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Vintage School & Work Photos

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Cabinet Card marked on the back with, "Breeze Staff, Winter Term '87-'88", which would be 1887 & 1888. The photographer was Tuttle in Belfast, ME.

Item # 10036

Jones, Linwood B.

Business Manager

King, Stella M.

Exchange Editor

Leslie, Charles H.

Local Editor

Lincoln, Mary F.

Associate Editor

Merriman, James D.


Norton, Herbert F. J.

Personal Editor


Photo of the students at Antelope School in 1898. W. N. Collom of San Francisco, CA was the photographer and Miss Mountain was the teacher. "Barney the horse" is also in the picture. Students are from elementary school through high school.
Item # 10625
Campbell, Ben
Campbell, Louis
Clayton, Clara
Clayton, Minnie
Keeffer, Nilda
Kuney, Walter
Mountain, Grace
Munjar, Calla
Munjar, Jesse
Munjar, Veda
Munjar, William
Overton, Albert
Overton, Emily
Overton, Francis
Overton, Irvin
Overton, Myrtle
Swift, Essie
Swift, Frank
Swift, Mary
Swift, Orlando
Swift, Susie


Photo from about 1900, Caption reads, "Oak Grove Fruit and Stock Farm. W. B. McGuire, Manager, Carbondale, Ill." I assume that the man in the wagon is Mr. McGuire.

Item # 10525


A mystery photo from our collection. There is a turkey in the foreground and the back reads, "Herman & Dad". I don't know if Herman is the turkey or the boy. There is also a woman on the porch and an even younger boy in the background.

Item # 10525


This photo is marked, "J. L. Livingston", on the back. There is a calendar on the wall from a life insurance company in Philadelphia, PA, March of 1902.
Item # 10495


This photo is marked, "This is a flashlight picture of our office. The man at the desk is Shand the Chief Jailer. The man next to him is Hela ? the Turn Key and the other man in the picture is the Asst. Jailer", on the back. There is a calendar on the wall from the Santa Fe Railroad, and another from a business in Los Angeles, CA and it is April, 1913.
Item # 10489


This photo is marked, "T. H. Lawrence Co., Beverly, MA, Leather Factory", on the back. There is a calendar on the wall from Brockton Heel Co., and it is Nov., 1918.
Item # 10496


This photo is marked, "Tax Office Mr. Morris, Marsdon & Mr. Massy", on the back. There is a calendar on the wall from Life Insurance Co. of Virginia, and it is Dec. 1931.
Item # 10522



This school photo is from Treece, Kansas in 1932. The board in front of the students is marked, "Tarr Valley Dist 42 Lena Wade Teacher"
Item # 10618
Connor, Aileen
Connor, Polly
Farrett, Clifford
Heavens, Lillian
Heavens, Lucille
Lees, Mary Lewis
Meeds, Leo
Paxton, Goldie
Paxton, Marie
Peace, Babe
Peace, Kathryn
Pickett, Virgil
Rose, Lawrence
Rose, Mildred
Rose, Nadine
Smith, Belva
Smith, Bertha
Smith, Robert
Snodgrass, Lavella
Thompkins, Geraldine
Wade, Lena
Walker, Eileen
York, Anita
York, Charles


This school photo is said to be from Darke County, Ohio, and I would guess it is from the 1930's or 1940's.

Item # 10618

Albright, Genevieve (Wilcox)
Beisner, Bill
Beisner, Delores
Beisner, Doris
Beisner, Lawrence
Beisner, Leona
Beisner, Mildred
Beisner, Ralph
Beisner, Richard
Beisner, Twila Mae or Phyllis
Beisner, Virginia
Blumenstock, Gerald
Brand, Donald
Earthman, Evelyn
Grow, Juanne
Grow, Richard
Knick, Betty
Knick, Delores
Knick, Lloyd
Knick, Robert
Lease, Clark
Lease, Don
Lease, Jean
Lucas, Gerald
Rismiller, Ilene
Sander, Thelma















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