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Who's Who Women of 1914; L-R Surnames

When searching this database for Genealogy or Historical Research, remember to look under married and maiden names.

There is a short biographical paragraph about each woman, which includes information such as; place of birth, parents (usually with mother's maiden name), marriage & children information, education background, career accomplishments, clubs & activities, and much more. Many of the entries tell if the woman was in favor of Woman's Suffrage.

     Price: $6 for the first woman & $3 for each additional.
When you order, we will copy the Woman's Biography, the Title Page, the Preface, "A Suffrage Referendum" (2 pages on the state of Suffrage & attitudes in 1914) and 2 pages of Abbreviations used in the biographies.

Item # 10387

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This page contains surnames beginning with letters L-R.
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Lacey, Lila H. Patterson
Laciar, Elizabeth Tremper Darrow
Ladd, Anna Coleman
Ladd, Mary L. Gregory
Ladd, Prudence Hyman
Laddey, Clara Schlee
Lafferty, Alma V.
Lafferty, Louise M. DeG. Taylor
La Follette, Fola
La Force, Carolina Bousquet
La Garde, Fannie D.
Lagercrantz, Ava de
Laidlaw, Harriet Burton
Laing, Mary Elizabeth
Laird, Elizabeth Rebecca
Laird, Gertrude S. J.
Laird, Nellie Hazeltine Andrews
Lajoie, Marie Gerin
Lake, Harriet Isadora
Lake, Leonora Marie
Lake, Marguerite Brunelle
Lakeman, Mary Ropes
Lakey, Alice
Lamb, Ella Condie
Lamb, Isabel Haslup
Lamb, Mary Elizabeth
Lamb, Nellie A.
Lambert, Belle Short
Lambert, Edith B. Lowery
Lambert, Lillian Vitalique
Lambert, Lydia Newsom
Lamkin, Daisye Buck
Lamont, Florence Haskell Corliss
Lamprey, Estella Loomis
Lamprey, Eva Blanche
Lamson, Kate Glidden
Lanahan, Annie Snowden
Landers, Julia Ethel
Landers, Janie Dean
Landis, Eva May
Landon, Emily A. Pierce
Landon, Mary Hornor
Lane, Annie Eichberg
Lane, B. Elizabeth
Lane, Etta Freeman
Lane, Frances Margaret
Lane, Gertrude Battles
Lane, Josie Ivey
Lane, Katharine Jane
Lane, Mary Blanche
Lang, Margaret Ruthven
Langdon, Marie Geraldine
Lange, Caroline Penny
Lange, Linda Bartels
Langley, Elizabeth Euphrosyne
Langsdorf, Elsie Hirsch
Langstaff, Cora E.
Langstaff, S. Josephine M.
Langton, Bernice
Lanham, Edith Campbell Crane
Lanier, Elizabeth Masson
Lansdale, Maria Hornor
Lansing, Elfleda Haecker
Lansing, Marion Florence
Lansing, Sarah Treadway
Lantz, Eleanor
Lanza Di Brolo, Marquise Clara
La Page, Gertrude
Lapham, Kathleen H. M. Boddy
Lapham, Mary E.
Lappington, Myrtle Parke
Lardner, Lena Bogardus
Larkin, Edna Crate
Larkin, Katherine B. S.
Larned, Augusta
Larned, Linda Hull
Larom, Elizabeth E. Shute
Larrabee, Anna Pratt
Larson, Agnes
Lash, Bertha Beatrice
Lasher, Susan Elizabeth
Lassen, Helene Siverine
Latham, Elsie Gaylord
Lathrop, Ida Pulis
Lathrop, Isabel Stevens
Lathrop, Julia C.
Lathrop, Mary Alinda
Lathrop, Rose Hawthorne
Latimer, Caroline Wormeley
Latimer, Lilian Emmeline
Lattimore, Eleanor Larrabee
Lattimore, Sarah C.
Latus, Grace Druitt
Laubender, Ruth Elizabeth
Lauder, Ella louise
Lauderdale, Josephine Lane
Laughlin, Ada Mabelle
Laughlin, Clara Elizabeth
Laughlin, Gail
Laughlin, Kate Kimbrough
Lauriat, Harriet Fidelia
Laut, Agnes C.
Lauterbach, Amanda Friedman
Law, Lizzie Woodbury
Lawhead, Lydia D.
Lawlor, Lillie
Lawrence, Carrie Craft
Lawrence, Ella Park
Lawrence, Isabel
Lawrence, Lina
Lawrence, Margaret L. Stanton
Lawrence, Mary Dahlgren
Lawrence, Ruth
Laws, Annie
Lawson, Anna Meredith
Lawson, Maria
Lawton, Alice Maude
Lawton, Bessie E. Boyd
Lawton, Jennie Lathrop
Lawton, Mary Agnes
Lazard, Marie von Unschuld
Lazarovich-Hrebelianovich, Eleanor
La Zarus, Jennie Harrison
Lazenby, Laura
Leach, Abby
Leach, Antoinette D.
Leach, Elizabeth Dwight
Leaf, Elizabeth Trenchard
Leahy, Louise Harrington
Leakey, Jennie Clara Drake
Learned, Ellin Craven
Learned, Mary Poppleton
Learned, Victorine Upshur
Learoyd, Mabel Woodbury
Leary, Olga Cushing
Lease, Mary Elizabeth
Leasure, Lida Powers
Leatherbee, Frances Crane
Leatherman, Minnie Wells
Leatherwood, Nancy Albaugh
Leavenworth, Emma E. Gifford
Leavenworth, Sarah Theodosia A.
Leavitt, Amy Clement
Leavitt, Charlotte Mendell
Leavitt, Florence Pennock
Leavitt, Julia White
Leaycraft, Julia Searing
Leckie, Katherine
L'Ecluse, Julia Manley Weeks
Lee, Agnes
Lee, Alice
Lee, Alice Louise
Lee, Elizabeth Leighton
Lee, Elva
Lee, Ethel Pollock
Lee, Gertrude Adams
Lee, Helena Crumett
Lee, Hildegarde Langsdorf
Lee, Jeanette
Lee, Laura
Lee, Laura Billings
Lee, Margaret
Lee, Mary Chappell
Leebrick, Kate
Leech, Caroline Apperson
Leek, Elizabeth Austin
Leeming, Thomas L., Mrs.
Leeper, Laura Ferguson
Leet, Mary Garrett
Lefevre, Lily Alice
Lefferts, Sara Tawney
Lefroy, Sallie Watson
Legge, Charlotte M.
Leggett, Lillian Ketcham
Leiding, Harriette Kershaw
Leighton, Etta Veronica
Leisewitz, Julia M.
Leland, Abby Porter
Lemly, Elizabeth Cary
Lent, Mary Simons
Lente, Ellen Kemble
Leonard, Carrie Boyd
Leonard, Mary Cleavland Johnston
Leonard, Mary Finley
Leonard, Pauline Wiggin
LeRoy, Fanny Wayne
Leslie, Amy
Leslie, Frank, Mrs.
Leslie, Mary
L'Esperance, Elsie Strang 
Lessley, Eliza Popjoy
Lester, Fanny Boggs
Letts, Cora Perkins
LeValley, Laura A. Woodin
Leveridge, Phyllis Mayer
Levering, Grace Wade
Levering, Julia Henderson
Levi, Kate Everest
Levien, Sara A.
Levy, Beatrice A.
Levy, Florence Nightingale
Levy, Harriet Mooney
Levy, Henrietta Platnauer
Lewandowska, Maidelle de
Lewars, Elsie Singmaster
Lewi, Emily
Lewis, Alice G.
Lewis, Amanda Kerr
Lewis, Bessie Hastings Williams
Lewis, Carolyn Trowbridge
Lewis, Carrie Bullard
Lewis, Cora Gilbert
Lewis, Edith Rannells
Lewis, Elsie Lathrop
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Elizabeth Dabney Langhorne
Lewis, Ella Louise Hatch
Lewis, Emily Augusta Westwood
Lewis, Emily Sargent
Lewis, Frances Graham Hoyt
Lewis, Grace Robbins
Lewis, Isabel Eleanor Martin
Lewis, Janet Cook
Lewis, Lena Morrow
Lewis, Lina Redwood
Lewis, Lorie Mackey
Lewis, Margaret A. Reed
Lewis, Margaret Cameron
Lewis, Mary Delia
Lewis, Melissa Ann
Lewis, Sarah Borden Durfee
Lexow, Caroline
Libbey, Grace E.
Libbey, Laura Jean
Libbey, Mary E. Green
Libby, Harriet Martin
Libby, Hattie Payson Brazier
Libbey, Mary Stokes
Lichtenstein, Clara
Liggett, Anna Coates Wardle
Liggett, Ella Mary
Liggett, Gertrude Irwin
Lightfoot, Mary W. Minor
Lightner, Letitia C.
Ligon, Cora S. Reed
Ligon, Elle Lee Barret
Lillie, Helen Eva Makepeace
Lilliefors, Katharine Fackenthal
Lilly, Lillian A. Armstrong
Lincoln, Jeanie T. Gould
Lincoln, Mary J. Bailey
Lincoln, Natalie Sumner
Lind, Alice Adele
Lindsay, Anna R. Brown
Lindsay-Wynekoop, Alice Lois
Lindsey, Louise M.
Lindsey, Washington E., Mrs.
Lindsley, Dorlissa Johnston
Lines, Mary Louise
Link, B. Lillian
Linn, Edith Lenore Willis
Linn, Mary Hunter
Lipman, Clara
Lippincott, Martha Shepard
Lippincott, Mary Woodward
Lippitt, Flora K.
Lippmann, Julie Mathilde
Listle, Alice Ingersoll
Litchfield, Grace Denio
LitchfieldMary Elizabeth
Little, Alice Cowles
Little, Caroline Frances
Little, julia E. Lockhart
Little, Marou Brown
Little, Martha H. Neal
Littlefield, Minnie Ella
Littlejohn, Rebecca Bolling
Littleton, Annie S.
Livermore, Caroline Sealy
Livermore, Henrietta J. Wells
Livingston, Alice Delafield
Livingston, Bettie Phipps
Livingston, Charlotte Lucia
Livingston, Clara Dudley
Livingston, Marjorie M. Johnson
Livingston, Olga Theodora
Livingston, Rose Florence
Lizars, Kathleen MacFarlane
Lloyd, Caroline Augusta
Lloyd, Lola Maverick
Lloyd, Mary H. Wingate
Lloyd, Mary Sybil
Lobingier, Kate Reynolds
Locke, Annette E. Philbrick
Locke, Etta Ober
Locke, Eva M.
Locke, Grace Perley
Locke, Ione Eddy
Locke, Mary Stoughton
Lockhart, Lizzie Marion
Lockwood, Belva Ann Bennett
Lockwood, Bertha Greene
Lockwood, Katharine Read
Lockwood, Laura Emma
Lockwood, Sara E. husted
Loder, Nina S.
Lodge, Susan C.
Loeb, Anne Leonard
Loeb, Charlotte
Loeb, Sara
Lofberg, Grace E. Ward
Logan, Bertha Allen
Logan, Grace Redfield Boynton
Logan, Mary S. Cunningham
Logue, Emily
Loines, Elmes
Lombardi, Ethel Peck
Long, Catherine Stoneman
Long, Elizabeth Ballard
Long, Margaret
Long, Medora Welch
Long, Minnie Wilson
Long, Princess Clark
Longan, Emma Lard
Longbrake, Gertrude Brandsmark
Longdon, Harriet Ruger
Longfellow, Julia L. Delafield
Longfellow, Marian Adele
Longman, Evelyn Beatrice
Longnecker, Elizabeth Dye
Longstreet, Helen Dortch
Loomis, Clara Denison
Loomis, Ellen Seymour Hanson
Loomis, Jennie
Loomis, Louise Ropes
Loomis, Mary Trask
Loose, Katharine Riegel
Loper, Ruth Rust
Lopez, Maria De G. E.
Lord, Eleanor Louisa
Lord, Isabel Ely
Lord, Katharine
Lore, Emma M. T.
Loring, Anna S.
Loring, Bertha Darrow
Loring, Florence Barton
Loring, Frances Norma
Lorini, Louise Chase
Lory, Carrie Richards
Lose, Rebecca Justina
Loshe, Lillie Deming
Lothrop, Harriet Mulford Stone
Lotz, Matilda
Loud, Annie Frances
Loud, Bessie Alberta
Louden, Elizabeth Valentine
Loudon, Anne Louise
Louis, Minnie Dessau
Lounsbery, Harriet Camp
Lounsberry, Alice Valentine
Lounsbury, Nellie E.
Louthan, Florence S.
Louthan, Hattie Horner
Love, Anita Hemmings
Love, Hattie Frank
Lovejoy, Debora Eliza
Lovejoy, Esther Pohl
Lovejoy, Laura Armstrong
Lovejoy, Lillian
Lovejoy, Mary E. Wood
Low, Mary Fairchild
Low, May Austin
Lowater, Frances
Lowe, Betsy Barker
Lowell, Amy
Lowell, Edith Allen
Lowell, Mary Chandler
Lowell, Mary Ella Purington
Lowenstein, Alice Moritz
Lowenstein, Harriet B.
Lowry, Edith B.
Lowthorp, Fannie Willets
Loyhed, Frances Ames
Lozier, Jeanne de la Montagnie
Lucas, Bertha J. Richardson
Lucas, Mattie Davis
Ludington, Mildred Wilson
Ludlow, Clara Southmayd
Ludovici, Alice E.
Luhrs, Jennie M. Patterson
Luke, Mary Bailey
Lundgren, Maude Cohoon
Lusk, Leila Lee fearn
Luther, Agnes Vinton
Luther, Clara M.
Luther, Margaret E.
Luttrell, Estelle
Lutz, Grace L. Hill
Lutz, Helen Howland
Lyders, Elizabeth M. P.
Lyle, Frances Douglas
Lyman, Bertha B. Thayer
Lyman, Edith Alice Evelyn
Lyman, Edna D. Steward
Lyman, Emily Stewart
Lyman, Henrietta Crane
Lyman, Rose Clarissa
Lyman, Susan Chester
Lynch, Caroline Vinia
Lynch, Dolly Suite
Lynch, Ella Frances
Lynch, Gertrude
Lynch, Harriet Powe
Lynch, Isabel Purdon
Lynch, Mary Virginia
Lynch, Rachel Ann Cartwright
Lynde, Helen Eldred Storke
Lynn, Marion
Lyon, Annie Bozeman
Lyon, Ellen Chyoweth
Lyon, Frances Dimmick
Lyons, Lucile Manning
Lyons, Minnie Leora Bartlett
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Maar, Maria Peterson
Maas, Elizabeth Catherine
Mabie, Mary E.
McAchran, Flora J. Clayton
Macadam, Carrie Farrant
McAdoo, Mary Faith Floyd
McAfee, Effie Lynch Danforth
McAfee, Mary Jane
McAlister, Lottie
McAllister, Julia Gabriella
McArthur, Mary
McArthur, Mildred Sherwood
Macaulay, Frances Caldwell
Macavoy, Clarissa Harben
McBean, Jane Virginia
McBlair, Mary Tayloe Key
MacBrayne, Sarah Thurlow
McBurney, Catharine Watson
McCabe, Harriet Calista Clark
McCabe, Lida Rose
McCahan, Belle Travers
McCain, Mary V. Overholt
McCaine, Helen J,
McCaleb, Ella
McCall, Florence Mabel
MacCallum, Emily
McCamant, Catherine
McCammon, Anna Estelle
McCan, Martha Nelson
McCandless, ALice
McCarter, Margaret Hill
McCarthy, Ellen S.
McCaul, Helen
McCauley, Lena May
McCauley, Mary E. Mendenhall
MacChesney, Clara Taggart
MacChesney, Lena Frost
McClellan, Elisabeth
McClelland, Ella Gale
McClelland, Nancy Vincent
McClench, Katharine Hill
McClenon, Mary Adeline White
McClintic, Olive Leaman
McClintock, Helen Elizabeth
McCloskey, Alice Gertrude
McCloud, Lucy Carter
McCluney, Mabel McKeighan
McClung, Nellie Letitia Mooney
McClure, Mary Alice
McClusky, O. W., Mrs.
McColl, Edith Pusey Durand
McComas, Alice Moore
McCombs, Georgette
McConkey, Bertha M.
McConnell, Ella Mead
McConnell, Genevieve Knapp
McConnell, Marion V. Ellis
McConnell, Maude Wells
McCord, Annie Elizabeth
McCormick, Edith Rockefeller
McCormick, Harriet Hammond
McCormick, Ida May
McCormick, Katherine Dexter
McCormick, Ruth Hanna
McCormick, Sophia Grant
MacCoull, Kari P. Gamble
McCoy, Camilla Harrison
McCoy, Emma Augusta
McCoy, Etta Joe
McCoy, Leeta Myrtle
McCracken, Elizabeth
McCracken, Mary Unger
McCrackin, Belle Fitzhugh
McCrackin, Josephine Clifford
McCready, Margaret Merkley
McCredie, Marion MacMaster
McCreery, Janie Cole
McCrillis, Mary F.
McCulloch, Catharine Waugh
McCulloch, Harriet E. Mize
McCulloch, Margaret
McCune, Lillian May
McCutcheon, Hattie Louise
McCutcheon, Leona
McDaniel, Martha D. Scarborough
MacDonald, Annie Caroline
MacDonald, Belle Jeanne
McDonald, Clara Bird
McDonald, Etta Blaisdell
MacDonald, Lucy M. Montgomery
MacDonald, Margaret Baxter
MacDonald, Margaret Chisholm
MacDonald, Maie Tucker
MacDonald, Mary Bartlett
MacDonald, Mary C. V. V. Hopkins
MacDonald, Muriel Irwin
McDonald, Stella Breyfogle
MacDonnell, Tochie Williams
McDonnell, Nannie Chilton
McDougal, Mary Carmack
McDougal, Myrtle Archer
MacDougall, Charlotte Sackett
McDougall, Marion Eliza
McDougall, Marion Eliza
McDowell, Cecile Rebecca
McDowell, Clotilda Lyon
McDowell, Elizabeth Estill
McDowell, Emma M. Scott
McDowell, Louise Sherwood
McDowell, Mary Eliza
McDowell, Pauline
McElroy, Mary Arthur
MacEuen, Mary Carnell
McEwen, Mary Gilruth
McFadden, Elizabeth Apthorp
Macfarland, Mary Perley
Macfarlane, Alice O'Rear
Macfee, Anna Maria
Macfee, Janet Donalda
McGee, Anita Newcomb
McFarlane, Flora, 
McFarlane, Ida G. Kruse
McGiffert, Gertrude H. Boyce
McGill, Grace Collins
MacGill, Helen Gregory
McGill, Mary E. Wilson
McGilva, Edith J.
McGinnis, Clara Buchanan
McGinnis, Mary Bladen
McGlachlin, Elizabeth Gardiner
McGlannan, Sally Porter Law
MacGowan, Alice
McGrath, Bonnie Hill
McGrath, Mary Carson
McGraw, Maria L. Dickinson
MacGregor, Alma Follansbee
MacGregor, Fanny
MacGregor, Mary E. Miller
McGrew, Julia Bird
McGuffey, Margaret D.
McGuire, Edna Leona
Machar, Agnes Maule
McHugh, Kate A.
McHugh, Lerah G.
McHugh, Oliva Henderson
McIlwraith, Jean Newton
McIntire, Ida Noyes
McIntosh, Bella Marcuse
McIntosh, Elizabeth E.
McIntosh, Kate H. Pier
McIntosh, Minnie Dixson
McIntyre, Florence Percy
McIntyre, Louise L. LeVerenz
McIntyre, Lydia Fletcher
Mack, Anna De Wolf
Mack, Flora A. Davenport
Mack, Mabel Waller
Mack, Rebecca Robins
Mackay, Constance D'Arcy
Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone
Mackay, Katherine A. Duer
McKay, Florence Lucinda
MacKay, Katherine Joanna
McKay, Martha K.
McKeag, Anna Jane
McKee, Florence Cutcheon
McKee, Ruth Karr
McKee, Sarah Galt Elwood
McKee, Sarah Hughes
McKeen, Helen Josephine
Mackellar, Gertrude E.
McKellar, Margaret
McKelvey, Mary Mattocks
McKelvy, Blanche L.
McKenzie, Ethel O'Neil
McKenzie, Margaret M. Ross
Mackenzie, Mary E. Forwood
McKeon, Elsie McVitty
McKerroll, Mary Catharine
Mackey, Maryette Goodwin
Mackie, Laura V. Gustin
McKillican, Janet
McKim, Henrietta
McKinney, May Mourning Faris
McKinney, Mayela Genevieve
McKinney, Roberta Montgomery
McKinney, Sarah Gertrude
MacKinnie, Adelaide Orff
Macklem, Heloise
McKnight, Anna Caulfield
McKissick, Margaret Adger Smyth
Mackubin, Florence
MacKusick, Mary Alcott
McLagan, Sara Anne
McLain, Arthur Horace, Mrs.
McLanahan, Nettie Paskell
McLane, Catherine Milligan
McLaren, Alice Day
McLaren, Jennette M.
MacLaren, Katherine Dean
McLaughlin, Mary Louise
McLaughlin, Theodora North
McLaughry, Margaret
McLaws, Emily Lafayette
McLean, Addie L.
McLean, Adelaide Lare
MacLean, Adelaine Lockwood
MacLean, Annie Marion
McLean, Clara C. Chamberlain
Maclean, Eda W.
McLean, Ella Louise
McLean, Emily N. Ritchie
McLean, Fannie Richards
McLean, Georgiana Grant
McLean, Helena Chapin
MacLean, Iona M.
McLean, Mary Hancock
McLeish, Elizabeth J. Moore
MacLeish, Martha Hillard
MacLeod, Della Campbell
Macleod, Elizabeth S.
McLeod, Pearl Monk
McLester, Amelia
McLure, Elizabeth Meriwether
McMahan, Anna Benneson
McMain, Eleanor Laura
McManus, Blanche
McManus, Emily Julian
MacMartin, Mary
McMicken, Frances Marsh
McMillin, Benton, Mrs.
Macmillan, Isabel
MacMillan, Lucy Hayes
MacMillan, Mary
McMillan, Ruth Strong
MacMonnies, Alice Jones
McMullin, Jessica G. Lake
McMullin, Virginia McNulty
MacMurchy, Helen
MacMurchy, Marjory
MacMurphy, Mary Stuart
McMurray, Lida Brown
McNair, Grace Elizabeth
McNair, Jean Ferguson
McNamara, Adelaide Luisita
McNeely, Frances C. Jones
MacNeill, Clara Norwood
McNulty, Anna
Macomber, Jennie
Macomber, Mabel E.
Macomber, Mary Elizabeth
McOuat, Mary Elizabeth
McPherson, Lucy Belle Harmon
Macpherson, Margaret Campbell
McQueen, Katherine M.
McQuide, Sarah Tappin
MacQuillin, Lillian Gertrude
McRae, Emma Montgomery
McRae, Fannie Collier
McRaven, Hortense McMorries
McReynolds, Jennie E. Davis
McSherry, Jennie Emma
Macurdy, Grace H.
Macvane, Edith
McVay, Anna Pearl
McVea, Emilie Watts
McVey, Mabel Sawyer
McVickar, Estelle R.
McWhirter, Luella F. Smith
McWilliams, Margaret Stovel
Macy, Edith Brander
Macy, Elizabeth Wise
Madden, Eva Anne
Maddison, Isabel
Maddock, Catherine Y. Glen
Maddocks, Caroline Shaw
Maddox, Emily Christy
Maddox, Florence Spring
Madeira, Lucy
Madeira, Marie L. Ireland
Madison, Lucy Foster
Maertz, Louise
Magee, Bell Mhoon
Magie, Margaret McCosh
Magruder, Belle Burns
MaGuire, Marie E. A>
Mahan, Frances Israel
Mahon, Ruth Ferguson
Mahony, Emogene
Mailly, Bertha Howell
Main, Charlotte Emerson
Maine, Clara Horton
Maine, Mary Talulah
Mainus, Polly
Malchow, Stella Wellington
Malcolmson, Margaret Ewing
Maley, Anna Agnes
Maley, Roes Ann Bird
Malone, Maud
Mallory, Helen N. Ladue
Mallory, Leila Fish
Maltby, Edith Frances
Maltby, Margaret E.
Maltby, Virginia Minerva
Manchester, Margaret MacGregor
Mandl, Emma B.
Mangum, Clare Perkins
Manierre, Eleanor Mason
Mann, Caroline Whallon Judd
Mann, Carrie Foote
Mann, Cynthia Pease
Mann, Emma
Mann, Floris J. Perkins
Mann, Kristine
Mann, Martha E. Foss
Mann, Mary Adeline
Mann, Rowena Morse
Mannes, Clara Damrosch
Mannering, Mary
Manners, Frances L. Whittlesey
Mannheimer, Jennie
Manning, Maria Potter
Manning, Mary M. Fryer
Manser, Frances Mary
Mansfield, Adelaide Claffin
Mansfield, Blanche McManus
Mansfield, Helen Coolidge
Mansfield, Mary Allen
Mansfield, Myrtle Gibson
Mansfield, Susan Hegeman
Manson, Louise Hutcheson
Manwaring, Elizabeth Wheeler
Manzer, Adeline Brower
Mappin, Lillian M.
Marble, Annie Russell
Marble, Elizabeth Dana
Marble, Harriet Fuller
Marbourg, Dolores
Marburg, Fanny Dulany Moncure
Marbury, Elisabeth
Marcy, Mary E. Smith
Marden, Clare Evans
Marden, Elizabeth M.
Marean, Elizabeth Richards
Margesson, Helen Pearson
Marine, Harriet Perkins
Maris, Anna M.
Mark, Mary Louise
Mark, Nellie Virginia
Markham, Anna Catherine
Markle, Bessie
Marks, Jeanette
Marks, Josephine P. Peabody
Markwell, Lulu Alice
Marlatt, Abby L.
Marlin, Wenona
Marlowe, Julia
Marot, Helen
Marot, Mary Louise
Marple, Florence A.
Marr, Isabelle
Marr, Jennie L. Estes
Marriott, Lucretia E. Williams
Marsh, Eleanor Blake
Marsh, Ellen J. F. Bennett
Marsh, Frances Wellock
Marsh, Genevieve
Marsh, Genevieve Cutler
Marsh, Juliet Garvin Hamill
Marsh, Mary L. Montgomery
Marsh, Mary McWilliams
Marshall, Clara
Marshall, Ella Ormsby
Marshall, Jessie Ames
Marshall, Marguerite
Marshall, Mary Ellen C.
Marshall, Mary Louise Donnell
Marshall, Nina Lovering
Marsland, Cora
Marston, Mary A. Day
Martens, Vestina Gladys
Martin, Anne Henrietta
Martin, Catharine
Martin, Catharine E. Dodge
Martin, Clara Brett
Martin, Clara Davis
Martin, Edith Copeland
Martin, Eliza Gathright
Martin, Ellen Annette
Martin, Emilie Norton
Martin, Fletcher Burr, Mrs. 
Martin, Frances McG. 
Martin, Frank A., Mrs.
Martin, George Madden
Martin, Gertrude Shorb
Martin, Helen Reimensnyder
Martin, Ida Shaw
Martin, Isabel Eleanor
Martin, Leila Moss
Martin, Leonora Monterio
Martin, Lillien Jane
Martin, Louisa
Martin, Martha Evans
Martin, Mary Augusta Ricker
Martin, Marry Etta
Martin, Mary Tredick
Martin, Matilda Work
Martin, Myra B.
Martin, Nellie B. Barton
Martin, Victoria Claflin Woodhull
Marty, Aletta Elise
Martyn, Anna Thompson
Marvel, Mary Jackson
Marvell, Mary Brayton
Marvin, Adelaide Hoffman
Maschmedt, Flora Huntley
Masland, Mary E.
Mason, Alby Walker
Mason, Amelia R. Gere
Mason, Cara Pratt
Mason, Caroline Atwater
Mason, Conie Bear
Mason, Elizabeth Spaulding
Mason, Eva Cordelia Child
Mason, Flora L.
Mason, Frances Bell
Mason, Frances Fay Calhoun
Mason, Grace Sartwell
Mason, Harriet Lawrence
Mason, Helen Jackson
Mason, Marion Houghton
Mason, Mary Louisa
Mason, Mary Lyman
Mason, Mary Quaife Smith
Mason, Maud M.
Mason, Rebecca P. Stevenson
Mason, Susan Hinke
Mason, Virginia Murdoch Wilson
Masse, Mathidle von Eschenbach
Massingham, Agnes Boyce
Masters, Edna Crocker
Masters, Helen Jenkins
Masterson, Kate
Mastick, Josephine Hinchman
Mastin, Flora Williams
Mathews, Blanche Dingley
Mathews, Frances Aymar
Mathews, Helen Whitman
Mathews, Rachel Ellicott
Mathot, Alice Croly
Matlack, George S., Mrs.
Matson, Anna Glover
Matson, Kathleen Connor
Mattern, Gertrude Lewis
Matthews, Agnes Rounds
Matthews, Florence B.
Matthews, Irma Blanchard
Matthews, Jane Shinker
Mattis, Elsie Curtis
Maule, Mary K.
Maull, Millicent Howell
Maury, Antonia Coetana
Maury, Carlotta Joaquina
Maus, Mattie Lindsay Poor
Mauzy, Anna J. Ross
Maxim, Florence
Maxwell, Anna Caroline
Maxwell, Carrie Estelle
Maxwell, Clara M. Barry
Maxwell, Ellen Blackmar
Maxwell, Emma Eliza
Maxwell, Ernestine McDaniel
Maxwell, Gertrude Appleget Wyckoff
Maxwell, Laura
May, Winifred Martin
Mayer, Belle Falck
Mayer, Mary Hicks
Mayer, Max, Mrs.
Maynard, Lucy J. Warner
Maynard, Margaret ryerson
Maynard, Mila Tupper
Mayo-Smith, Mabel
Mead, Ada Wing
Mead, Elizabeth Storrs
Mead, Emily Fogg
Mead, Kate Campbell Hurd
Mead, Lucia Ames
Meader, Lucie Claflin
Meagher, Jennie Elizabeth
Meaker, Isabelle Jackson
Meanes, Lenna Leota
Mears, Helen Farnsworth
Mears, Mary
Mechlin, Leila
Meder, Florence Fashauer
Medill, Monica Morgan
Medlar, Adele Bishop
Medlicott, Mary
Mee, Emma L. Gilmore
Meek, Annie Winfrey
Meeker, Clara Ella
Meekins, Katherine Webster
Meeks, Frances R. Pearson
Meeteer, Henrietta J.
Meier, Gertrude Gibbs
Meigs, Grace Lynde
Meigs, Katharine H.
Meigs, Louise Lawrence
Melcher, Bertha L. Corbett
Meleney, Carolyn Cort
Mellen, Ellen Johnson
Mellon, Jennie King
Mellor, Laura Reinhart
Meloney, Agatha P.
Meloy, Luella Price
Melvain, Janet Frederica
Mendelson, Ethel Morrison
Mendenhall, Alice Ann
Mendenhall, Dorothy Reed
Mendes, Grace P.
Mercer, Mary E.
Meredith, Elisabeth Gray
Meredith, Ellis
Meredith, Virginia Claypool
Meriwether, Elizabeth Avery
Meriwether, Lucy U. Western
Merriam, Elizabeth
Merriam, Nellie Bronson
Merrick, Eliza Johnson
Merrick, Mary G. Seavey
Merrifield, Izola L. Forrester
Merrill, Dora Ellen
Merrill, Dora Estelle
Merrill, Ellen Byrne
Merrill, Helen Abbot
Merrill, Helen M.
Merrill, Jane Summerside
Merrill, Jenny Biggs
Merrill, Kate Pomeroy
Merrill, Katherine L. Yancey
Merrill, Lillie McDonald
Merrill, Mary Sroufe
Merrill, Sara A. L. Taylor
Merriman, Effie Woodward
Merriman, Helen Bigelow
Merriman, Mabel Lillian
Merriman, Margaret Mather
Merritt, Emma L. Sutro
Merritt, Ethel Moore
Merrow, Harriet Lathrop
Merry, Anna Wall
Mersereau, Nellie Colman
Mertzke, Emma V.
Meryweather, Mary Benson
Meserole, Katherine L. Maltby
Messenger, Lillian Rozell
Messer, Elizabeth Walcott Lyman
Metcalf, Caroline Graham Soule
Metcalfe, Anne H.
Meyer, Adele
Meyer, Annie Nathan
Meyer, Estelle Reel
Meyer, Lucy Rider
Meyer, Marie F. Baird
Meyers, Alice Hanford
Meyn, Antoinette Affeld
Michael, Rachel Stix
Michelson, Miriam
Mickley, Minnie Fogel
Middleswart, Belle Otis
Middleton, Joseph M., Mrs.
Miersch, Ella E.
Miesse, Kate Dewitt
Mihills, Carrie Sizer
Mihills, Mildred
Milam, Avis Sanders
Miles, Emma Bell
Milhau, Zella de
Milholland, Sara Agnes
Milholland-Boissevain, Inez
Milinowski, Harriot Ransom
Milinowski, Marta
Militz, Annie Rix
Millar, Ellen M. Graham
Millard, Alice Welch Kellogg
Millard, Gertrude Binney
Miller, Alice Duer
Miller, Anna Virginia
Miller, Antha L. Knowlton
Miller, Barnette
Miller, Christie Poppenheim
Miller, Christine
Miller, Clara E. Skinner
Miller, Cora Wise
Miller, Cynthia Hawes Fisher
Miller, Edith Jane
Miller, Edward F., Mrs.
Miller, Eliza Thurston
Miller, Elizabeth C. North
Miller, Elizabeth Cravath
Miller, Ellen Robertson
Miller, Emily Huntington
Miller, Emily Van Dorn
Miller, Erie Henry
Miller, Etta Laura
Miller, Flo Jamison
Miller, Harriet F. Huffman
Miller, Harriet Mann
Miller, Helen R. Guthrie
Miller, Ida Farr
Miller, Janet
Miller, K. F.
Miller, Louise klein
Miller, Lucia Edna Wood
Miller, Mary Belle Field
Miller, Mary E. Critcherson
Miller, Mary E. White
Miller, Mary Farrand Rogers
Miller, Mary Jean
Miller, Rachel H. McMasters
Miller, Viola D. Waite
Miller, Virginia
Millerd, Clara E.
Milligan, Elizabeth May Bolger
Milligan, Josephine Ewing
Million, Helen L. lovell
Mills, Belle Chase
Mills, Caroline M. Hungerford
Mills, Clara McOmber
Mills, Florence G.
Mills, Harriet May
Mills, Mary
Milmoe, Margaret Mooney
Milne, Alma E. Tuttle
Minard, Florence
Miner, Caroline Ida Doane
Miner, Maude E.
Miniter, Edith May Dowe
MinorAnne Rogers
Minot, Fanny E. Pickering
Minot, Lucy Woodworth
Minzie, Helene M.
Misener, Geneva
Mitchell, Carrie Burks
Mitchell, Elizabeth Roberts
Mitchell, Ellen M.
Mitchell, Evelyn Groesbeek
Mitchell, Frances Pearle
Mitchell, Geraldine E.
Mitchell, Harriet Post
Mitchell, Hattie Moore
Mitchell, Julia M.
Mitchell, Lucy Sprague
Mitchell, Mabel Stebbins
Mitchell, Margaret Johnes
Mitchell, Marion Sheffield
Mitchell, Mary A. Clark
Mitchell, Mary Greening
Mitchell, Mary Paulsell
Mitchell, Mary Warren Otey
Mitchell, Minnie Belle
Mitchell, Nellie Louise
Mitchell, Rosalie Leonard
Mitchell, Sara P. Snowden
Mitchner, Lillian M.
Mochel, Maude McKinney
Moffat, Jessie Emerson
Moffett, Edna V.
Molineux, Marle Ada
Moller, Sarah I. Towie
Molloy, Mary Aloysia
Monaghan, Anna Jackson
Monell, Frances Wallach
Monfort, Adele Harwood Bloss
Monges, Josephine de Teisseire
Monks, Sarah Preston
Monnett, Mary Zouck
Monrad, Ann Marie
Monrad, Margaret
Monroe, Anna Hamill
Monroe, Harriet
Monroe, Harriet Earhart
Monroe, Lillia Day
Montague, Amy A. Collier
Montague, Elizabeth L. Hoskins
Montague, Margaret Prescott
Montgomery, Caroline W.
Montgomery, Charlotte E. Wood
Montgomery, hortense Hoban
Montgomery, Mary Williams
Montgomery-Marsh, Mary Louise
Montreuil, Gaetane de
Moody, Agnes Claypole
Moody, Clara Amalia
Moody, Elizabeth Eddy
Moody, Helen Watterson
Moody, Julia Eleanor
Moody, Mary Noel
Moore, Agnes Lawrence Hall
Moore, Alice Medora Rogers
Moore, Anna Lewis
Moore, Anne
Moore, Annette
Moore, Eleanor M. Hiestand
Moore, Ella M.
Moore, Emily Dungan
Moore, Emmeline
Moore, Eva Perry
Moore, Henrietta Greer
Moore, Inexz Macondray
Moore, Isabel
Moore, Joanna Patterson
Moore, Julia K. de Clercq
Moore, Margaret King
Moore, Mary Carr
Moore, Mary Norman
Moore, Myra Drake
Moore, N. Hudson
Moore, Rebecca Deming
Moores, Elizabeth Nichols
Moorhead, Helen A. Howell
Moot, Carrie A. Van Ness
Morcombe, Katherine E.
More, Louise Bolard
Moreland, Mary Leona
Morey, Anna Riordan
Morey, Jeanette Metcalf
Morgan, Adelia A.
Morgan, Alice M.
Morgan, Anna
Morgan, Carrie E.
Morgan, Elizabeth Wetmore
Morgan, Flora A. Hower
Morgan, Frances Biddle Williams
Morgan, Laura Dana
Morgan, Letitia
Morgan, Lillian V. Sampson
Morgan, Louise
Morgan, Marian Baird
Morgan, Mary Aull
Morgan, Mary Curran
Morgan, Mary Holmes
Morgan, Maud
Morhard, Jeanne Emma
Moriarty, Rose
Morley, Margaret Warner
Morrey, Grace Hamilton
Morrill, Georgiana Lea
Morrill, Katherine Carleton
Morrill, Penelope Patten
Morris, Agnes L.
Morris, Anna P.
Morris, Araminta Hynson
Morris, Clara
Morris, Elisabeth Woodbridge
Morris, Florence Ward
Morris, L. E.
Morris, Nora Jane Smith
Morris, Sarah Roberts
Morrison, Caroline Baldwin
Morrison, Caroline Wood
Morrison, Elizabeth Gearhart
Morrison, Florence Roberts
Morrison, Margaret L.
Morriss, Margaret Shove
Morrissey, Mary H. Bradley
Morrisson, Mary Foulke
Morrow, Libbie Luttrell
Morrow, Nancy Clarissa
Morse, Abbie Fish
Morse, Bertha Glaspell
Morse, Blanche
Morse, Blanche Leonard
Morse, Effie Dallas Custeed
Morse, Leonice Brockway
Morse, Margaret Fessenden
Morse, T. Vernette
Mortimer, Edith Beale
Morton, Anna Dierfeld
Morton, Eliza Happy
Morton, Elizabeth Lee
Morton, Frances Comstock
Morton, Irene Elder
Morton, Jennie C.
Morton, Mary Alpha Hammer
Morton, Nancy Jarrette Brayton
Morton, Rosalie Slaughter
Moseley, Ella Lowery
Moseley, Martha Alger
Mosenthal, Johanna Kroeber
Moses, Annahay Sneed
Moses, Belle
Moses, Ellen Allen
Moses, Harriet Roberts
Moses, Lydia Theresa
Moses, Mary Edith
Moses, Mary F. Goddard
Mosher, Clelia Duel
Mosher, Edna
Mosher, Eliza Maria
Moss, Elizabeth Wilson
Moss, Mary
Moss, Mildred Emily
Motley, Ethel Levering
Motley, Katherine Lincoln
Moulton, Daisy Adkins
Moulton, Elizabeth Armington
Moulton, Helen W. Shute
Moulton, Martha Dever
Moulton, Olivia Woodburn
Mount, Mary W. Miller
Mowell, Ada Sprague
Mower, Sarah Brown
Mowry, Blanche Swett
Mowry, Minnie Winsor
Moyer, Harriet Wheeler
Moyer, Sarah J. Atlee
Muchmore, Minnie Sweet
Muhlenberg, Georgeine Kurtz
Muhse, Effa Funk
Muir, Laura Findley
Muir, Margaret Purdum
Muldener, Marie Louise
Mulford, Anna Isabella
Mulford, Margaret Biddle G. B.
Mullan, Helen St. Clair
Muller, Margarethe
Mulligan, Minna Rawson
Mulliner, Gabrielle Stewart
Mulliner, Mary Rees
Mulock, Marjorie Crissy
Mumford, Mary Eno
Munce, Lelia Gilliam
Munford, Mary Cooke Branch
Munger, Edith C.
Munger, Flora Garrett
Munn, Margaret Crosby
Munro, Margaret
Munroe, Jennie L.
Munroe, Mary Barr
Munsell, Grace Husted
Munsell, Harriet Edith
Munson, Agnes McNamara
Munson, Arley
Munson, Florence Averill Seeley
Munson, Magdalen B.
Munsterberg, Margarete
Munsterberg, Selma Oppler
Muntz, Laura
Murdoch, Cecilia Cunningham
Murdoch, Dora L.
Murdoch, Esther R.
Murdoch, Marion
Murdoch, Nellie Kimball
Murdock, Mary Alice
Murfey, Rose L. Richardson
Murfin, Josephine Hurd Smith
Murfree, Mary Noailles
Muringer, Lydie Virgenie
Murkland, Charlotte Marie
Murphy, Agatha
Murphy, Anna Elizabeth
Murphy, Emily
Murphy, Eva Morley
Murphy, Katherine Ward
Murphy, Zela M.
Murrah, Beulah Fitzhugh
Murray, Almey Constance
Murray, Ella Maud
Murray, Ella Rush
Murray, Grace Peckham
Murray, Margaret Polson
Murray, Virginia M.
Murtfeldt, Augusta C.
Murtfeldt, Mary Esther
Musgrave, Fanny Wood
Mussey, Ellen Spencer
Mussey, Mabel Hay Barrows
Mutch, Annie E.
Mutschel, Anna E.
Muzzy, Florence Emlyn Downs
Myer, Elizabeth R. Gillett
Myers, Angie Martin
Myers, Clara Louise
Myers, Irene T.
Mynter, Agnes
Mynter, Harriet Buell
Myrick, Hannah Glidden
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Nagel, Anne Shepley
Nagler, Ellen Torelle
Nall, Cora Ermina Smith
Nall, Richard H., Mrs.
Nash, Clara Hosmer Hapgood
Nash, Nina May
Nash, Stevonia Evans
Nason, Emma Huntington
Nathan, Maud
Navarro, Mary Anderson de
Naylor, Fannie Comstock
Neal, Josephine Bicknell
Neal, Mary Hester
Neal, Minnie Elnora
Neale, Eugenia Fowler
Neale, H. Mary Gillespie
Nearing, Nellie M. Seeds
Neave, Maud Killiam
Needham, Bessie Pierce
Needham, Janet Grant
Neely, Carrie Blair
Neff, Elizabeth Hyer
Neff, Mary Lawson
Negley, M. Alice
Negley, Georgina G.
Neidlinger, Emily Hartwell
Neihardt, Mona
Neilson, Anita
Neilson, Nellie
Neilson, Sarah Claypoole Lewis
Nellis, Emma V. McAfee
Nelson, Candis Jane
Nelson, Clara Albertine
Nelson, Elsie Coates
Nelson, Helen Stearns
Nelson, Merab Josephine
Nelson, Nellie C. Chase
Nelson, Olive Downing
Nesbitt, Elsie Hoopes
Nettleton, Harriette
Netz, Lelia Vail
Neumann, Julie Wurzburger
Neville, Linda
Nevin, Anne Paul
Nevin, Eleanor Hawes
Nevin, Elizabeth Booth Miller
Nevin, Harriet M. Ogden
New, Catherine McLean
Newberry, Mary Wheeler
Newberry, Paige Eells
Newbold, Ethel Packard
Newcomb, Elizabeth J. M.
Newcomb, Elizabeth Wilmot
Newcomb, Florence W. Danforth
Newcomb, Katharine Hinchman
Newell, Anna Grace
Newell, Charlotte
Newell, Edith Keiley
Newell, Louise Decatur
Newell, Louise L.
Newell, Mary O'Connor
Newhall, Anna Scott
Newill, Ella May
Newlon, Anna L. Skiles
Newman, A. Evelyn
Newman, Jeanie Stevens
Newman, Mary
Newman, Willie Betty
Newnham, Letitia Agnes
Newsom, Vida
Newson, Mary F. Winston
Newton, Clara Pease
Newton, Elsie Eaton
Newton, Emily Norcross
Newton, Georgiana S.
Nicholes, Anna E.
Nicholes, S. Grace
Nicholls, Rhoda Holmes
Nichols, Caroline Burgess
Nichols, Helen Mae Colegrove
Nichols, Hester Deane
Nichols, Hettie M.
Nichols, Ida Preston
Nichols, Martha Stewart
Nichols, Mary J. Genung
Nichols, Mary Louise
Nichols, Mary Schofield
Nichols, Maud Kenney
Nichols, May Louise
Nichols, Minnie Brown
Nichols, Rose Standish
Nichols, Susan Percival
Nicholson, Eugenie Kountze
Nicholson, Katherine L. Lea
Nickels, Frances Jacobs
Nicolay, Helen
Nicoll, Edith Travers
Niehaus, Regina Armstrong
Nields, Mary Craven
Nielsen, Alice
Nielson, Minnie Jean
Nies, Abby H. Ware
Nisbet, Minnie Jean
Nixon, Mary Stites
Noble, Annette Lucile
Noble, Esther Frothingham
Noble, Harriet
Noble, Marietta J. Edmand
Nobles, Ella Margaret
Noblit, Emma Ewing
Noel, Julia McAlmont
Nofftz, Halie Isabel
Norcross, Celissa Brown
Nordahl, Edwilda
Nordheimer, Edith Louise
Nordhoff-Jung, Sofie A.
Nordica, Lillian
Norfleet, Helen Lucile
Norris, Clara Maud
Norris, Grace Mabel
Norris, Harriette B. Holbrook
Norris, Jean Hortense
Norris, Katharine Hosmer
Norris, Kathleen Thompson
Norris, Lillian Horsey
Norris, Mary Harriott
Norris, Mary Hoge
Norris, Sarah Dobson
Norris, Zoe Anderson
Norsworthy, Naomi
North, Dora Briggs
North, Lila Verplanck
North, Louise McCoy
North, Mary Myers
Northey, H. Maud Richardson
Northrop, Anna Leiseuring
Northup, Carrie Myers
Norton, Alice Peloubet
Norton, Grace Fallow
Norton, Jeanie
Norton, Lottie Elouise Gove
Norton, Mabel G. White
Norton, Mary Castle
Norton, Mary Louise
Norton, S. Mary
Norton, Susan Whittlesey
Norvell, Ida Wood
Norwood, Kittie Maxwell
Noss, Mary Graham
Nourse, Dorothy Quincy
Nourse, Elizabeth
Nourse, Marie Irvine Crawford
Noyes, Agnes Haskell
Noyes, Anna Gausmann
Noyes, Elizabeth Crosby
Noyes, Irene Campbell
Noyes, Lucia Clapp
Noyes, Luella Armstrong
Noyes, Marion Ingalls
Noyes, Mary Eleanor
Nugent, Florence Baldwin
Nussey, Mabel D. Reid
Nute, Marion
Nuttall, Zelia
Nutting, Abi L. Preston
Nutting, Mary Adelaide
Nye, Irene
Nye, Martha Waldo
Nye, Myra Sturtevant
Oakes, Carrie Baker
Oakley, Imogen Brashear
Oakley, Violet
Obenchain, Eliza Calvert Hall
Ober, Caroline Haven
Ober, Josephine Robb
Ober, Sarah Endicatt
Oberge, Ullericka Hendrietta
Oberholtzer, Sara L. Vickers
Oberly, Eunice Rockwood
Oberndorfer, Anne S. Faulkner
O'Brian, Alma White
O'Brien, Abigal A.
O'Brien, Mary Heaton-Vorse
O'Brien, Sara Redempta
O'Connor, Agnes
O'Connor, Alice M. Smith
O'Connor, Alice S. Kelly
O'Connor, Evangeline M.
O'Connor, Nellie Johnson
O'Daniel, Lillie
Odell, Anna
Odell, Lillian Atherton
Odell, Rozeltha Ingram
Odenheimer, Cordelia Powell
O'Donnell, Mary E.
Officer, Julia E.
Offield, Mary Evelyn
Offley, Margaret Agnew
Offutt, Nanniene N. Thomasson
Ogden, Elise Lucy
Ogilvie, Ida Helen
O'Hair, Mary McClellan
O'Laughlin, Mabel Hudson
Older, Cora Miranda
Olds, Inez Edna
Olds, Mary A. Johnson
Oleson, Mary Zabriskie
Olin, Helen Remington
O'Linn, Frances M. Brainard
Oliver, Belle Chone
Oliver, Etta A.
Oliver, Jean Nutting
Oliver, Marion
Oliver, Martha Capps
Oliver, Temple
Olmsted, Marguerite Prescott
Olmsted, Millicent
Olney, Elizabeth Williams
O'Mahoney, Katharine O'Keefe
O'Neil, Barbara Blackman
O'Neill, Anne Wade
O'Neill, Laura Holtz
O'Neill, Susan C.
Opdale, Nellie Mann
Opp, Julie
Oppenheim, Josie Greve
Oppenheimer, Adele
Oppenheimer, Carol Purse
Oppenheimer, Mary Stoyell
Orcutt, Emily L.
Orcutt, Hortense May
Ordway, Charlotte Partridge
O'Reilly, Mary Boyle
Orleman, E. Louise
Orme, Mary Phillips
Ormond, Alice
Ornstein, Martha
Orr, Eliza A.
Orr, Frances Morris
Orris, Mae M.
Orrok, Jessie Waldo
Orthwein, Nina Baldwin
Orvis, Carrie Emerton
Orvis, Georgia Sizer
Orvis, Gertrude Swift
Orvis, Julia Swift
Osborn, Anna Brabham
Osborn, Florence Viola
Osborne, Carrie Morton
Osborne, Leila Grey
Osborne, Margherita Osborn
Oscanyan, Ellen C. Stone
Osgood, Ethel Lewis
Osgood, Etta Haley
Osgood, Irene
Osgood, Margaret Chapin
Osgood, Nellie Thorne
Osterheld, Hettie Faber
Ostrander, Fannie E.
O'Sullivan, Emma
Otey, Elizabeth D. L. Lewis
Otis, Amy
Otis, Blanche Heely
Otis, Etta Proctor
Otis, Susan Gorham
Ott, Eliza Gutmann
Ottaway, Myrtle Redfield
Ottley, Passie Fenton
Outhouse, Mary Prather
Outland, Ethel Grimes
Overland, Martha Uboe
Overton, Gwendolen
Overton, Helen E. Canfield
Owen, Anna Reese
Owen, Elizabeth Kenyon
Owen, Marie Bankhead
Owen, Mary Alicia
Owens, Helen Brewster
Owens, Sara E.
Owings, Pauline James
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Pace, Lula
Pace, Mary Anna
Packard, Mary Secord
Packer, Edith Crozier
Packer, Elizabeth Ella
Paddock, Caroline Bolles
Padgham, Elizabeth
Page, Birdie Sinclair
Page, Elizabeth Fry
Page, Ellen Frances
Page, Gay
Page, Grace Rand
Page, Marie Danforth
Page, Sophy Ellen
Paige, Abbie L.
Paige, Hildegarde Brooks
Paine, Lucy Theodora
Paine, Margaret Humphreys
Palmer, Adelaide
Palmer, A. Lynde
Palmer, A. M., Mrs.
Palmer, Anna Alexander
Palmer, Anna Campbell
Palmer, Bertha Honore
Palmer, Bessie Draper
Palmer, Blanche Lillian
Palmer, Edna Louise
Palmer, Eleanor Perry
Palmer, Elizabeth Paine
Palmer, Francesca di Maria
Palmer, Harriet Warner
Palmer, Lelia Belinda
Palmer, Lucia A.
Palmer, Margaretta
Palmer, Pauline
Palmer, Rose Amelia
Palmer, Sarah Ellen
Palmer, Virginia Lincoln
Palmer, Zoe Wyndham
Palmie, Anna H.
Palmie, Marguerite Thiel
Pancoast, Mary Soper
Pangborn, Georgia Wood
Pansy, Alden Isabella
Pape, Henrietta Louise
Parce, Inez L. Taggart
Paret, Anna Parmly
Paris, Frances Johnston
Park, Clara Cahill
Park, Edith Beam
Park, Grace Burtt
Park, Lottie Crego
Park, Marion Edwards
Park, Maybelle M.
Parker, Adella
Parker, Alice bennett
Parker, Augusta Talcott
Parker, Caroline Miller
Parker, Elizabeth Chandler
Parker, Elizabeth Kittredge
Parker, Elizabeth M. Bryan
Parker, Emma Harriet
Parker, Frances
Parker, Frances T.
Parker, Gertrude Waterhouse
Parker, Hattie Rowland
Parker, L. Maude
Parker, Lottie Blair
Parker, Louise Merritt
Parker, Ruth Louise
Parker, Sophy Gordon
Parker, Susan Duroe
Parker, Valeria Hopkins
Parkington, E.
Parkinson, Amy
Parks, Frances P.
Parks, Grace Runyan
Parks, Margaret
Parks, Mary Leitch
Parlow, Mary Kathleen
Parmelee, Amy Olgen
Parrish, Celestia S.
Parrish, Clara Weaver
Parrish, Edith M. Winch
Parry, Frances Camp
Parry, Josephine Lincoln
Parsons, Alice Knight
Parsons, Alice Tullis Lord
Parsons, Clara Doolittle
Parsons, Clelia Sara Howson
Parsons, Edith Barretto
Parsons, Florence Whittin
Parsons, Georgiana Hull
Parsons, Mabel
Parsons, Mae Frances
Parsons, May Hall Childs
Parton, Ethel
Partridge, Frances Rosamond
Partridge, Mary Elizabeth
Paskett, Winifred Llewellyn
Passmore, Susie Came
Patch, Edith Marion
Patch, Mary Greene
Paton, Julia Bayles
Patriache, Valance St. Just
Patrick, Dora Smith
Patrick, Fannie Brown
Patrick, Mary Mills
Patridge, Lelia Ellen
Pattee, Alida Frances
Patten, Cora Mel
Patten, Edith S.
Patten, Emily A.
Patten, Helen Philbrook
Patten, Jeanie M. Coyle
Patten, Mary Pohlman
Patterson, Ada
Patterson, Alice Higinbotham
Patterson, Alice Maria
Patterson, Anne V. Sharp
Patterson, Antoinette DeCoursey
Patterson, Charlotte Wise
Patterson, Edith Clarke
Patterson, Elizabeth Hutchinson
Patterson, Flora Wambaugh
Patterson, Hannah Jane
Patterson, Juliet C.
Patterson, Lindsay Bramlette
Patterson, Margaret Jordan
Patterson, Margaret Morehead
Patterson, Margaret Norris
Patterson, Mary Frances
Patterson, Merib Rowley
Patterson, Theresa Homet
Patteson, Susannah Louise
Pattison, Alice M. G.
Pattison, Mary S. Hart
Patton, Bertha E. Meader
Patton, Cassia
Patton, Francine E.
Patton, Harriet A.
Patton, Isabella Mack
Patton, Nannie Leary
Paul, Alice
Paul, Eleanor F.
Paul, Mary F.
Paul, Nanette B.
Paul, Sarah Woodman
Paulson, Mary Wild
Paxson, Anna Richardson
Paxson, Helen J.
Paxton, Myra R. Gulick
Paylor, I. Irvin
Payne, Adaline M. Brown
Payne, Annie A. Allis
Payne, Elizabeth R. Clark
Payne, Jennie MacKay
Payne, Mary Earle
Payson, Fanny Sturgis
Peabody, Anna Howe
Peabody, Elizabeth Gertrude
Peabody, Josephine Preston
Peabody, Lucy Evelyn
Peabody, Lucy W.
Peabody, Natalie Clews
Peace, Katherine Heyl
Peacock, Virginia Tatnall
Peaks, Mary Bradford
Pearce, Elsie Simmons
Pearce, Mary Bunting
Pearce, Mildred T. Brown
Pearce, Nina M. MacClure
Pearmain, Alice W. Upton
Pearson, Elizabeth W. Winsor
Pearson, Helen Sleeper
Pearson, Lola Clark
Pearson, Lucy Wright
Peary, Josephine Diebitsch
Pease, Eva Mae
Pease, Laurette E. Potts
Pease, Rose Winchester
Peaslee, Abbie Ann
Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Peck, Alice Malana
Peck, Alice Russell
Peck, Annie Smith
Peck, Edith Weld
Peck, Emelyn Foster
Peck, Eugenia Caldwell
Peck, Julia Darling
Peck, Mamie Downard
Peck, Maria Purdy
Peck, Mary Gray
Peck, Mary T.
Peck, Minna E. Tenney
Peck, Theodora Agnes
Peckham, Anna Brown
Peckham, Elizabeth Gifford
Peckham, Ethel A. Steel
Peckham, Helen Wooster
Peckham, Lilla Pierce
Peckham, Lucy Creemer
Peddie, Leta Holman
Peebles, Florence
Peebles, Mary L.
Peele, Grace D.
Peet, Julia Dumke
Peffer, Susie Hayes
Peirce, Eliza Metcalf
Peirce, Hattie Wasmuth
Peirce, Katharine Upham
Peirce, Leona May
Peirce, Louise Fagan
Peirce, Mary Robinson
Peirce, Melusina Fay
Peirce, Sara Estelle
Peixotto, Jessica B.
Pelham, Laura Dainty
Pell, Anna Johnson
Pell, Eila Ferris
Peltier, Florence
Pemberton, Virginia C.
Pendergast, Ella Worth
Pendleton, Ellen Fitz
Pendleton, Mary Fay
Penfield, Adele Ernst
Penfield, Anne Wightman
Penfield, E. Jean Nelson
Penfield, Georgia May
Penfield, Sarah E. Hoyt
Penn, Philena M.
Pennell, Hannah Sharpless
Penniman, Ann Elizabeth
Penniman, Harriet W. Dushane
Penniman, Helen A. Fraser
Penniman, Sarah Ella
Pennington, Jeanne Gillespie
Pennington, Mary Engle
Pennington, Millie H.
Pennybacker, Anna J. Hardwicke
Pennypacker, Anna M. W.
Penrose, Mary D. Shipman
Pentecost, Marion Wentworth
Pentreath, Ida Shotts
Pepper, Annie Grassie
Pepper, Julia
Penquignot, Mary Boland
Percival, Olive
Percy, Elizabeth Sutton
Percy, Isabelle Clark
Percy, Mary Cruttenden
Perdue, Rosa M.
Perin, Florence N. Hobart
Perine, Tyler Cooke
Perkins, Agnes F.
Perkins, Angie Warren
Perkins, Della Foote
Perkins, Edna Brush
Perkins, Elizabeth B.
Perkins, Emma Maude
Perkins, Florence Tobey
Perkins, Frances
Perkins, Janet Russell
Perkins, Lucy Fitch
Perkins, Mary Smyth
Perkins, Mertie Aldrich
Perkins, Miriam N. S. Rogers
Perkins, Rebecca C. Talbot
Perkins, Sarah Annie
Perkins, Susan E. H.
Perrett, Antoinette Rehmann
Perrine, Grace Halbert
Perry, Alice Maud
Perry, Clara Greenleaf
Perry, Edith Dean Weir
Perry, Emma E.
Perry, Julia B.
Perry, Lilla Cabot
Perry, Stella G. Stern
Peters, Amelia C.
Peters, Eleanor Bradley
Peters, Gabriella B. Farman
Peters, Grace Rarey
Peterson, Anna Lockwood
Peterson, Jane
Peterson, Kate Oelzner
Peterson, Marie Dahle
Peterson, Mary A. Orswell
Peterson, Maude Gridley
Peticolas, Marion Goodwin
Petrie, Cordia Greer
Petrie, Flora R.
Petrie, M. Josephine
Petrunkevitch, Wanda Hartshorn
Pettee, Julia
Pettibone, Minnie Mathewson
Pettigrew, Belle L.
Pettijohn, Grace Smith
Pettus, Frances Stevenson
Pettus, Isabella Mary
Pettus, Maia
Pettus, Martha Elvira
Pettus, Sarah L. DeForest
Petty, Julia Davis
Petty, Mary
Pfaffenberger, Edith Myers
Phelan, Florence B.
Phelan, Florence Lanahan
Phelps, Alvernon
Phelps, Anna Redfield
Phelps, Eliza Bowen
Phelps, Elizabeth Steward
Phelps, Gertrude Lindall
Phelps, Helen Watson
Phelps, Jessie
Phelps, Martha Austin
Phelps, Mary
Phelps, Mary Ward
Phelps, Minna Belle
Phelps, Pauline
Phelps, Ruth Shepard
Philbrick, Grace E. Mathews
Philbrick, Helen Fitch
Philbrick, Inez C.
Phillips, Elsie L. Cole
Phillips, Florence Hall
Phillips, Harriet S.
Phillips, Mary M.
Phillips, Maude Gillette
Phillips, Minnie Holman
Phillips, Rosalie
Phillips, Rosina Olive
Philoon, Mary A.
Philp, Mary Roberts
Phinney, Ethel Warner
Phinney, Jessie Woodward
Phipps, Mary E. Williams
Piatt, Sarah M. Bryan
Pickel, Adele Jackson
Pickering, Sarah M.
Pickett, LaSalle Corbell
Pickett, Mary
Pickler, Alice M. A.
Pickrell, Maude Ingram
Pichthall, Marjorie L. Christie
Pierce, Caroline Low
Pierce, Flora McDonald
Pierce, Florence K.
Pierce, Grace Adele
Pierce, Helen F.
Pierce, Imogene S.
Pierce, Lucy France
Pierce, Mary R. Fitch
Pierce, Ulrica Dahlgren
Piers, Constance Fairbanks
Piersol, Florence Lukens
Pierson, Emily
Pierson, Fanny Eaton
Pierson, Grace Rappleye
Pierson, Margaret
Pike, Eva F.
Pillsbury, Nelle P. Winston
Pinckney, Camilla Scott
Pine, Mabel E. Durand
Pingree, Harriet C. Blake
Pinkham, Isabelle Foote
Pinneo, Dotha Stone
Piotrowska, Helena
Piper, Elizabeth Bridge
Piper, Margaret Rebecca
Pistole, Martha Harris
Pitcher, Ethelwyn
Pitcher, Mary Merrill
Pitkin, Edith Winifred
Pitman, Annie M.
Pittman, Hannah Daviess
Pitts, Kate Isabel Du Val
Piutti, Anna Adams
Plantz, Myra Goodwin
Platt, Aletha Hill
Platt, Alice Wadsworth
Platt, Elsie Hawley
Platt, Julia Barlow
Platt, Laura N.
Plattenburg, Jessie Thatcher
Plimpton, Etta Ferry
Plimpton, Helen L. Sheppard
Plimpton, Jenny Faulkner
Plum, Margaret Budington
Plummer, Cora E. Burbank
Plummer, Mary Redfield
Plummer, Mary Wright
Plumptre, Adelaide M. Wynne
Plympton, Almira George
Poage, Josephine K.
Poage, Margaret A.
Poensgen, Lillie E. Muller
Pogue, Mabel Wood
Poinier, Lela M. Peet
Poland, Mary L.
Polk, Christine Stevens
Polk, Sarah Chambers
Pollack, Flora
Pollard, Grace Putnam
Pollard, Zilla Hopkins
Polley, Lenore Vance
Pollock, Anna Marble
Pollock, Jennie H,
Pollock, Mary Regina
Pollock, Susan Plessner
Pomerene-Haney, Jennie
Pompilly, Grace Thome
Pontin, Marie J. Everett
Poole, Fanny H. Runnells
Poor, Agnes Blake
Poor, Cornelia Longstreet
Poor, Mary A.
Pope, Elfrieda Hochbaum
Pope, Georgiana Fane
Poppen, Ann Trebel
Poppenheim, Louisa Bouknight
Poppenheim, Mary Barnett
Porritt, Annie G.
Port, Mary Alice
Porter, Alice Downey
Porter, Charles V., Mrs.
Porter, Charlotte
Porter, Charlotte Williams
Porter, Clara Chamberlain
Porter, Delia Lyman
Porter, Ella Caruthers
Porter, Florence Collins
Porter, Gene Stratton
Porter, Georgia Pulsifer
Porter, Georgia Whidden
Porter, Helen Talbot
Porter, Josephine Perry
Porter, Kate L. Lincoln
Porter, Katherine
Porter, Margaret C. Dewar
Porter, Marion Ottis
Porter, Melissa Patterson
Porter, Ruth W. Furness
Porter, Susan Creighton
Porter, Therese Study
Posse, Baroness Rose
Post, Alice Thacher
Post, Janet Greig
Post, Mary Elizabeth
Post, Mary Ellen
Post, Mary Tanner
Poste, Jennie May
Potter, Anna L. Arnold
Potter, Cora Urquhart
Potter, Ellen C.
Potter, Florence Dangerfield
Potter, Gurdon
Potter, Helen Margaret
Potter, Isabella Abbe
Potter, Janet Gregor
Potter, Lucy I. Johnson
Potter, Mabel L.
Potter, Marion Craig
Potter, Marion E.
Potter, Mary Knight
Potter, Mary Pratt
Potter, Mary Sargent
Potter, Ruth Nellis
Pottle, Juliet W. Tompkins
Potwin, Clara Brewster
Poucher, Florence L. Holbrook
Poulson, Edna Snell
Poulsson, Anne Emilie
Pound, Louise
Powell, Alma Webster
Powell, Caroline A.
Powell, Emma Webster
Powell, Gertrude Wilson
Powell, Hannah B. Clark
Powell, Jessie E.
Powell, Lonie G. Hamacher
Powell, Maud
Powell, Nancy Morell
Powell, Sarah Harrison
Powers, Carol Hoyt
Powers, Emma Hardy
Poynter, Clara E.
Ponytz, Julia Stuart
Prager, Anna Goslin
Prang, Mary D. Hicks
Pratt, Alice Edwards
Pratt, Anna Beach
Pratt, Beatrice M.
Pratt, Elsie Seelye
Pratt, Grace Tyler
Pratt, Julia Stebbings
Pratt, Mabel Dodge
Pratt, Mary G. Landon
Pratt, Minnie G. Mills
Pratt, Nellie P. DeWolfe
Pray, Frances A. Laraway
Preble, Alice Hosmer
Prellwitz, Edith Mitchill
Prendergast, Marcia Kettelle
Prentiss, Anna McCauley
Prentiss, Janet
Prescott, Annie
Prescott, Augusta
Prescott, Harriet Beardslee
Prescott, Katharine T.
Preston, Anna Louise
Preston, Annie A.
Preston, Frances Folsom C.
Preston, Marie Maples
Preston, May Wilson
Prettyman, Anna Yardley
Price, Ada Aikman
Price, Ellen H. Evans
Price, Emma Paul
Price, Ethel Vermilye Gale
Price, Janice M.
Price, Lucy C.
Price, Miriam Sutro
Price, Mona B.
Prichard, Alice H.
Pritchard, Lucy ELizabeth
Priddy, Bessie Leach
Priest, Alice Lucinda
Priest, Mary Charlotte
Prince, Lucinda W.
Prince, Mary C. B. Beardsley
Prindle, Frances W. Carruth
Prindle, Gertrude Bates
Prindle, Mary Lois
Pringsheim, Neena Hamilton
Prior, Elizabeth Ford
Pritchard, Mary Ellen
Pritchard, Sydna Ellen
Proctor, Charles Willis, Mrs.
Proctor, Louise C.
Proctor, Mary
Proctor, Mary Adaline
Proctor, Myra Allen
Proctor, Nona Gregory
Proper, Ida Sedgwick
Proseus, Emma Louise
Prudden, Lillian E.
Pryor, Alice Knight
Pryor, Louisa Isabelle
Puffer, Kate Fairbanks
Pugsley, Clara E. Holbrook
Pullen, Elisabeth
Pulsifer, Julia
Puntenny, Minnie E.
Purcell, Martha Grassham
Purdon, Josephine Wilson
Purdue, Ida Pace
Purington, Beulah F.
Purinton, Louise C.
Pursell, Anna Ford
Purvin, Jennie Franklin
Puterbaugh, Margaret M. Lohr
Putnam, Bertha Haven
Putnam, Bessie Lucina
Putnam, Brenda
Putnam, Carolyn E.
Putnam, Clara B. Rood
Putnam, Dora Park
Putnam, Elizabeth
Putnam, Emily J. Smith
Putnam, Helen C.
Putnam, Kathrine Scobey
Putnam, Lucy Chase
Putnam, Mary B.
Putnam, Mary Nicoll
Putnam, Mary Perkins
Putnam, Nina Wilcox
Putnam, Ruth
Pyle, Annie Sanborn
Pyle, Ellen
Pyle, Hannah Cadbury
Pyle, Katharine
Pyle, Margery
Pyles, Nellie E.
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Quain, Frances Dunn
Queck-Berner, Clarie Lyon
Quimby, Althea Coffin
Quimby, Harriet
Quinby, Florence Cole
Quinby, H. Anna
Quinby, Lillian Baker
Quincy, Mary Adams
Quinn, Isabel Lowe
Quintrell, Mary Corinne
Quirk, Lillian D. Park
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Rabb, Kate Milner
Radcliffe, Jessie Walker
Radcliffe, Margaret Porter
Radford, Grace A. Bennett
Radeke, Eliza G. Metcalf
Raff, Emma Scott
Ragan, Emily Lee
Ragsdale, Virginia
Raimond, C. E.
Rainey, Ellenora McBride
Ralston, Fanny Marion
Ralston, Sara B. Rankin
Ramage, Eleanor Dinsmore
Ramsay, Jean Barnett
Ramsay, Jennie C. Blodget
Ramsey, Grace Keys
Ramsey, Mary G. Burrows
Ramsdell, Julia A. Carter
Rand, Claire Forbes
Rand, Margaret Arnold
Randal, Florence Hamilton
Randall, Adelia Miner
Randall, Emma Pearson
Randall, Evelyn
Randall, Lillian Craig
Randolph, Grace Fitz
Randolph, Harriet
Randolph, Susan Strong
Ranken, Ellen M. Halliday
Ranken-Jordan, Mary A. L.
Rankin, Jean Sherwood
Rankin, Martha Clark
Ranous, Dora Knowlton
Ransom, Alice R. Carter
Ransom, Ann Baldwin
Ransom, Marion
Ransome, Amy C. Rock
Ransom-Kehler, Keith, Mrs.
Rathbun, Mary Jane
Rattenbury, Bertha
Rauch, Flora Mayer
Ravenel, Florence Leftwich
Ravenel, Harriet Rutledge
Ravenel, Marguerite
Ravenhill, Alice
Ravenscroft, Elizabeth Fish
Rawhouser, Minnie Oglevee
Rawlins, Cora Monnier
Ray, Anna Chapin
Ray, Anna Elizabeth
Ray, Sybil Duncan
Raymond, Charles M., Mrs.
Raymond, Edith Eaton
Raymond, Evelyn Hunt
Raymond, Frances Effinger
Raymond, Josephine Hunt
Raymond, Katharine Platt
Raymond, Mabel K.
Raymond, Mary E.
Raymond, Maud M. Wotring
Rayner, Emma
Rea, Carolyn Morse
Rea, Mary K. Coyle
Read, Abigail D. Dreer
Read, Effie Alberta
Read, Flora Alice
Read, Helen Leah
Read, Katharine Bell
Read, Luella Jane
Read, Mary Lillian
Read, Ruth Sears
Rebasz, Enrith Trabue Pattison
Reber, Anna M. Walton
Rebert, Clara Mickley
Reckly, Mary D.
Rector, Lizzie E.
Redding, Isabella Remshart
Redington, Ruth H. Cabeen
Redwine, Martha Bush
Redwood, Mary B. Coale
Reed, Amy Louise
Reed, Anna Yeomans
Reed, Annie Martha
Reed, Caroline Gallup
Reed, Clare Osborne
Reed, Edna G. Young
Reed, Elizabeth Armstrong
Reed, Emma L. Fetzer
Reed, Fannie Blauvelt
Reed, Grace Holt
Reed, Helen Leah
Reed, Ivy Kellerman
Reed, Lydia MacMillan
Reed, Rosa A. Nichols
Reed, Stanley Forman, Mrs.
Reel, Estelle
Rees, Ruby Almeda
Reeve, Margaretta Roosevelt
Reeves, Elizabeth Hoffman
Reeves, Winora Evans
Regal, Mary Lincoln
Rehan, Ada
Reid, Alberta Bancroft
Reid, Eliza Anna
Reid, Eva Charlotte
Reid, Helen Rogers
Reid, Jessie
Reid, Julia
Reid, Mary Elizabeth
Reid, Mary Hiester
Reid, Mary Thompson
Reider, Edith Shope
Reiley, Katharine Campbell
Reilley, Florence Jones
Reilley, Laura Holmes
Reimer, Marie
Reinhardt, Aurelia Henry
Reinhardt, Berna Lapham
Reisinger, Blanche G.
Relyea, Eleanor Wood
Rembaugh, Bertha
Remick, Christine L.
Remington, Elizabeth Thompson
Remington, Mary E.
Remley, Mary E. Warren
Rendall, Isabella Pratt
Render, Mayme Ellen
Rennelson, Clara H.
Reno, Itti Kinney
Renouf, Mae Page
Renwick, Pamela H. Goodwin
Repplier, Agnes
Re Qua, Alice Haven
Reul, Matilda E.
Reveley, Ellen G.
Reveley, Ida Louise
Reynolds, Amelia Stead
Reynolds, Kate Beatty
Reynolds, Myra
Reynolds, Nellie Austin
Reynolds, Sadie Davis
Rhees, Harriet Chapin Seelye
Rhoades, Cornelia Harsen
Rhoades, Electa E.
Rhoades, Isabella Carter
Rhoades, Mabel Carter
Rhoades, Mary Prentice
Rhodes, Anne
Rhodes, Mary Smiley
Rhone, Rosamond
Rice, Agnes Downey
Rice, Alice Hegan
Rice, Edith F.
Rice, Florence F.
Rice, Jeannie Durant
Rice, Julia Hyneman Barnett
Rice, Juliet Powell
Rice, Katharine McDowell
Rice-Keller, Inez
Rich, Aileen Nutten
Rich, Ellen Moore
Rich, Josephine Arnold
Rich, Julia Ashley
Rich, Laura Tuttle
Rich, Mary Perry
Richards, Emily S. Tanner
Richards, Emma Louise
Richards, Florence D.
Richards, Harriet Roosevelt
Richards, Janet Elizabeth
Richards, Laura Elizabeth
Richards, Louise Parks
Richards, Nancy Dryden
Richardson, Alice Miller
Richardson, Carrie Lavinia
Richardson, Dorothy
Richardson, Elisabeth Mathews
Richardson, Elsie G. Pillsbury
Richardson, Emma A. Rice
Richardson, Florence Amidon
Richardson, Florence Wyman
Richardson, Harriet
Richardson, Hester Dorsey
Richardson, Jennie May
Richardson, Marcella Percy
Richardson, Margaret Foster
Richardson, Mary Lilias
Richardson, Mary Meylert
Richardson, Mary Neal
Richardson, Mary Raymond
Richardson, Sarah Felt Bryant
Richardson, Sarah L. Dickinson
Richey, Anna Gertrude
Richmond, Agnes M.
Richmond, Altha Louisa
Richmond, Euphemia J.
Richmond, grace Smith
Richmond, Jeanette Nightingale
Richmond, Mary Ellen
Ricker, Marilla M.
Ricker, Mary Stowell
Rickerson, Maude Williams
Rickert, Martha Edith
Rickey, Minna Blair
Rickmers, Edna Allen
Riddell, Agnes Rutherford
Riddle, Adeline (Mary)
Riddle, Edith Gillette Ward
Riddle, Julia
Riddle, Mary Althea
Rideout, Frances Reed
Rideout, Helen B.
Ridgely, Elizabeth Frazier
Ridgely, Kate Deering
Ridgway, Gail Hamilton
Ridley, Mary Kent
Rieman, Taylor Goodwin
Riesman, Eleanor Fleisher
Riggs, Charlotte Symington
Riggs, Kate D. Wiggins
Righter, Eva C. Foster
Rigsbee, Alice Davidson
Riis, Mary Phillips
Riker, Martina Grubbs
Riley, Martina Angela
Riley, Evelyn C.
Riley, Hattie E. Fossett
Rinehart, Mary Roberts
Rings, Edythe Patterson
Ripley, Edith H. Wheeler
Ripley, Eva Gowing
Risley, Louise Robinson
Ritchey, Della
Ritchie, Beulah Boyd
Ritchie, Eliza
Ritchie, Sarah Lourie
Rittenhouse, Anne
Rittenhouse, Jessie Belle
Ritter, Elizabeth E.
Rive-King, Julie
Rives, Amelie
Rives-Wheeler, Hallie E.
Rivers, Lidie Avirett
Rix, Harriet Hale
Roach, Abby Meguire
Roark, Mary Creegan
Robb, Anna Bennett
Robb, Emilie D. Taylor
Robbins, Alice Emily
Robbins, Louise Barnum
Robbins, Mary Caroline
Robbins, Olive E.
Roberts, Anna Monsch
Roberts, Charlotte F.
Roberts, Elizabeth H. Bissell
Roberts, Emma Sellew
Roberts, Florence
Roberts, Helen Troth Chambers
Roberts, Ina Brevoort
Roberts, Maria M.
Roberts, Mary Fanton
Roberts, Octavia
Roberts, Sara Weeks
Robertson, Grace Barrett
Robertson, Lucy Henderson
Robertson, Lucy L. Crissey
Robertson, Maria L.
Robertson, Minnie Philura
Robertson, Westanna Brown
Robie, Bertha E. L.
Robins, Elizabeth
Robins, Harriet E.
Robins, Margaret Dreier
Robins, Sally Nelson
Robinson, Agnes Day
Robinson, Alice Canby
Robinson, Anna E. Ray
Robinson, Annie D. Green
Robinson, Annie May
Robinson, Caroline Hadley
Robinson, Clara Schouten
Robinson, Daisy M. Orleman
Robinson, Edith
Robinson, Elizabeth B. Sloan
Robinson, Esther Tonant
Robinson, Ethel Blackwell
Robinson, Florence Evey
Robinson, Florence Vincent
Robinson, Helen Ring
Robinson, Hope Dunlap
Robinson, Jane M. Bancroft
Robinson, Lydia Gillingham
Robinson, Mary Barber
Robinson, Mary H.
Robinson, Mary Levering
Robinson, Mary Nauman
Robinson, Rachel
Robinson, Virginia Pollard
Robinson, Winifred J.
Robison, Jeannie Floyd-Jones
Robson, Eleanor Elsie
Robson, Elizabeth
Robson, John J., Mrs.
Robson, May Waldron
Roby, Maude Gordon
Rochester, Anna
Rockwell, Anna Gaylord
Rockwell, Mary Fairchild
Rockwood, Laura Clark
Roden, Elizabeth Bowman
Rodgers, Helen Z. M.
Rodman, Henrietta
Rodman, Jennie Williams
Roe, Elizabeth Emmons
Roe, Gwynth King
Roeder, Effie Ebey
Roeder, Elsa
Roeder, Geraldine Morgan
Roehrig, Mary G. Hungerford
Roelker, Millicent Turle
Roenigk, Marion Chase
Roessing, Jennie Bradley
Roge, Adolphe
Rogers, Anne Day
Rogers, Celeste E.
Rogers, Charlotte Boardman
Rogers, Clara Kathleen
Rogers, Elizabeth A. Rowley
Rogers, Elizabeth S. White
Rogers, Emma Ferdon Winner
Rogers, Florence G. Dyer
Rogers, Grace Dean McLeod
Rogers, Grace J. Haynes
Rogers, Helen Worthington
Rogers, Julia Ellen
Rogers, Lina Lavanche
Rogers, Mary Phelps Christie
Rogers, Olive H. Warner
Rogers, Theodora I. Wormley
Rogers-Moore, Alice Medora
Rohe, Alice
Rohland, Cora Dolbee
Rohles, Charles, Mrs.
Rolfe, Ida Brown
Rollins, Mary Harris
Roma, Caro
Ronsheim, Anna Paebst
Rood, Katharine A.
Rooney, Mary Frances
Roosevelt, Edith Kermit Carow
Root, Alice Nairn
Root, Anna C. Bronson
Root, Helen E.
Root, Mary Pauline
Root, Stella Quinby
Roots, Emily M.
Ropes, Jessie N. Alexander
Ropes, Sarah F. Chapman
Rorison, Arda Bates
Rosa, Elinor Baldwin
Rose, Bessie B. Williams
Rose, Flora
Rose, laura
Rose, Mabel A. Harris
Rose, Mabel Estey
Rose, Martha E. Parmelee
Rose, Mary Dunning
Rose, S. E. F., Mrs.
Roseboro, Viola
Rosenau, Myra B. Frank
Rosenkrans, Lillian M.
Ross, Adeline R.
Ross, Annie
Ross, Ethel Darroch
Ross, Louise
Ross, Mabel Landers
Ross, Mildred (Lady)
Ross, Ora Thompson
Ross, Sarah Gridley
Rossman, Lillie Baker
Rotan, Kate Sturm McCall
Rote, Mary Krueger
Roth, Helen Bernheim
Rothenberg, Theresa
Rounds, Dora M.
Rowe, Alice E.
Rowell, Henrietta Kingdon
Rowell, Mary Coyne
Rowell, Teresina Peck
Rowland, Eron Opha
Rowland, Helen
Rowland, Kate Mason
Rowley, Edith
Rowley, Mabel A.
Royall, Nina Almirall
Royall, Page Aylett
Royce, Sarah Grace
Roys, Mabel Milham
Ruan, Carrie Frazer
Ruble, Zulema Alice
Ruddell, Clementine Tucker
Ruddy, Ella Giles
Rudolph, Pauline Dohn
Ruffin, Josephine St. Pierre
Ruffin, Margaret E. Henry
Rugg, Ellen Marshall
Ruggles, Alice Morrill
Ruggles, May Sleeper
Ruhl, Julia S. Walker
Rule, Rebecca
Rumbold, Caroline Thomas
Rummler, Susan Harding
Rumpler, Maude Lucas
Rundell, Annie Stevens
Rundlet, Mabel Tower
Runkle, Bertha
Runkle, Lucia L.
Runyon, Laura Louisa
Rush, Olive
Rush, Rachel L. Adsit
Rushmore, Jane P.
Ruslander, Phoebe Jane
Rusling, Emily Wood
Russel, Florence Kimball
Russell, Ada Dwyer
Russell, Alys W. P. Smith
Russell, Annie
Russell, Ethel Clinton
Russell, Florence Ely
Russell, Grace Lillibridge
Russell, Lillian
Russell, Lillian Hillyard
Russell, Margaret Clarke
Russell, Melodia Chapman
Russell, Olive Stewart
Rust, Josephine V.
Ruste, Martha Oline
Rutherford, Annie O.
Rutherford, Jane Meade
Rutherford, Mildred Lewis
Rutherford, Minnie U.
Ruthrauff, Florence M. Barlow
Ruutz-Rees, C.
Ruutz-Rees, Janet Emily
Ruyl, Beatrice Baxter
Ryan, Bertha Parker
Ryan, Coletta
Ryan, Ida Annah
Ryan, Marah Ellis
Ryder, Jeanette Ford
Ryerson, Caroline Hutchinson
Rykert, Annie M.
Ryland, Cally
Ryttenberg, Isabelle Levy
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