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Tennessee Newspapers And Periodicals 1920


This table is taken from American Newspaper and Annual Directory, N. W. Ayer & Son, Philadelphia, PA 1920. The book shows much more information such as; population of towns (1910 census or estimated), location, railroads serving the town, types of industries, etc... For each publication it shows the day of the week published, or frequency, political leaning or type of publication, size of the publication, price of a subscription and usually the circulation. We have only reprinted a few of the items in the table below.

When you order we will send you the title page and 4 page introduction to the book, full page summary and state map, and the 13 pages of newspaper listings.

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Town or City Publication Editor Year
Adamsville Enterprise O. C. Wilson 1905
Alamo Guide D. Wells Harris 1913
Alexandria Times Rob Roy 1894
Ashland City Times W. T. Clark 1890
Athens Athenian James Hedge 1882
  Methodist Advocate Journal J. M. Melear 1869
  Post Claude Taylor 1848
Bells Crockett County Sentinel J. C. W. Nunn 1873
Benton Polk County News John Shamblin 1907
Bluff City Sullivan County Developer W. F. Piper 1907
Bolivar Bulletin Hugh Williams 1865
Bristol Herald-Courier Hirschel Dove 1903
Brownsville States-Graphic F. R. Ogilive 1867
Burns New Idea J. E. Reeder 1905
Camden Chronicle James Travis 1890
Carthage Courier Myers & Gardenhire 1913
Celina Bill Fiske's Bugle W. D. Fiske 1910
Centerville Hickman County News R. M. Hall 1892
Chattanooga Defender (Negro) J. J. J. Oldfield 1917
  Hamilton County Herald Will Shepherd 1914
  Labor World Labor World Pub. Co. 1916
  Lookout Zella Armstrong 1908
  News G. F. Milton 1888
  Southern Fruit Grower Robert S. Walker 1896
  Sudliche-Anzeiger   1896
  Times L. G. Walker 1869
  University Echo Univ. Chattanooga Students 1906
Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle W. W. Barksdale 1808
  Southwestern Presbyterian Univ. Journal Southwestern Presbyterian Univ. Students 1885
  Star L. F. Sickenberger 1890
Cleveland Banner W. L. Rodgers 1854
  Herald Herald Pub. Co. 1872
Clifton Wayne Countian Caton Brothers 1885
Clinton Anderson County News T. U. Crowley 1905
Columbia Herald J. I. Finney 1850
  Maury Democrat Lynch & E. C. Perry 1882
Cookeville Free Will Baptist Messenger E. W. Stone 1914
  Putnam County Herald Herald Pub. Co. 1903
Copperhill Copper City Advance F. W. Padgett 1912
Covington Leader A. P. Taylor 1886
Crossville Chronicle S. C. Bishop 1886
Cumberland Gap News Alf C. Williams 1905
Dayton Herald C. L. Locke 1898
  Star W. W. Shields 1910
Decatur Meigs County Sun W. B. Cleage 1914
Decaturville Decatur County Herald R. J. Miller 1894
Dickson Dickson County Herald Freeman & Henslee 1907
Dover Courier H. C. Vinson  
Dresden Enterprise Joe Holbrook & Son 1883
Ducktown Polk County Republican F. P. James 1914
Dunlap Tribune J. G. Blalock 1889
Dyer Progressive Richard Davis 1919
Dyersburg State Gazette J. C. Rogers & Harvey Nelson 1865
Elizabethton Carter County Banner C. H. Fitzsimmons 1914
Erin Houston County News James Griffey 1876
Erwin Magnet J. F. Toney 1891
Etowah Enterprise Chas. Bevan 1906
Fayetteville Lincoln County News Thomas Price 1903
  Observer N. O. Wallace's Sons 1850
Franklin Review-Appeal George Armistead 1813
  Williamson County News R. S. Owen 1897
Friendship Tri-County News Leslie Sims 1912
Gainesboro Sentinel E. Woodson Tardy 1898
Gallatin Examiner-Tennessean C. W. Cornforth 1853
  Sumner County News Edward Albright 1897
Greeneville Democrat E. O. Susong 1879
  Searchlight C. H. McInturff 1905
  Sun W. R. Lyon 1891
Greenfield News L. O. Fulcher 1915
Halls Graphic Witt & Andrews 1900
Harriman Record J. W. Carter 1865
Harrogate Mountain Herald Boyd Wise 1897
Hartsville Vidette C. V. Gwin 1913
Henderson Observer-Gazette William Hamilton 1887
Hohenwald Lewis County Herald W. R. Goodman 1913
Humboldt Courier-Chronicle C. W. Rooks 1886
Huntingdon Carroll County Democrat J. B. Gilbert 1888
  Tennessee Republican R. A. Greene 1868
Jackson Cardinal and Cream Union Univ. Students 1908
  Christian Index (Negro) J. Arthur Hamlett 1867
  Everready Magazine (Negro) Edward Fisher  
  Progress Charles Robinson & Sons 1919
  Sun Harris Brown 1888
Jamestown Fentress County Record A. R. Hogue 1919
Jefferson City Jefferson County News F. G. Asquith 1915
  Orange and Blue Carson Newman Students 1916
  Watchman Samuel Frame 1876
Jellico Advance-Sentinel Earle Scott 1891
  Times Herman Tramell 1913
Johnson City Blue and Gold East Tennessee State Normal School Students 1914
  Staff R. C. Hodge 1891
Jonesboro Herald and Tribune E. S. Depew 1869
Kenton Observer Richard Davis 1919
Kingsport Times Isaac Shuman 1916
Kingston Citizen A. E. Minge 1919
Knoxville Appalachian Trade Journal J. R. Williams 1908
  East Tennessee News (Negro) East Tennessee News Co. 1909
  Independent George Ford 1894
  Journal and Tribune William Rule 1885
  Orange and White Univ. of Tennessee Students 1906
  Plain Dealer Fred Keith 1913
  Progressive Teacher Progressive Pub. Co. 1895
Knoxville Sentinel James Moore 1886
  Tennessee Farmer and Southern Stockman W. D. Williams 1912
  U. T. Farmer Agricultural Clubs of Univ. Tennessee 1906
  University of Tennessee Magazine Univ. of Tennessee Students 1887
La Follette Press James Snyder 1910
  Tri-County News H. A. Richard 1918
Lawrenceburg Lawrence Democrat Charles Travis Crawford 1884
  Lawrence News James Vaughan 1919
  Lawrence Union Schade Bros. 1886
Lebanon Banner Lebanon Banner Printing Co. 1900
  Cumberland Weekly Cumberland Univ. Students 1895
  Democrat A. A. & A. E. Adams 1889
Lenoir City News J. D. Eldridge 1905
Lewisburg Marshall Gazette J. N. McCord 1871
  Tribune W. M. Carter 1899
Lexington Progress W. V. Barry & Sons 1884
  Republican Felix Creasy 1893
Livingston Enterprise Charles Gray 1891
  Golden Age G. B. McGee 1914
Loudon Loudon County Record J. R. Emert 1886
McKenzie Banner D. A. Burkhalter 1892
McMinnville Gospel Advance Price Billingsley 1919
  Southern Standard R. M. Reams 1879
  Warren County Times and New Era Brown Bros. 1903
Madisonville Democrat Eli Duncan 1892
Manchester Enterprise E. C. Wilson 1917
  Times Hugh Doak 1881
Martin Baptist Builder I. N. Penick 1903
  Mail G. W. Boucher 1886
  Primitive Baptist C. H. Cayce 1886
Maryville Enterprise James Hedge, Jr. 1906
  Times Clyde Emert 1884
Memphis Baptist Herald (Negro) Joseph Clark 1907
  Bluff City News (Negro) King Chambers 1902
  Catholic Journal of the New South Catholic Journal Co. 1876
  Chamber of Commerce Journal John Osoinach 1918
  Club Affairs Nola Nance Oliver 1915
Memphis Colored Citizen (Negro) W. H. Melton 1900
  Columns West Tennessee State Normal School Students 1914
  Commercial Appeal Commercial Pub. Co. 1840
  Cotton and Cotton Oil News Ginner and Miller Pub. Co. 1900
  Diocese of Tennessee Nola Nance Oliver 1913
  Druggist, The Chas. Trotter 1918
  Herald A. L. Rowe 1895
  Jewish Spectator Emil Leipziger 1885
Memphis Labor Review J. Cohen 1917
  Medical Monthly J. L. Anerews 1880
  NewsScimitar Memphis News Scimitar Co. 1881
  Penny Bee Ralph Millett 1918
  Press E. L. Leech 1906
  Southern Construction News Robert Schaefer 1908
  Tennessee Christian E. H. Koch 1904
  Tri-State Poultry Journal J. Howard Sledd 1917
Milan Exchange J. W. Haynie 1874
Monterey News John Doak 1915
Morrison Times Hugh Doak 1881
Morristown Gazette C. L. O'Keefe 1866
  Mail Bruce Armstrong 1917
  Republican O. L. Wall 1893
  Sun E. M. Hardy 1908
Mountain City Johnson County News E. E. Barry  
Mount Pleasant Record Isaac Ballou 1906
Murfreesboro Home Journal L. J. Burgdorf 1890
  News-Banner J. R. Williams 1866
  Tennessee College Magazine Tennessee College (girls) Students 1907
Nashville Adult Bible School Quarterly Sunday School Board Southern Baptist Conv. 1902
  Adult Student E. B. Chappell 1908
  Advanced Quarterly Sunday School Board Southern Baptist Conv. 1887
  Advanced Quarterly (Negro) National Baptist Publishing Board 1885
  A. M. E. Church Review (Negro) Reverdy C. Ransom 1884
  American Tennessean Publishing Co. 1918
  Banner R. H. Yancey 1876
Nashville Baptist and Reflector Albert Bond 1836
  Baptist Boys and Girls Sunday School Board Southern Baptist Conv. 1904
  B. Y. P. U. Quarterly Sunday School Board Southern Baptist Conv. 1901
  Brown Book (Negro) National Negro Magazine Pub. Co. 1915
  Christian Advocate Thomas Ivey 1832
  Clarion (Negro) E. W. D. Isaac 1902
  Commercial Daily James Akers 1913
  Confederate Veteran Confederate Veteran Co. 1893
Nashville Cumberland Presbyterian J. L. Hudgins & T. A. Havron 1840
  Epworth Era F. S. Parker 1894
  Globe (Negro) Nashville Globe Pub. Co. 1906
  Gospel Advanced Quarterly McQuiddy Pub. Co.  
  Gospel Advocate J. C. McQuiddy & Assoc. 1855
  Gospel Intermediate Quarterly McQuiddy Pub. Co.  
  Home and Foreign Fields G. S. Dobbins 1846
Nashville Home Department Quarterly Smith & Lamar  
  Hustler Vanderbilt Univ. Students 1889
  Intermediate Quarterly Smith & Lamar 1887
  Intermediate Quarterly Sunday School Board Southern Baptist Conv. 1887
  Intermediate Quarterly (Negro) National Baptist Pub. Board 1885
  Journal of Medicine and Surgery C. S. Briggs 1851
  Journal of Tennessee State Medical Assoc. Olin West 1908
Nashville Junior Lessons Smith & Lamar 1880
  Junior Quarterly Sunday School Board Southern Baptist Conv. 1887
  Kind Words Sunday School Board Southern Baptist Conv.  
  Labor Advocate A. E. Hill 1902
  Lumber Stocks S. F. Horn 1881
  Merchant and Manufacturer Robert Burch 1895
  Methodist Review Smith & Lamar 1851
Nashville Midland Methodist J. A. Burrow 1871
  National Baptist Concert Quarterly National Baptist Pub. Board 1898
  National Baptist Metoka, Galeda and B. Y. P. U. Magazine (Negro) National Baptist Pub. Board 1912
  National Baptist Union Review (Negro) J. H. Frank 1899
  National Negro Magazine (Negro) National Negro Pub. Co.  
  Overcomer Polk Ross 1907
  Presbyterian Advance James Clarke 1910
  Primary Quarterly (Negro) National Baptist Pub. Board 1885
Nashville Senior Quarterly E. B. Chappell 1884
  Senior Quarterly (Negro) National Baptist Pub. Board 1905
  Southern Agriculturist E. E. Miller & L. R. Neel 1869
  Southern Christian Recorder G. W. Allen 1889
  Southern Lumberman S. F. Horn 1881
  Sudlicher Anzeiger   1896
  Sunday School Magazine E. B. Chappell 1871
  Superintendent's Quarterly Sunday School Board Southern Baptist Conv. 1905
Nashville Teacher I. J. Van Ness 1887
  Teacher (Negro) National Baptist Pub. Board 1887
  Tennessean Tennessee Pub. Co. 1812
  Tennessean and American Tennessee Pub. Co.  
  Tennessee Historical Magazine Tennessee Historical Society 1916
  Tennessee Mason W. H. Bumpus 1892
  Vanderbilt Alumnus Vanderbilt Univ. Alumni Assoc. 1915
  Vanderbilt Observer Vanderbilt Univ. Literary Societies 1877
Nashville Visitor E. B. Chappell 1854
  Ward-Belmont Hyphen Ward-Belmont College (Girls) Students 1912
  Watchman Magazine Arthur Spalding 1891
Newbern Tennesseean Glass Bros. 1888
Newport Herald M. A. Roadman 1917
  Plain Talk T. H. Campbell 1900
Obion Obion County Enterprise H. H. Rochelle 1910
Oneida Scott County News J. E. Bell 1916
Ooltewah James County Times W. B. Cleage 1904
Paris Parisian J. R. Rison 1895
  Post-Intelligencer John Rison 1866
Parsons Tribune G. S. Barry 1918
Petersburg Herald Mrs. Lillian Davis 1916
Pikeville Bledsonian and Pikeville Banner E. G. Wright 1891
Portland Herald Harris & Morris 1909
Pressman's Home American Pressman Thomas Dunwoody 1890
Pulaski Citizen W. B. Romine 1854
  Giles County Record Laps McCord, Sr. 1894
Ridgely Gazette G. C. Thomas 1912
Ripley Lauderdale County Enterprise Campbell & Hedgepeth 1885
Robbins Evangel Of Hope And Bible Banner D. Paul Ziegler 1904
Rockwood Times Robert Suete 1880
Rogersville Herald James Holston 1886
  Review M. P. Beasley 1885
Rutherford Register H. W. Williams 1889
Rutledege Grainger County News S. R. Wester 1917
Savannah Courier W. O. Mangum 1885
Selmer McNairy County Independent J. W. Purviance 1902
Sequachee Valley News W. C. Hill 1891
Sevierville Montgomery's Vindicator W. R. Montgomery 1897
  Sevier County Republican and Record H. O. Eckel 1914
Sewanee Sewanee Purple Univ. of the South Students 1891
  Sewanee Review Sewanee Review, Inc. 1892
Shelbyville Bedford County Times S. T. Morton 1886
  Gazette W. A. Frost 1873
Smithville Review Eugene Hendon 1892
Sneedville News Walter Pollard 1912
Somerville Fayette Falcon W. T. Loggins 1866
South Pittsburg Hustler Roy Woodfin & H. N. Minnis 1899
Sparta Expositor Robert Sutton 1879
  News D. A. Brown 1915
Spencer Van Buren County News E. N. Haston 1915
Springfield Herald and Robertson County News S. O. Murphey, Jr. 1889
Sweetwater News Roy Emert 1896
Tazewell Claiborne Progress Benj. Haynes 1887
Tiptonville Lake County News Mont Moody 1903
Tracy City Mrs. Grundy John Wright 1886
Trenton Gazette C. W. Glass 1909
  Herald-Democrat Charles E. Smith 1885
Tullahoma Guardian Polk Ross 1879
Union City Commercial Marshall & Baird 1890
  News-Banner James Brice 1886
Wartburg Morgan County Press A. B. Peters 1916
Watertown Herald Joe Cooper 1917
Waverly Humphrey's County Democrat R. H. Philipps 1910
Winchester Open Door Mrs. M. C. Baker 1898
  Truth and Herald Southern Printing and Pub. Co. 1856
Woodbury Cannon Courier F. O. Wallace 1915











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