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Purdue Alumni 1875 to 1923 L-Q Surnames


Typical entry includes genealogy information such as: current occupation (in 1924), birthplace & date, spouse & children, education & jobs previously held. If a name is followed by an asterisk * it means there is only limited information (but it will always list year and degree and usually last known address, or indicate if they are deceased).

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Laben, Albert Henry*
Laben, George John*
Labes, Frederic August
Lacer, Elmer Benton
Lacey, George Washington*
Lackens, Maude Somerville*
Lackey, Robert Allan
Ladd, Joseph Arthur*
Ladd, Louise
Ladd, Ralph Brenton*
La Follette, Byron E.
Lafollette, Byron Everett*
Lafollette, Harry Clarence
Lafuse, Virgil Everette*
Lafuze, Maurice Swain
Lafuze, Marjorie Beall
La Fuze, Nelson Huddleston*
Lago, Nils Abraham
Lahr, John Paul
Laidlaw, Robert Euman
Laird, Elmer Ray*
Laird, guy Morgan
Lake, Ross
Lam, Non*
Lamb, Hawthorne Mansfield
Lambert, Charles Irvin
Lambert, Joseph Horner*
Lambright, Harold*
Lammedee, John Mohler
Lamott, Merle Clyde
Lamson, Robert Austin*
Lancaster, Forrest Wesley
Lance, William Watkins
Land, Harry*
Land, Robert Nelson*
Landes, Harry Hope
Lane, Emory Wilson
Lane, Leonard Byron
Lane, Henry Marquette
Lane, Walter Harlan*
Lang, Frederic Henry
Lang, Lawrence Porter
Lang, Leonard Henry
Langston, John Alton*
Lannerd, Willard
Lansley, John Blair
Lant, Norman Edward
Lantz, Clata Jay*
LaPorte, Ralph Phelps
LaPorte, Helene Lee
Laramore, Florian Eugene
Laramore, Herbert Kenneth
Large, William Marquis
Larrick, Francis DeFrees*
Larrimer, John Hidy
Latchem, Paul Earl
Latourette, Willett Joseph*
Latta, Bertha
Latta, Mary
Latta, Robert Wood
Laubscher, William Fletcher
Lauder, Harold Watrous
Lauenstein, Carl Frederick
Laughner, Rollin B.
Laumann, Carl William
Laurents, Arthur*
Lawless, William Emmett
Lawrence, Charles Herbert
Lawrence, Samuel Eugene
Lawrence, William Eldon*
Lawshe, Charles Hubert
Lawson, Charles Edwin
Lawson, Clarence Wilbur*
Lawson, Harry John
Lawson, Walter Scott
Lawver, Dwight Albertus
Lay, Charles Henry
Lay, Volney De Milt*
Laycock, Read Bradford
Layden, Thomas Edward
Laymon, Fabian Forest
Layton, Clyde Edwin
Leach, Donald Allen
Leach, Walter Scott*
Leacock, Harry*
Leaming, Fred Pyke
Leaming, Mabel
Leaming, Stewart
Leary, Fred*
Leath, Oliver Meeker
Leatherman, Leslie Allen
Leavitt, Robert Pabody
Lebeau, Francis Joseph*
Leber, Charles Wendolin*
Le Blond, Richard Emmett
Lebo, Robert Baird
Lebo, Willard E.
Lebo, William Franklin
Le Cocq, Frank
Lederer, Harry W.*
Lee, Clifford*
Lee, Gilbert Henry
Lee, Howard William
Lee, Roscoe Freeman*
Lee, Sik Sham*
Lee, Virgil Clyde
Leech, James Raymond
Leedom, Randolph
Leeds, Frederick Densmore
Leer, Wayne Everett
Leeser, Alvin Henry*
Leet, William Buxton
Le Favour, Lawrence Giles
Le Fever, Earle Albert
Lefforge, Jesse H.
Lehman, George Stockton*
Lehman, Harold Edward*
Lehman, Paul William
Lehr, Edwin E.
Lehrburger, Elkan Henle
Leiendecker, Elmer Herman
Leifer, Milo Clifton*
Lein, Ernest Love
Leiter, Maude
Lemmon, John Ernest
Lenfesty, Franklin Abbott
Lennox, Edwin
Lentz, Will
Leonard, Arthur Lee
Leonard, Edwin Ray
Leonard, Harry Carr
Leonard, Raymond Vesey*
Leonard, Willie Stansbury
Leonard, Harry Wesley
Leonard, John Harrow
Le Roy, E. Louise Ward
Lesley, Eldon Thornton
Lesley, Robert Edward
Leslie, Harry Guyer
Lett, Colin Louis
Leuck, Clarence
Leuck, Florence Mildred Gornall
Leverenz, Byron Herman
Leverenz, Milton George, Jr.
Levering, Rosier William
Levi, Eugene Harold*
Levistein, Morris*
Levy, Horace Byron
Lewark, Ovid Butler
Lewellen, Emmons Freeman
Lewis, Bevan Blau
Lewis, Byron Riggs
Lewis, David Robert
Lewis, David Thomas
Lewis, Ernest Paul
Lewis, Hollie Curtis
Lewis, Isaac Bruce
Lewis, James Clifford, Sr.
Lewis, Joseph Hilliard
Lewis, Ransome Tedrowe
Lewis, Richard Albert
Lewis, William Alvin
Lewman, Everett Andrew*
Libbert, Cornelius Harold
Libbert, Marshall Sheridan
Libey, Wade E.
Lickey, Edward Frederick
Lickey, Harry Foster*
Liddell, Robert P.
Liddle, Oliver Earl*
Lienkamper, Otto*
Light, David Matteson
Light, LeRoy Bernard
Li, Kuo Chun*
Lillie, Jacob Samuel
Lilly, Joseph Moont*
Limp, George Jacob*
Lindeman, Henry Joseph
Lindley, Donald Read
Lindley, Ira Silas
Lindley, Roy Waynick
Lindley, Stacey Bradford
Lindley, Robert Owen*
Lindquist, Eric Adolph
Lindsay, Alexander
Lindsay, Glen Resor
Lindsay, Maide Schwacke
Lindstrom, Arthur Carl
Linehan, Michael Halpin*
Lingeman, Jerry Frank
Lingeman, Otto Wells
Lingenfelter, Carl Ellsworth
Lingenfelter, Frank Copeland
Link, Alfred Henry
Linke, John Austin
Linkert, Howard William
Lintner, William Allen
Linton, Clair Starrett
Lipp, Howard S.
Lipscomb, John Floyd
Lipton, Harold Ach
Lipton, Lester Hendricks
Lisher, Paul Revere
List. George Milton
List. Herman Charles
Lister, Francis Edward
Littell, Calvin Earl
Little, Guy Allen*
Little, James Henry*
Little, Jesse
Little, Joseph Alfred
Little, Seth Spry
Little, Wendell Deardorf
Livingstone, Ella Belle*
Livingstone, Richard Clyde*
Llewellyn, William*
Lloyd, Walter Hamilton
Lochey, Harry Ream
Lockard, Bertie Paul
Lockhart, Byron Heber
Lockhart, Gladys Woodhall
Lockrow, Laurice Laird
Loder, Arthur Ernest
Loeb, Albert J.
Loehr, Arthur Clarence*
Loehr, Mary DeTurk*
Loewenstein, James Blaine
Logan, Carl Edward*
Logan, E. Carter
Logan, James H. B.
Logan, Robert Smith
Logan, Ward Thomas
Logan, William Lacy*
Lollar, Gordon Wright
Lommel, Conradina Henrietta
Lommel, George Edward
Lommel, Walter Ernest
Lomont, Clarence Francis
Long, Clifford*
Long, Dennis Hodgson
Long, Eldred Austin*
Long, Grant F.*
Long, Guy
Long, Irving Hodgson*
Long, Jacob Albert
Long, James Blaine
Long, John Ewing
Long, Joseph Harold
Long, Raymond Everett
Long, Russell Woodman
Longabaugh, William Henry*
Longacre, David Sebastian*
Longacre, Milton Guy
Longfellow, Frank Bell*
Longyear, Frank Hunt
Lonn, Julius Miller
Loomis, Harold Sandford
Loop, Marion
Lopez Videle, Geo. Humberto
Lorber, Abram
Loser, Harry Arthur
Loser, Russel Lynn
Losey, George Holman
Lottes, Adolph John
Lottes, Paul Christian
Lotz, Dumont
Louderback, L. W. Roscoe*
Loughery, Roger Shurman
Louth, Maurice Emerson
Louthan, Lenore Frances
Love, Emery
Love, Mary Jane
Love, Ruth Mildred
Loveless, Joseph Noble*
Lowe, Burt Austin*
Lowe, Earl Jay*
Lowe, Harry Frank
Lowe, Paul Stewart
Lower, Leslie Oliver
Lower, William Isaac
Lowman, Anna Warrick
Lowman, Donald Jay
Lowman, Kate Warrick*
Lowman, La Greta Blance
Lowman, Mildred Irene
Lowry, James Homer*
Lowry, Oscar Bingly
Lowry, Vayne Arnold
Loy, Nolan Harvey
Lubbers, Henry
Lubker, Alvin
Lubker, Fred Blaine*
Lucas, Daniel Ralph
Lucas, Garfield Arthur
Lucas, Paul Stanley
Lucas, Jane Dye
Luce, Arthur Taylor
Luce, Sidney Carl
Lucius, William Irvin
Luckett, James Douglass
Luckey, Rose Alice*
Luckiesh, Matthew
Ludlow, Samuel Rodell*
Ludwig, Clarice Ratcliff
Ludwig, Clinton Albert
Ludwig, Ethel Kathryn
Ludy, Llewellyn V.
Luginbill, Paul Christian*
Luhn, Clarence William
Luhrman, Albert Herman
Luke, Eugene*
Luke, Frank
Luken, LeRoy Cornelius*
Luckens, Harry Maxwell
Luckens, Richard Russell
Lundy, William Leo
Lusk, Charles Routh
Luten, Edith Heath Hull
Lutz, Annie May*
Lutz, Clara Therese*
Lutz, Flora Jane*
Lutz, Harry G.*
Lutz, Letetia Welch
Lutz, Robert Dean
Lutz, Walter Owen
Lutz, William James*
Lux, Carl Harrison*
Lux, Herbert Ekert
Lybrook, Bird Hugh*
Lybrook, Roland Vance*
Lybyer, Paul Carroll
Lyle, Mary Stewart
Lyman, Carl*
Lynch, Dorsey Montgomery*
Lynde, Charles Carleton*
Lynde, George Francis
Lynde, Lydia Ann
Lynne, Archibald Leslie
Lyon, Glenn Forest
Lyons, Paul Morris, Jr.
Lyons, Stephen S. 

"Mc" Surnames are here.
Other "M" Surnames are below this section.

McAllister, Charles Dawson
McAllister, Leon Merritt
McAllister, Paul James
McAnly, Louis Clifford
McBeth, Chester Howard
McBeth, Joseph Franklin
McBeth, Marie Munger
McBeth, Reid Sayers
McBride, Bernard Reeves
McBride, Charles G., Jr.
McBride, Olin Raymond
McBride, William Frederick
McBroom, Arnet Stone*
McBroom, Errette Fairbank*
McBroom, John Martin*
McBroom, Lynn Rowland*
McBurney, Edward
McCabe, Carl Edwin
McCally, Ross LaRue
McCallum, Mac Chelsea
McCampbell, Frank Henderson
McCampbell, Lucile Wilkinson
McCandliss, Edgar Scott
McCandliss, Lester Chipman
McCandliss, Neet*
McCarger, Guy*
McCart, Donald Kemp
McCarter, Walter Jay
McCarthy, Chas. Stephen
McCarthy, John Francis
McCarty, Clyde
McCarty, Harry Harper
McCarty, Jacob Arnold
McCarty, Joseph Otho*
McCarty, Joseph William
McCarty, Leota Jordan
McCarty, Morris Elmer
McCarty, Otto Clifford
McCaslin, Herbert Ditmars
McCauley, Bessie B.
McCauley, Herbert Stahl*
McChesney, Mortimer Johnson
McClain, Charles Warner
McClanahan, Georgia Agnes*
McClellan, George O.
McClintic, Albert Marshall*
McClintock, Arthur Charles
McCloud, Joseph Edward
McCloud, Leonard Caswell
McCloy, James Harvey
McClung, John Leighh
McClure, Agnes Charlene
McClure, Benjamin Rush*
McClure, Charles Elton
McClure, David Oliver*
McClure, Frank James
McClure, Glena Irene
McClure, Harry Lean*
McClure, Howard Stocker
McClure, John Alexander
McClure, Orlando
McClurg, Donald Labaree
McCollough, Almeda Catherine*
McCollough, Frank Von*
McCollum, Donald Louis
McConaughy, Charles Wallace
McConaughey, Ella Wallace*
McConaughay, Kenneth Earl*
McConnell, Frank C.
McConnell, John Robbins*
McConnell, Paulena Scott
McConnell, Thomas Thurman
McConnell, Wayne Seeley*
McCool, Ray Benjamin*
McCord, Harold Alexander
McCord, Harris Cummings
McCorkle, John Russell
McCotter, Gage
McCoy, Chauncey Edward*
McCoy, Frederick John*
McCoy, George Williams
McCoy, Herbert Newby
McCoy, John Royse
McCoy, Voris*
McCrea, Charles Harold
McCrea, Forrest Draper
McCrea, James Craig
McCullough, Howard Ray
McCullough, John Clemens*
McCulloch, John
McCune, James Alexander*
McCurdy, Frederick Thomas
McCutchan, Winfred Nay
McCutcheon, John Tinney
McDaniel, Leon Campbell
McDill, Bert L.
McDonald, Robert Wilson, Jr.
McDonnel, Alonzo David*
McDonough, Courtney Bev.
McDougall, Alrin Earl
McDougall, Thomas Gray
McDougle, William Elisha
McEllhiney, William Alva
McFarland, Carl Clark*
McFarland, John Thomas
McFarland, John William*
McFarland, Owen Dail*
McGaffey, Mark West
McGarry, Madeline Lucille
McGauchey, John (Ned) Edward
McGeorge, Richard Hugh
McGill, John Cleveland
McGlone, Roy Gillespie
McGovney, Charles Samuel*
McGowan, Charles Harvey
McGrain, Walter Gresham*
McGrath, Frank Patrick
McGrath, John Centennial
McGrath, Marie Elizabeth*
McGregor, Charles James
McGregor, Henry H.
McHaffie, James Melville
McHenry, Albert Ward
McHenry, Norris
McIlvaine, Edgar Watson
McIlvaine, Hubert Allen
McIlvaine, Nellie Scoonover
McIndoo, Otis Wilmer
McIntosh, Donald Lewis
McIntosh, James Andrew
McIntosh, Jay Agnus
McIntosh, Lorin Commodore
McIvor, Harry Earl*
McKay, Frank Roddick
McKay, Ralph Lankton
McKee, Albert Finley
McKee, Harry Herald*
McKee, John Donald*
McKee, Myron James
McKee, Robert Bruce
McKellips, Clarence Melville*
McKennan, Roy Clinton
McKenney, Duston Warnock
McKenzie, John William*
McKenzie, Leslie Howard
McKibben, Joseph Pettit
McKinley, Helen Virginia
McKinley, Marguerite Busby
McKinley, Robert Harold
McKinley, Victor Lawrence*
McKinstray, Neill
McKinstray, Ralph M.
McKinzie, Lermond
McKnight, Lynn Boyd
McLain, Laurence Roland
McLane, Dunn Sleeth
McLaughlin, Francis Marion
McLaughlin, James Barton
McLaughlin, John Ralph
McLean, William Howard*
McLeish, Robert Bruce*
McLellan, Ross Leroy*
McLeod, Paul Angus
McMahan, Charles Sims*
McMahan, Edwin Love
McMahan, George Victor
McMahan, Henry Allan
McMahan, John William*
McMahon, Frances Geraldine
McMahon, James Steely*
McMahon, Robert Anthony
McMath, Thomas Burnham
McMillan, James Paul
McMillin, Augustus*
McMillin, Harry Kirkpatrick
McMullen, Anna Laird*
McMullen, Joseph Frank
McNair, Grayson Bell
McNary, Oran Harold
McNay, Milford Serjeant
McNeal, Robert Laird*
McNeal, William Roy*
McNown, Clarence*
McNown, Rolland Raymond*
McPartland, John Henry
McPartland, Michael Bernard
McQuaid, James Bernard
McRoberts, Alva Alexander
McRoy, Lois Yager*
McVaugh, Edwin
McVey, Delbert Pinckney
McWayne, Albert
McWilliams, Arthur C.
McWilliams, Carlton Killion
McWorkman, Delamar

"Mc" Surnames are above here.
Other "M" Surnames are below here.

Maccartney, Thomas Wakefield
MacCoy, Paul Bernard
Macdonald, Beatrice Fansler
Macdonald, Esther Evans
Macdonald, Robert Wallace*
Mace, Almon Galiton
MacIntire, Charles Leland
MacKay, Anna Plowman
Mackey, Arthur Knapp
Macfarlane, Graham*
Mack, Forest*
Mackay, Eva Linn*
Macklin, Paul Revere
Macy, Frank Wiggins
Macy, Lawrence Good
Madaus, Herman Henry
Madaus, William Frederick*
Maddox, Harry Rupert*
Madison, Alice Munday*
Madison, Clyde Chloe
Magee, Addison Raymond*
Mager, George Edward*
Magill, Wilbur William
Magley, Arnold James
Magoon, Estus Hubert
Magruder, Roy
Mahan, Wilbur Filmore*
Mahin, Edward G.
Mahin, Harris Clark
Mahin, Nina Windle
Maines, Louis Oliver
Maischaider, Anthony Francis
Maish, Morton Clemmer*
Major, Arthur Carey*
Major, Hubert  Cecil
Major, Ray Vernon*
Malan, Henry Ernest
Malcolm, William David*
Malloch, Roy Robbert*
Maloney, Lewis Eugene
Maloney, Mary Sheridan
Malott, Ada Decker
Malott, Alfred Franklin
Malott, Carl Grant*
Malott, Edward Orth
Malott, Lloyd A.*
Manhart, Vern Cleo
Manley, Charles Thomas
Mann, Oscar Paul
Mann, Verner John
Manning, Thomas*
Mansfield, Oran Wesley
Mansfield, Ralph Gregory
Mansfield, Ray Herbert
Manson, James Byron
Manville, Newell Eslie
Manz, Merrill Wiley
Maple, Charles Orad*
Maple, E. Bliss*
Marchant, Halsey Collins
Mardfin, Erna Adler
Marine, Pearl Dilloran*
Maris, Charles Ralph
Mark, Leo Richard
Markle, Herbert
Markley, Max
Markley, Robert Edward
Marks, Fred Clarence*
Marks, Thomas Rankin
Markus, Harry Frank
Marley, Grover Cleveland*
Marquis, John Clyde
Marrs, Frederick Addison*
Marsh, Amos Membery
Marsh, Arthur Brigham
Marsh, Charles Lawrence
Marsh, Delbert Isaiah*
Marsh, Harry Bowman
Marsh, John Rodney
Marshall, Cloyd
Marshall, Harry Scott
Marshall, Henry Wright, Jr.
Marshall, Ira Wilson*
Marshall, Lester Cross
Marshall, Lindley Earl*
Marshall, Reuben Clifford*
Marshall, Roland Bartel
Marshall, Royce Edgar*
Marshall, Thomas Pyron
Marshall, Thomas Worth
Marshall, Wallace Leslie, Jr.
Marson, Ralph Franklin
Martin, Addison Lincoln*
Martin, Arthur Raymond
Martin, Charles Ralph
Martin, Charles Russell
Martin, Don Stanley
Martin, Donald William*
Martin, Edward Chester
Martin, Frank Dayton
Martin, Frederick LeRoy
Martin, Frederick Talbot
Martin, George Earl
Martin, Harold Oliver
Martin, Harry Hood
Martin, Harry Raine
Martin, Henry Peter
Martin, John Almon
Martin, Joseph Holmes
Martin, Laurence Edward
Martin, Lee B.
Martin, Levi Lawson
Martin, Meta Eva
Martin, Randolph
Martin, Rex Riley*
Martin, Robert Lewis*
Martin, Ross Christman
Martin, Walter Guy*
Martin, Will Cumback
Martin, Willard Hungate
Martin, William Charles*
Martindale, Roy
Martinez, Rufino
Marx, Harry
Mason, Charles Elsworth
Mason, Charles Russel
Mason, Ewing Floyd
Mason, Fred*
Mason, Frederick Fulton
Mason, Jay E.
Mason, Paul Sinclair
Mason, Preston Walter
Mason, Roy Stanley
Mason, William Clarence
Massey, Manuel Arthur
Massey, Nellie Warren
Mast, George Alvin
Masters, Arthur Burke
Masters, Paul Lewis
Matern, Alfred Bernhard
Mathews, Harry Oren
Mathieson, Everett A.
Matlock, Ernest
Matters, Wilbur E.
Mattes, Leo Anthony
Matthew, Orra Roscoe*
Matthews, John Simeon
Matthews, Vinton Hunt
Mattix, Hugh McCurdy
Mauch, Martin John
Maudlin, Cecil Vearl
Maudlin, Eva Wright
Maurer, Frank Clarence
Maveety, Donald John
Mavity, Helen Katherine
Mavity, John Earle
Mavity, Robert William*
Mavity, Victor Thomas
Mavor, Morton R.*
Mawhorter, Dwight Moody
Max, John Sheridan*
Maxwell, Earl George
Maxwell, James Edgerton
May, David William*
May, Edwin Millard
May, Frank Pierce
May, Harry Carlton
May, Walter Tichenor
May, William McKnight
Mayer, Irvin Daniel
Mayer, Charlotte Peckinpaugh
Mayer, Marguerite Frances
Mayer, Karl Bernard*
Mayer, Louis George*
Mayfield, Fred Arthur
Maynard, John English
Maysilles, John Henry
Maze, Fred Bryson*
Mazur, Isadore
Mazur, Seymour
Meacham, Merle Robert
Mead, Elwood
Mead, Fannie Lutz
Mead, Ira Cecil
Mead, Raymond Franklin
Mead, Scott*
Meaders, Ernest Lamar*
Meagher, Victor Paul*
Meals, Arthur David
Means, Earl Atley
Means, Guy Stanley
Means, Oscar Alonzo*
Mears, Leroy Monroe*
Meckel, George*
Meddis, George Small*
Meek, Clay Town*
Meek, Clyde Lester*
Meek, DeForest
Meeker, Howard Robison
Meeker, John Edwin
Meeker, Stela Katherine*
Meeks, James Riley
Megrew, George Willis
Meharry, Esther Burghardt
Mehegan, Albert Dennis
Mehlig, Henry Maxwell
Mehlig, Joseph Parke
Meigs, Elizabeth Leaming*
Meihaus, George Augustus
Meinhardt, Theodore Carl
Meinzen, Fred William
Meinzen, Henry William*
Meiser, John Wilson
Meldram, Frank John
Mellen, Perry*
Mellinger, Theodore James
Menaugh, Clyde*
Mendenhall, Charles Alexander
Mendenhall, Emmett Joseph
Mendez, Felis
Menefee, Edward Raymond*
Mennen, Francis Eilert
Mercer, Leonard Vernon*
Merchant, Dorsey Warr
Merchant, Roscoe Conklin
Meriam, Joseph Bidwell
Merica, Stanley Boyer
Meriwether, James Maier
Merkel, Henry William
Merkert, Paul*
Merkle, Roy Thomas
Merley, Sylven Reid
Merrill, Barrett Morriss*
Merrill, Claude Dix
Merrill, Charline Blind
Merrill, Harry Edward
Merriman, Helen Christine
Merriman, Merrill Vincent
Merritt, Elbert Bon
Merritt, John Pruitt*
Merritt, Lawson Ceaberry
Merritt, Robert Alonzo
Mertz, Chris John
Mertz, Edward Leander
Mertz, J. Harold
Mertz, John Ray
Mertznoff, Andrew Emanuel*
Metcalf, Arthur beach*
Metzger, Chester Allison
Metzger, George Charles*
Metzger, Grover E.
Metzger, William Harold
Meyer, Elizabeth Florence
Meyer, James Owens
Meyer, Julius Bantlin*
Meyer, LeRoy Everett*
Meyer, William Warren
Meyers, Katherine
Michael, Herbert Byron
Michael, Loren Porter*
Michel, John Raymond
Mickelsen, Harvey Peter
Middleton, Arthur Calvin
Middleton, Charles Edward
Middleton, Elliott West
Middleton, George Ulric*
Middleton, Irvin Bright*
Middleton, Leonard William*
Middleton, William Jay
Miesenhelder, Paul David
Miles, Clinton Tyler
Miles, Donald Hugh
Miles, Everett Eugene
Miles, George Cleveland
Miles, Ralph Hall*
Miles, Samuel Raymond
Milholland, Fred*
Millard, Raymond Bowman
Miller, Allan Cameron
Miller, Arthur Louis
Miller, Carl
Miller, Charles Cecil
Miller, Charles Ernest
Miller, Charles Greenwood
Miller, Charles Haven*
Miller, Charles Ira
Miller, Charles Irving*
Miller, Charles Leo
Miller, Charles Sidney*
Miller, Charles Vernon
Miller, Clarence E.
Miller, Clarence Edwards
Miller, David Bethnel*
Miller, Donald David
Miller, Edith Lorraine Tobias
Miller, Elwood Anthony
Miller, Francis Henry
Miller, Frank*
Miller, Frank Edward*
Miller, Franklin Wayne*
Miller, Fred Anderson
Miller, Fred Hale
Miller, Frederic Henry 
Miller, Frederick William
Miller, Garner Wakefield*
Miller, George Dale*
Miller, George Moore
Miller, Gertrude Lyle*
Miller, Glen Leon
Miller, Glennard Earl
Miller, Guy Burgan
Miller, Harold Tennell
Miller, Harry Bockus
Miller, Harry Heagy
Miller, Harry Leroy
Miller, Harry William
Miller, Henry Christian*
Miller, Homer Alexander*
Miller, Howard A.*
Miller, Irving Wilson
Miller, John Frederick
Miller, John Fisher Garr
Miller, John Henry
Miller, Joseph G.
Miller, Joseph Harrison
Miller, Lee*
Miller, Leo Darius*
Miller, Lewis Bennett
Miller, Loren Benjamin*
Miller, Mary Catherine
Miller, Maud Campbell*
Miller, Merritt B.*
Miller, Raymond Frederick
Miller, Robert Sample*
Miller, Russell William
Miller, Shrewbury Beaureyard
Miller, Simeon VanBuren
Miller, Walter
Miller, Walter Edward
Miller, Voight Wood*
Miller, Wayne Kirby
Miller, Wilhelmina Jacob
Miller, William Russell
Miller, William Samuel
Miller, William Todd
Millice, Willard Fromm
Milligan, James Stuart
Milligan, Scott Wallace
Milliken, Gordon Edgar*
Million, Herbert Waldsmith
Mills, Edmund Smith
Mills, Edward Francis
Mills, Edwin Harrison*
Mills, Emory Smith*
Mills, Henry Herbert*
Mills, Horace Carter*
Mills, James Leonard
Mills, Marion Elbert*
Mills, Martha Stevens*
Mills, Perry Robert
Mills, Roscoe E.
Mills, Wallace Oliver
Millspaugh, Arthur Bertram*
Milner, Bert Branson*
Milner, Ralph Gregg
Minch, John David*
Miner, Dewey Hobson
Miner, Joseph Allison
Mingle, John Glenn
Minnick, Otto Ervin
Minor, John W., Jr.*
Minter, William Harry
Minturn, Herbert Allen
Misaki, Seizo
Misner, Arthur*
Mitchell, Charles Edwin
Mitchell, Charline McRae
Mitchell, Chester Floyd
Mitchell, Dell C.*
Mitchell, Frank Kenneth
Mitchell, Helen Esther
Mitchell, Howard Burton
Mitchell, Hugh Burton*
Mitchell, Louis
Mitchell, Marion Paul
Mitchell, Paul Owen
Mitchell, Richard Robinson
Mitchell, Robert Jenness
Mitchell, Russell Endley
Mitchell, Singleton Reynolds
Mitchell, Stewart
Mitchell, Verne VanDuyn
Mitchell, William Kinney
Mitten, George Russell
Mize, George Gilbert
Moad, Charles
Mochel, Clem Oscar
Mock, Charles Milton*
Modlin, John Russell*
Modlin, Walter George
Moelk, Julius William
Moellering, C. Willard
Moffitt, Bertha Jane
Mohler, Arthur Leroy
Mohr, Henry Author
Moller, Herbert*
Monninger, Oscar Edward
Montgomery, Chase
Montgomery, Ethel L.
Montgomery, Isaac Herrod*
Montgomery, James Nelson
Montgomery, John Sylvester*
Montgomery, John Theodore
Montgomery, Robert Shoup
Montoux, Charles John*
Mood, Virgil Orestes
Moody, Arthur Graydon
Moon, William
Moor, Forest George*
Moor, Joe Davis
Moore, Albert H.
Moore, Charles Fremont
Moore, Charles Ruby
Moore, Clydus Lloyd
Moore, Clyde Wilbur
Moore, Earl Rudolph
Moore, Earl Stanley*
Moore, Frederick Augustus
Moore, Gerald Carl
Moore, Harry Hill
Moore, Herbert Charles
Moore, Hubert Otis
Moore, James Archibald
Moore, John Atkinson
Moore, John Ely*
Moore, John Thomas
Moore, Lewis Douglas*
Moore, Robert Skinner
Moore, Roscoe Sherman
Moore, Samuel
Moore, Stacy Thomas*
Moore, Sylvan Floyd
Moore, Warren Edmund
Moore, William Henry Hudson
Moore, William Newton*
Moore, William Oliver
Moore, William Smelsor
Moorhouse, John Bernard
Moorman, Frank Marshall
Moorman, Hiram Thomas
Moran, Daniel Alden
Moran, George Upham
Moran, Harold Clinton
Moraweck, Alvin Herman*
Moredock, Harvey Stewart
Morehart, Forrest David
Morehead, Louis Cockayne
Morehouse, John Levi
Morehouse, Lucille Eleanor
Morey, Charles William
Morey, Ruth Violett*
Morey, William Edward
Morgan, Chester Rich
Morgan, Fred Maddux
Morgan, George Eli
Morgan, Glenn Clyde
Morgan, Herbert George
Morgan, John Jay
Morgan, Mildred Agnes
Morgan, Oakley VanBuren
Morgan, Paul Bradford*
Morgan, Richard Roy
Morin, Norman Edward*
Morlan, Lewis*
Morley, George Alexander
Morley, Roland Loehb*
Morrill, Wilbur Nathaniel*
Morris, Earle Hedderich
Morris, Kenneth Logan
Morris, Robert Allen*
Morris, Robert Bracken
Morris, Theodore Hatfield
Morris, Thomas Earl*
Morrish, Ralph W.
Morrison, George C.
Morrison, Greyson Winlock
Morrison, James Madison
Morrison, John Taylor
Morrow, Frederick Edgar
Morrow, James Lester
Morrow, Lowell Kem
Morrow, Vesper Renwick
Morse, Eleanor Taylor
Morse, Robert Daniel
Morse, Robert Elmer*
Morse, Sidney Carlyle
Morse, Terrel Eugene*
Morton, Thomas Jesse, Jr.
Moschell, Chancellor Frederick
Moscchelle, Judson Daniel*
Moser, Venice Glenn
Mosher, Elbert Frank*
Mosher, Herbert Holman
Mosiman, Lloyd B.
Moss, Elias Herbert
Moss, Lillian Abigail
Mossman, Wade Hampton*
Motsinger, Lester Paul
Mott, George Cyrus
Motter, William Nelson*
Mourer, Russel John
Mowery, Walter Levi
Mowry, Edwin John
Mowry, Ray Yeager*
Mozingo, Marion Edgar
Muck, Webster Charles
Mudd, Herbert Kendrick
Muehldman, Henry Jacob*
Mueller, Amy Lucas*
Mueller, Edward
Mueller, Floyd
Mueller, Frank Edward
Mueller, Frank K.
Mueller, George Henry
Mueller, Gretchen Josephine
Mueller, Harold Paul*
Mueller, Otto Nicholas*
Muessel, Walter George*
Mug, Edward Theodore
Mug, George Francis
Mugg, Henry Christian*
Muhl, Siegmar
Mulder, John
Mulkey, William Wood*
Mull, Jay Blount
Mullen, Homer*
Mullendorf, Claudia Schreiber*
Mullendorf, Hubert Max*
Mulligan, James Francis*
Mulvey, Robert Raymond
Mumma, Levi Bushnell
Mummert, Arden John
Munn, William Garnett, Jr.
Munro, George Wesley
Munro, Robert William
Munson, Charles Harold
Munson, Stanley
Murata, Genzo*
Murdock, Walter T.*
Murphy, Arthur Edwin
Murphy, Charles Judson*
Murphy, Edgar English
Murphy, Frank Linedecker
Murphy, Harry Reuben*
Murphy, Ivan Dennis
Murphy, Margaret Beckmann*
Murphy, Perry Morton*
Murphy, Robert Bartholomew
Murr, Ferdinand Louis
Murray, George R.
Murray, James Robertson
Murray, Thomas Jefferson*
Musgrave, Herman
Musser, Fred Cowley
Mutz, Howard haydn
Mutz, John Roscoe
Myers, Cora Lacey
Myers, DeCamp
Myers, Edgar Harris
Myers, Ernest Scipio
Myers, Florian Dwight*
Myers, Henry Guy
Myers, Homer Milton
Myers, Ira Isaac*
Myers, John Milton 
Myers, Ralph Dexter*
Myers, Theo Edmund
Myers, Tyner Wolfe
Myers, William Boxley* 

Naef, Richard
Nagle, John Clifford
Nagai, Kyoshira*
Nantz, George Thomas
Nash, Frank Caleb*
Nash, Robert Smith
Naville, Clifford Frank
Naylor, John Mason
Neal, Charles Albert*
Neal, Donald Eskridge
Neal, Henry Hubert*
Neal, John Frederick
Nealis, Frank Harrison*
Neat, Benjamin Carlton
Neefus, Harold Clifford*
Neel, Ashbel Calaoway
Neel, Arthur Wood*
Neel, Blanton*
Neel, Walter Irwin
Neely, Milton Lockwood
Neff, Chester Morton
Neff, Frederick Power
Neff, Grover Cleveland
Neff, John Peter
Neff, Leonard Fay
Neff, Oddie Earl*
Nehf, Raymond Andrew*
Neidigh, Darrel Overton
Nell, Edward, Jr.
Nelson, Alfred*
Nelson, Frans August
Nelson, John Earl
Nelson, Leon Harold
Nelson, Ned Eugene
Nelson, Ralph Emory
Nelson, Raymond LeVille*
Neptune, Maurice
Neptune, Walter Gardner*
Neptune, William Moore*
Nesbitt, Edgar D.
Nesbitt, Elmer Cyrus
Nesbitt, Frank
Nesbitt, Frank Thompson
Nesbitt, John Leslie*
Nesbitt, Richard Earl
Nesbitt, Verlin Spurgeon
Nesbitt, William Seward, Jr.
Nessler, Karl Theodore
Nessler, Ralph Louis
Neu, Carlton William*
Neufer, Luther Earl
Neukom, Albert Henry
Neumann, Edward
Neupert, William Otto
Nevitt, Margaret Ridgely
Newburn, Theodore Walter
Newcomer, Frank
Newcomer, Martin
Newcomer, Ralph*
Newcomer, Vincent Kay*
Newell, Clifford Vance*
Newell, Earl Baum
Newell, Harlow Clark
Newell, Raymond Francis
Newland, Harrod C.
Newland, Leon Leslie
Newlin, John A.
Newman, Chester Harrison*
Newman, Mills LeRoy*
Newsom, Gilbert Pinkham
Newsom, Harold Banker
Newsom, Horace Henley
Newsom, Reeves Jose
Newton, Charles Edward, Jr.
Newton, George Richard
Nichol, Arthur Montgomery*
Nichol, Henry Schell*
Nichols, Anna Cecelia
Nichols, Allen Eugene*
Nichols, George Mygatt*
Nichols, George William*
Nichols, John T.*
Nichols, Mary Helen
Nichols, Merrill Wiseman
Nichols, Raymond Bird*
Nicholson, John, Jr.
Nicholson, Raymond Brownell
Nicholson, Walter Emison
Nicholson, Walter Hugh*
Nichter, Albert Michael
Nichter, Walter John
Nicol, Bernice Duryea
Nicol, Robert Ransom
Nielsen, Julian Jacob
Niesse, Bernard Joseph
Niesse, John L.
Niezer, George Bernard
Nigh, Edson Roscoe
Nilson, Frederick Carl
Nixon, Anson B.
Noble, Daniel Willie
Noble, Harvey Sampson*
Noble, Ralph Carlton*
Noble, Robert P.
Noblet, Monroe Evan*
Noblitt, Samuel Marion*
Noel, James William
Noland, Ralph Waldo
Nold, George Jacob*
Nolting, Carl Oscar*
Nordstrum, Lauren Dale
Nordyke, Bliss Maynard
Norman, Charles Alfred
Norris, Max Halleck
Norris, William Clinton
North, Homer Brownlee
North, William Gifford
North, William Harrison
Norton, Charles Finney
Norton, Dwight Fanning
Norton, Elbert Fayette
Norton, Overton Perry
Norton, Roger Stanton
Norton, Roy Elbert
Norwood, Aubrey Cyril
Norwood, Harry George*
Nothhelfer, John Bernard
Nothhelfer, Vivian Morehouse*
Nottingham, Wayne Buckles
Nourse, Harold Earl*
Nugent, Marie Geneva
Nulsen, Herbert Spencer*
Nussbaum, George Joseph
Nussbaum, Herman Bernard
Nussbaum, Victor M.
Nutt, Forrest Hershey
Nutting, Eugene G.
Nutting, William Washburn*
Nye, Milo Albion
Nye, William McEwen*

O'Bannon, Robert Presley
Oberleas, Chester Carter*
Oberlies, Jacob LaMar
Oberlin, Walter Scott
Obold, Charles Taylor
O'Brien, Daniel Bernard
O'Brien, Herbert Sheldon
O'Brien, William John
Ochoa, Eugene
O'Connor, Thomas M.*
O'Connor, William Daniel
O'Conor, Duncan
O'Conor, Nicholas Duncan*
Odell, Isaac Newton
Odle, Charles David*
Odle, Ira Dawson
Oelkers, Alfred Henry*
Off, Edward Christian*
Ogan, Alan Hemsley
O'Gara, John
Ogden, Marcus Lindsey
Ogle, Clyde Owen
Ogle, Elmer Lawrence*
Ogle, Glen Lee
Ogle, Henry Lane*
Ogle, Miriam Beall
O'Hara, Warren
O'Harrow, Edgar Augustus
Ohaver, Mildred Adamson
Ohmart, Grayston Leroy
Oilar, Levi Harry
Oilar, Rozier Dorr
Oldacre, Marmion Sohl*
Olds, Charles Morgan*
Olin, Edwin Mason
Oliphant, Elmer Quillen
Oliver, Edd Charles
Oliver, Will John
Olmsted, Charles Elston*
Olmstead, John*
Olsen, George Fredric
Olson, Carl Ernest
Olson, Martin
O'Neal, Harry Ernest
O'Neill, Charles William
Ong, Joe Raymond
Ong, John Ditmars
Opel, Fred Alonza
Oplinger, Kirk Aaaugustus
Opp, John Ray*
Oppenheimer, Jacob Mayer
Orahood, Edwin Willis*
Orb, Grace
Orchard, Edmond Harper
Orem, Delpha*
Orem, Rex Harry*
Orf, George*
Orr, Charles Wildey*
Orr, Claud Henry
Orr, Fred Burton
Orr, Forrest Howard
Orr, Grover Cleveland*
Orr, Marion*
Orr, Nolan Bristow
Ort, Kenneth Richard
Orton, Clayton Roberts
Osborn, Agnes*
Osborn, Frank Edgar*
Osborn, Frederic Verne
Osborn, Irwin Selden
Osborn, Jesse Thomas
Osborn, Robert Josiah
Osborne, Omar Louis
Osbun, Clifford Leroy
Osbun, Harold Thomas
Osburn, Arthur Allen*
Osburn, Vesta Archer
Osenbach, Mace D.*
Osterman, Henry F.*
Ostrander, John Keller*
Ott, Clifford Herbert
Otten, Faith Elizabeth
Otten, Mary Opal
Otten, Russell Jennings
Otto, Alpha Blaine
Overbeck, Charles Borger*
Overdier, Paul Frederick
Overesch, Henry Benjamin
Overholt, John William
Overmire, Wilfred Jay
Overpeck, John Clay
Overton, Millard Herbert
Owens, Fred William
Owens, Lewis*
Owens, Louis Joseph John
Owens, Robert Henry
Oxer, John Gerould*
Oxer, Van Tuyl
Oyler, Joseph Bidwell
Oyler, Ralph Preston
Ozias, Clifford Wheatley

Pacey, Guy Harold
Paddock, Irene Grubb
Paddock, Russell Gurney
Padgett, William Ross*
Paetz, Herbert Edward
Page, Julian Day*
Pajares, Bernardino Paquio
Palin, Ozark
Palma, Salvatore Sebastian
Palmer, Amos*
Palmer, Frederick Daniel*
Palmer, Philena Frances
Palmer, Roy Charles
Palmer, Sanford Graham
Palmer, Wallace Cromwell
Pape, James*
Parett, Arzie Roscoe
Parett, Ivan Earl
Park, Clifton Drummond
Park, Charles Howard
Parker, Austin Allen
Parker, Charles Channing*
Parker, Druley
Parker, Frederick Rishling
Parker, Louis Clifford*
Parker, Mary Vinnedge*
Parker, Mayne Edmund
Parker, Pratt Emerson
Parker, William*
Parkes, Arden Bowes
Parkes, George Harry*
Parkhurst, Frank William
Parkinson, Harold Nevins
Parkinson, Marie Snoddy
Parks, George Edgar
Parks, Lytle Raymond
Parks, Morris Randlette
Parks, Ralph Edward
Parks, Roscoe White
Parks, Vera Echo*
Parmer, John Forest
Parnell, Eugene Campbell
Parnell, Frank Husselman
Parnin, John Ross
Parrish, Russell James
Parrock, Edwin Joseph
Parsell, Lewis Butler
Parsons, Jay Hamlton*
Partch, Laura
Patitz, George John
Patrick, Ralph Charles
Patterson, Arthur P.
Patterson, George Walter
Patterson, Robert Joseph
Patterson, William Hart
Patton, Harold Scott*
Patton, Luther Henry
Patton, Marion Cecil
Patton, Richard Shelton
Patton, Robert William
Paul, Benjamin Delos*
Pauley, William Crooks
Pauli, Walter Christian
Pallus, John Lizer
Pavey, Francis Lee
Payne, Glenn Watson
Paynter, Asa Lee
Peacock, Neal Dow
Peake, Robert Louis*
Pearce, Edwin Starling*
Pearce, Richard William
Pearcy, Noah Clyde
Pears, Richard William
Pearson, Clarence Miller
Pearson, LeMoyne*
Pease, Oscar Dana*
Peck, Ashley Pomroy*
Peck, Charles J.
Peck, Clair Leverett*
Peck, Robert Eagle
Peck, Samuel Abram
Pecka, Alonzo Marion*
Peckham, Leaman Fulton
Peckinpaugh, Gladys Corrine
Peden, Clarence W.
Pedlow, Herbert Edward
Peelle, Blaine Edward
Pegg, Paul Woodson
Peirce, Allison Richard*
Pelz, Charles Theodore
Pence, Collen Martin
Pence, Frank Shortle*
Pence, Merville Oleo
Pence, Samuel Raper
Penley, Benjamin*
Penn, Marion
Penrod, Estel Burdell
Perdue, Howard Leroy
Perkins, Edith Ryan
Perkins, Joseph Oscar*
Perrin, Lawrence James*
Perrin, William Weaver, Jr.
Perrine, Ledyard Henry
Perry, Joseph Robert*
Perry, Maude Alice
Perry, Ranson Davis*
Perry, Thad R.
Pershing, Sheldon Barsh
Pertz, Harry Gerhardt
Peter, Maurice G.
Peters, Edith*
Peters, Garret Hobart
Peters, Walter Henry*
Petersdorf, Gustavus*
Peterson, Arthur Augustus*
Peterson, Charles*
Peterson, Closson Victor
Peterson, Edwin Leonard
Peterson, George Frederic
Peterson, Joel*
Peterson, John W.*
Petry, Edward Jacob
Petry, Dorothea Plueddemann
Pettibone, Walter Willis
Petticrew, Charles Bishop
Pettit, Paul Hayes
Pettit, Roscoe Leigh
Petty, Benjamin Harrison
Pfendler, David Clarence
Pfleiderer, Charles A.
Phares, Gilbert*
Phares, Russell Harrison
Phares, Victor Ray
Phelan, John Dominic*
Phelps, Barton Palmer
Phelps, Henry Edison
Phelps, Max William
Phelps, Robert Emmett
Phelps, Shaffner Leonard
Phillips, Benjamin Lewis
Phillips, Caleb Norman*
Phillips, Charles Eugene*
Phillips, Cornelius Burus
Phillips, Elizabeth Dukes
Phillips, George Grover
Phillips, John Reed*
Phillips, Oscar*
Phillips, Thomas De Vol*
Philpott, Ted Okar*
Pickard, James Deal*
Picker, Wesley C.
Pickett, Albert Ray
Pickett, Lee Morgan
Pidgeon, Elmer Franklin
Pidgeon, Jesse Lemuel*
Pierce, Conway
Pierce, Harrie Clark*
Pierce, Helen Turley
Pierce, Earl French
Pierce, George Otis
Pierce, Lester James*
Pierce, Paul*
Pierce, Robert Edwin
Pierce, Silas Lee
Pierre, Gerald john
Pierson, Ralph*
Pifer, Charles Warren*
Pigg, Cecil Luther
Pigman, George Ruemont
Pilcher, Gerald Wendover
Pinkerton, Ralph Roy
Pinney, Jabez Perley
Pirtle, Charles Lee
Pitcher, Carroll
Pitcher, Lester*
Pittman, Charles Floyd
Pittman, Frank Eugene*
Plain, Irving Frank
Plank, Charles Dale
Plank, Emery Clyde
Plank, Forrest Beyers
Plank, Roscoe Gilbert*
Plapp, Elmer Brauer
Plaskett, Clyde Arthur
Plaster, Ray John
Platt, Harry Lee
Pletcher, Elva Glenn
Plice, Max Jennings
Plinke, George William
Ploeger, Clyde Edward
Ploehn, John Henry
Plogsterth, Louis William
Plumb, Walter Jenkins
Plummer, Clifford Roscoe
Plummer, Evans Ellsworth
Plummer, Vernon Clyde
Poe, Foster Dewey
Poe, Helen Ramsey
Poe, Mabel Victoria
Poe, Walter Ivan
Pohlman, Helen Eldridge
Poindexter, James Edgar
Polister, Gayle Vincent
Polk, Edmund
Polk, Forrest Raymond
Polker, Arthur John
Pollard, Lawrence Ellery
Pollock, George Gordon
Pollock, Walter Patterson
Pollock, Willard Miles
Polson, Joseph Albert
Pomeroy, Ray Stinson*
Pontius, Worley C.
Pool, James Lloyd
Pooler, Max A.
Poor, Robert Thurston
Popp, George Rudolph, Jr.
Pore, Frank Waldo
Porter, Albert*
Porter, Arnold Ralph Exton
Porter, Carl Clinton
Porter, Charles Darwin*
Porter, Frank Morton
Porter, George Albert*
Porter, Howard Diekmeier
Porter, Jesse Graves*
Porter, Latta Waldo
Porter, Leslie Jay*
Porter, Ralph Edgar
Porter, Robert Dale
Portillo, Manuel Lopez*
Portteus, George Harold
Post, Merritt*
Post, Stanley Morehouse*
Potter, Harry Blaine
Potter, Henry Laurel
Potter, Philip Thurber*
Potthoff, William*
Pottlitzer, Milton
Pound, Howard William
Powell, Cecil Ray
Powell, Kenneth Willard*
Powell, Lloyd Francis
Powell, Lloyd Maledon
Powell, Marshall Elliott
Power, Laurence Emmet
Powers, George Harvey
Powers, Grover*
Powers, W. Joseph
Prahl, Carl Adolph
Prakken, Nicholas
Prass, Walter Raymond
Prater, Mary Florence
Prather, Clark
Prather, James Harold*
Pratt, Andrew Jellette
Prentice, William Hendry, Jr.
Prentiss, Clarence Sutherland*
Pressinger, Harry Edward*
Price, Earl
Price, Eliza Elsner*
Price, Grace Hollis
Price, George Washington
Price, James Frederic
Price, Manley Raymond
Price, Melvin
Price, Otho Joel
Prins, Peter*
Priseler, Myron Wilbur
Pritchard, Lyle Hugh
Privett, Ernest Edward
Proctor, William Raymond*
Proud, Melvin John
Proulx, Edward George
Provines, John Adams*
Pruitt, Henry Luduke
Pruyn, Murry K.
Pryor, Anna Elinor Ruddell
Pryor, Horace Herbert
Pruder, Fred Robert
Pugh, Emerson
Pullis, Edison Hayden
Pults, Cecil Carl
Pults, Harley Hardwood
Pults, Hazel Miller
Pumphrey, Frank Warren*
Pumphrey, Ray Edgar
Purchase, William Raymond*
Purdum, Lloyd*
Purdy, James William
Purdy, Welsey Wallace
Purdy, William Marion
Purgett, Lawrence Jerome*
Purkey, Grover Benjamin*
Puryear, William Ragland
Pyke, David Charles*
Pyke, Albert Lewis
Pyke, Frederick P.
Pyke, Jesse Ellis
Pyle, Clifford Hawley
Pyle, William Franklin
Pyle, William Russell 

Quest, John Frederick
Quick, Anna Foster*
Quick, Joseph Wilfred
Quick, Lura Thompson
Quick, Morgan Gorrell
Quick, Paul Rice
Quick, Walter Jacob
Quigley, Joseph Michael
Quillin, William Edward
Quinn, Charles Henry
Quinn, Edward Owner*
Quinn, Robert Douglas
Quintero, Antonio*
Quintero, Jorge Alberto*
Quivey, Oliver Kenneth












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