers, Oliver Perry*
Witmer, Warren Wilbur*
Witt, Carl Carpenter
Witwer, Andrew Shreffler
Wocher, Herbert Julius*
Wolever, Walter Brian
Wolf, Kenneth Josephus
Wolfe, Benjamin Franklin*
Wolfe, Clarence Wilson Webster
Wolfe, Oliver Mackenzie*
Wolfe, Vonna Burdette
Wolfer, Frank Leonard*
Wolff, Ludwig
Wolgemuth, Lee Edgar
Wolter, Paul Ernest
Wong, Ahoon Hugh
Wonning, Harvey Henry
Woo, Gin Ching
Wood, Albert Edward*
Wood, Alexander Paul
Wood, Chase
Wood, Charles Wesley*
Wood, Claude Obern
Wood, Harvey Nesbit
Wood, Henry Blake
Wood, James Marchant
Wood, James William
Wood, Jesse Albert
Wood, John Graham
Wood, Linton Arundle
Wood, Merritt*
Woodburn, Harold Emory*
Woodburn, James Gelston
Woodbury, Harold Francis
Woodcock, James Francis
Woodfield, George Edgar*
Woodfield, Wilbur LeRoy*
Woodford, Harry Ward*
Woodhall, William Horton
Woodhull, Ray
Woodling, George Victor
Woodruff, Robert Eastman
Woods, Arthur Chester*
Woods, Arthur James
Woodson, Charles Phelps
Woodville, Arthur Wellesley
Woodward, Alva Weisell*
Woodworth, Frank
Woodworth, Harry
Woollard, Alvin
Woolverton, Hugh Lycurgus
Worden, Leonard Dane*
Worden, Marshall Wines
Worrell, Maurice Eugene
Worsham, Anthony Hodge
Worsham, William Milton*
Wortham, Harry Adams
Wortham, John Root
Wotawa, Edward John
Wray, Herschel George
Wray, Paul DePrez*
Wray, Robert Isom
Wright, Albert Harold
Wright, Arthur Christopher*
Wright, Arthur Schell*
Wright, Arthur W.
Wright, Burdette Shields
Wright, Donald Pembroke*
Wright, George Clarence
Wright, Harry Edmund
Wright, James Henry*
Wright, John Shepard
Wright, Milo Bruce*
Wright, Ollie Shanks*
Wright, Orville Columbus*
Wright, Ralph Haven
Wright, Ross Taylor*
Wright, Seward Edwin
Wright, Stephen Grant*
Wright, William Harmon
Wright, William Lee*
Wu, Pond Sheppon*
Wuestenfeld, William Joseph
Wurster, Anna Maria*
Wurster, Clara*
Wyant, Leroy
Wyckoff, Edith Caroline*
Wyckoff, Louis Kenyon
Wymond, Philip Clayton
Wynn, John Guy*
Wysong, Ralph David

Yaeger, Elston Gray
Yang, Pao-Ling
Yantis, Grey Allen*
Yarling, Harold
Yater, Clyde Ralph
Yates, Ira Bertrum
Yeager, Albert Elton*
Yeager, Emory James
Yeager, Floyd Emory
Yeager, Gladys MaBelle
Yeager, Lester Emil
Yeh, Chien Mei*
Yeh, Chien Peh*
Yelm, Charles Walter*
Yelton, Carey
Yen, Lienching*
Yenne, Ralph Vernon
Yeo, Harry
Yeoman, Ray Cyrus
Yeoman, Roe Eli
Yingling, John CLyde
Yoder, David Milton
Yoder, Lester
Yoder, Mahlon*
Yoder, Worth Nicholas
Yoke, Ruth Calvin
Yoke, Walter Clarence
Yorn, John James Carriger*
Yoshisaka, Sukichi*
Yost, Dale Merle
Yost, Erma Aranda
Yost, John Franklin*
Yost, Lloyd Aaron
Yost, Verne Warwick
Young, Almon Paul
Young, Anne Marion
Young, Arthur Nicholas
Young, Campbell Austin
Young, Charles A. D.
Young, Christian Henry*
Young, Daniel*
Young, DeWitt Clinton
Young, Earl Edgar
Young, Garth Bernard
Young, Gilbert Amos
Young, Gladwin Ellis
Young, James*
Young, James Clark
Young, Keh Yung*
Young, Orville Louis
Young, Raymond Leroy
Young, Roy
Young, Stanley
Young, Trebor*
Young, Vincent Willard
Yount, Albert M.
Yount, Alma Thieme
Yount, Jesse Morton
Yund, Roy Milton

Zabel, Emil Frederick
Zadek, Milton
Zapp, Louis Milton
Zarate, Pedro Coronel
Zartman, James Russell
Zebrowski, George
Zechiel, Willard Rea
Zeh, Theodore Stanton
Zeigler, Oscar Kniesley
Zerfas, Roxanna*
Zergiebel, Charles Phillip
Zi, Su*
Zieg, Clifford Victor
Ziegler, Elmer Muir*
Zimmer, George Hal
Zimmerman, Dewey Wilbur*
Zimmerman, Floyd Velpo
Zimmerman, Jesse Griffith
Zimmerman, William Paul
Zinn, Manvel Keeport
Zipfel, Glen Roman*
Zirin, Morris*
Zollman, Wilford Daniel
Zook, Clarence Turney
Zufall, Chalmers Joseph
Zumstein, Adelaide Ebershoff
Zumstein, Reginald Bernard*
Zurawski, Stanislaus Martin*
Zwissler, John Arthur












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