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Real Photo Postcards (RPPC)

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Name of person in picture Handwritten on back and notes Item #
Chamberlain, George & Hattie Photo of an older couple. "Mr. George Chamberlain, Mrs. Hattie Chamberlain, Breckinridge, Michigan" 10404
Duke, Helen Mother and baby photo. "Helen & Wilson H. Dunke" 10404
Duke, Wilson H. Mother and baby photo. "Helen & Wilson H. Dunke" 10404
Dyer, Martha Rosamary Baby photo. Addressed to Aunt Ma? Miller and Opal, "Martha Rosamary Dyer, Born Aug. 23, 1916" 10404
Esser, Ida Mae "Ida Mae Esser, Kendalia, Tx" 10404
Gallagher, Grace Reon "Grace Reon Gallagher, age 7 mo. To Mrs. Stinerman" 10404
Goodfarb, Barnett "Age 2 years, 7 months. Taken Jan. 5, 1919." 10485
Goodpasture, Catharina Photo of 2 children on a snowy day. "Gordon & Catharina Goodpasture" 10404
Goodpasture, Gordon Photo of 2 children on a snowy day. "Gordon & Catharina Goodpasture" 10404
Hall, R. H. A lot of writing on the back, in part, "Morris Harvey College, Barboursville, W. Va.; R. H. Hall sixteen years old. Recd March 5, 1907. 10404
Harvey, William Francis Baby picture, "William Francis Harvey, age 7 mo." 10566
Hipple, Natalie Baby photo, Photographer was J. F. Fasnacht of Harrisburg, PA. "Natalie Hipple" 10072
Johnson, Andrew "Andrew Johnson, Malta, IL., 1916 10404
Matthews, George Darius Mailed to Preston Smith of Brownsville, TX in 1910 from Chicago, IL. " These pictures were taken of George in our back yard….." 10404
Metcalfe, M. P. A photo of a house, not a person, "Place where M. P. Metcalfe was born in Dale County Ala." 10404
Millen, Charles W. "Charles W. Millen, at 9 months, From Lottie Millen, 1926, Sioux City, Iowa, Charles is now 18. 10404
Orme "The Ormes Children, Hallene, Max, Miriam" 10404
Perkins, Menas Photo of a man in uniform. "Pvt. Menas Perkins, Maryville, Tn" 10404
Powers, Caroline Christine King Photo of a young lady on a horse drawn carriage, on a snowy day. 10485
Rittgers, William Glea "William Glea Rittgers, age 6 mo., weight 19 lbs." 10404
Schurizer, Alfred Peter Photo of a mother holding a baby in the family home?, with a set table in the background. "Alfred Peter Schurizer, Age 9 weeks; Jan. 7th, 1912" 10266
Smith, Mr. Photo of a man with a baby on his lap. "Mr. Smith & Stanley, Rec'd April 27, 1930, from Helen Smith" 10050
Thompson, Cecil "Cecil Thompson", in different handwriting, "Green Co. Ky man in uniform" 10404
Thompson, Mary Baby photo, Photographer was J. F. Fasnacht of Harrisburg, PA. "Mary Thompson" 10073
Verrill, Prue M. "Age 15, 1910. Prue M. Verrill, Freshman, Jan. 1910" 10404














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