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1922 The Argo, the Yearbook of Shorter College, Rome, GA

The following names are taken from The Argo, 1922, the yearbook of Shorter College, Rome, GA. The seniors have a short poem under their photo, and a list of their honors. The underclassmen have a small individual photo.

For a charge of $8 per name, we will copy the students info, including any clubs or groups they belong to and also general pictures of the campus, etc... to give you a feel for how things were when they attended school. While this is not very helpful for genealogy, it is an interesting look at life over 80 years ago.

For the Faculty & Board of Directors the cost will be $3, because there is not a great deal of information about them.

Item # 10104

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Name Hometown Listing
Albert, Virginia Guntersville, AL Student
Allen, Beth Dewey Rose, GA Student
Anderson, Eugnia Quitman, GA Student
Andrews, Willie Dean Orangeburg, SC Student
Appleby, Mary Jefferson, GA Student
Applegate, Helen Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Applewhite, Sidney Millen, GA Student
Arnall, Myrtle Newnan, GA Student
Arnold, Elizabeth Monroe, GA Student
Arthur, Elizabeth Shellman, GA Student
Aycock, Louise Moultrie, GA Student
Bailey, Gladys Dublin, GA Student
Ball, Lois Rome, GA Student
Barber, Annie May Moultrie, GA Student
Barber, Bessie Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Barber, Elizabeth Moultrie, GA Student
Baxter, Colleen Decherd, TN Student
Beasley, Mae Monroe, NC Student
Bennett, Louise Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Benton, Sara Mansfield, KY Student
Berry, Patti B. Rome, GA Student
Best, Mary Rome, GA Student
Binns, Missouri Columbus, GA Student
Bishop, Dorothy Clearwater, FL Student
Bond, Catherine Elizabethtown, KY Student
Bonner, Leila Mae Godfrey, GA Student
Boor, Amelia DeLand, FL Student
Bowen, Louise Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Bowling, Mildred Chattanooga, TN Student
Bradley, Frances Murray, KY Student
Bradley, Katherine Swainsboro, GA Student
Bradley, Virginia Swainsboro, GA Student
Brewster, Margaret Newnan, GA Student
Brim, Zella Mae Pelham, GA Student
Brogden, Mary Lynn Kenwood, GA Student
Brooks, W. W. Atlanta, GA Board of Trustees
Brown, Louise McDonough, GA Student
Brown, Mildred Columbus, GA Student
Bruce. Lucile Brunswick, GA Student
Bryan, Sarah Rome, GA Student
Buck, Irene Dothan, AL Student
Callier, Annie Laurie Talbotton, GA Student
Camp, Gladys Rome, GA Student
Campbell, Flora Columbia, AL Student
Cantrel, Evelyn Rome, GA Student
Cates, Thelma Tifton, GA Student
Choate, Lois Hickman, KY Student
Christie, L. R. Savannah, GA Board of Trustees
Coker, Lucile Canton, GA Student
Coleman, Caroline Jasper, AL Student
Collier, Jessie Barnesville, GA Student
Cooper, Aurelia Perry, GA Student
Cooper, J. P. Rome, GA Board of Trustees
Cooper, Lillian Cedartown, GA Student
Coulter, Imogene Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Cousin, Paul M. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff & yearbook dedicated to him
Culpepper, Louise Rome, GA Student
Davenport, Adeline Fitzgerald, GA Student
Davis, Mabel Columbus, GA Student
Dean, L. A. Rome, GA Board of Trustees
Dekle, Audrey Cordele, GA Student
Denny, Lettie Bowman, GA Student
Denton, Adra Soddy, TN Student
Diffee, Ethel Cordele, GA Student
Dixon, Sarah Richland, GA Student
Dodd, Sarah Apalachicola, FL Student
Donaldson, Mildred Statesboro, GA Student
Drewery, Virginia Jasper, AL Student
Duncan, Sarah Atlanta, GA Student
Durden, Phosa Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Durden, Rose Tifton, Ga Student
Dye, Louise Blythe, GA Student
Earnest, Susie Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Eldredge, Thelma Sale Creek, TN Student
Eldridge, Wilma Sale Creek, TN Student
Erwin, George Cornelia, GA Student
Esserman, Joe Rome, GA Student
Everett, Elizabeth Fort Valley, GA Student
Everett, Florre Jo Fort Valley, GA Student
Fail, Lucile Dothan, AL Student
Foster, Frances Plant City, FL Student
Franklin, Majorie Graymont, GA Student
Frost, Lily Belle Tybee Island, GA Student
Furry, W. D., Dr. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Gaillard, Elizabeth Savannah, GA Student
Gammage, Lora Will Pelham, GA Student
Garren, Ruth Monroe, NC Student
Gay, Louise Biloxi, MS Student
Geer, Ernestine Douglasville, GA Student
Glover, Sarah Rome, GA Student
Graham, Yancey Greenwood, SC Student
Graves, Carma Covington, TN Student
Gray, Caroline Locust Grove, GA Student
Griffin, Saide Gadsden, AL Student
Griffith, Rebecca Mayfield, KY Student
Gwyn, Carolyn Zebulon, GA Student
Hall, Lutie New Albany, MS Student
Ham, Edna Belle Greensville, MS Student
Hamilton, Harper Rome, GA Board of Trustees
Hanks, Lera G. Taledega, AL Student
Hanna, Claire Athens, GA Student
Hanna, Emma Jane Rome, GA Student
Harden, Elizabeth Bowling Green, KY Student
Harding, Annie Tate Henderson, KY Student
Hardman, L. G. Commerce, GA Board of Trustees
Harris, Eugenia Dandridge, TN Student
Harrison, Margaret Huntsville, AL Student
Hart, Lena Warrenton, GA Student
Hayes, Mildred Clearwater, FL Student
Hendricks, Margaret Tifton, GA Student
Henry, Jewel Cordele, GA Student
Herndon, Naomi Hartwell, GA Student
Hightower, Ruby Usher Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Holden, Leo C. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Holland, Emeline Holland, GA Student
Holloway, Ida Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Holshouser, Elizabeth St. Petersburg, FL Student
Hooks, Laura B. Forsyth, GA Student
Horne, Mildred Vienna, GA Student
Horton, Helen Rome, GA Student
Horton, Olyra Rome, GA Student
Howard, Eugenia Milledgeville, GA Student
Howard, Eva Columbus, GA Student
Hudson, Louise Albany, GA Student
Hughes, Edith Bartow, FL Student
Hughes, Edna Florala, AL Student
Hurley, Mildred Winter Garden, FL Student
Imes, Flowe Almo, KY Student
Jackson, Hilda Baconton, GA Student
Jacobs, Lunita Scottsboro, AL Student
Jacobs, Margaret Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Jervis, Ernestine Rome, GA Student
Jimmerfield, Verda Rome, GA Student
Johnson, Annie Laurie Sandersville, GA Student
Johnson, Francis L. Buena Vista, GA Student
Johnson, Ida Bowman, GA Student
Johnson, Mary Frances Huntington, GA Student
Joiner, Thelma Unadilla, GA Student
Jolley, Mary Tifton, GA Student
Jones, Mary Sue Atlanta, GA Student
Kellogg, Clara L. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Kennedy, N. M., Miss Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Ketchersid, Agnes Eatonton, GA Student
King, Inez Seneca, SC Student
King, Laura Anderson, SC Student
King, Lila Seneca, SC Student
King, N. B., Mrs. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Kooiman, Marie Van Aaken, Mrs. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Lawrence, Roberta Milledgeville, GA Student
Leggitt, Wynelle Unadilla, GA Student
Lewter, Elva Orlando, FL Student
Lipscomb, T. W. Rome, GA Board of Trustees
Lockwood, Alice Columbus, GA Student
Lurie, Emmeline Dothan, AL Student
Lynch, Marie Chattanooga, TN Student
Mangham, Hannah Bremen, GA Student
Marti, Fannie Lois Wetumpka, AL Student
Martin, Freida Carlton, GA Student
Mathewson, Mary Hartwell, GA Student
Maxwell, Claire Rome, GA Student
McConnaha, E. I., Dr. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
McConnell, Miriam Rome, GA Student
McEntire, Louise Carnesville, GA Student
McGee, Madeline Perrysburg, OH Student
McKenzie, Geraldine Rome, GA Student
Moore, Olivia Brandon, MS Student
Morgan, Annie L. Chattanooga, TN Student
Morgan, Martha J. Rome, GA Student
Morton, May Rome, GA Student
Mosteller, Sarah Rome, GA Student
Mustin, Margaret Savannah, GA Student
Myers, Hazel Chipley, FL Student
Name Hometown Listing
Newberry, Elizabeth Soddy, TN Student
Nix, Imogene Commerce, GA Student
Nix, Lois Rockmart, GA Student
Norvell, Eugenia Olive Branch, MS Student
Nowell, Marjorie Monroe, GA Student
Oliver, F. M. Savannah, GA Board of Trustees
Oppitz, Louis K., Dr. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Owens, Mabel Rome, GA Student
Owens, T. B. Rome, GA Board of Trustees
Page, Isabel Covington, TN Student
Patrick, Ada belle Lyons, GA Student
Penn, Virginia Rome, GA Student
Pennington, Jeanette Pennington Gap, VA Student
Perry, Mary K. Madison, GA Student
Pintchuck, Alex Rome, GA Student
Poole, Elma Americus, GA Student
Pope, Edna Columbia, MS Student
Porter, E. E. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Porter, Willie Crawford Jefferson, GA Student
Posey, Myra Juniper, GA Student
Powell, Elizabeth Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Ramey, Elizabeth Rome, GA Student
Ramsey, Elizabeth East Point, GA Student
Ray, Clarice Lavonia, GA Student
Remer, V. B., Miss Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Richardson, Allie Hayes, Mrs. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Riley, Eleanor Albany, GA Student
Ritchey, Grace M. Shelby, OH Student
Robinson, Ruby Lebanon, IN Student
Roebuck, Alice Jacksonville, AL Student
Rumble, Louise Barnesville, GA Student
Rybert, May Decatur, GA Student
Sartain, Fannie Jasper, AL Student
Scarboro, Neta Belle Moultrie, GA Student
Schuller, Emil G. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Seamans, Frances Tifton, GA Student
Sheets, Marie Madionsonville, TN Student
Shelley, Dutchie Lee Dothan, AL Student
Sheppard, Corinne Cordele, GA Student
Sherard, Ruby Mae Rome, GA Student
Shivers, Lucy Eatonton, GA Student
Simms, Louise Weston, GA Student
Simms, Mary Lynn Lake Village, AR Student
Slade, Louise Cordele, GA Student
Smith, Marie D. Madison, FL Student
Smith, Tiny Maude Lyons, GA Student
Sparks, Frances Americus, GA Student
Spurlin, Hazel Sylvester, GA Student
Stanton, Lillie Mae Social Circle, GA Student
Stearns, Catherine Evergreen, AL Student
Stevens, Elizabeth Carlton, GA Student
Strauss, Marian Atlanta, GA Student
Sullivan, J. B. Rome, GA Board of Trustees
Sutton, Jessie Danburg, GA Student
Tabor, Ella Macon, GA Student
Tatum, Terrell Chattanooga, TN Student
Tennent, Mary L. Augusta, GA Student
Thomas, Alton Montgomery, AL Student
Thomas, Jewel Palmetto, FL Student
Thompson, Clara Martinsburg, WV Student
Thompson, Clara L., Dr. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Thompson, Mabel Rome, GA Student
Tingley, Helen E., Mrs. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Tingley, Mary Alice Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Tuggle, Hazel Atlanta, GA Student
Turner, Elizabeth Columbus, GA Student
Turner, Florence Covington, GA Student
Upshaw, Ora Covington, GA Student
Van Hoose, Mary Elizabeth Rome, GA ? "Mascot" - photo of young girl
Venable, Lillian Rome, GA Student
Walker, Keron Selina, GA Student
Ward, Ruby Mae Rome, GA Student
Warren, Maude Savannah, GA Student
Warters, Mary Rome, GA Student
Wells, Margaret Savannah, GA Student
Wells, Martha J. Stone Mountain, GA Student
Wendel, Virginia Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Wert, Addie LaFayette, GA Student
White, Grace, Dr. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Whitehead, Martha Carlton, GA Student
Whitehouse, Paul E. Rome, GA Faculty & Staff
Wilkerson, Isabel Rome, GA Student
Wilkerson, J. S. Milledgeville, GA Board of Trustees
Wilkerson, Ruby Rome, GA Student
Williams, Frances Locust Grove, GA Student
Williams, Llewellyn Savannah, GA Student
Williford, Erdelle Madison, GA Student
Williford, O. L. Madison, GA Board of Trustees
Willingham, Eleanor W., Mrs. Rome, GA Student
Wilson, Doris Loudon, TN Student
Wilson, Kate Loudon, TN Student
Wood, Frances Cedartown, GA Student
Wood, Marjorie Birmingham, AL Student
Woodruff, Ruby Winder, GA Student
Wooley, Eulah Vinton, LA Student
Wright, Emily Augusta, GA Student
Wright, Nancy Augusta, GA Student
Wynn, Annie Sue Washington, GA Student
Yeargen, Rebecca Rome, GA Student
Young, Annie Cedartown, GA Student
Young, Eve Cedartown, GA Student
Young, Ida Cedartown, GA Student











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