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Grand Canyon Official Rates


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Just for fun, here are the official rates for lodging and services at the Grand Canyon National Park taken from the official Rules and Regulations publication.

To take advantage of these rates
you will need a time machine,
they are for 1921.



El Tovar
"There are 93 sleeping rooms accommodating 175 guests. Forty-six of these rooms are connected with private baths. There is a music room and rendezvous. In the main dining room 165 persons can be seated at one time. Hot and cold water, steam heat and electric light are supplied. El Tovar also has a steam laundry."

American Plan:
One person in room without bath, per day    $6.00
One person in room with bath, per day    $8.00
there are a few exceptional rooms with bath carrying an additional charge.

Meals only:

Breakfast    $1.25  (in 1928 $1.25)
Luncheon    $1.25  (in 1928 $1.50)
Dinner        $1.50  (in 1928 $1.75)

By 1928 room prices had increased to $7 to $10 per day. 
Official prices in the barbershop in 1928 were; Shave 25 cents, Haircut, Men 50 cents, Women 75 cents and Shampoo was $1.

Bright Angel Cottages
"Cozy lodgings in cottages or tents.... The accommodations are clean and comfortable. There are four cottages, open the year round and several large tents for summer only. All of the cottages have steam heat and electric light; one cottage also has baths."

Lodging only, per day, per person    $1.50-$2.00

Hermit Camp
On Tonto Plateau at the foot of Hermit Trail; consists of a central dining room, lounge tent and 11 sleeping tents, accommodations for 30 persons.

American plan, per day, per person    $5.00

Wylie Way Camp on North Rim
"Tourist camp, consisting of a central dining tent and comfortable sleeping tents with accommodations for 25 persons. Rates are $6 per day."

Trail Trips

Hermit trail, stopping at Hermit Camp overnight
Two days and one night. Rates, $18.25 per person including guide, overnight accommodations and meals en route and at Hermit Camp. Private guide, $5 per day extra.

Bright Angel Trail
The trip is made on muleback, accompanied by a guide. River trip $6 each person, Plateau trip, $5 each person.


"Camping trips with pack saddle animals, or with wagons and saddle animals, are organized, completely equipped, and placed in charge of experienced guides." "The rates vary from $10 to $15 a day for one person; $6 to $8 a day each additional person." These trips were available for Cataract Canyon & Havasupai Village, Desert View, Little Colorado River, Painted Desert & Hopi Land (which went to Saddle Horse Tanks, Tuba City and passed Moenkopie).

Summer trips by automobile were also available, ranging from $1.50 to $20.

By 1928 the Park had official rates for automobile services at the garage.

Washing car $3.00
Mechanic's labor  $1.75 per hour
Welding labor $2.00 per hour
Electrical labor $2.00 per hour
Charging battery $1.50
Filling & testing battery $0.25
Towing cars $1 per mile












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